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Entrepreneur Jack Ma
Name: Ma
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Date of birth: October 1964
Birthplace: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Education: Bachelor
School: Foreign Language Department, Hangzhou Teachers College
Served by: Alibaba Group
Position: principal founder of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO of
Alibaba (B2B) Chairman and Non-Executive Director, Softbank Group Managing
Director, Yahoo China, Chairman of the Board, the Asia-Pacific Economic
Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Committee under (ABAC) members 】
Ma graduated from Hangzhou Normal College in 1988 in English, and later taught at
Hangzhou Electronic Engineering. In 1995, the first visit to the United States access
to the Internet, founder of Web site after returning home "Chinese Yellow
Pages." In 1997, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Trade, responsible for
the development of Chinese products on its official site and the online trading market.

In 1999, the official resign, founder of Alibaba, to develop e-business applications,
especially in B2B business. Currently, Alibaba is one of the world's largest
B2B website. The success of Alibaba, so that Ma was invited several times to lecture
the world's leading institutions of higher learning, including the University
of Pennsylvania Wharton School, MIT, Harvard University.

1988 -1 995 of Hangzhou Electronic Engineering Lecturer in English and
international trade;

1995 -1,997 founded China's first Internet Business News website
"Chinese Yellow Pages";

1997 -1 999 joined the Ministry of Foreign Trade China International Electronic
Commerce Center, the development of China Ministry of Foreign Trade official site
and online commodity trading markets;

Since 1999, founder of Alibaba, and quickly became the world's largest
B2B e-commerce platform, now has become Asia's largest personal auction

Created in 2003, an independent third-party electronic payment platform, currently
ranked No. 1 in the Chinese market.
2005 and the world's largest portal, Yahoo, strategic cooperation, merger,
all assets in China, Alibaba become the largest Internet companies.

In August 2007 launched a web ad revenue for marketing the project to win the
platform "Ali Mama."

Ma was among the first in China to open up the field of e-business applications and
stick to the Internet entrepreneur, he and his team created the first of many Chinese
Internet commerce: the first Chinese Internet start-up business website -
"Chinese Yellow Pages", presented and practice-oriented SME
B2B E-commerce model for Internet business applications sowed the first fire; his
Web site in China, the full implementation of "trust pass"
program, creating the world's first online credit business platform for
enterprises; he initiated and planned the famous "West Lake swordfight,
"The General Assembly, making it the largest event in the Chinese Internet.

Alibaba Ma led his team brought together from around the world operate 220
countries and regions registered more than 1,000 million network operators to provide
more than 8.1 million daily business information, international trade in the
world's largest and most active online marketing and business community.

Ma founded Alibaba is domestic and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in
Silicon Valley and praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL shoulder to shoulder on
behalf of the five major schools of one of the Internet business. It was set up to
promote the establishment of China's commercial credit, in the fierce
international competition to create unlimited opportunities for SMEs, "Let
there be no difficult business."

Ma founded the personal auction site Taobao, a Chinese native and successfully
opened a unique way of starting from the first quarter of 2005 to become
Asia's largest personal auction site.

Ma is the first in mainland China on board the U.S. financial magazine
"Forbes" the cover of entrepreneurs; in May 2002, to become
Japan's largest financial magazine "Nikkei" on the
cover; in October 2000, was "the world economy Forum
"Global 100 in 2001 as" future leaders "one; the U.S.
Asian Business Association selected him as 2001," business leaders
"; in December 2004, won the Award for CCTV, the annual economic

Ma was among the first in China to develop e-business applications and adhere to the
field of Internet entrepreneurs, he and his team created the first of many Chinese
Internet business. He opened China's first commercial Internet sites, and
his practice of B2B e-commerce for SMEs model in Asia, he was March 10, 2002 at
the Chinese site full implementation of the "credit links"
program, which among enterprises in the world's first online credit
business platform, he initiated and planned the famous "West Lake
swordfight," the General Assembly, to become young entrepreneurs a
platform for exchange and growth. Hangzhou, 2002, a CPPCC National Committee

Harvard University, and two of his practice included Alibaba management for the
MBA case. Published in the January 2002 MBA Management Alibaba second case,
the Harvard Ma cited the core values of the Alibaba set, "Ma says
Alibaba's value is not how many page views a day, but rather whether
bring value to our customers. "in order to show that the recognition of the
rapid development of Alibaba.

