List of Top 20 Premiership Transfer: Manchester United 6 Manchester City out of new aid into the team amazing

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					List of Top 20 Premiership Transfer: Manchester United 6 Manchester City out of
new aid into the team amazing
List of Top 20 Premiership Transfer: Manchester United 6 Manchester City out of
new aid into the team amazing 2009 年 09 月 02 日 03:08 DOUG FERGUSON
AP Top 20 the following summer for the Premier League transfer out into a list of
over 10 million pounds of transactions in bold.
Manchester United:
Into: Valencia (winger, Wigan, £ 1700), Mamer - Bi Laimu - Diouf (forward,
Molde, 500 pounds, into the team in winter), Ao Botan (winger, Bordeaux, 300
pounds), McGinty (guard, Charlton, 50 pounds), Michael - Owen (striker, Newcastle,
free transfer), Boge Ba (midfielder, Le Havre, free transfer)
Transfers out: C Law (winger, Real Madrid, £ 8000), Fraser - Campbell (striker,
Sunderland, 600 pounds), Carlos Tevez (striker, Manchester City, loan expired), Manu
Qiao ( forward, Valladolid, 240 pounds), Lee - Martin (winger, Ipswich, 200 pounds),
Bo Sepang (midfielder, Braga Athletic, loan), Eckersley (guard , Burnley,
undisclosed), Kelaiweili (guard, Watford, loan)
Into: Zhirkov (Zuo Bianfeng or left back, CSKA Moscow, £ 1800), Situliqi (striker,
Manchester City, 500 pounds), Turnbull (goalkeeper, Middlesbrough, free transfer ),
Matic (midfielder, Coase policy, 150 pounds)
Transfers out: Andriy Shevchenko (forward, Dynamo Kiev, free transfer), Pizarro
(forward, Bremen, 450 pounds), this - Sahar (forward, Spaniard, 85 pounds), Di Santo
(forward, Blackburn, loan), Man Xien (guard, Wolves, loan), Scott - New Claire
(winger, Wigan, loan), Storch (winger, Twente, loan) , Miniero (cancellation),
Rajkovic (guard, Twente, loan), Jimmy - Smith (midfielder / winger, Leiden Oriental,
free transfer), Lee - Sawyer (midfielder, Southend, loan), Ryan - Bertrand (back,
Reading, loan), Noble (forward, West Ham, free transfer), Nelson (forward, Alkmaar,
free transfer) , Mineiro (cancellation), Hancock (Coventry, loan), 范 安 霍 尔 特
(Coventry, loan), Cummings (West Bromwich Albion, loan)
Into: Weiermalun (defender, Ajax, 1100 pounds)
Transfers out: Emmanuel Adebayor (striker, Manchester, 2500 pounds), Toure (guard,
Manchester, 1700 pounds), Nuodeweite (guard, Nuremberg, loan), Bischoff
(midfielder, No, termination), James - Dunn (midfielder, free, termination), Rui -
Wundt (forward, Sporting Lisbon, free transfer), Abu - Ao Gege (guard, Duggan Ham
and Red Bridge, termination), Paul - Rogers (defender, free, termination), Renee -
Steele (defender, free, termination), Vicente - Van den Berg (midfield, no, surrender),
Anton - Black Wood (defender, free, termination), Emmanuel - Thomas (midfielder,
Blackpool, loan), Lansibuli (midfield, Watford, loan), Jay - Simpson (forward, Queen
Park Rangers, loan)
Into: Glen - Johnson (guard, Portsmouth, 1850 pounds), Aquilani (midfield, Rome,
2000 pounds), plus Marvin (left guard, Paris Saint-Germain, undisclosed), Arun -
Gold (forwards, ruthton diamonds, did not disclose), 基里吉亚科斯 (Zhongwei,
Athens AEK, 150 pounds)
Transfers out: Alonso (midfielder, £ 3000, Real Madrid), Ebeiluoa (guard, 350
pounds, Real Madrid), Lieto (wing, 350 pounds, Panathinaikos), Paul - Anderson
