Lv Haihuan and China

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					Lv Haihuan and China
International Red Cross and
China's early contacts
International Red Cross in 1859 established at the initiative by the Swiss Henry
Dunant. He was seen Italy and Austria two people displaced by war, casualties, then
gather representatives of 12 countries, in August 1864 to the Swiss capital, Geneva
(initial translation days

Buddha) to negotiate. About 10 models agreed that the treaty was originally known as
the "Marine Treaty", the international Red Cross about the
original. It aims to save lives. After the rapid diffusion of the Treaty, from the initial
development of the 12 countries more than 30 countries. Twenty five years of the
Qing dynasty (1899), all Governments to send envoys to go to Holland in the Dutch
capital protection and the Association, the Qing government also sent Russian envoy
Yang, attended the meeting. The meeting will come to the Buddha on the original Red
Cross about the "Marine Treaty" promotion in the water war.
End of the meeting, government representatives signed the Peace Treaty, Yang Ru
also make mark with the public. Subsequently, the Dutch Foreign Minister pointed out:
"Japan to make mark Buddha's original Secretary of State
documented some countries, national envoys his mark after the approval by their own
government, the judge of the Dutch government." However, since 1900,
Power Allied Forces invaded China, the Qing Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry failed to handle the matters Qing Zhi.
Lvhai Huan in Shanghai of the International Red
Lvhai Huan (1842 ~ 1927), the word Jingyu, Shandong ye xian (now Laizhou) who,
born poor, study hard in private school under the guidance of his father. Tongzhi six
years, obtaining juren. He not only familiar classics but also familiar with
"Westernization Daquan", learning foreign affairs. April 1883,
was the interviewer, co-scholar and Prime Minister of foreign affairs Minister Li
Hongzao appreciated Yamen, from this involved in foreign affairs, the Qing
government as the Ministry of War after Yuanwai Lang.
In 1894, he served as Jiangsu regular (state) town (river) through the sea round after
round of Taiwan. During the service, is in Japan forced the Qing government to sign
the "Treaty of Shimonoseki," the occasion, he will
"foreign goods according to half-completed tax" to
"End is according to tax" and other tip Department, in the best
possible circumstances, to remedy. Moreover, negotiations in dealing with foreign
affairs, rational and restrained end, the Northern Minister Li Lv Haihuan strongly
recommended to the Minister in Germany and the Netherlands. May 1901, Lu retiring
after returning, he became minister of works, some operators will be the Minister,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, and supervising the rank of Minister Jin-Pu Railway.
Thus, the task of establishing the China Red Cross historic fall Lv Haihuan shoulders.
Shanghai Red Cross Society of China, formerly known as the International Red,
which was founded in 1904, the occasion of Russo-Japanese War. February 8, 1904,
the Japanese navy berthed at Port Arthur fleet launched a surprise attack Tsarist
Russia, Tsarist Russia fleet was hit. February 10, officially declared war on Japan and
tsarist Russia. Corruption of the Qing government to date, three provinces in northeast
China and Russia carry out armed struggle, wantonly violating China's
territorial sovereignty, territorial integrity and sovereignty actually home country and
the people of the expense of lives and property, strictly so-called
"neutral"! Russian troops committed countless crimes. Shahe
only one place, there are hundreds of villages were completely destroyed, in addition
to broken piles of rubbish, isolated wall rack and smoke outside, nothing left, millions
of residents to die of hunger, terrible. To this end, the Shanghai Customs Road, Dun
Shen, and others launched on March 3 organization "Northeast Red Cross
Lifeline good will" be difficult for people specifically to relief.
At this point, any will do business in Shanghai about the Minister's Lvhai
Huan, deeply life-saving humanitarian purposes is a priority. He has a Red Cross
inspection Western countries, but China has yet to Ru Ruishi Red Cross Society of
China, unable to enjoy the right field Rescue Medical injuries. He then with any
commercial treaty with the Minister of Industry, assistant minister left Sheng and
political power in Shanghai will be a great Secretary of State re-Xi Wu countries
gather in Shanghai Shanghai gentry and business representatives to discuss. Under his
influence and active promotion, the Chinese and British, U.S., Germany, France
organized by the five neutral "Shanghai of the International
Red" on March 10, 1904 was established. Lv Haihuan the establishment of
Shanghai are very excited about the International Red "China Red Cross,
thus never have the sovereignty, the Chinese Red Cross urgently to be standing on this
scale." Chapter meeting will then be:
First, set up in the field hospitals, government and non-commissioned officers
mistakenly stray bullet injured people; 2, Chi Medical car were injured sergeant, the
people; three people to save is hard to leave field, the Red Cross flag in the field with
the effective implementation of their rights, not belligerent invasion of bullying.
Shanghai jointly recommended the International Red Lvhai Huan, Sheng, Wu Xi as
leaders re. Shen Dun and give the public, such as Zhili Shi Zejing the waiting Road,
General Director of China, Jiangxi Road, the wind shell after the meeting the Deputy
Director and General Secretary of China, the United Kingdom by Cha Wei Jinsheng,
Deputy Tax Department Bredon, England Municipal Council Dong Ande students,
high easily, lawyers Macneale, priest Timothy, Dong Bo, the Municipal Council Act,
the German doctors Baolong, United States foreign dongge accumulated abundant
work for the West Country general director, Timothy and the West Country general
secretary, Lee Deputy General Secretary for the Western States government; more
than the total for China Marine Silk Road Business Center directors work hall.
General Board discussion and decision by the West, on the one hand invite the public
fund-raising fund-raising business, general director of China to the provinces, the port,
the Yamen honest money, for a total raise of silver 202 000. The establishment of
branches, hospitals, ambulance personnel field unrelated to escape suffering.
