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					Legend of the Dragon - Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Master
Illustration / Tin Jun (mouse painted)
Bruce Lee, a legend, just 32 years of life has created miracles one after another.
Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 -1973 on July 20), born Li Zhenfan, pet name XF,
was born in San Francisco, California, for the Chinese-American and native of China,
Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Jun'an. He is the
world's influential within the world-renowned Chinese martial arts movie
actor, world martial arts pioneer of reform is also the founder of Jeet Kune Do Wu
Daozhe school.
Know Bruce Lee, not about Bruce Lee. Star designated air and dazzling as to whether
the number he gave us a miracle, how amazed, how many for the first time.
Bruce Lee's life was short, his martial arts films starring popular overseas,
Kung Fu is famous for. In the eyes of many foreigners, and his kung fu is the Chinese
martial arts. He will Kung Fu (martial arts) to write the word in English dictionary.
He is the first Chinese martial arts spread to the whole world who revolutionized the
world martial arts and martial arts to promote the development of the film, the first
Chinese to break into Hollywood, he created a world record of China Association of
fans of the martial arts world's largest home world record. Indeed, very few
can be like an Oriental martial arts, like Bruce Lee, breaking the national, ethnic areas,
and no reduction in death is still revered.
   He offered a number of countries in the world, "Jun Fan Martial Arts
Museum", own Jeet Kune Do. Fighting on the modern art of attack and the
development of the performing arts film made a great contribution. Bruce Lee,
generation of martial arts master, Wushu family, martial arts philosopher, the famous
child star, kung fu actor, martial arts film pioneer, the founder of Wu Daozhe school,
the founder of Jeet Kune Do.
Bruce Lee is not a simple weapons, he accomplished, Nengwennengwu, hobbies,
martial arts, meditation, just dancing, reading, philosophy, painting and many other
aspects of knowledge are involved.
*** Lee University in painting (picture from the Network):

Young Bruce Lee, is more bad habits, and regular participation in street fighting. Later,
his father Li Hoi Chuen was to hone his act too active, and begin to teach him Tai Chi.
After 13 years in 1953, Bruce Lee, Yip Man's sects engaged in start
practicing Wing Chun. Movie "Ip Man" Many people have seen,
yes, Wing Chun master Yip Man is Bruce Lee's Tuition teacher. Bruce Lee,
Yip Man system to follow to learn the Wing Chun, and set a stakes at home, diligent
practice stopped working every day against stakes. In addition, he also practiced
mantis boxing, Fist, Tan legs, Shaolin boxing, stamp feet, boxing and other boxing
section. In order to improve the level martial, in addition to handling learning Chinese
martial arts of Bruce Lee, also of boxing in the boxing, enrich practical experience,
Through careful practitioners of various martial arts, mastery, he was research and
create a well-known to Jeet Kune Do.
?*** Bruce Lee and Master Yip photo (picture from the Network):
Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee once said that Jeet Kune Do is an art, is a face of the idea of
self, it is not a fighting weapon, your ideas in it - "to cross the river is not
economic, hit them flow." Bruce Lee advocated the most direct way to beat
the opponent, no strokes and no influence, no fancy moves. When he was based in
Chinatown, Chinese martial arts as taught to foreigners by the local forces strongly
opposed to other martial arts. At that time, many people thought the closure of the
outflow of Chinese martial arts as something incomprehensible. In the Chinatown
case, Lee accepted a decision he is to leave or stay, is to continue to grant or stopped
boxing martial arts challenge. In 30 seconds he beat opponents, but time is Bruce Lee
seized with an unhappy, his thought is 6 seconds to end the fighting. Wing Chun close
he felt the art of attack in recent fighting has limits of a large range of quick follow-up,
retreat. With that thought, he began a deep study, and later he and his apprentice, a
martial arts school in the Philippines and is good at football team gets serious about a
long time on the train fight, so that his feet have a great change in law . He also in the
occasional opportunity to learn from foreign friends, where high-level skills and
tactics in fencing, it is not evade the opponent's attack, but their first attack
to hit opponents quickly to the offensive after the hair has first to. After a series of
updates, his own Jeet Kune Do the art of attack in the new.

