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   ?After listening to Professor Ma Mingda afternoon talk entitled Traditional Chinese
Culture and Culture of the talks.
   ?Chinese culture for today's hot, Professor Ma that is because of our
moral failure of today's society, people recover moral value system in order
to trigger a cultural regression.
   ?Since the reform and opening up, people attach importance to compensate for
economic loss caused by the Cultural Revolution, and cultural look into economic
activity, cultural officials became the way the performance of performance, trends,
trend, the increasingly shallow. Brought Moral Degeneration, saxophone subsolar.
Culture has become a vassal of monetary value system, cultural utilitarian, and too
much reality. Some pseudo-intellectuals created a tide of shallow culture, painting a
false picture, as the popularity of martial arts dramas.
   ?Confucius said: shamed. The contemporary society is almost shameless courage.
Jian Qiao smoothly into the management of people, and too strong-minded character
of a sense of justice is very difficult to enter management. Affected the overall
structure of social values and the main atmosphere.
   ?Learning in the highest level is the fusion of the humanities through the study,
Chinese and Western, have humanitarian spirit, knowledge of science and civilization,
science and technology rule the country. China's history there had
Confucius, Sima Qian, Su, Wang Guowei and other masters. Now, some of the
so-called do not understand culture and humanity calligrapher only know technology,
not enough knowledge is just write.
   ?China's contemporary history of right and wrong, highly political too
sensitive. Chiang's achievements outweigh his power can not be written off,
we need to get closer to historical truth, but the long-form historical values can not be
abolished overnight. Qing uncompromising war who blindly send desirable, the real
wise compromise mediation is patriotic, the Qing Dynasty 100 years the face of the
advanced productive than their foreign invaders, save only compromise the strength,
the story is to strengthen the Anti-British Sanyuanli spirit but actually useless and can
not be used in real life, we must have independent thinking story. Professor Ding also
mentioned the morning, the landlord class, the class is wise and capable, they are
managed by the society at that time is reasonable, but no subject to certain peasant
class education, from them to the final rule is turned into another vicious circle . Is
equal to our current development is the road back to capitalism, just a name change,
the primary stage of socialism, but the marginal value of business is in fact the pursuit
of the so-called surplus value, capital is capital, private is private ...
   We want to be a rich man of subject knowledge, widening horizons, to look at
history, culture and humanities classics, put a desk conserve human life will always
remain a rich state, otherwise people will be very simple. Reading Chinese culture can
easily down his sense of humor. Professor Ma's Chinese culture that the
book should be read as "Lao Zi", "Analects of
Confucius"             and        "Mencius",             word
"university", to "moderation" and not
explain the version to see version notes.
   Finally, we talked about Bruce Lee. Professor Ma has a lot of titles, is
China's well-known academic experts in martial arts is Shaolin Temple of
consultants, advisers Wushu Association, Association of Consultant Bruce Lee, born
in martial arts family. He knew Bruce Lee and Jet Li and other families, the
information he obtained from the study of philosophy master Bruce Lee, Chinese and
Western cultures, high civil and military training, paint good, extremely clever, bent
on Cultural Fusion in the sky under the break, but the body a pulmonary hematoma,
leading to early death, not outsiders mass death due to Taosexinwen.