List of Christian pastors Cangzhou Evolution

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					List of Christian pastors Cangzhou Evolution
In 1860, the British missionary Robert Morrison to China
Management of a priest in 1878, as the (London Club)
1894 - 1906 Pastor David Mu (London Club)
1920 Bei Lesen Rev. (London Club)
1931 - The 1932 Chen Zihao Pastor (Church of Christ), Rev. Kang Dexin (Chinese
History of the rain 3 1932 Pastor (Church of Christ)
A pastor in 1941 accounted Peng (Chinese Christian)
1942 --- 1946 Japanese victory over the period, to stop Christian activities
1953 --- 1966 Pastor Liu Yisong
1966-1989 years during the Cultural Revolution, Christian activities cease
Wang Hongxia 2000 ------ Pastor
About the British Mu greatly Pastor
Also known as child safety, was born in England in 1859, Aberdeen City, graduated
from the London School of Theology. 1884, appointed by the Church of England
came to Shanghai, China, working to help the Christian Association of the holy book,
came to Tianjin in 1894, supervision of London Church of Christ Service, Cangzhou
Yanshan 1897 to preach about three years, then came to preach for one year Cangzhou
many British doctors in 1898 to help purchase land Pan Erde in Cangzhou City, the
establishment of Bosch hospitals and churches, pay a lot of effort. Boxer Rebellion in
1900, burning churches and hospitals, animal husbandry much the protection of local
officials with Cangzhou, Cangzhou home before fleeing. Boxer Rebellion of 1901
subsided after he and Dr. Pan Erde went to Changzhou, apply to accept the Boxer
Indemnity, but not to fix the cost of hospitals and churches, animal husbandry and
much further in a collection of local donations, was rebuilt into the hospital and
church. The fall of 1906, also received the British Way Bosch family contributions,
increasing the construction of a seminary, organized Christian learning, animal
husbandry, much to the Christian school in every day apart from preaching, animal
husbandry much the trouble priest, insisted the countryside to preach the east to reach
Yanshan, Qingyun, cc side reach Xian County, River city or county makes the county
and the establishment of branches of Christianity. After the 1906 death of Dr. Pan
Erde, animal husbandry, two matters much to bear, busy, can not, and later was
elected as the main duties of the Christian Church, extensive travel, overwork,
cerebrovascular accident last seen, the body is not in the side of paralysis , forced to
resign from the church office, only to return recuperate. Christian counties in 1913
Cangzhou much for the animal husbandry glorifying pastor.
Pastor David Mu Monument Man
Pastor David Mu, the word child safety, the British Christians too, when the Western
calendar in 1859 the city was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, than a long, graduated from
Beijing Normal large school follow-up Rulun Dun Road School, has graduated from
the knowledge, good at names Ding, Jia Shen Qing dynasty ( 1884) across the ocean
to China, beginning a decade Sukemasa Apartments Shanghai Society of the Holy
things, the more Sino-Japanese War (1894) in Tianjin in the north, Church
Commissioner of London, Landmarks (1897) moved mounds, easy to set up teaching
three summer and winter, after hire home sermon Sui Yu Cang City, is a collaborative
Dawson Panda Fu purchase land, crossing the South building of the hospital church
has devoted difficulties, nothing was the Boxer (1900) changed the hospital from a
church built at the same time all burned Luckily, on the invitation Tianjuan Mo, the
Tsang-eup, rescue officials and gentry home, Li-Ping Fu-kai in chaos Jun Pan Tsang
also rectify the lesson plans, the Commission claims support for constraints, the
complex fund-raising to full funding, while the project is see completed before horse,
JI Bingwu (1906) Autumn also raise Seiyu set section Upgrading Road, College 1, for
training believers, Evangel saving measure, the minister this cover deep exhaust Jue
chart success did not mention the Xin Xi, each of the class award apprentice while Gu
Services Alliance of Workers Si is the East and the Qing, the West and the Salt River,
offer, each with increasing promoter will be the reason why its always all depends on
the power of priests also, doctors and priests since the death of Pan Jun sayings
intersection, energy has been felt by Patton, moreover, following Mongolia
Association elected, when appointed to oversee the important task of academic
trouble with is redundant, while the brain and even kill HIV, then Sekihisa and
extended into paralysis trembling of chronic illness, it had to retire back to also raise
their later years, although this is far slovenly room , Mo back whirl test of its
half-brigade from the natural Huawei Road, enthusiasm is really admirable, Yan and
last for a solicitor who is the Patriarch of friendship as I have sympathy and is willing
to commemorate a long-term IPSC Well over Syria and the Yen at the end Le Zhu
Jeong whetstone to eternal immortality cloud.
