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M2M Smart Start Time


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									M2M Smart Start Time
   At least four kinds of interpretation M2M: Machine to Machine (Machine to
Machine), person-to-machine (Man to Machine), machine-to-person (Machine to
Man), and person to person (Man to Man). Machine on the machine as the most
upstream to downstream of the people themselves. When the machine was given a
more intelligent, people's lives will hold the new round of changes.
According to statistics, the number of machines at least 4 times the number of people,
2015, 150 million devices will interoperate. M2M was the development of the tree up,
machine parts on the machine will continue to flourish as a crown. To human needs as
the basic starting point of the M2M market, vendors will also be a major battleground.
And the deployment of M2M solutions for the cost and complexity constraints, the
program providers and adopters will focus on large companies with more strength.
New Thinking Big Blue
No one is sure who first proposed the concept of M2M, but IBM was the original
concept still seems jerky add flesh and blood. IBM in its "wisdom of the
earth" strategy, put forward three important dimensions: first, to sense and
measure more thoroughly the nature of and changes in the world; second, to promote
the world more comprehensive interoperability; Third, The basis of all things,
processes, operation mode will achieve more in-depth intelligence, business
intelligence, therefore get more insight.
In the IBM Greater China chief executive officer of money large eyes, the wisdom of
the earth can an equation to represent that: "The Wisdom of the Earth =
Internet + Internet of things." Internet first for computer and computer
connections, sharing resources, collaborative computing. As technology advances, the
computer's computing power is widely used in office, commercial and
production areas, in helping people to improve work efficiency at the same time, the
network of direct dialogue between people possible. Internet of Things is another
dimension. In this new network, the machines, objects and environments will be
included in the scope of human perception, using sensor technology, all the objects
will be signs of life, to become wiser.
IBM on the M2M in practice, has achieved two applications: first, remote monitoring,
control and diagnosis; Second, asset tracking and supply chain management.
IBM's main contribution is the design and development 了 one using
SOA characteristics as its core M2M platform for shared services, smart grid is the
IBM pair of M2M's specific 应用.
Intel's Embedded Internet
"The Internet is the world's people, information, events linked
to redefine the way we work and live. We will develop the Internet into the next stage
of development, Intel calls the embedded Internet: This is a will billions of smart
embedded devices with greater computing systems and other devices connected to the
network of space itself, they would not intervene directly through artificial interactive
communication. "
This is Intel's Digital Enterprise Group vice president and general manager
of Embedded and Communications Division, Doug Davis for the future of digital
blueprint of life. Although Intel did not directly say M2M this concept, but the
Internet is undoubtedly embedded M2M broad an important part, but
Intel's aim is that chips can be embedded into an "M"
and going.
With different personal computers, embedded devices with limited computing power
needed to be used in a major application, Intel and local partners are in the field of
digital security surveillance, automotive infotainment, digital signage, industrial
end-effective deployment of the four areas . July 28, Intel join Air America Media,
will be Yi and technology to create a new generation of intelligent digital signage
system for multimedia advertising and content playback. M2M-based digital signage
that can be remotely managed, through automatic identification of the audience as to
evaluate advertising effectiveness, so that advertising can effectively reach the
audience, non-interrupting ways to improve the accuracy and effective advertising.
M2M field in order to have a deeper impact of Intel in early 2008 announced that its
embedded products for up to 7 years of life cycle support.
ARM opportunities
Most current Internet applications are developed based on Intel architecture, ARM
instruction with the Intel IA instruction can not communicate, but ARM's
view, "non-standard hardware, embedded systems, user groups and
applications have diverse needs, Therefore, the software in embedded systems often
need to re-write, this has nothing to do with the structure adopted. "
M2M people's attention, so that live behind the scenes of the ARM has
been reached the front. The British company is sitting on numerous patents, design a
large number of high-performance, low-cost, low power consumption RISC
processors, related technologies and software, throughout the industrial control,
consumer electronics, communication systems, network systems and other kinds of
markets, its low power, high compatibility features contribute to the formation of a
new era in the M2M competitiveness. For the embedded market, multi-product
multi-architecture integration is the key. ARM-based processor of the emergence of
the Internet, has officially taken the Intel ARM before, but M2M, on the ARM, the
challenges and opportunities.
Ericsson's M2M fantasy
Ericsson launched the M2M Intelligent Platform (EMIP) is a provider for the program,
system integrators and business users to create a wireless network based on
GPRS/CDMA20001x/EDGE other data communications applications platform. At
present, based on Ericsson's M2M intelligence platform security
monitoring GPS service platform has been widely used in China successfully
transportation industries, such as Shenyang, taxi safety monitoring and information
dissemination systems, safety monitoring of passenger vehicles in Fujian Province
and so on. The system allows users to achieve real-time tracking of vehicles on the
operating position, to prevent speeding, overloading, fatigue driving and other illegal
driving behavior, with video surveillance, emergency alarm and other safety
monitoring, and help users to achieve long-range high-availability functions such as
information dissemination.
Nokia's efforts
Can be said that Nokia is thinking of implementing M2M business earlier, in 2002, its
manufacturing of mobile phone networks use a computer or other communication
between machines M2M technology was first commercially used in the United States.
Since then, the technology will be the Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Intel and other big
companies for their support.
Not long ago, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard announced, an integrated M2M (machine
to the mechanical or moving the machine) connectivity solutions, officially put into
operation. The program using the Nokia wireless technology, HP's server
hardware and HP OpenView software to access and manage remote assets, mainly
used in auto-read parking meters, safety equipment, escalators Kong Zhi, fleet
management and traffic control systems. The partnership also reflects the importance
Nokia M2M field "force" concept, as the mobile phone
company Nokia mobile devices business unit vice president of value-added Janne
Jormalainen said: "Customers increasingly urgent need to integrate their
remote assets to their IT infrastructure and going, but only communications
equipment, infrastructure technology and services can be combined to meet this
demand. "
Incoming operators
2008 Davos Forum held in Tianjin, China Mobile president Wang's speech
received a tremendous response, his speech is the core of M2M, a very attractive in
the eyes of the Chinese mobile market.
The market first began in earnest by the end of 2002, BioLab Inc. as the largest
supplier of water treatment products in the world for the first time using M2M
technology, its swimming pool water, PH value and the disinfectant level of remote
monitoring. Clearly, China is also found in the value of M2M. As the traditional voice
business slow down or even decline, operators seek new growth points, to provide
information services industry is one of the directions.
Deployment of 3G networks also help to improve the basic conditions for M2M while
the rapid development of data services to operators are bringing new hope. It is
reported that China Telecom will be divided into fast cut in and promote the value of
unity to promote pan-integration of these three stages in the network to expand M2M
market, through the implementation of standardized terminals, reducing the terminal
cost, construction and opening of the M2M management platform, so that each
network A number of M2M communication terminals that can be shared by users of
sensor networks, eventually forming a carrier-class "Internet of
things." And Wang also said China Mobile features integrated into the
M2M business will become a success in the future with mobile.

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