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									Listed Companies

July 26 to be 108 companies listed on GEM to submit the application information,
contact the Commission subsequently NetEase Financial Information Services
Department, Ministry of Public Offering Supervision GEM relevant person in charge,
local securities regulatory bureaus, and related enterprises, through the multi-query
and verify , noted that 83 companies have submitted applications for a specific list of
?Company Name Pioneer head of regional property venture capital industry registered
shareholders of the sponsor organizations Remarks
A good record video in Shenzhen in 2000 Chen Kunjiang 40 million digital TV
software, the first domestic carrier-class digital TV system manufacturers, have the
core technology
2 good years in 1999, Shenzhen Ping An Securities Chen Zhou modern service cities
in the country has opened nearly 20 large domestic chain stores
3, 2006 in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, SC Shi Songtao 500,000 high-tech instrumentation,
test tools and equipment, electronic products, technology, manufacturing and
4 Symbol of Shenzhen Zhuo Zou Xianhua 30 million in 1999 construction waterproof
material waterproof material and roof drainage systems siphon development,
production of high-tech enterprises
Shenzhen Netac Technology 5 Deng Guoshun 20 million high-tech enterprises in
1999 flash drive and flash memory products applications
6 Race for the 1997 Intelligent Shenzhen Yong 51 million high-tech intelligent urban
rail transit systems, digital high-speed railway information system, intelligent building
7 days source Dicko Chan Friends 15 million in 1993, Shenzhen, software and
telecommunications companies for the government to provide the management
information system solution
8, 2000 Kong, Shenzhen, Union Communications soared 36.7 million to power
enterprise IT automation, information into core business
9, 1995, Wang Lan, Shenzhen Air Fitness - Fitness Services, a set of fashion, beauty,
SPA is one of the large high Wellness Club
10 new state-Zhou Tan 93 5250000 2002 Shenzhen High-Tech specializes in the new
electronic chemicals for research and production of high-tech enterprises
Shenzhen 11 Yongxin Yuan Zhang Wen 20 million in 1998 with the largest security
software, e-government software developers
12, 2000, Xu Guosheng, Shenzhen, robust network 10.75 million digital TV software
is the digital TV industry in China, most technology, the largest platform for digital
13 China Youth Net, Shenzhen Bao - for Imperial - online game is a company with
independent research and development, operational ability, professional network of
agent capability Games
14 Yongda Electronic Shenzhen 2001 weeks of the width of 36 million electronic
focusing on information security advanced technology R & D
Beijing 2003 15 Huayi Liu 38,750,000 Schwab modern services in the field of
integrated marketing to achieve the domestic industry, the top three
16 Ruisikangda Beijing Gao Lei 212 110 000 1999 electronics and information
industry in Chongqing global leader in Internet access edge equipment
17, 1998 Luo-Ming Meng Beijing Tianyuan network 58 million people's
livelihood security of electronic information network management, IT management
and OSS leader in the field of
Pathfinder 18 Beijing Beijing 1999 Shengfa Jiang 5 million sales professional outdoor
sporting goods products R & D, design, production and sales of high-tech
Chong Hua Tong 19 Beijing 1996 upper primary power from the 50 million high-tech
technology to provide embedded real-time system development, electromechanical
systems design automation
20 Huayi Wang Zhongjun 126 000 000 Beijing 2004 TV movie in production,
distribution and derivatives business
21 Le General Medical Branch 150 million SUN Beijing 1999 specializing in medical
equipment, medical devices involved in the development, production and sales
Feng Jun 22, 1993, Beijing Huaqi Information 5 million digital computer peripherals,
storage, digital, network, new business five major business groups
23 Super graph software ear Beijing Zhong Shun 500 000 1997 in geographic
information system software, software research, development, promotion and service
24 Li Si Ming Yan Chen Beijing 1999, 78.65 million pool of information systems
office information system solutions and services
25 Ka Apartments wall Beijing 1987 Tian Jiayu 80 million manufacturing building
energy-saving windows and doors, curtain wall production
26 Smartdot Beijing 1998 dan 40 million the largest enterprise software, information
technology solutions vendors
27 clean water source Beijing Wen Jianping, 110 million in 2001 specializing in
wastewater treatment and water resource applications of high-tech companies
28, 1994, three British welding industry in Tianjin Chen Pang-solid 70 million
people's livelihood security of electronic information for all types of flux
cored wire production capacity is 40,000 tons
29, 1996, Yao Xiaoqing red medicine biomedical Tianjin 2000 "red
medicine" in the sales of pharmaceutical companies in the country ranked
30 Jade Science and Technology of Chongqing Miao Qin 20.31 million in 1999
China's education industry's most successful software system
integration, one
31 Lai Chiu-yu 1999 U.S. Pharmaceutical Chongqing 68.5 million medical research,
production and sales of high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise
32 Shanghai Shanghai 1992 Ding Yu Hai Ding Chapter 30 million domestic first-class
e-commerce logistics / e-commerce software provider
Shanghai 2000, 33, on Haimai Jie Lu Xuedong 35 million committed to real-time
software development, database and information management power production of
high-tech software development company
Shanghai 2001 34 Best shipping Hao Liu Nan purple morning of electronic
information technology-based private investment in top scientific research ship design
Yan Jun 35, 1996, Ou Bite Zhuhai embedded integrated circuits and electronic
information control module product development, production and sales
36, 1994, Guangzhou, Guangdong Jialong Lin Pingtao 65 million food MSG, chicken
essence and other spices.