The entry on the martial arts, Bruce Lee had a wonderful discussion. In 1967, he
accepted the authority of the United States martial arts magazine "Black
Belt" (Black Belt) interview, said: "I have studied martial arts
before the punch is a punch, kick is the kick. When I learned martial arts, the punch is
no longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. Now, I truly understand the art of this door,
just punch punch kick kick just Bale.
Bruce Lee a household name in Europe. United States, France, Germany, Britain, Italy,
Russia, Canada and so on, have websites devoted to Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee is still a lot
of DVD movie release the company's "home town
treasure." In the market can see a lot of video games, T-shirts, and to Bruce
Lee image as a selling point of the product. Bruce Lee, though decades have passed
away, but in the minds of many foreigners is always there is the eternal idol, eternal

Bruce Lee 18 years old, on behalf of Wing Chun system to participate in a martial arts
Tournament. As the opponent's attack, enraged Bruce Lee, the other
seriously wounded in the counterattack in. Injured parents refused to give up this
easily. Bruce Lee's parents decided to send Bruce Lee in order to avoid
trouble in the States. Since then, Lee was embarked on their road of life.
Bruce Lee lives in Seattle very difficult for university studies, he in addition to
learning, concentrating their efforts on learning wushu. His school organized a
"Chinese Kung Fu team", often in campus training and
performances, won the students and teachers at home. Bruce Lee in order to promote
Chinese martial arts at the university 2 year period, the rental of a parking lot corner
of the campus, as martial arts, hung up, "Chun Fan Martial Arts
Center" sign. He taught side edge training, hard temper, technology
improvement was great, especially the legs, more intensive functional skills. In the
Jun Fan Martial Arts Museum, he met the medical schools to learn martial arts female
students, Linda, after a year of contact, they gradually formed an attachment, in
August 1964, They officially married. After marriage, both husband and wife Lee
dropped out of school, and manage the Martial Arts.
*** Bruce Lee Family Photos (Photo from Internet):

   Bruce Lee through excellence Qianxiu train hard, so effort increasingly skilled and
even higher level. The "three-legged Lee", "inch
punch" and "goulou hand" is his trick. Bruce Lee is a
versatile addition to a variety of martial arts master, but also good at Chang Gun,
truncheons, and nunchuck, and other equipment, and learning qigong and hard power.
*** Bruce Lee muscles (Image from the network):

   A chance encounter, Bruce Lee's Chinatown in Florida had four unarmed
uniformed thugs armed with knives, rescued a Chinese girl. The news published in the
newspaper, after Bruce Lee's name will be spread throughout the United
States, Florida and other TV stations also asked him to perform leg, Chinese Kung Fu
attention has been paid. And he founded the Jun Fan martial arts hall gradually
prosper again. In order to expand the influence of Bruce Lee martial arts competitions
often take part in different places, and worked in Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles
Museum of apprentices set up martial arts. Martial Arts Hall of scale and equipment
continue to improve the world, many prominent martial arts stars such as the United
States karate champion Luo BARNES are all scrambling to worship him as a teacher,
a famous Hollywood movie stars such as accounting Shiheng Bin and Steve are his
disciples. Muhammad Ali had the world's visits to exchange experiences
with him. Boxer of all schools of the United States gathered in Bruce Lee's
martial arts often demonstrate their martial arts, his "to Wuhui
You," the purpose of receiving the desired results.
The early 70s of the 20th century, a wave of Chinese martial arts film craze sweeping
the world. Bruce Lee's name loud and shook the world.

