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					Long Tail Keywords, What is the Long Tail Keywords
SEO Concept 2: The Long Tail Keywords are derived from the targeted keywords key
words, it like a business in addition to the core product, there are some important
concepts are the same product. Or we can agree to, in addition to the targeted
keywords from other search keywords, and sites of these keywords can bring some
search volume, we can call long tail keywords.
Learning to understand and master the SEO concept is a very important thing, SEO in
several important concepts, in addition to the targeted keywords, the most important
concepts, followed by an important concept is the long tail keywords? If you do not
know            what         is          the     target         keywords,           read
http://www.seocharm.com/2010/05/15/targeted-keywords/ this article, the come here
to learn what is long tail keywords?
So, what is the long-tail keywords do?
For example: SEO is the target keywords is the most popular; that the door to avoid
the hot target keywords, like: how to learn SEO, SEO Case Study, SEO optimization
techniques, like those long words can be selected as Long Tail Keywords. Although
targeted keywords with high search volume, but corresponding to the competition is
strong. However, although the long tail keywords search volume is not high,
competitive than the bottom, but the target customers more goals, target a higher
conversion rate, it can occupy more than 60% of your site's search volume,
to bring you the ultimate customers.
Analysis of Web search traffic and keywords, we find:
For the average small site, targeted keywords to bring the total site traffic accounted
for the vast majority of search traffic.
Exist in the web directory page, content pages of keywords will bring traffic, but a
So why do we choose long tail keywords long tail keywords and to optimize it? Long
Tail Keywords for what our site? We can come through the following chart analysis
shows that the targeted keywords and long tail keywords, the conversion of target
Keywords curve
Curve analysis by the above key words, you read what information? The key words
that tell us how to graph to choose the right goals for your keywords and long tail
keywords. Tells us not choose the more popular keywords can get higher returns, but
also tells us that the same non-popular keywords can bring us higher returns. From the
charts that, despite popular keywords with high search volume, but that means that the
extensive search for a higher degree of competition is also strong, and needs to have
more input, but he still can bring the return of limitations, therefore, its higher risk.
And choose the non-popular keywords, that is, content that we want to talk about this
"long tail keywords." While the search volume is not high, but
the search has a strong purpose, goals more clear, so in the end the customer will be
our end customers, ultimately benefits us.
With a very popular argument: for example, search for "shoes"
of customers, he just wants to buy a pair of shoes, or to see who sold shoes, looking
for their favorite pair of shoes, or trying to find the shoe manufacturer. It can be
imagined, there are many shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, men's,
women, and even slippers, a lot better, so he is not very customer's
psychological understanding of their needs, but only wanted to see, may be see your
Then further down to a customer search for men's shoes, we first clear the
lock on the customer's gender, then the scope of the market immediately
reduced by half. Therefore, more targeted customer a little, know not to buy pairs of
men's shoes. If we do down a "blue Nike running
men's shoes," the keyword search from the customer we can
determine the number of customers needs? - Color, brand, shoes, sex; from this
keyword, we get more customers are not clear of the part, though probably not many
people that search, but this goal is very clear people search, he became the highest
probability of end customers, that is, we say, high conversion rate. What does it mean
high conversion rate, means that we can obtain more benefits.
First, what kind of long tail keywords features: (with some similar characteristics of
target keywords)
Longer, usually composed of 2-3 words or even phrases. For example: SEO What do
you mean
Exist in the content page, in addition to the title of content pages, also exist in the
Search volume is very thin and unstable.
Long Tail Keywords to bring customers into the customer site the probability of
product is much lower than the targeted keywords.
Existence of a large number of long tail keyword sized site, it brings the total flow of
very large
Second, long tail keywords which of several forms of it?
1, and enterprise products, or site-targeted high accuracy terms, such key words for
some clear objectives demand the introduction of search engine users, this population
is the product of your business website with a clear understanding of the population,
But this part of the crowd is a small part of the site traffic. Probably occupy the site
about 20% of the overall traffic;
      2, product or website keywords out of business expansion, this is the website for
your business or product groups with access to design fuzzy concept keywords. This
piece is estimated that the total website traffic search engine traffic by about 30%;
      3, soon may become a user and find sites search keywords, such key words can
be interpreted as relatively long tail of key words, may be the business of the
peripheral extension of the word, or the expansion of the site content is related to the
word this piece is estimated that the total website traffic search engine traffic 20%.
      We are able to "SEO" as basic keywords the keyword
expansion.      Such      as:    stronger     targeted     keywords       "SEO
optimization" "SEO services"; related to expanding
the key word "SEO is what" "how to learn
SEO", etc.; peripheral extension of the term "SEO
tool"        "SEO          software"   "SEO
aids" "SEO tutorial" and so on. To three types of
long tail terms for more than a simple list.
PS: the targeted keywords will bring us a high search volume, but the long tail key
words able to bring to our site with high conversion rate, which is dispensable;
understanding and good application of these two concepts are SEO optimized a good
start, we must master the basic concepts. If you already know what is the long tail
keywords, you can continue to read our article "How to choose long tail
keywords" and "how to optimize the long tail key
words" Please pay attention, thank you!