Ma is the first in mainland China onto the international financial magazine
"Forbes" the cover of entrepreneurs, and in May 2002 to
become Japan's largest "day after" the cover of the
magazine, "Nikkei" magazine spoke highly of Ali Baba in the
Sino-Japanese trade in the area of contribution "Alibaba has to break even,
the pride of the entire Internet world. Since China's accession to WTO has
been gradually warming up the Japanese market, a large number of Japanese
enterprises aim to Alibaba, and she placed a keen interest and hope. "

Ma was in April 1995 established the "China Yellow Pages"
website, which is the world's first online Chinese business information site,
in the earliest form of Internet-oriented enterprise services business model. The end of
1997, Ma and his team developed the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Beijing, the
official site, online commodities exchange market, online technology exports to China
Fair, China Merchants, China's foreign economic and trade online Deng
Fair and a series of national sites.

March 1999, Ma and his team return to Hangzhou, to 500,000 yuan venture to
develop Alibaba. He has long been in the Internet business services, according to the
experience in the field, clearly the Internet industry should pay attention and give
priority to the development of e-commerce enterprises and between enterprises (B2B),
his views and the development model Alibaba quickly to the international Internet
community concern, known as "The Internet's fourth

In October 1999 and January 2000, the company was twice won the international
venture capital invested 25 million U.S. dollars, Ma to "the wisdom of the
East, West, the operation of the global market" management philosophy,
the rapid recruitment of international talent, fully explore the international market,
while fostering the domestic e-commerce market for Chinese enterprises, especially
SMEs, to meet the "WTO" challenge to build a comprehensive
e-commerce platform.

October 2000, Alibaba company to continue as China's export-oriented
production of outstanding enterprises in the global market, "China
suppliers" professional Tuiguang service which relies on a world-class
online trading community, comply with international buyers online business operation
Qushi recommended supplier of China's top export commodities, more
valuable to obtain more international orders. Join now nearly 3,000 enterprises, more
than 70% is recommended to achieve business transactions on the Internet, many
enterprises have become the major international buyers such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour,
General Motors, Chrysler and other customers.

March 10, 2002, the company was promoting honesty e-commerce, and D &
B, ACP, China, Xinhua letters and other international and domestic famous enterprises
to launch e-commerce credit reference agencies, credit services to the
"integrity" service to help enterprises the establishment of
online credit files, through certification, evaluation, recording, retrieval, feedback and
other credit system, improve the efficiency of online transactions and the chance of

As of May 2003, the company was gathered from 220 countries and regions, more
than 200 million registered business member companies around the world every day
and more than 150 million business providing commercial supply and demand
information, is the world's largest international trade, The most active
online marketing and business community, is a global B2B e-commerce brands.

WTO Director-General Sutherland as the first Alibaba consultant, U.S. Department of
Commerce, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry, Federation of European SMEs
and other government and private agencies to local businesses recommended by

Alibaba twice by the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" named
one of the world's best B2B sites, many times by the relevant agencies as
the most popular B2B sites worldwide, the Chinese business class excellent site,
excellent site in China 100 , Best Trade Network. Since its establishment from
Alibaba, the world's 10 languages with more than 400 well-known news
media reports on Alibaba tracking has never stopped by the media as "truly
world-class brand."

【Alibaba official website of the Ma's introduction】

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman (B2B) Chairman and Non-Executive

Mr. Ma Yun as the main founder of Alibaba Group since its inception in 1999 as
director of the Alibaba Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ma Yun
Alibaba Group and the Company is responsible for overall strategy and policy.