(winger, Nottingham Forest, 25 pounds), Hyypia (Zhongwei, Leverkusen, free
transfer), Pennant (winger, Zaragoza, free transfer), Yi Tanjie (goalkeeper, card Vara,
loan), Nemeth (forward, Athens AEK, loan), Hobbes (Zhongwei, Leicester City,
undisclosed), Yideruizha (forward, Swansea, undisclosed), San Jose (Zhongwei,
Athletic Bilbao, loan), Adam - Chinese Mill (winger, Barnsley, undisclosed), Simon
(forward, Keliduoba, loan), Huth (defender, free, termination) , Antwi (Zhongwei, no,
surrender), Locke (Zhongwei, no, surrender), McKay - Steven (winger, no, surrender),
Keluoseer (cancellation)
Into: Emmanuel Adebayor (striker, Arsenal, £ 2,500), Carlos Tevez (striker,
Manchester United, 2,500 pounds), Lescott (defender, Everton, £ 2400), santa cruz
Williams (forward, Blackburn, £ 1800), Toure (Zhongwei, Arsenal, £ 1700),
Barry (midfielder, Aston Villa, 1200 pounds), Silvinho (guard, Barca , free transfer),
Stuart - Taylor (goalkeeper, Aston Villa, undisclosed), Zander (guard, Schalke 04, did
not disclose)
Transfers out: this - Haim (guard, Portsmouth, undisclosed), Elano (midfielder,
Galatasaray, 800 pounds), Situliqi (striker, Chelsea, 500 pounds ), Qi De - Evans
(forward, Sheffield United, 300 pounds), Fernandes (midfielder, St Etienne, 200
pounds), Gaspar - Schmeichel (goalkeeper, Notts County, 150 pounds), if (forward,
Everton, loan), Harman (midfielder, cancellation), Darius Vassell (forward,
Ankaragücü, free transfer), Joe - Hart (goalkeeper, Birmingham, loan) , Bojinov
(striker, Parma, loan), Caicedo (forward, Sporting Lisbon, loan), Egypt Figure Hu
(midfield, Cardiff, loan), Powell (guard, termination), Grau Bo (guard, termination),
Richard - Martin (goalkeeper, termination), Danny - Mills (defender, retired), the -
Morris (cancellation), Auburn (guard, termination), Chris - Ram Cyprus (cancellation),
Logone (guard, Tranmere, loan)
Into: Kranjcar (midfield, Portsmouth, 250 pounds), Crouch (striker, Portsmouth, 1000
pounds), Parsons (guard, Newcastle, 800 pounds), Norton (guard , Sheffield United,
700 pounds), Walker (defender, Sheffield United, 300 pounds)
Transfers out: Darren - Bent (striker, Sunderland, 1000 pounds), Zuo Kela (midfielder,
Sevilla, 800 pounds), Boateng (midfield, Portsmouth, 400 pounds), Chimbonda
(defender, Blackburn, £ 200), Gantt (guard, Nottingham Forest, £ 175),
O'Hara (midfielder, Portsmouth, loan), Rocha ( guard, no, surrender),
Hooton (defender, free, termination), Dawkins (striker, free, termination), Ellen
(midfielder, free, termination), Magehuoma (midfielder, Tony Patton, free transfer),
Mutandare (cancellation), David - Hooton (midfield, Cheltenham, free transfer),
Hatejinsi (guard, Yeovil, free transfer), a large Health - Barton (goalkeeper, Crewe,
loan), Bo Qiche (left back, Valladolid, free transfer), Talat (midfielder, Queens Park
Rangers, loan), Houghton (guard, Lincoln , free transfer), Gilberto (back, termination),
阿尔恩维克 (goalkeeper, Norwich, loan), Han Weier (guard, Exeter City, loan),
Townsend (winger, Leyton Orient, lease), Kelly - Walker (defender, Sheffield United,
loan), Liweimoer (midfield, Derby County, loan)
Into: Heitinga (guard, Atletico, 600 pounds), 比亚莱特迪 Ivanov (winger, Moscow
locomotive, 1000 pounds), Di Siding (guard, Portsmouth, undisclosed), if (striker,
Manchester City, loan), Anton - Bide Lin (midfielder, Ventura County Fusion, did not