Edge Tingxizhuanji
Peak in the spring of the book Dan
  Qingxian Qingyun pay Creek County
London will Cangxian colleagues Yanshan public Chung Lok Chung Ling County
  ?County Hejian County Haixing
ROC II age plays Kwai ugly land once on the Han Gu
Liu Yisong Pastor
Liu Yisong, M, Hebei Province, Yanshan Zhang official shop who was born in 1911,
years 1929 -1933 at home, farm, and study; -1,938 1934 in Cangzhou Bosch Hospital
(Lok Sin Park) as primary school teachers; 1939 -1 941 Theological College in
Beijing; 1942 -1945 office in his home village teachers; Mada Fu hospital in Tianjin
in 1946 appointed preacher; 1947 -1952 Cangzhou Bosch Hospital in any Christian
services; in 1953 was promoted to pastor , presided over the church, was elected in
1959 Cangxian deputies, was wrong in 1966, denounced the Cultural Revolution, died
in 1981.
Liu Yisong is patriotic and righteous people, the China Christian Council has a certain
status of Hebei. Active participation in the Anti-Japanese War patriotic student
movement, he participated in the Chinese Communist Party was expelled from school,
away from the party, the Bosch Hospital, the Eighth Route Army had a secret cover
for some sick and wounded.
Wang Hongxia Pastor
Wang Hongxia, female, Hebei Province, Wang Zhuang people Mengcun County, July
7, 1941 was born in Xuzhou, the mother is Christian. Cangzhou City, the current
CPPCC Standing Committee of the Canal Zone, City CPPCC members, Li Garden
Christian pastors, the Christian Association of Cangzhou, Cangzhou City,
"three from" The Chairman. May 13, 1989, from Hebei
Province, Yang Deze pastor baptized as Christians, the same year with the wife to
work in Cangzhou Refinery, and to find Cangzhou City Christian, there were only two,
they actively organize the development of followers, running around, the venue for
the restoration of Christian make unremitting efforts.
She ignored their own difficulties in older and less educated, hard to learn religious
knowledge, and study the "Bible." In March 1994 to participate
in two sessions two weeks in Tianjin, "the Bible class volunteer"
training and learning. In the same year in November to participate in the organization
of Hebei Provincial Committee United Front Work Department "socialist
University" training course to learn. 1995 Nanjing Jinling Theological
Seminary to participate in a three-year distance learning education system. August
1995 to participate in Tianjin, "Tianjin theology classes
volunteer," the first phase of classes, studying 11 class in March. Christian
has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and learning experience uphold writing to
believers about their experiences in learning, and always will be patriotic and love the
idea of people into the Christian sermon, followed by the current situation, in a timely
manner to convey information to the believers to win followers of appreciation and
Wang Hongxia With their solid knowledge and perfect Christian preaching skills,
August 21, 1994 assessment by the province to become the Christian elders in the
province in accordance with established, in July 2000 in the province of another
Christian Church ordained as priests. Cangzhou City in 2005 elected president of the
Christian Association, Cangzhou City, "three from" The
Chairman, together with all believers hard work and unremitting efforts, the
development of Christians from 2 people to now more than 4,000 people, most
counties have a Christian meeting point, and even Christian churches, especially in
applying for the return of Lee Garden church property, the trouble running around,
take the sun roof cold, repeated complaints to the authorities, the Government red tape
to return to teach in the post-partum, but also with the occupation of the Church
housing residents difficult negotiations, humiliation, starvation regardless of their
safety, and finally to return all church property, and then lead the reconstruction of the
Christian Catholic Church, especially in re-building of Christ Church in Lee Gardens,
risk their lives , not afraid of hardship are not afraid of tiring the church family for
homes to raise donations of funds, removal of old houses, exploration and planning of
new churches, new church, church management, painstaking, arduous journey, led by
Christian and moved her under are one, into a four-story tower of 445 square meters
and 330 square meters of the Cathedral chapel.
In recent years, Wang Hongxia pastor to take the lead on many occasions to donate
the affected areas, offering love, lead the Christian patriotism, love of community,
love the people, resolutely resist the cult and foreign reactionary preaching 10, firmly
opposed to Falun Gong, respect China Communist Party, concerned about national
affairs, and actively participate in politics, praised by leaders at all levels. Elected in
1997 Canal Zone, Cangzhou City CPPCC members, elected in 2000 in Cangzhou City
CPPCC members. As the results were significantly Wang Hongxia in August 1997 by
the province as a "dual culture advanced individuals." In
December 2004 as United Front Work Department of Hebei Province, Hebei Province,
China Office of the advanced cases of individuals, in October 2007 by Changzhou
Municipal CPPCC as a "good CPPCC National Committee

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