Mr. Ma Yun for the Chinese Internet industry pioneer, established in 1995
China's first commercial Web site - the Yellow Pages. From 1998 to 1999,
Mr. Ma Yun led by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
under the China International Electronic Commerce Center was established IT

Mr. Ma Yun is currently serving as director of Softbank group. Mr. Ma Yun in 2001
was selected as the World Economic Forum "Young Global
Leaders," China Central Television in 2004 was selected as the
"top ten economic personalities," one of the U.S. wealth in 2005
magazine as "Asia's 25 most powerful businessmen"

Mr. Ma Yun is also the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business
Advisory Committee under (ABAC) members. More attention to the development of

Mr. Ma graduated from Hangzhou Teachers College, received BA degree in English.

Alibaba to become China's first Internet companies 20 billion dollars
Source: Alibaba Information
Financing into the global Internet, the second
China's leading B2B e-commerce company Alibaba Group's
flagship company, and Limited (Stock code: 1688) today at the Hong
Kong Stock Exchange started trading on the Main Board.
Alibaba listing on the first day, opening price 30 Hong Kong dollars, representing an
issue price of 13.5 Hong Kong dollars rose 122%, became the first Chinese Internet
market value of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars of the company, taking into account
after the close of the exercise of the over-allotment option of the funds raised, Alibaba
become the world's second-largest Internet financing. Alibaba midday
closing price of 35.75 Hong Kong dollars.
Management team, 18 Founder and over 100 guests attended the listing ceremony of
Alibaba, Alibaba shares witnessed the opening transaction.
Ma to the guests at the launch ceremony, said: "We welcome the new
investors in Hong Kong and the world to join, and we build a world-class e-commerce
company. Today is an important milestone in Alibaba, a symbol of the development of
e-commerce will usher in a new era, the global benefit of SMEs. We hope to build the
first eco-systems and e-commerce infrastructure to enable SMEs to grow their
business in China and around the world. "
David Wei, CEO, said: "We listed in Hong Kong is an important milestone
for the company. Alibaba was founded in 1999, aims to help small and medium
enterprises around the world via the Internet to develop their business. Today, we have
become a public company Our goal remains the same. We will use the listing of the
resources and brand recognition to bring to expand our membership communities, to
add more value to their business. "
Alibaba and its parent company Alibaba Group, the first sale of the global total of
858,901,000 shares, of which 227,356,500 shares sold by the company, Alibaba
Group, by the sale of 631,544,500 shares. International underwriters exercise
over-allotment option, the additional sales Alibaba Group 113,678,000 shares.
8 based investors to participate in Alibaba's global offering, including
Yahoo, AIG Global Investment Corporation (Asia) Ltd., Foxconn (Far East) Limited,
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Ltd., Cisco Systems International
BV and Kowloon respectively Warehouse Group Limited Chairman Mr Peter Woo,
the Kwok family (Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, the controlling shareholder) and
Mr. Kuok Hock Nien.
Based investors total investment of 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars (274 million U.S.
dollars), while investors have agreed to share all the basic lock on the date of listing
of 24 months. Start callback mechanism, based on a total investment of 2.1 billion
Hong Kong dollars, or about 18% of the scale of the global offering.
26 noon in the public offering, the public offering of more than 258 times
oversubscribed, the freezing of funds up to 450 billion Hong Kong dollars, the Hong
Kong stock market to create the highest ever funding freeze. Hong Kong stock market
had a record freeze funding is Belle International (1880) in May of this
year's record 446.3 billion Hong Kong dollars, the following is the
world's largest IPO of 2006 events --- Industrial and Commercial Bank of
China's 411.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the mainland real estate
agency in April this year, Bi Woodcrest Hill 333 000 000 000 Hong Kong dollar funds
Goldman Sachs (Asia) Limited and Morgan Stanley Asia Limited as its global
offering of the Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Sponsors; the two companies,
together with Deutsche Bank Hong Kong Branch as joint lead managers and joint
account books by do people; NM Rothschild & Sons (Hong Kong) Limited
is the company's financial advisor.
6 Day, Alibaba set up specially invited to 8 years 8 customer representatives to Hong
Kong in the listing ceremony, Ma said earlier that a company has three represents, on
behalf of clients interests first, the second representative of the interests of staff, third
is representing the interests of shareholders.
Wall Street Journal that "China, Alibaba has the most populous country in
the world more than 2 / 3 of B2B business market and a growing number of SMEs
And Alibaba is the world's most realistic way to small and medium
enterprises, "because they are almost grown up together, with options to
globalization." Analysys International CEO at Young, said:
"More and more Chinese companies are beginning to feel the Internet to
help them improve the power of business, prompting more and more popular Alibaba
Internet experts Jiang Qiping that this also represents the trend of world economic
development. Traditional view that the Asian economic development model should be
representative of Japan, "Toyota economies of scale", but
Alibaba's listing will be replaced by China's experience in a
landmark event in the Japanese experience, this is "China's
economic rise in the sample."
Alibaba B2B market, the Alibaba Group will integrate its five corporate resources, Ali
will make its users to find reliable business partners and consumers, with these
partners to complete the transaction, the management of their enterprises, information
flow, capital logistics service. Through a variety of services to maximize the positive
feedback amplification of the network effect, Ma is expected ahead of schedule,
"Alibaba to 3 years to become strong global Internet 5 and 10 years as the
Internet 3 strong" dream.