disclose), Musta costs (guard, Hamburg, free transfer)
Transfers out: Lescott (defender, Everton, £ 2400), Van Der Meyde (midfielder, free,
termination), Valente (defender, free, retired), Jacobs (defender, Blackburn , free
transfer), Youjiweici (forward, Motherwell, loan), John - Irvine (defender, free,
cancellation), Snout (cancellation)
Into: Downing (midfield, Boro, 1200 pounds), Delphi (midfield, Leeds, 800 pounds),
Warnock (defender, Blackburn, 700 pounds), Beye (guard, Newcastle , 200 pounds),
Cameron (midfield, Northampton, undisclosed), Marshall (goalkeeper, Coventry City,
free transfer), Collins (defender, West Ham, undisclosed)
Transfers out: Barry (midfield, Manchester, 1200 pounds), Knight (defender, Bolton,
400 pounds), Laursen (defender, retired because of injury), Stuart - Taylor (goalkeeper,
Manchester , did not disclose)
Into: Taeno (midfield, Sunderland, loan), C-Benitez (forward, Santos Lake, 900
pounds), Roger - Johnson (guard, Cardiff, 500 pounds), Slovakia Kurt - Dann (guard,
Coventry, 350 pounds), Barry - Ferguson (midfield, Rangers, 100 pounds), Espinosa
(Zhongwei, Ecuador Barcelona SC, 38.5 pounds), James - John O'Shea
(winger, Galway United, 10 pounds), Joe - Hart (goalkeeper, Manchester City, loan),
Weigenaer (guard, Lens, undisclosed), Lee - Bowyer (in field, West Ham, free
transfer), 卡尔斯亚克 (goalkeeper, back into the)
Transfers out: Nafu Di (midfielder, Aris, free transfer), Jaidi (defender, free,
termination), Kelixiake (goalkeeper, Burton, loan), Stephen - Kelly (right back, Fuller
Farm, did not disclose), Christian - Pierce (guard, St. Petersburg, loan), race m -
Anyedile (forward, Kaiser in sports, free transfer), Srut (midfielder, Burton, loan )
Into: Kalinic (forward, 哈基克斯普 Little, 600 pounds), Chimbonda (defender,
Spurs, 200 pounds), Enzo economy (midfielder, Amiens, 170 pounds), Zhanna Ke
ProLogis (midfielder, 泰利普利斯, £ 52,000), Salgado (defender, Real Madrid,
free transfer), Di Sangtuo (striker, Chelsea, loan), Fan Hedeng (midfielder, Bruges,
free transfer), Ji Weite (defender, Marseilles, did not disclose), Jacobs (right guard,
Everton, free transfer)
Transfers out: Santa Cruz (striker, Manchester City, £ 1800), Warnock (defender,
Aston Villa, 700 pounds), Debixiaer (forward, Olympiakos, 300 pounds), Mo Coiner
(defender / midfielder, Portsmouth, free transfer), Ojell (guard, Eindhoven, the
contract expires), Figure lid (midfielder, retired), Vogel (midfielder No, termination),
Mark - Bourne (goalkeeper, Sheffield United, loan), Kane (guard, Carlisle, free
transfer), Man Nader (midfielder, Stanley, free transfer), Ao Jifu ( Walthall,
undisclosed), Tracy (midfielder, Sheffield United, loan), Gallaher (forward, Leicester,
undisclosed), Blackman (winger, 奥尔德汉姆, loan) , Ligetesi (cancellation)
Into: Klasnic (forward, Nantes, loan), Knight (guard, Vera, 400 pounds), LI Qing
(winger, Seoul FC, 220 pounds), Ricketts (defender, Hull City, 200 pounds), Sean -
Davis (midfielder, Portsmouth, free transfer), Paul - Robinson (left-back, West
Bromwich Albion, loan)
Transfers out: Dezemeili (midfielder, Torino, 160 pounds), Xi Sensi (midfielder, no,
surrender), Wolffer (striker, free, termination), James - Sinclair (winger, no,
termination), Aobadeyi (Swindon, loan)
Into: Nugent (striker, Portsmouth, undisclosed), Joe - McKee (forward, Livingston,
