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LouisV.Gerstner_ Jr._ Gerstner


									LouisV.Gerstner, Jr., Gerstner
 English name of Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.,

Harvard MBA graduate schools

Born in New York Long Island

Former IBM chairman and CEO positions

In 1962, Gerstner received MBA degrees, 加入麦金西 management consulting firm,
the company's youngest partners. Then assumed the number of large

April 1, 1993, Gerstner tobacco by the nation's largest food company boss
turned into IBM chairman and CEO, was ordered to make up for its predecessor in
distress to IBM's loss left an unprecedented record. Gerstner to adopt a
pragmatic attitude, six months, decisive cut of 45 million, the total destruction of the
old mode of production began to cut costs and restructuring. Revive the mainframe
business, expand service areas and lead to the PC market, IBM re-attack.

The end of 1994, IBM acquired from the 90's the first profit since the three
billion U.S. dollars.

June 1995, Gerstner eventually the company 3.5 billion acquisition of Lotus, the
largest merger in software history of the case, began to launch a general offensive
software market, promptly winning the enterprise network market.

In 1995, IBM's sales exceeded 70 billion U.S. dollars mark for the.
IBM's mainframe business has also risen.

November 15, 1996, IBM shares rose to 145 U.S. dollars, reaching the highest point
of 9 years.

Lou Gerstner brought IBM rolling for the profits earned for himself a high income. In
1996 he had received 82.5 million options, the book value of 69 million. March 1997,
the board agreed to give him an increase of 30 million options and hope that he do
another term until 2002. Additional 2 million for this company stock options. If IBM
stock can maintain 10% growth momentum, that the value of these shares will be 330
million U.S. dollars.


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