】 【Quotations
* How to everyone's talents to really play a role, we just pull this car, if
some people Wangzhe Er pull, pull some people New Words, with each other to their
own mess first. When you have a fool, the fool, you are will be very painful; you have
a 50 fool is happy, eating, sleeping, lined up to go to the toilet; you have a very
interesting when smart people, you have 50 smart people are actually the most painful,
anyone who disagrees. My role in the company as cement, to bond together many
talents, so that they make efforts to place.
* Internet companies will have to determine two things: First, it's team;
second, it has technology; third of its concept, has these things, there is need.
* Judge a man, a company is not good, do not think he is not Harvard, not Stanford.
Do not judge which the number of graduates of prestigious universities, and to judge
is not a crazy group of people working as dry, see him every day home from work is
not smiling.
* 30% of people never believe you. Do not let your colleagues work for you, and let
our staff work for our goal, to work together, united in a common goal below, than we
must unite under an entrepreneur you much easier. So first of all to convince you
agree with the common ideal, and not let everyone come to work for you.
* I believe that the employees first, customers second. Without them, there is no this
site. Only they are happy, our customers will be happy. The customers are encouraged
to words, words of encouragement, but also allow them to work like crazy, like, this
also allows us to continually develop the website.
* See the 10 rabbits, which arrested in the end you only? Some people while grasping
the rabbit, while grasping the rabbit, may finally have a grip. CEO's main
task is not to look for opportunities but a chance to say NO. Opportunities for many,
can only grasp one. I can only grasp a rabbit, focus more, what will be lost.
* Our company is half-yearly evaluation, assessment down, although you work hard,
and very well, but you're the last one, very sorry, you have to leave.
Between two and 200, I can only choose two people cruel.
* You can use one sentence you think the staff should have the basic quality of it?
Today, we ask employees Alibaba integrity, learning ability, optimism, and embracing
change attitudes!
* The Internet is 4 x 100 meters relay, you still powerful, can run a bar, should the
opportunity to young people.
* In the first 100 meters of the sprint, no one not rivals because three-km run, run.
You Paozhaopaozhao, ran 45 meters before the distance.
* We spent two years laying the foundations, what we have to build buildings, the
drawings have not been announced, but some people have been commenting on how
bad our house. Some companies house looks good, but the foundation instability,
there are strong winds on the back of one.
* The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we know what they
want to do, but they do not know what we want. We want to do, there is no need to let
everyone know.
* Network above the word, which always afraid of shoes for barefoot.
* Make money online today, the probability is not great, but today's
network, you can save a lot of cost. This world no one can make a fortune for you,
only you can make money for you, you need the investment and commitment,
spendtime, investtime, ontheinternet, to invest their time in the network above, the
network will give you money, but not Today, how much must be able to make money
is to do tomorrow, save money, you can see today.
* E-commerce should be the biggest beneficiaries of the merchants, we provide tools
that make money because we are, but let us who do tools made a fortune, and people
who use the tool also confused, this is not normal. The so-called new economy is a
good network of traditional companies use this tool to create greater economic
benefits, to grow into a few times, this is really the arrival of the new economy. Today
is old and the new mismatch.
* Failure of the Internet must be self-inflicted, either the brain fever, either the head is
not hot, too cold.
* I think that Internet companies will make mistakes, and must make mistakes, the
network's biggest mistake is to stop fixed in place, the biggest mistake is to
