Love and hate by fdjerue7eeu


									Love and hate
  When you do not get the Pro in the sense of frequency, and you to get a sense of
presence before the frequency, all the relationships, particularly intimate relationships,
is incomplete and completely of disability. May have seemed the perfect moment,
such as "in love" time. But the appearance of the perfect escape
from disputes, conflicts, dissatisfaction, and emotional or physical violence, while the
program under the incremental period. It seems most of the "love
relationship" will soon to love / hate relationship ended mixed. Love in an
instant into a savage attack, hostility, or complete withdrawal of love. We see all this
as common sense. Relations will be in "love" and hate between
the two poles of see-saw, during the pulling spoke a few minutes, months or even
years, ranging from. This allows you to enjoy the ups and downs, it also allows you to
endure the pain. Both sides of this cycle produces an addiction that has become
routine. The dramas give them the feeling of living. Once the positive / negative when
an imbalance between two poles, negative and destructive cycle will happen sooner or
later, and began to speed up the increase, then the relationship will collapse within
   You thought that as long as eliminate the relations between the negative or
destructive cycle, henceforth all goes well, bear fruit - This is the same idiot. Love,
hate poles are interdependent, there is one there must be the other. Among the positive
electrode had not shown the negative implied. Both are different with a disability face.
I am talking about is usually called a romantic relationship, not love. Love, not
opposition. Because it is from beyond the mental level. Presents a continuing state of
love, just as there is very little awareness of humans. However, the gap created when
the mind stream, we may love a glimpse of a brief and superficial.

   It is easy to lose the negative relationship can be attributed to the situation, you may
push the source of disability in the partner's body rather than in themselves.
It will be apparent to many forms: possession, jealousy, control, withdrawal, grudges,
fight for fair, indifferent, self-indulgence, emotional summation control cable, drive
force of argument, criticism, judge, condemn, attack, anger, unconsciously imposed
on the parents, the old pain revenge, rage and physical violence.

   In the positive side, you and your partner is "in love." At first
this is a state of deep satisfaction. You are very deeply felt alive. Your individual
needs exist because of you, desire you, make you different, but suddenly become
significant, and you are on the other side reciprocated. With you, you feel complete.
This feeling is often strong enough to make you duck not only envy envy cents level.

   However, you may be aware of this sweetness is thick, the implied a demand and
climbing. You began to feel personally on the addiction. The other side as your role as
a drug. As long as the drug in the body you'll Hai (high), while the other
one as long as possible to leave your thoughts, it will lead to jealousy, possession, or
attempted by students from the fear of loss and emotional - to ransom, condemnation,
allegations - for emotional manipulation. If the other party really left you, will
produce the most intense hostility, or extremely grief and despair. Either case will
cause the tenderness into a sword to attack or sad. Alfonso now love? Love can, in a
split into hate? Those who love the original, or just a persistent and climbing the

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