Lesson Tortoise and the Hare by fdjerue7eeu


									Lesson Tortoise and the Hare
The forest have a rabbit, this rabbit since reading the "want to challenge?
"This program always like the other animals after challenge. He had and
who had more than monkeys with short tails, and bears than in the past who have the
ears of long, wild boar and red eyes than anyone and the results are all the advantages
he never won. Other animals feel is unfair, and he was compared to monkeys climb
trees, and his ratio of strength to bear, wild boar to his long nose than anyone else, can
only rabbit but shook his head, said: "I do not and defeated opponent
challenges. "congregation animal was very angry, called him Mashimaro,
and everywhere to promote his evil deeds, that the result of forest a nimals no longer
willing to accept his challenge.
This day, this rabbit looking for a challenge then, no one can forest management has
been him, how this can be done? A turn his head, thought of as forest, no one is
willing to accept his challenge, then the animals to the river to challenge it, so he
quickly came to the river and saw the river there is a carp, so they said:
"Mr. Carp, Hello, Would you like to do a marathon?"
Carp 1, muster a mouth saliva spit at him, rabbits confounded a moment:
"Oh, you Could is the legendary archerfish?"
Lei: "I was cast aside you! You a land animal and one not even have to
race the marathon leg of the fish, you have nerve to say that the export loss, how do
you not, and I am better than to swim?"
Mashimaro: "Oh, I neglected you do not have legs, I am sorry, I do not and
people with disabilities to the game, so damaging to my reputation." Then
he saw the river there is a turtle, ah the tortoise a le g, really the best race rivals, so he
was busy shouting: "Ha gig, little bastard, and I have no interest in running
for a century contest it?"
W: "You are terrestrial animals, amphibians and reptiles is that we both
would not be a grade ah, you is not made clear to bully me? Not fair ah!"
Mashimaro: "so good, and the venue and the rules of the game allows you
to set, thus fair to it."
Turtle: "ah, this is also similar to that venue would be in the lake, rules of
the game is over 120 years old can participate in the competition process, are not
allowed to beat each other stimulants are not allowed to eat, not allowed to by bus, not
allowed to fight, and offenders are turtles! "
Mashimaro: "Not really, we are running game, not swimming! How you
can site chosen Lake? There, what is the tortoise offenders?! This is obviously
beneficial to you ah! You are not afraid of me? You fear can give up the game, ah,
I'm looking for snails. "
Turtle: "East Wind, Zhangu Lei, I Mashimaro, who fear too? Than the ratio
of tomorrow than. These days, more afraid you?"
The next day, the rabbit got a lot of media to create a momentum, "Forest
Sports Channel" is also broadcast live.
Narrator: "Ladies and gentlemen Hello everybody, after the Spring Festival,
I would let everyone Happy old age. Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps you just turn on
the TV, now you see the" forest sports channel "live broadcasts,
today Mashimaro with the turtle for a century run contest, according to Mashimaro
disclosed that he has already done the preparation to win, he would like to take the
contest to prove their strength, ah, he played, and now I have to tell you about the
rogue Rabbit information, Mashimaro, character, bounce really cute; shortcomings,
his protruded too much like a vampire; leg characteristics, stewed to the last choice, to
taste very good boiled turnip. "
Rabbit: "ah, this is who provided the information!"
Narrator: "Mashimaro information provided by the wolf, Mr. Friendly,
personal information described below turtles, ah, turtles, male, length 30 cm, weight
15 kg, with room car, handsome, healthy, no bad hobby, would like to find a
fair-skinned, handsome, the female turtles lay eggs as partners ... ... ah? This sounds
like how players Personals turtle? tortoise and the hare's Shijizhizhan who
will win? We have invited special guest, Mr. Turtle to analyze. "
Turtle: "Hello, everybody, according to my analysis, the tortoise will win,
he chassis low ah, and a child, he had athletic, or broadcasting over the past
Narrator: "Thank you, Mr. turtle comment, viewers can send text messages
to prize guessing, guess the audience will have the opportunity to win a signed vest.
Mobile user sends the name to the 1234 championship; Unicom users to send the
name to the title 5678; PHS user name sent to the 1122 championship. "
Referee: "Do not wordy, the game started." Then he pulled out
the starting gun "bang", to fired a shot, this gun is really hit
potential, the middle legs of rabbits, rabbit screams a cry, it was "Woo
Yeah Yeah Woo "cried the ambulance to the hospital, so he was discharged,
the tortoise has run a 1 km, rabbits cast of legs pursued, yeah, he even latecomers
home on more than turtle, hey, then Home on the term are used nice!
