?Loneliness is a kind of lifestyle? Perhaps, when life completely into the self-time,
can really come into the loneliness.
    ?Alone, is life in the "blank." In life, the life and survival
needs to be divided up almost everything, this is the price of survival, but also a
helpless, so Su hui died of septicemia issued through the ages: "Lasting
Regret Self is not, when will forget the camp." Yes, we have to care, to ask
the young, to survive, for a variety of responsibilities can not avoid running hard work,
the so-called "man in the rivers and lakes, Shenbuyouyi." Too
fragmented to be carved up in this life, I often feel the need for themselves and for the
provision of a quiet mind to, which is lonely.

Loneliness is a state. Be alone, you may please, or even unkempt Japan Gaowo,
without having to worry other people of intelligence. This comfortable enough to
relax body and mind; and enjoy the comfortable is a great pleasure alone. Loneliness
is a state of mind. Dust and secular works by daily self-repressed, as quietly hidden
mermaid, only this time on Long Delicate only surfaced. So laissez-faire self, to a
heart, such as Lonely Ye He, the only solution in the condensate in the Happy
listening mermaids singing, but also a wonderful leisure.

Loneliness is a state of mind. Gains and losses for the world are busy all day, will not
experience the life there will be something called loneliness. Day and night to indulge
in the entertainment Dengying wine Huan, can not appreciate the unique taste alone.
Only tormented the weathered, witnessed the pain, feel the loneliness is a rare state of

Loneliness is a landscape. Lonely people really have only had its own. Inspiration in
the lonely generated, creating in solitude germination, ideas flashing in solitude. With
the lonely, have a lot of surprises. Only the lonely temper, only a new scientific
discovery, only odd birth of literature. Alone is a panacea. With this panacea for
loneliness, excessive grief are not likely to continue grief for the sad lonely people
who heal the wound, walked trauma is an important front of a brilliant day.

With a dose of this medicine alone, dazzled by happy people who will find yourself in
solitude, and will not let themselves get lost in too much happiness. Experience
loneliness, feelings of loneliness, after all, a best leisure. Body can get rest in solitude.
Heavy physical, ultra-negative labor, so that the body needs to have a good time to
restore his loneliness. Lonely soul can find to a rare quiet. No longer living in the
intrigues of the struggle and worry, not for the life of the burden and depression, and
loneliness to find suitable adjustments in the mood to let the mind in solitude has a
unique pleasure. Alone time is precious, and Solitude is a variety of ways, the
experience alone will need to vary. Loneliness is a passive feeling of happiness, and
not be in vain to give you, need you to strive to comprehend. Know how to realize
people will appreciate the lonely life in the unique landscape.

Lonely than the highest position in the lonely create. More than a solitary pleasure,
less of a waste of inaction, so that life in the creative spirit of the lonely in for life,
every single time wasted seconds Buzhi Yu. In the solitude has its own everything you
think you is not lonely. So, you will understand, to really have a lonely man is the
happiest person in the world.

In the complicated on earth, with an own loneliness, it is a unique pleasure. Rejected
the temptation outside alone roam on their own to create a solitary atmosphere, brew a
cup of tea, put a piece of music, so that the physical and mental fatigue in the quiet
solitude of a vacation properly. Or holding a book, or watching a vision, or do nothing,
they quietly think, let his thoughts drift very far in solitude ... ...

Alone, they can see the sky and clouds, look at the sea, immersed in water for sound
mind among the mountains and enjoy the "Rock the mood cloud phase
by" the Tianran ecstasy. When alone can read, not distraction, but for
entertainment. Roll in hand, concentrated in the article between the words funny, and
often can not help but to a U.S. paper, a good poem or even a hit Quotes of the Day of
praise, and not feel Ran Forgetting. Lonely when you can commune with friends,
imagine sitting in front of him, told him that reading experience, or memories of past
pleasures in casual conversation, always knowing there is consonance to trigger some
new sentiment, receive additional benefits. Alone when it comes to talk with their
own, do not follow the rules to tell coherent, permits his thoughts, such as trickling
stream flowing freely, sometimes random draw poured, carefully playing with taste,
or shape of the text, not is good news?

Of course, not everyone alone to enjoy the fun. There have been consulted on a
psychology of friends, he can not explain, this ability is due to congenital or acquired
acquisition. But I can not imagine, if there is no lonely time, what life would be
unbearable noisy, immersed in which the soul will not be stifled by endless troubles.

Thus, in the sea of drifting apart, leaving a blank for their own, leaving a thin clouds
Delicate loneliness. Let you and I enjoy the solitude.

Loneliness is a kind of beautiful lonely eyes of others is the worst pain you feel my
heart learn to soar in the sky alone in a lonely world, trying to enjoy the freedom!

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