The summer of 1971, Lee accepted the invitation of the Hong Kong Golden Harvest
Films, 1.5 million paycheck signed two films, the first Chinese martial arts is the
theme of "The Big Boss." The film budget of 10 million, but
also the side of making and writing the script, in this case has reached the Hong Kong
history, the highest grossing film to reach 300 million. Following the "Big
Boss", the Bruce Lee has taken the "Fist of Fury,"
"Fist of Fury" than "Big Boss" has
doubled the budget, causing a greater sensation to break box office records in Asia.
Bruce Lee in the film's fearless spirit and amazing fighting skills,
especially his performance in "three-legged Lee" and
"lay in boxing" and the "nunchuck", is
full of praise. Since then, Lee has since set Concorde film company, scripted, directed,
acted in the film "Way of the Dragon" and "Game of
Death," "Way of the Dragon" also for worldwide
distribution. Warner Hollywood movie with co-filmed, "Enter the
Dragon" and himself as the protagonist.
Bruce Lee martial arts and movies because there are outstanding contributions, he
worked in 1972 and 1973, twice by the international authority of the martial arts
magazine "Black Belt" as one of the world's seven
martial arts. Top Ten of 1972 was also rated Hong Kong as one of the stars. He
American press as "The Forbidden Kingdom," Japan called it
the "arms of the Holy One", the Hong Kong newspaper praised
him as "contemporary Chinese martial arts and film in the history of
genius." In the United States, Japan, Britain, Hong Kong, China Taiwan
and other countries or regions at the same time to mark the publication of Bruce
Lee's wide range of magazines and special issues, and call him
"the development of Chinese martial arts were most effective.
While Lee's ambitious, grand plans, prepared to continue filming
"Game of Death" when, due to drug allergy, July 20, 1973 in
Hong Kong suddenly died only 32 years old. Then "Enter the
Dragon" in the United States show a total box office reached 200 million
U.S. dollars, the new genres in Hollywood martial arts was born.
   Hollywood sorrow and sympathy, and the memory of Bruce Lee in many ways to
get more of the U.S. Memorial Prize awarded by the film.
   There are many movies in the world famous Bruce Lee commented: clear love and
hate his movies, of righteousness, full of patriotic brotherhood, points to most
people's thoughts, he left very early, there is no access to international film
awards, but higher than those tarnished China, relations between men and women
movies, is to get the Oscar, and Lee can not be compared.
   Bruce Lee, who had been confidently wrote in a memo: "My clear goal
is to become the highest paid in America's super-Eastern star. Since 1970, I
will win the world-wide reputation. By 1980, I will will have 10 million U.S. dollars
of wealth, then I and my family will live a happy, harmonious and happy life.
   In 1970, Lee did stir up the West. However, the July 20, 1973 The sudden death
brought his family did not realize their promise. We take a look at the current film and
television industry, Bruce Lee, if today is still okay, then he definitely is the
world's superstars.
   Bruce Lee lived only 32 years, but he lived making stirring, proud and clatter, a real
The "can not have laws to unlimited for the limited" and the Jun
Fan Jeet Kune Do famous logo - Tai Chi, all this is always belongs to Bruce Lee.
   Bruce Lee versatile, while every practice, he immersed theory and training methods
of martial arts. Before his death left a seven arms of the study notes and six book
manuscript: "Jeet Kune Do", "Jeet Kune Do
research," "Kung Fu Records", "two stick
work," "Bruce - Lee Graphic Boxing" ( English) and
"Bruce. Li martial arts techniques" (English version). Journal of
world martial continues to study, introduction of his martial arts, martial arts
enthusiasts from around the world continue to worship him. When the recall of
Chinese martial arts as a successor of Bruce Lee lives, people will remember him
forever love sinking, the Chinese nation, inspire national spirit, strong desire of the
Chinese nation's sincere heart.
   There is no doubt that Bruce Lee is a born star, a legend of legends!
   Although the death has been a long time, Bruce Lee is still synonymous with kung
fu, Jackie Chan, even flush the entire world are hard to surpass. His talent, his
uprightness, his brilliant, have become a myth can not be copied. 30-year-old, four
and a half movies, three times to break the Hong Kong box office records, enough to
make bright meteor overshadowed, I do not know when it would have been such a
scale new oriental legend.