undisclosed), Steve - Fletcher (forward, Hibernian, 3.5 million pounds), compared
with base (guard, Reading, 280 pounds), Throne - Mills (defender, Derbyshire, 50
pounds), Easton (guard, Hamilton, 35 pounds), Egypt Blakeslee (Defender,
Manchester United, undisclosed), Edgar (Zhongwei, Newcastle, free transfer),
Guerrero (midfielder, independent teams, loan)
Transfers out: Stephen - Jones (midfielder / striker, Woersaer, free transfer), Alain -
Ma (midfielder, Atlanta Muir, free transfer), Gabor - Kelly (goalkeeper, Munich 1860,
free transfer), Alex - MacDonald (midfielder, no, surrender)
Into: Ailm (forward, Kalmar, Sweden, did not disclose), Duff (wing, Newcastle, 400
pounds), Bu Yueen - Helg - Riise (midfielder, Lillestr?m, 150 pounds), Stephen -
Kelly (guard, Birmingham, free transfer), Greening (midfielder, West Bromwich
Albion, loan), Dike Jia Yi (midfielder, 拉蒙特维尔 Gold Arrow, did not disclose )
Transfers out: Wirtz (right back, termination), Collins - John (cancellation), 安德里
亚 森 (defender / defensive midfielder, Hannover 96, free transfers), Bo Azha
(forward, Blackpool, not disclosed), Rayel (guard, Melbourne, did not disclose)
Hull City:
Into: Pinaceae (defender, Stoke City, loan), Stephen - Hunter (winger, Reading, 350
pounds), 奥 洛 芬 亚 纳 (midfield, Stoke City, 300 pounds), Mouyokolo (guard,
Brauner, 200 pounds), Kiiras (shadow striker, Celta, 200 pounds), McShine
(Zhongwei, Sunderland, 150 pounds), Aarti more Ray (forward, Villarreal, loan)
Transfers out: Turner (Zhongwei, Sunderland, 1200 pounds), Ricketts (defender,
Bolton, 200 pounds), Windus (striker, free, termination), Virsh (midfielder, Trame Er,
did not disclose), Bridges (striker, free, termination), Bennett (striker, free,
termination), Folang Si (midfielder, free, termination), 拉姆普劳夫 (defender, free ,
termination), Plummer (cancellation), Wudehaide (goalkeeper, no, surrender), Wayne
- Brown (defender, Leicester City, free transfer)
Into: Williams (guard, Waterford, 300 pounds), this - Haim (guard, Manchester City,
undisclosed), Hassan - Ye Buda (midfield, Benfica, lease), Bo Aten (midfielder,
Tottenham, 400 pounds), Tommy - Smith (forward, Waterford, 200 pounds),
O'Hara (midfielder, Tottenham, loan), Michael - Brown (Midfielder ,
Wigan, undisclosed), Finnan (guard, Spanish, free transfer), Dindane (forward, Lens,
loan), Mokeyina (defender / midfielder, Blackburn Rovers, free transfer) , Piquion
time (forward, Lyon, loan), Niemi (goalkeeper, free transfer)
Transfers out: Nugent (striker, Burnley, undisclosed), Kranjcar (midfielder, Tottenham,
250 pounds), Glen - Johnson (guard, Liverpool, 1850 pounds), Crouch ( forward,
1000 pounds, Tottenham), Traore (guard, Monaco, free transfer), Sean - Davis
(midfielder, Bolton, free transfer), Di Siding (defender, Everton , did not disclose),
Kranj (guard, Coventry, undisclosed), Joe - Collins (cancellation), Pamaluote
(cancellation), Lauren (cancellation), Little (cancellation), Jerome - Thomas
(cancellation), where cut (forward, Notts County, loan)
Stoke City:
Into: Robert - Huth (defender, Middlesbrough, 600 pounds), Tuncay (striker,
Middlesbrough, 550 pounds), Hui Hyde (midfield, Sunderland, 3000000 pounds),
Dani - Collins (defender, Sunderland, 275 pounds), Arizmendi (guard, national teams,
264 pounds)
Transfers out: Pinaceae (defender, Hull City, loan), 奥洛芬亚纳 (midfielder, Hull