not make mistakes. The key is that we reflect on a variety of errors summary for
better race tomorrow, have to commit mistakes, the key is not to make the same
* We are teaching people to fish rather than to the mermaid.
* Entrepreneurs in the current environment, improve the environment, light
complaints, complaining of light what is the use? Countries are now dealing with
things too much, blame your own failure, or we all fail, and now it was successful,
and you fail, the only themselves to blame. Is a word, even if you are unlucky, are you
* E-commerce in China who have to stand up and walk, and not always hand in hand,
always hand in hand to be finished.
* We know that you can knock a few gongs, can so many people around when the
gong is struck well, the trick can not? Beat a gong all know their flowers come.
* I mean the discovery of gold alibaba, then we definitely do not dig their own, and
we want others to dig, he dug a piece of gold to me on it.
* I am confident that our model will make money, Amazon is the world's
longest river, 8848 is the world's highest mountain, is the
world's richest treasures. A good business is a living near by blood
transfusion, the key is their blood.
* Listed as we say our gas stations, not to the gas station, stopped not to go, had to go,
to go.
* The Internet is affecting the future of humanity living in 30 of the 3,000 m run, you
have to run as fast as rabbits, but also as the turtle resistant run.
* Why did I survive? The first is because I have no money, the second point I do not
know of the INTERNET, the third is the same as I would like a fool.
* Starting gun sounds, you do not have time to see how your opponent is running.
Tomorrow is our only competitor.
* If the bird does not get up early to eat worms, that will be eaten by other birds.
* Ifnotnow, when? Ifnotme, who
* Internet like a glass of beer, a foam when the best drink.
* Heard of rich lobster, never heard of the rich whaling.
* We can not expect the inspiration. Inspiration that come and, as Duan Yu as six
pulse Sword.
* Alibaba Alibaba is the six-pulse Excalibur values: integrity, dedication, passion,
embrace change, teamwork, customer first.
* I will always believe that never give up, we still have a chance. Finally, we still
firmly believe that as long as this world dreams of, as long as the continuous efforts,
as long as continuous learning, no matter how you look, whether it was as
men's looks and his talent are often inversely proportional. Today was
brutal, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but certainly most of
the dead tomorrow night, so everyone not to give up today.
* In my opinion there are three kinds of people, businessmen: the creation of money;
merchants: Dos and Don'ts. Entrepreneur: for social responsibility.
Entrepreneurs should create an environment for the community. Entrepreneurs must
have the spirit of innovation.
* Three years ago I sent a colleague to read MBA, I said to him, after graduation, if
you forget things all the time, you've already graduated. If you think
everyday also learned something, then you have not yet graduated. Learning MBA
knowledge, but to get out of the limitations of MBA.
* For all entrepreneurs, always tell myself one sentence: From start was the first day
you have to face every day is difficult and failure, not success. My most difficult
times yet to come, but one day will surely come. Difficulties can not escape, can not
let other people for you to go against. Nine years of business experience tells me that
no difficulty can be your own face. Entrepreneurs are facing difficulties.
* Ebay is a sea of sharks, Taobao is the Yangtze River alligator, crocodile and a shark
in the sea battle, the results can imagine, we want to sharks diverted to the Yangtze
* In both cases, a company most likely to make mistakes, there is too much money the
first time in the face of too many second opportunities, a CEO should not be a chance
to see, as is everywhere, A CEO should see the disaster and to disaster strangled in the
* Taobao not the main industry on the competition with rivals, but fixed her eyes on
enhancing the customer experience.
* 80 of the last century to make money by courage, by relations 90 years, now must
depend on knowledge and ability!


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