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									Lenovo break through habitual thinking to conquer the world is at
?Global PC pattern of mutations
Aug. 27, Acer announced suddenly to 710 million U.S. dollars to buy U.S. computer
maker's fourth-largest PC Gateway. At the same time, Gateway announced
it would use preemption, from the Chinese businessman, Gateway Hui hands of the
shareholder access disk Packard Bell (Europe's third-largest personal
computer manufacturer).
Prior to the August 7-8, Lenovo Group and Hui claimed were outside, the two sides
reached a deal memo, has been cut into "exclusive negotiations."
According to analyst estimates, Hui selling price of the company at 3.8 billion dollars.
Hui said the two Chinese companies to bid for stirring up shill, himself boon, indeed
extremely clever. If Lenovo Packard Bell high aspirations, it is bound to raise the offer.
The rich and powerful Lenovo Group, the design is likely to go along with Hui and
grabbed Acer is not very desired PackardBell.
PackardBell of the association is very important, Hui should say this.
     ?Lenovo's international capital and international management team,
bringing business concepts and business ideas on change.
We can find, in power Lenovo two years, Yang's view a number of positive
changes, Yang himself somewhat more sober: "into the world top 500
enterprises, not Lenovo deliberate goal; Lenovo hope to investors bring good returns
to the consumers a good product. "
It seems that Yang's thinking, the size of bigger and stronger the temptation
to change into good products and good efficiency of the pursuit, big blind ambition,
into a mind of investors and consumers. This indicates that the association has
become increasingly closer to modern mainstream corporate culture.
Breakthrough achievements in first-class enterprise inertia of thinking
The father of high-tech marketing magic 杰弗里摩尔 found that innovation and
inertia has long been plagued two forces mature enterprises. Lenovo is also not spared.
Whether M & IBM PC, or the acquisition of Packard Bell,
Lenovo's decision is but a kind of inertia 使然.
Lenovo's stock market performance is also quite interesting. Both exciting
performance indicators, or acquisition of Packard Bell's good news, are not
able to stimulate the confidence of investors think the stock. Investors will not be seen
in isolation performance of the moment, but will be seen in the company's
prospects in comparison.
Consumer electronics is the soul of new products and new technologies. Strong
customer service, there may be an important opportunity for replacement may also
form a major thrust of technological progress. Both in new products or new
technology or software, and Haier, TCL, compared, Lenovo has made historic
progress. However, compared with HP and Apple, Lenovo has obvious shortcomings,
and computer assembly business has not changed position.
Lenovo acquired IBM PC two years later, began a large-scale mergers and
acquisitions, making conservative. Taking into account the cultural integration of
large-scale Chinese companies also few cases of this, the association of conservative
is understandable. Legend of the conservative, not just the pace of mergers and
acquisitions and time appear even more prominent in the areas of mergers and
Bid for Packard Bell, has nothing to do with innovation. Relative to HP's
technology innovation in the field of Yijijuechen, Lenovo has been extended in the
descriptive nature of inertia, not exciting and innovative chapter. The acquisition of
only low-end computers and over the horizontal channel, have not seen the Lenovo
software and technology towards the true start.
First-class companies usually use size and portfolio acquisitions across the gap. A
company's growth strategy in the capital, selective advantage and business
growth areas of management, the need for a balanced and mutually promoting.
HP's new CEO Mark Hurd took office two years, has held billions of
dollars, acquired 14 companies or projects, and most focus on software and
technology. HP's technology system has a relatively complete condition,
Mark Hurd did not hesitate to higher technology content area toward forward.
Apple's Steve Jobs returned to power, the same innovative capacity
through acquisitions of small companies, and gain valuable software and technical
personnel. Jobs with the network's deep understanding of virtual
organizations, rely on the amazing product innovation and design technology to the
industry wide to battle the elite form a strong virtual R & D enterprise, joint
research, technology R & D investment is not made many companies, but it
can become a model for technological innovation.
