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					Left-handed celebrities
  August 13 each year known as the "international left-Day",
more and more left-handed celebrities prove to the world the importance of
developing right brain. From politicians to athletes, from entrepreneurs to scientists,
from writers to artists, etc., are numerous world famous left-handed. Recently, the U.S.
"Time" magazine inventory of the world's top ten
"left-handed," Celebrity, Barack Obama, the French emperor
Napoleon the Third Reich Dengjun top the popular list.

U.S. President Barack Obama
   Previous U.S. presidents, many of whom are left-handed, like James Garfield,
Herbert Hoover, Henry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George HW · Bush and
Bill Clinton. Now, the first African American president Barack Obama joined the
ranks of left-handed president. Some experts believe that the language is more
left-handed talent, language skills that they obtained a necessary condition for
political success.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates
   Gates is known as the world's richest people, he also left-handed pride.
Gates is a U.S. business in a left-handed Wizards, Mobil (Standard Oil) founder John
D · the Rockefeller and former IBM chief executive Lou Gerstner is famous
left-handed. National Bureau of Economic Research study shows that left-handed
than right-handed people make more money. This may be because the more
customary left-handed and "divergent thinking", more creative,
they always find something new in common sense.

United States, "talk show queen" Oprah Winfrey
  Left-handed men more than women, so as representatives of left-handed women,
Winfrey is more impressive. Other left-handed female celebrities include: movie star
Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. Coincidentally, Jolie's
boyfriend Brad Pitt is also a lefty.

U.S. baseball legend Babe Ruth
   Even baseball people who are indifferent, may also be familiar with this is called
"El curse" of the legendary baseball player's home
run king, Ruth led the Yankees have won multiple world champion. But few people
realize    that,    Ruth's      success    depends     largely     on     his
"left-handed." Other sports stars, including left-handed Major
League Baseball pitcher 桑迪柯法斯 famous, famous lefthander Warriors and Steve
Carlton, etc. China Lunshi Pan.
French emperor Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, the Third Reich
  Napoleon and his Empress Josephine were all southpaws. Before Napoleon came to
power, had his right hand against the French army guns tradition. When he came to
power, Napoleon ordered the French army, armed to the left and the left side of the
road march.

Italy's most prestigious arts complex in the new period of the artist
Leonardo da Vinci
   Da Vinci is the world's history, a master of one of the most dazzling, he
used to write from right to left. Many historians speculate to explain his so-called
"mirror writing (it takes a mirror reflection to read the name)"
technology. Some people speculate that this is spying and theft of Leonardo da Vinci
to prevent others the way his inspiration; also suggested that Leonardo da Vinci was a
lefty, use ink to write from left to right dirty. Some historians believe that Leonardo da
Vinci left hand writing increased his achievements, because the way to write him a
different perspective and way of thinking.

Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie (Madame Curie)
   Madame Curie is not only an atomic scientist, or left-handed. She discovered the
radiation theory, twice won the Nobel Prize. Madame Curie's husband is
also a lefty, he has since helped Marie Curie research, and she once shared the Nobel
Prize. Historians believe their daughter is also left-handed Irun. Ihlen left-handed with
her husband, also won a Nobel Prize. Many scientists see the left-handed, Einstein,
Newton, the father of computer science Alan Turing, are all.

Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle
  Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the early physics, astronomy, meteorology, a
broad and ethics are the foundation of modern science, and his influence on later
philosophy is profound. Other left-handed thinkers include German philosopher
Frederick Nietzsche.

"The Simpsons" neighbor 内德弗兰德斯
   "The Simpsons" by many critics as the greatest animation,
"Time" magazine in 2000 the title of the 20th
century's greatest television program, it has the unparalleled influence of
popular culture. In the third quarter, the Simpson family's neighbor, Ned is
a left-handed, he was a devout Christian. Ned used his life savings to open a
left-handed shop, specializes in left-handed products. Despite the final defeat of his
shop, but he is still known as the most pious left-handed. Under his influence, there
are many left-handed around the world shopping malls.
American electric guitar genius Jimi Hendrix
   Jimmy's guitar technique is completely self-learning, because he is a
lefty, he installed upside down guitar strings with his left hand to play, producing a
unique sound. He can play left and right hand alternately. Jimmy affected by many
predecessors, made the basis of this great innovation, creative development of the
traditional rock guitar playing skills, he works in his lifetime and after his death to be
re-interpreted countless musicians over.

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