On the other hand, please call between Japan and Russia recognize the Shanghai
government in accordance with the International Red Cross Association of Japan to
monitor the Buddha is about to be respected and protected. Also call the Northern
Minister discuss joint. Field day for urgent cases, they will certainly delay, petitioned
aimed his mark. Guangxu Emperor in the same year on April 10 released Shang Yu
said: "According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the International
Red Qingzhi his mark playing for a break, have been approved", this will
treat battlefield wounded sergeant, and was difficult to save people, real charity said.
Silver 102,000 within the issue are provided for funding. File records according to the
Qing Dynasty, in the Russo-Japanese War two years, local chapters of the ambulance
more than 467,000 people escape from danger.
To compliment the members for disaster relief efforts around the branch person, Lvhai
Huan Sheng and other leaders and nations of the Shanghai Red Cross, special requests
Qing government aims to associate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be prepared to
gold, silver, copper and third-class Red Cross medal Ssangyong efforts to give
members of wear.
Shanghai set up the International Red took three years to produce excellent
international influence in the country makes people unanimously agree that the Red
Cross humanity, love, dedication.
China's accession to the International Red Cross
Unremitting efforts
Lv Haihuan is not only the founder of the Chinese Red Cross, also on behalf of the
International Red Cross in China to make unremitting efforts to join. In Shanghai,
after the establishment of the International Red, Lv Haihuan so immediately to
prepare for accession to the International Red Cross. He was on one side of the views
of China's accession to the International Red Cross and methods, petitioned
the British minister accredited to the meeting, Zhang Deyi, painting will be about to
join the International Red Cross; hand we investigate what foreign countries to take
the Red Cross charter, petitioned ambassador to the United States Secretary of State
Liang Cheng printed provisions of the statute and the American Red Cross to Science
as a reference. Lv Haihuan recommendations: "China, such as membership,
may be Sin in the provinces on the basis of raising funds to Way to justice. By Yellow
Gold Po Sing and emblem, membership in order to distinguish the incentives, it is
best for the Association to the Capital Sin Tong Benevolent Society , the province set
up branch commercial port. usually applied by medicine doctors, and Office of
Military Medical Academy, preventing and healing time of war. In case of other
countries military matters, also sent to non-discriminatory. go through the more
effective the more widely. Medical assistance available resources, soldiers can
without consideration. "Shanghai million under Lv Haihuan and other
countries to join the international Red Cross petitioned the submissions, Guangxu
Emperor on April 10, 1904 Published Shangyu, said: According to Ministry of
Foreign Affairs before the International Red Qingzhi his mark playing for a discount,
been approved, encyclical Zhang Deyi his mark. Followed the Qing Chuan Yu Zhang
Deyi, Extraordinary it as full minister, apply for membership matters. According to Li
Shi Sun "Lvhai Huan's life," the book said:
Xuantong first year (1909) by Lv Haihuan contact, China's accession to the
International Red Cross, the establishment of the Chinese Red Cross, by the resident
representative of the British Minister Zhang Deyi signature. January 15, 1912, the
International Committee of the Red Cross officially recognized as an official member
of the Chinese Red Cross. May 7, 1912 ~ 17, the International Red Cross in
Washington held its ninth General Assembly. Lvhai Huan and Yuan discuss, in
addition to presence of U.S. Ambassador Zhang stars as government representatives,
the deployed Huang Ding, Ferguson (American), London and Shen, Chang Yung-Kyu
(United States, counselor) and other four representatives to Washington to participate
in the China Red Cross meeting.
At this meeting, the representative of China to be included in the General Assembly
Secretariat Huang Ting. At the meeting, Ding Huang, introduced the work of our Red
Cross, and thanked the American Red Cross of China's generous donation.
In addition, the representative of China also participated in discussions on the statute
the General Assembly and other related activities.
After the Russo-Japanese War, the International Red Shanghai where to go, this is Lv
Haihuan the most concern.
June 12, 1907, Lvhai Huan Wu former postal minister will handle the case re-Xi, a
folding Memorial on the court: to be set up in Shanghai, China Red Cross Society, the
purchase of land acres, the construction of the hospital school, to establish base. Lv
Haihuan other was made to follow the Government's proposal to prepare
measures to adopt Japanese Red Cross officials and the public jointly, so in addition to
the national Teci year members gather outside golden, Chester donations and from
special revenue agency implementation of business payments, all payments
concentrated, this is a good way. Lu and so on, if special funds to build the first ship
doctors to prepare for water use in the war. In the same year, Lvhai Huan, Sheng Qing
Qing Zhi pilot to the Chinese Red Cross. They are on the memorial in the back, the
"identification of a player with Shichang Chin of the Department know
this," the Zhupi, indicating that the Qing government had agreed to Lvhai
Huan, Sheng Red Cross Society of China to establish an independent operation.
Since the 1904 establishment of the International Red Shanghai, Lvhai Huan and
other leaders, the total branch directors and members, health care workers risking his
own life, to rescue injured people to the International Red reputed in Shanghai at
home and abroad. The critical moment in 1911 Revolution, Lv Haihuan work again as
Red Cross president, and the Red Cross medical personnel of humanitarian relief
efforts, received praise from Sun Yat-sen. Republic of China established the Qing
dynasty was collapsing, Lv Haihuan Republic of China is widely cited as the first
president of the Red Cross Association, 1920, his advanced age, resigned as president
of job, being elected as the honorary chairman until January 1927 passed away in
Tianjin , aged 85.

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