37 crown in 1997, Guangzhou Hao biological related discipline source of new
biomedical implants Capital specializes in medical research and development,
production and marketing of high-tech enterprises
38, 1997, Changsha, Hunan, Chen Pang Ireland ophthalmic biomedical venture up to
the morning of China's most competitive chain ophthalmic medical
39 scenery of mountains and rivers of Hunan Yueyang Yao wins 45 million brewery in
2003 in central and western inland areas of food the largest wine company
Section 40 of more than 2004 new electrical Yueyang 43 million new energy venture
Ping An Securities deep electromagnetic stirring equipment R & D and
sales leader
41 through animation Wuhan Jiang Zhu Youlan 29.4 million in 2000 Guosen
Securities in cartoon animation produced, production, product development and sales
of derivative comprehensive cultural enterprises
Intime Technology, Wuhan 1993 42 Aijun 35 million in new energy joint stock VRLA
battery and intelligent research and marketing of new energy systems and services
43, 2001-4500 10 000 Wuhan Zhongyuan Huadian Power Hai Tong Securities
specializing in power system automation related products and services, research and
marketing high-tech enterprises
44, 1998, Haitian Xiangfan, Hubei Province Chapter Feng 21260000 adhesives
adhesives and chemicals specializing in the development, production and sales.
45 Terios German electrical Qingdao 199,010,000 million electric equipment is the
biggest box-change research and development, production base
46 tire wheel race in Qingdao, Shandong 200 000 000 2002 Du-dai new material has a
game round, Zevi, win business, Black Knight and other popular brands
47 Moon Group, Qingdao, Shandong, 1968 102 million high-tech defense in seaweed
processing and integrated production of sugar alcohols
48, 1999 in Qingdao, Shandong Hai Lier Pharmaceutical Ge Yao Lun 50 million
mainly engaged in various new pesticide pesticide research, development, production
and sales
Qingdao Hisense Core 49 letter to Shu-Min, 2005, 20 million high-tech digital TV
50 Shandong Zibo Hualong Pharmaceutical Medicine 1997, Feng Chunjian 60 million
in scientific research, production and sales of modern pharmaceutical enterprise
51, 1996 John Wu Tianxi livestock Binzhou feed five million new, integrated
livestock production enterprises chicken
52 with the large island of New Materials, Shandong Weifang Wang Lezhi Qilu
Securities the country's largest manufacturer of ultra-fiber
53 Ted Dalian, Liaoning coal net 100 000 000 1999 Lihong Guo supply chain
management is China's largest coal enterprises in Circulation Service
Urumqi, Xinjiang, 2003, 54 German blue-green energy Zeng difficult to pay 25
million wastewater treatment and reuse in the domestic leading level
55 meter three-Chuan Li Jianlin 36,660,000 Yingtan 1971 meter national environment
protection and energy production of one of the leading industry, with 30 years of
56, 1993 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Hengda High-tech and new materials Xing Zhu
National boilers, thermal equipment and steel industry, leading enterprises corrosion
57 35 Internet Gong Shaohui 40 million in 2004 in Xiamen, Fujian Electronic
Information Group, an internationally renowned Rainbow Internet application service
58, 1993, Hefei, Anhui Anke Bio Song Lihua 50 million biomedical professional
development and production of genetically engineered drugs, the national high-tech
Route 59, Anhui, Hefei, Anhui, 2002 Cheng-Quan Li Silver 30 million breeding in
crop seed research, production, processing, domestic and international marketing
Yunnan, Kunming, Yunnan Watson 60 11260000 2001 Yun-Chun Li specializes in
vaccine development vaccine development, production and marketing of modern
bio-technology enterprises


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