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					Latest Premier League Transfer List: Manchester City 55 million over Manchester
United + Chelsea + Arsenal
AP addition crazy throwing money at the Manchester City, Premier League summer
transfer market remains placid, in the traditional semi-finals in Manchester United,
Chelsea signed three players each; Liverpool signed Glen - Johnson and Marvin plus
two , while Arsenal have only harvested a new aid. So far, the top 20 Premier League
transfers this summer, throwing money at the largest Manchester, has been in Bari,
Santa Cruz, Carlos Tevez three individuals who took a 55 million pounds. Following
the transfer market last summer and the winter transfer market in January this year,
the Manchester City dominated the third consecutive Premiership transfer market, a
well-deserved throwing money at the king.
Manchester United in the transfer market this summer, spent 20 million pounds to buy
one, Chelsea spent 23 million pounds to buy one, Arsenal spent 11 million pounds to
buy one, three strong total cost of 54 million pounds signings, not as good as
Manchester City 1. It is worth mentioning that the newly promoted Birmingham team
has spent 17.5 million pounds signings, that is more than Arsenal's signings
so far invested 11 million pounds.
Into: Weiermalun (defender, Ajax, 1100 pounds)
Transfers out: Bischoff (midfielder, free, termination), James - Dunn (midfielder, free,
termination), Rui - Wundt (forward, no, surrender), Abu - Ao Gege (guard, Duggan
Ham and Redbridge, cancellation), Paul - Rogers (defender, free, termination), Renee
- Steele (defender, free, termination), Vicente - Van den Berg (midfield, no ,
termination), Anton - Blackwood (back, no, surrender)
Into: Cameron (midfield, Northampton, unknown)
Transfers out: Laursen (defender, retired), Barry (midfield, Manchester, 1200 pounds),
Stuart - Taylor (goalkeeper, Manchester City, undisclosed)
Into: Christian - Benitez (forward, Santos Lake, 900 pounds), Roger - Johnson (guard,
Cardiff, 500 pounds), Scott - Dan (guard, Coventry, 350 pounds), Joe - Hart
(goalkeeper, Manchester City, loan), Espinosa (Zhongwei, Ecuador Barcelona SC, did
not disclose), Lee - Bowyer (midfielder, West Ham, free transfer), Carl Siya Ke
(goalkeeper, back into the)
Transfers out: Na Fudi (midfielder, Aris, termination), Jaidi (defender, free,
termination), Kelixiake (goalkeeper, no, surrender), Stephen - Kelly (right guard,
Fulham, free transfer)
Into: Zhanna Ke Stephanopoulos (midfielder, 泰利普利斯, £ 52,000), Fan Hedeng
(midfielder, Bruges, free transfer), Ji Weite (guard, Marseille, undisclosed), Ya Jacobs
(right guard, Everton, free transfer), Enzo economy (midfielder, Amiens, undisclosed)
Transfers out: Santa Cruz (striker, Manchester, 1800 pounds), Mokeyina (defender /
midfielder, Portsmouth, free transfer), Ojell (guard, Eindhoven, the contract
expiration), Figure lid (midfielder, retired), Vogel (midfielder, free, termination),
Debixiaer (forward, Olympiakos, undisclosed), Kane (guard, Carlisle, free transfer),
Man Nader (midfielder, Stanley, free transfer), Aoji Fu (Walsall, undisclosed)
Into: Sean - Davis (midfielder, Portsmouth, free transfer), Paul - Robinson (left back,
West Brom, loan)
Transfers out: Dezemeili (midfielder, Torino, undisclosed), Xisen Si (midfielder, free,
termination), Wolffer (striker, free, termination), James - Sinclair (winger, no,
surrender )
Into: Steven - Fletcher (forward, Hibernian, 350 pounds), Throne - Mills (defender,
Derbyshire, 50 pounds), Edgar (Zhongwei, Newcastle, free transfer Council)
Transfers out: Stephen - Jones (midfielder / striker, no, surrender), Alain - Ma
(midfielder, free, termination), Gabor - Kelly (goalkeeper, Munich 1860, termination),
Alex - Mike Donald (midfielder, free, termination)
Into: Zhirkov (Zuo Bianfeng or left back, CSKA Moscow, £ 1800), Situliqi (striker,
Manchester City, 500 pounds), Turnbull (goalkeeper, Middlesbrough, free transfer )
Transfers out: Rajkovic (defender, Twente, loan), Jimmy - Smith (midfielder / winger,
Leyton Orient, free transfer), Lee - Sawyer (midfielder, Southend, loan )
Into: Anton - Bide Lin (midfielder, Ventura County Fusion, did not disclose), Musta
costs (guard, Hamburg, free transfer), if (striker, Manchester City, loan)
Transfers out: Jacobs (defender, Blackburn, free transfer), John - Owen (defender, free,
cancellation), Snout (cancellation), Valente (defender, free, retired), Van Der Meyde
( midfielder, no, surrender)
Transferred to: Stephen - Kelly (guard, Birmingham, free transfer)
Transfers out: Wirtz (right back, termination), Collins - John (cancellation), 安德里