Mashimaro: "Not really, I ran 80 kilometers, and how he did not move
with the sculpture- like place? Could it be that he was waiting for the bus? No, I have
to go back and look, lest he lie, skin." This thought, He also began to run
back, my god, the dead turtle to move away from per minute can simply do units in
Turtle: "step, two step three, four-step ... ... ah? Rabbit? How do you
Mashimaro: "Brother, you are too slow to run it, I knew I would not rush to
hospital, alas, in the hospital have to eat a drink, you can also see" Rabbit
Bagh "cartoons, most notably there pretty nurse to take care of me, knew
you could run so slow, I am leaving the subject altogether, and the nurses love knot
married, given birth to a baby game again! "
Turtle: "You may now return to the ah, I do not worry. Competition
precious, love is even more citizenship."
Mashimaro: "Well, you want me to go back and waste time and get the first
hello? Do not dreaming, you are not playing me, my wisdom more than than your
W: "Right on, I'm bald!"
Mashimaro: "You! Mad at me! Not tell you winded, I ran the first ~ ~
Narrator: "Mashimaro probably squeezed his head in the door, his post
moves uncertain ah well, one will run to the end, the starting point for a run and went,
and now he went, end run, it seems his sense of direction needs to be improved But
his speed is really fast, probably because he is running with four legs owes something
to, oh, the turtle turned out to be run with four legs, and it was suddenly like a night to
spring, now popular four-legged run. Dear viewers, please made every e ffort to
athletes with cheering it! "
A audience: "turtle oil, turtle oil."
Mashimaro: "Well, since I was after someone called Mashimaro,
popularity index declined sharply, even for me who do not have fuel."
Visitor B: "Mashimaro refueling ~
Mashimaro: "ah?! Finally someone to cheer me up, man, thank you for
your support! And consequently not to mention the tears rushing."
Visitor B: "You're welcome, I was just released from prison for
hooliganism committed, the way we were, as you fuel is deserved, I say Mashimaro
ah, I can press the 8 cents bet you win if you lose , and can you blame me and turnip
stew put together! "
Mashimaro: "I want to be a good rabbit! I am not a gangster!"
With that conviction he desperately ran, ran and roadside trees he kept his eyes to the
back of; Paoa, Paoa, Road Central pile of stool quickly disappeared from sight; Paoa,
Paoa, a coin disappear quickly from the line of sight, they appear in the line of sight
very quickly, the Mashimaro back to pick it up, "5 cents? ah, I want to be a
good boy, picked up something to return the rightful owners, but where the rightful
owners? I wait here it. "
Mashimaro in order to show that he is a good boy, he took the coin in place and other
rightful owners, so, ah, so ah, until his eyes had faded, and so did not call the owner,
kept the turtle, etc. coming.
W: "Oh, Rabbit, you wait for me with dinner? You see you, so kind, I do
not do that race with you? You do not have to, ah, very distant."
Mashimaro: "I do not have the intention of the ah, I picked up 5 cents, then
call the owner in the other."
Turtle: "It seems your wisdom more than my hair, not much, ah, pick up
the money to the police not to be an uncle? You heard kids are singing: 'I
picked up a penny in the side of the road, it submitted to the police uncle hand inside.
'classic children's songs so you can not say you never learned in
school ah. "
Mashimaro: "I ... ... I really do not know Oh, Oh, when I go to school only
learned 'rabbits, white and white, two ears erected, eat green vegetables
and carrots, bounce really cute. 'to, turtles, I will teach you that first
beautiful songs. "
Turtles did not ignore him, continue to crawl forward, while Mashimaro the world to
find a policeman, and so the coins over to the police, he found the tortoise has been
ahead of his 100 meters, and then cast of legs flew for a while, again occupy the
leading position, the whole process takes 21 seconds 43.
Narrator: "Dear viewers, now live the century Tortoise and the Hare, jump
forward method is to use rabbit; use at every step is a turtle crawling method, ah?
Yeah! Turtle he even a turtle at the head, the speed was so fast, and he ass bottom also
smoke, oh, sorry, it was a car crossing the car, behind the rabbit turtle now.
Mashimaro: "I ran, I ran, I Paopao Pao, haha, so far has been thrown into
the turtle, and win the game!"
Mashimaro carried away in time, a flock of sheep from him after.
Mashimaro: "Hey, this is game-specific site, how do you come in? Quickly
get out of the way, you block my way up!"
Sheep: "You yell what ah, we go to the slaughterhouse to report to late to
catch the line, and we are just to die the same day the same year, a good brother, you
do not have the heart to break it to us."
Mashimaro: "loyalty enough, they let you go, but your team for a long ah,
when will completing it?"
Sheep: "All of us 3586 is the number of sheep, after we finish the group
you can continue forward."
Mashimaro: "OK, you go first."