Consumer electronics, they rely on the products and technologies. The products and
technology level, depending on the company's managing integrated global
intelligence resources.
Companies in China, Lenovo has enough potential energy to the first-class sprint
(capital and team), but also establish product and technology innovation ambition.
Only in familiar areas with freewheeling, can not always enter the ranks of leading
companies. This is the nature of the industry.
Break the shackles of decision-making
Create "pirate ship"
Today's society full of yesterday planning products; product may not be
yesterday, today and tomorrow's needs. Able insight into the social changes
and needs, use of appropriate new technology and management, is keeping the secret
of leading companies.
Realistic look at the new Lenovo's global distribution has four aspects:
IBM PC into the black, the computer business success in business, consumer PC
space to fill, and the long-term distribution of consumer electronics.
Compared to the last one, the first three relatively easy. This is the familiar mode of
operation of the product and the extrapolation, although there are risks, but can be
within the control. Toward new products, promote new technologies and services, is
clearly critical to the strategic options for Lenovo, but also need to take greater risks,
the need for greater vision and courage.
Not once and for all M & A, you can implant technology to associate genes.
Only a top-down ambition and the will can change the dilemma. Lenovo sooner or
later to complete the inertial forces from the main force of innovation-based
Previously been considered, complete the transformation of the leader, must have a
technical background. Now, is not necessarily so. Jobs do not understand technology,
but it can become the CEO of the most innovative, able to walk in the era of cutting
edge technology. From the Jobs of the experience, the key is not the depth of technical
background, but the actual and potential customer demand is sure exactly, is there
something strong perfectionist ambition and innovation impulse.
Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, Hewlett-Packard's new CEO Mark Hurd,
not the IT industry, technology model, but can radiate creative energy giant company.
Similarly, a profound impact on the entire U.S. high-tech industry innovation 杰弗里
摩尔, it was the British Renaissance Literature Ph.D., has served four years of English
literature professor.
Yang has been a very strong learning ability, in April this year, direct part-time
general manager of Lenovo's consumer PC, several months, should have a
deep understanding of the industry.
It is reported that, initially at the time of acquisition of IBM PC, Lenovo
Group's internal meeting, Yang almost the only people who voted in favor.
Most people see the risks are a little hesitant, but Yang was bent forward. Acquisition
of IBM PC, does have some risk, but it broke the previous Lenovo diversification and
internationalization dull and helpless, into the game to go live. This time Yang took
the initiative to launch takeover Packard Bell, look forward so an impulse of
momentum. This ambition is most valuable.
Lenovo of China to do is to grasp the pulse of consumer electronics market. This
pulse also suffering from the impact of Apple. However, there is not much burden on
the Chinese team, not the accumulation of too many procedures and inertia, can be
like Steve Jobs is so eclectic, the impact towards the best products. Yang has been to
assume the president of consumer electronics, Lenovo China wants to play a greater
role, we should open up in the consumer electronics, the play the role of pioneer.
Jobs then develop McIntosh (Jimmy King map), the R & D team to a close
in a separate office building, named them "pirates", thus
shaping the company of other "regular Navy" opposition and
eventually developed Apple was out of a very different product development ideas.
Lenovo needs at this time, "Pirates," as Jobs did need to build a
pirate ship. Corsair ship technology may be in the States, are more likely to arise in
the dynamic China.
Since Microsoft, Intel, IBM, HP, etc. regard the R & D moved to mainland
China, why China can not think of China as a developing platform of wisdom, and
despite Microsoft's technology to solicit China's social elite?
The key is to have a sense of responsibility and consciousness, but also to grasp the
relationship between themselves, to grasp the nature of the industry, in the spirit and
soul level, to grasp that the future opportunities. Lenovo is China's Lenovo
Group could create a "pirate ship" to.
Innovation and inertia are wrapped in Chinese companies operating in the two global
forces. Once the creative power to advantage, China is bound to occur,
"HP" and "IBM". Lenovo has the impact
and conquer the world-class enterprise platform and the team, it is worth people

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