City, 300 pounds), Peilikade (striker, free, termination), Grocott (cancellation),
Kyrgyzstan m - Phillips (cancellation), Tuoer Lai (cancellation)
Into: Michael - Turner (guard, Hull City, £ 1,200), Darren - Bent (striker, £ 1000,
Tottenham), Fraser - Campbell (forward, Manchester United, 600 pounds), Kate Mo
Seoul (midfield, Wigan, 600 pounds), Cana (midfielder, Marseille, 540 pounds),
Mensah (defender, Lyon, loan), Paul - Da Silva (guard, Toluca, not disclosed)
Transfers out: Tainio (midfielder, Birmingham, loan), Edwards (defender, Ipswich),
Lidebite (midfielder, Ipswich, the two combined 400 million pounds), Cop pull
(forward, Cardiff, 400 pounds), Hui Hyde (midfield, Stoke City, 300 pounds), Dani -
Collins (defender, Stoke City, 275 pounds), Haer Fu Germany (guard, wolves, 200
pounds), McShine (Zhongwei, Hull City, 150 pounds), Dwight - York (forward, no,
surrender), Hartley (guard, Hartlepool, free transfer Council), pull out (surrender),
Colgan (goalkeeper, no, surrender), David - Connolly (forward, no, surrender), Mai
Aidu (cancellation), Darren - Ward (defender, retired ), kolback (midfielder, Ipswich,
loan), Stokes (forward, Hibernian, undisclosed)
West Ham:
Into: Diamanti (forward, Livorno, 600 pounds), 拉多斯内卡 - Kovac (Zhongwei,
Spartak Moscow, 325 pounds), up to - Costa (guard, Florence, not disclosed),
Gimenes (striker, Inter Milan, loan), Noble (striker, Chelsea, free transfer), Kulukezi
(goalkeeper, Ujpest, did not disclose), Lan Mupu (Harlow, free transfer ), Dapulaila
(left back, Grasshoppers, undisclosed)
Transfers out: Hills (forward, Crystal Palace, loan), Tristan (striker, free, termination),
Lee - Bowyer (midfielder, Birmingham, free transfer), Lopez (cancellation), Red
( termination), Stokes (cancellation), Jimmy - Walker (cancellation), Weidou Sen
(guard, Grisby City, free transfer), Neil (guard, termination)
Wigan Athletic:
Into: Sikelande (forward, Swansea City, 200 pounds), Jodi - Gomez (midfielder,
Spanish, 170 pounds), James - McCarthy (midfield, Hamilton, 2 million pounds),
Hendry - Thomas (midfielder, Olympia Sports, 200 pounds), Diya Mu (midfielder,
Waleikanuo, 400 pounds), Scott - Sinclair (winger, Chelsea, loan) , A Maya (guard,
Waleikanuo, did not disclose)
Transfers out: this - Watson (midfield, Queens Park Rangers, loan), Valencia (winger,
Manchester United, 1,700 pounds), Cattermole (midfield, Sunderland, 600 pounds),
Michael - Brown (Midfielder, Portsmouth, undisclosed), Camara (striker, free,
termination), Sibilsky (midfielder, free, termination), Montrose (midfield, Wycombe,
free transfer Council), Field (cancellation), Hamupusen (cancellation), Craig - Mahon
(cancellation), Pearson (cancellation)
Into: Doyle (forward, Reading, 650 pounds), millas (midfielder, Belgrade Red Star,
270 pounds), Halford (guard, Sunderland, 200 pounds), Zuba (Zhongwei, Marseille,
250 pounds), Surman (midfield, Southampton, 150 pounds), Man Xien (defender,
Chelsea, loan), Segao more - Castillo (midfielder, Belgrade Red Star, loan),
Hahnemann (goalkeeper, Reading, free transfer)
Transfers out: Darren - Porter (midfielder, Sheffield, 25 pounds), Gleason (midfielder,
Milton Keynes, did not disclose), Bennett (midfield, Brighton, undisclosed), Bailey
(cancellation), Coburn (cancellation), Meier Bao months (termination)

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