Endless ranks of sheep, Mashimaro sat by the roadside waiting patiently large tree, as
too boring, he started counting from the front after the sheep, "one, two,
three ... ... 100 28 ... ... "counting, counting, he opened a small difference,
go to the Duke of coffee, while the tortoise is still significant progress step by step, do
not know how many years away, he finally came to a rabbit to sleep place.
Turtle: "ah, this rabbit sleep under the trees at the roadside looks familiar
ah well, he is not Mashimaro it? How to sleep in the side of the road? Alas, it is
estimated that another night last night online, and to see him sleep Good sweet ah, but
it still drooling, estimated he dreamed up the carrot. "
Mashimaro more saliva flow more, first drowned his ankle, and then drowned him in
the neck, while the tortoise exactly by the end of his saliva to swim, is can be said to
be water, such as turtles, more than his swimming technique crawling technology is
good, so he easily reached the end point on.
Narrator: "Dear viewers, visitors, turtles come, he would sprint, he sprinted
the final! Sprint up!! Sprint up!!! Do not give the rabbit any chance! Great tortoise, he
inherited the glorious Amphibians and Reptiles Tradition! hermit turtle possessed soul
in this moment, the tortoise, he represented the Amphibians and Reptiles in a long
history and tradition, he is not a man to crawl! not a person!! turtle facing the finish
line, his face on amphibians and reptiles is the world's attention and
expectations, he can hit the finish line you smile? to reach the finish line! The race is
over!! tortoise won, out of a rabbit! great turtles, amphibians and reptiles great ! Turtle
Long live! Turtle Long live!! Turtle Long live Long live Long live!!! "
Crossed the finish line after the turtle's face a smile, an animal unless there
is only eat the food that smile, but the turtle's smile is a smile of victory,
how charming ah, if up to Finch will certainly see his smile, "Mona Lisa
Smile" when the toilet paper used up, and then to draw a turtle as the
prototype "turtle smile."
Reporter: "Mr. Turtle, to win the game you feel?"
W: "First, I want to thank my parents, if not they put me in hatched from
the son of a bitch, I would not have today, also like to thank the audience for their
Reporter: "What do you think your opponent is it?"
W: "In fact, Mashimaro is very powerful, may be normal today, he does
not play, or the weather, the venue to outside the reasons affect his play."
Reporter: "Thank you for this interview, please go to the locker room for a
vest it, well, viewers, Champion has produced, and the rest was garbage time, the
family has to go home empty the garbage the garbage."
Besides rabbits still dream of the large trees at the roadside, this time, a known
"wild animals Terminator" game hotel owner saw him.
Boss: "Haha, even a dead rabbit under the tree, He must be killed by hit
Trunk! Here has always been the Accident-prone area, then I no longer have to worry
about hotel shortage of supply of every day here pick up dead rabbit on it.
In this way, Mashimaro is brought to a hotel owner and his former favorite stewed
with radish put, while the owner came after the roadside every day under a tree
waiting to pick up dead rabbits.
Practicing after class
First, multiple-choice questions
1. Rabbit asleep when the game is because ()
A. His night last night online.
B. He has felt the habit of sleeping beauty.
C. the number of sheep he had a few difficulties.
D. He wants to sleep the way to recover from.
2. Commentator shouted Long live turtle, long live, long live because ()
A. commentator is to tell you that common sense Millennium tortoise turtle years.
B. narrator is a fan of turtles, he is too excited.
C. Palace guide costume pieces to see more.
D. narrator is a eunuch.
3. Tortoise thanks after winning the first is ()
A. his parents.
B. his wife.
C. his children.
D. his tortoiseshell.
4. Rabbit and finally fell into the () of the hands?
A. wolf.
B. the hotel owner.
C. Zoo.
D. female rabbit.
Second, determine title
1. Rabbit as always molested the mother rabbit, so we call him Mashimaro. ()
2. Turtle is able to overcome the rabbit because of his low chassis. ()
3. When the judge shot hit the rabbit thigh. ()
4. Rabbits favorite food is rabbit stewed radish legs. ()
Third, students were feeling rich, full of passion, the voice hoarse to recite the
following passage.
Dear viewers, visitors, turtles come, he would sprint, he sprinted the final! Das h it! !
Dash it! ! ! Do not give any chance to rabbits! The great turtle, he inherited the
glorious tradition of Amphibians and Reptiles! Ninja turtle possessed by the soul at
this moment, the tortoise, he represented the Amphibians and Reptiles in a long
history and tradition, he is not a man to crawl! Not a man! ! Turtle facing the finish
line, he was faced with the eyes of amphibians and reptiles throughout the world and
look forward to, he can hit the finish line you smile? To reach the finish line! The race
is over! ! Turtle won, out of a rabbit! The great turtle, the great amphibians and
reptiles! Long live the turtles! Long live the turtles! ! Long live Long live Long live
the turtles! ! !
Fourth, the students really thinking about, if the rabbit and snails race, then who will

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