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									Lee servant of Christ, this time by the inheritance of Divine Revelation
God in every era, the rise of people's learning and ability to carry out His
efforts, in order to build the Body of Christ, to the ultimate completion of the new
To finish this eternal economy of God through the ages since Christ gave His body
heads of a number of deacons. These deacons in the sacred history of the unique
status of residence; their commitment and dedication to the family of God, their hard
work in the hearts of God's people will never forget the outcome, their
work will be put out in the new Jerusalem endless. Our dear Brother Lee is God such
a deacon. He is a servant of Jesus Christ, the Word of God deacon, inheritors of the
Divine Revelation, preachers of nerve-lun is the Lord this time to restore the church in
faithful steward.
June 9, 1997, Brother Lee in obtaining the supply of all, Mongolia is putting their
dismay saints made perfect, sincerely loved ones waiting, the assumed completion of
journey alive, with his completely full maturity level things, to the heartfelt love him,
loyalty is the main thing. He left to posterity, not only is he popular global, long-term
retention of the work outcome, but also from the fullness of his life, by the outpouring
of divine attributes that demonstrate luscious example of human virtues.
For the Lord to give us such a brother, and we sincerely thank Ming, sincere worship;
now for His master's access to, our compliance in tears and had to be on
again in the new Jerusalem, the anticipation, and our dear Lee often by the brothers
say goodbye.
One, born and educated
Brother Lee, born in 1905 in Shandong Province in northern China. Father of Mr. Li
Guozhong, farming, died in 1923; Lee Sun alone by the mother of seven children
upbringing, their personality Brother Lee lives on the far-reaching impact.
Lee is the third generation of the United States by the mother of the Southern Baptist
church, longer than the Christian family. Her Christian faith and morals, upbringing
and educating children. Every day the Lord will ask them all dressed up with her last
week. After returning home, the Sleeping with food, as incentives. She is also a rule
every evening, tell the children Bible stories, to teach them all things, believes all
things look, everything dependent on God.
Although Li Jiasheng meter was hard, Lee was very focused parent education for their
children, even despite the Serbs against the sale of inherited property to help their
children complete their education. Brother Lee that is so, the English skills, the set a
good foundation. Lee mother of such vision, it is rare among women at the time. Also
goes to its master is God's love for the equipment in order to make hath
chosen instrument was the equipment, in line with Him.
II, saved and called to
April 1925, Brother Lee 19 years old, Wang Pei really have to listen to rumors and
sisters of the Gospel in Egypt, immediately accepted and turned to God and be saved.
When he is young, ambitious for their future, but that day, everything changed. He
was on her way home to God in prayer, do not want longer occupied the world, but at
all costs, will dedicate their life with the Lord, mainly gospel. Since then, Brother Lee
Lord have mercy, life-Wei Chang contrary to the wish day.
Participation was brought into the work of the ministry the Lord to restore
Brother Lee after salvation, that love God, love of the Bible, because of books on
spiritual longing, and proficient in English, it adopted the materials from various
famous deep. About 1927, he began to attend a gathering of Brethren, among them
being educated, up to seven and a half years. During this period he was exposed to the
works of Brother Watchman Nee, two start communication, the truth in the Bible have
Brother Lee came from northern China, Shandong, Fujian, Ni brothers born in
southern China; local edge that the two north-south Guaige, far from. But god, the
power, for His recovery, closely involved in these two together, so life became close
colleagues. Ni, Li two, in fact, the rise in China this time of the Lord's
greatest Bible teachers, their ministry has not only restored the church calendar of the
past century have lost a number of important truths, and expounded the divine
revelation of the inner center of the essence. This is wonderful as God, for His
restoration of the end of generations, decisively in China from very remote places,
away from the fallen gone, Christianity, the rise of the two Chinese young people, for
the restoration of his sacred, selfless.
