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									Learning solidworks Buqiu Ren, solidworks free distribution learning community
SolidWorks Premium integrates CAD design, design validation, product data
management and design community, CAD productivity tools. Including SolidWorks
3D CAD software, olidWorks Simulation software, SolidWorks Motion software and
SolidWorks Routing software.
Reduce costs, shorten time to market: SolidWorks is committed to help users quickly
design better products. Our 3D CAD can help your employees increase productivity,
our PDM software to ensure you avoid costly mistakes, our Simulation software can
help you speed up the prototype manufacturing process. This is not our's
word - in a 2006 MIT survey, SolidWorks users, 54% of the respondents reflect their
reduced time to market, the average reduction of 20%
Hardware performance and functionality of digging deeper. SolidWorks 2010 version
of the perfect start to support multi-screen system, can be extended display, also can
be split screen. SolidWorks Simulation in VISTA systems can use multi-core,
multiprocessor advantage, using iterative algorithms, will further enhance the
computing       speed.     SolidWorks       Corporation's       CTO       Austin
O'Malley, said: 'the development of computer hardware
technology, very fast, we use the new hardware platform that can scale performance
and processing power to run SolidWorks. 'Specifications meet the ASME
Y14.41, use DimXpert insert size and tolerance for simple tolerance analysis
capabilities' TolAnalyst' use. In addition, in order to improve the
operability, the new version also adds to open document in the first geometric shape
data does not read, read Zhi Xian Shi De functional data. As you can see the preview
in the use of display data, the only editor to choose the geometry of the data and read,
so can easily handle large-scale assembly data. SolidWorks provides the generated
complete detailed shop drawings approved by the tools. Drawings are all related,
when you modify the drawings, the three-dimensional model, each view, the assembly
will be automatically updated.
Improve the professional capabilities, add and improve. Many improvements in this
area, very thin, to name just a few journalists in this example. Interface in the
assembly BOM table can be generated directly, without having to enter the drawing
environment, and these schedules can be managed directly SolidWorks PDM
Enterprise. SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation unification of the material library
and user interface, convenient for users to design verification. 1, AUTOCAD
(mapping, tagging, the use of other features, etc.);
2, CAXA electronic drawing board to use (including drawings, labeling, and other
features with the use, etc.);
3, SolidWorks 3D software to use (including solid modeling, surface modeling, sheet
metal, engineering drawing, rendering, and other tools to use), rendering including
PHOTOWORKS and PHOTOVIEW360 use. In the unique design features and easy
to use and operation (including the Windows-style drag / drop, point / hit, cut / paste),
using SolidWorks, the product design is available 100% editable, and part design,
assembly design and between drawing the whole relevant.
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