*** Bruce Lee is installed according to (picture from the Network):

*** Lee's books:
1 "Basic Chinese boxing" (Chinese Gung-Fu)
  2 "Wing Chun" (Wing Chun Kung-Fu)
  3 "Jeet Kune Do Tao" (Tao of Jeet Kune Do)
  4 "Bruce Lee martial law. Self-defense "(Bruce
Lee's Fighting Method: Self Defence Techniques),
  5 "Bruce Lee martial law. Basic Training "(Bruce
Lee's Fighting Method: Basic Training)
6 "Bruce Lee martial law. Skills Training "(Bruce
Lee's Fighting Method: Skill spin Techniques),

7 "Bruce Lee martial law. Advanced Training "(Bruce
Lee's Fighting Method: Advanced Techniques),

8 "Bruce Lee: Toronto Quotations" (Bruce Lee: Words of the

9 "Bruce Lee: The Forbidden Road" (Bruce Lee: Tao of
10 "Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do" (Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do),

   *** Lee's honor roll:
In 1957, the Hong Kong Inter-school boxing champion.

1958, was precisely the Open Championship title in Hong Kong.

In 1971, the international martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as
"one of the world's seven martial arts masters."

In 1972, won Golden Horse "best art award."

In 1974, Bruce Lee, the international authority of the martial arts magazine
"Black Belt" as one of the world's seven martial arts,
the American press praised him as "The Forbidden Kingdom,"
Japan called it the "force of the saints."

1979 Los Angeles city government to "Game of Death" and is
shown to date, that on July 8, as "Bruce Lee Day."

1980,      by     Japan,    "Asahi         Shimbun"   elected
"representative seventies." Fuji establish a Bruce Lee statue,
people respect him as a "force of the saints."

1986, was named the University of Hamburg in Germany, "the most
Europeans know Asians."

1993 Hollywood Boulevard lined with famous Bruce Lee Memorial Star logo.

In 1993, the United States issued the twentieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee

In 1993, the General Assembly presented by the Hong Kong Film Awards
"Lifetime Achievement Award."

1998, issued by the Chinese Wushu Association "Award for martial arts
movie star."

In 1998, by "Time Magazine" as a "hero and idol of
the twentieth century", is the only elected Chinese.

1998 by the United States Performing Arts Association "Lifetime
Achievement Award."
In 1999, the U.S. government awarded Bruce Lee, "Dominican Art
Award" Performing Arts Association of the United States granted
Lee's "Lifetime Achievement Award"

June 1999, the U.S. "Time" magazine named Bruce Lee, the
20th century's 100 most influential one

In 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records, Bruce Lee punch can hit 400 pounds
of force, the same with Muhammad Ali, and Ali's weight is 260 pounds,
Bruce Lee, only more than 130 pounds of weight

In 2000, the U.S. government announced the release of a "Bruce Lee, the
sixtieth anniversary of the birth of commemorative stamps," This is the
Marilyn. Monroe and 007 after the third award of the artists, is also the first Chinese

July 2003 24, American television history vhl selected 200 greatest pop culture icon,
Bruce Lee the list.

In 2004, Bruce Lee, the British            media    associations   specially    awarded
"Legend Award."

In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Assembly "brilliant century
Star" award.

In 2005, appeared in the "People", "A century of film
top ten people" one.

In 2005, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the film to the

In 2005, elected "China's             century of film         100 fine

In 2005, won the national "Award for outstanding contribution and foreign

In 2007, selected the British Total Film magazine "50 big movie

In 2008, hailed as the world's martial arts master and film ambassador.

In 2009, then the U.S. "Black Belt" magazine cover.
In 2009, the United States launched Bruce Lee Memorial History Channel series,
"Bruce Lee how to change the world" (How Bruce Lee
Changed the World)

So far, the world still remember the Bruce Lee kung fu never forget his unique charm,
did not forget his four and a half film, did not forget his Jeet Kune Do spirit.
This is the spirit of the dragon, the dragon of legend - Bruce Lee.
                                         Text / Tian Jun