First, meet brother Ni
1932, Ni brothers were invited to Yantai, Shandong, Brother Lee used to preach the
host of the Association, two to each other and get along for some time. Brother Lee
later recalled: "brothers, together with Ni, the Lord's sweet, cute,
attractive and fresh, so I was impressed. In those days things in the footsteps of the
Lord, give me a new start, so I have fundamental turning point, from knowledge to
life. Because of brothers together with Ni those days, I began to have more intimacy
with the main traffic. Lord of the more precious to me. to go through that experience
even more than I saved. Ni brothers together with those days, affect my next 50 years
(1932 onwards) in the Lord's way. until forever I will never forget those
days! That is how my mercy and grace. "(Watchman Nee - this time the
vision of Divine Revelation, 325) Ni shortly after the brothers left, Brother Lee began
to have a party at home, This is the origin of the church in Yantai.
Second, the Lord called to be proven on
Brother Lee a salvation that is determined to serve the Lord, because of the contact
with the Ni brothers, the Lord calling him increasingly strong. In 1933, Yantai has
been the rise of the church year, because of the Lord's blessing, the work of
the more prosperous, Brother Lee needed full time ministry. But because the church
was the need to finance, Brother Lee did not dare to take action.
Is in August, has three weeks, he struggled greatly in the Lord. August 21, after the
evening prayer meetings, often led by two brothers to explain the situation, and please
pray for whom. 23:00, his knees before the Lord, the Lord immediately rebuked him:
"You keep the evil heart of unbelief, will be abandoned living
God." (To c 12) to respond to his heart: "I have a wife and three
children to take care of . "Lord said:" Your Father knows you
need all original. ... ... all this has to be given to you. "(Matthew 6 32 ~ 33)
that he deeply felt the Lord be with real, but not the opening prayer . Lord warned him:
"If you accept my words, they accepted; Otherwise, I will stop here in
you." Instantly, he felt the Lord left. Tears filled the eyes of Brother Lee,
he promised to end the Lord's call.
Resigned the same day, Brother Lee received his first invitation, invite him to speak to
the Changchun-based. This is no doubt that Brother Lee was encouraged and
strengthened. To visit the local rise of the party. Returned home, he received a letter
from Ni brothers. Date is August 17, was struggling when he and the Lord. The letter
said: "Brother often: As for your future, I think you should serve the Lord
full time. How do you feel? Like the Lord to guide you." Brother Lee
received a short paper stationery that may be a powerful confirmed, then decided to
go to Shanghai to meet with Brother Nee.
Ni brothers told Brother Lee, who returned from Europe en route to the Mediterranean
shipping line. One day, he in the cabin, the main work in China, prayers, inside
Dunjue should write to Brother Lee, told him the whole time to serve the Lord.
Brother Lee heard that the brothers totally convinced that Ni is a completely in person
before the Lord; Otherwise, a few miles away and the main struggle, Ni How can then
accept the burden brothers, wrote to him for this . This shows that not only call the
Lord Brother Lee also called to serve with his brothers and Ni. Since then, Brother
Lee that closely follow the Ni brothers to resume work in the main due diligence.
Three brothers and fellow workers with Ni
October 1933, Brother Lee arrived in Shanghai, see Ni brothers, was a multi-Shing
Chuen Ni brothers, and from the main saw, the main work of the ground, only one
flow, based on when the Ni brothers invited him to move to Shanghai, After working
together with the brothers, in February 1934 returned to the north, slightly dishes,
from Yantai moved to Shanghai, began his work with the ministry with Ni brothers.
Ni brother was in poor health, she has only been during the sermon in particular, will
be regular meetings in Shanghai called the burden of due diligence, that is handed
over to Brother Lee.
1934, Ni brothers and co-workers several times the traffic, decided to resume
publication "Christian newspaper," and has asked Brother Lee
held editorial responsibility. One year earlier, by the end of 1933, Ni brothers release
"Transactions of the pass asked," reported the news of the work
and the church, Li Yuan, deputy editor, such as sist

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