亚森 (defender / defensive midfielder, Hannover 96, free transfer)
Hull City:
Into: Mouyokolo (defender, Brauner, 200 pounds)
Transfers out: Windus (striker, free, termination), Welsch (midfielder, Trammel, did
not disclose), Bridges (striker, free, termination), Bennett (striker, no, surrender ),
Folang Si (midfielder, free, termination), 拉姆普劳夫 (defender, free, termination),
Plummer (cancellation), Wudehaide (goalkeeper, no, surrender), Wayne - Brown
( guard, Leicester City, free transfer)
Into: Glen - Johnson (guard, Portsmouth, £ 1850), Arun - Gold (forwards, ruthton
diamonds, did not disclose), Marvin increase (left guard, Paris Saint-Germain,
Transfers out: Paul - Anderson (winger, Nottingham Forest, 25 pounds), Hobbes
(Zhongwei, Leicester City, undisclosed), Hyypia (Zhongwei, Leverkusen, free
transfer), Hu Special (defender, free, termination), Antwi (Zhongwei, no, surrender),
Locke (Zhongwei, no, surrender), McKay - Steven (winger, no, surrender), Pennant
(winger, Sa Ragosa, free transfer),
Into: Carlos Tevez (striker, Manchester United, £ 2,500), Santa Cruz (striker,
Blackburn, £ 1800), Barry (midfielder, Aston Villa, £ 1200), Stuardo Special -
Taylor (goalkeeper, Aston Villa, undisclosed), Zander (guard, Schalke 04, did not
Transfers out: Situliqi (striker, Chelsea, 500 pounds), Joe - Hart (goalkeeper,
Birmingham, loan), Harman (midfielder, unknown), Richard - Martin (goalkeeper,
unknown), Dan Nepal - Mills (defender, unknown), this - Morris (unknown), Auburn
(back, unknown), Chris - Ramsay (unknown), Darius Vassell (forward, unknown),
Fernandes (midfielder, Saint-Etienne, did not disclose), if (forward, Everton, loan)
Manchester United:
Into: Valencia (winger, Wigan, £ 1700), Ao Botan (winger, Bordeaux, 300 pounds),
Michael - Owen (striker, Newcastle, free transfer), McGinty (guard, Charles Patton,
did not disclose)
Transfers out: C Law (winger, Real Madrid, £ 8000), Fraser - Campbell (striker,
Sunderland, 600 pounds), Carlos Tevez (striker, Manchester City, loan expired), Bo
Sepang ( midfielder, Braga Athletic, loan)
Into: Mokeyina (defender / midfielder, Blackburn Rovers, free transfer)
Transfers out: Glen - Johnson (guard, Liverpool, 1850 pounds), Traore (guard,
Monaco, free transfer), Sean - Davis (midfielder, Bolton, free transfer), Joe - Collins
(cancellation), Pamaluote (cancellation), Lauren (cancellation), Little (cancellation),
Jerome - Thomas (cancellation)
Stoke City:
Into: None
Transfers out: Peilikade (striker, free, termination), Grocott (cancellation), Jimmy -
Phillips (cancellation), Tuoer Lai (cancellation)
Into: Fraser - Campbell (forward, Manchester United, 600 pounds), Paul - Da Silva
(guard, Toluca, did not disclose)
Transfers out: Halford (guard, wolves, 200 pounds), Hartley (guard, Hartlepool, free
transfer), pull out (surrender), York (striker, free, termination), Section Seoul Gan
(goalkeeper, no, surrender), David - Connolly (forward, no, surrender), Mai Aidu
(cancellation), Darren - Ward (defender, retired), Chopra (striker, Cardiff , did not
Into: None
Transfers out: Rocha (defender, free, termination), Dawkins (striker, free, termination),
Ellen (midfielder, free, termination), Hooton (defender, free, termination),
Magehuoma ( termination), Mutandare (cancellation), David - Hooton (midfielder,
Cheltenham, free transfer), Hatejinsi (guard, Yeovil, free transfer), Zuo Kela
(midfielder, Sevilla, did not disclose)
West Ham:
Into: Cruz (goalkeeper, Ujpest, did not disclose), Gimenes (striker, Inter Milan, loan),
Lan Mupu (Harlow, free transfer)
Transfers out: Hills (forward, Crystal Palace, loan), Tristan (striker, free, termination),
Lee - Bowyer (midfielder, Birmingham, free transfer), Lopez (cancellation), Red
( termination), Stokes (cancellation), Walker (cancellation), Weidou Sen (guard,
Grisby City, free transfer)
Wigan Athletic:
Into: Jodi - Gomez (midfielder, Spanish, 170 pounds), Hendry - Thomas (midfielder,
Olympia Sports, did not disclose)
Transfers out: Valencia (winger, Manchester United, £ 1700), Montrose (midfield,
Wycombe, free transfer), Camara (striker, free, termination), Field (cancellation),
Hamu Pu Sen (cancellation), Craig - Mahon (cancellation), Pearson (cancellation),
Sibilsky (midfielder, free, termination)
Into: Doyle (forward, Reading, 650 pounds), Halford (guard, Sunderland, 200
pounds), Zuba (defender, Marseilles, 200 pounds), millas (in Field, Red Star Belgrade,
did not say), Hahnemann (goalkeeper, Reading, free transfer), Surman (midfield,
Southampton, undisclosed)
Transfers out: Bailey (cancellation), Coburn (cancellation), Meier Bao months