Kitchen design CAD software by fdjerue7eeu


									Kitchen design CAD software
COSMOS / EMS v2008 SP0 1CD (electromagnetic analysis)
COSMOS / Works Suite v2007 SP0-ISO 2CD (multi-language edition, including
Simplified Chinese, software, including Work, Motion, FloWorks, etc.)
Cosmos / Works 2006 Chinese help files
Cosmos / Works Chinese Tutorial
Cosmos/Motion.v2006.SP1.Multilingual 1CD (3D motion simulation software)
Cosmos / Motion User Manual
COSMOS/DesignSTAR.v4.5 1CD (strong engineering staff for design and analysis
Cosmos/M.v2006.SP2 1CD (the most comprehensive one of the most powerful
analysis software, providing the amazing variety of analysis capabilities, assembly
                 Visual modeling, showing pressure, heat transfer, dynamic feedback
and other data, using the most optimal design)
COSMOS 2005 Sp0 1CD
Original Chinese version of Cosmos 2005 Tutorial
COSMOS-based presentation
COSMOS product data management
Nonlinear Analysis COSMOS
COSMOS Vibration Analysis

SurfaceWorks V4.0 1CD (surface design)
SurfaceWorks Marine v4.0 1CD

3Ci.GeometryWorks.3D.For.SolidWorks.v3.0.WiNNT2K 1CD
3DQuickForm v2.1.9 1CD (surface hardware to start software)
3DQuickForm v2.1.11 Update 1CD
3DQuickMold 2007 SP1.0 for SolidWorks 2007 1CD (focus on the plastic mold
design and plug-ins)
3D QuickPress v3.2.9 1CD (solidworks die design plug-in)
3D QuickPress.v3.2.11 Update 1CD
3DQuickQuote v1.0.5 for Solidworks 2008 1CD (established in SolidWorks?
Operating platform, offer continuous die design software system)
DFMPro.For.SolidWorks.v2.0.87 1CD (design for manufacturing-oriented software
tool, can be seamlessly integrated into the SolidWorks environment)
DFMPro.For.SolidWorks.v2.0.87.x64 1CD
IPA V7.3 for SolidWorks 1CD (Speaking Chinese, mechanism motion animation
design software)
IPA V8.0 for SolidWorks 1CD

MechSoft2004 for SolidWorks-ISO 1CD
MechSoft2003 for SolidWorks-ISO 1CD
CamTrax 2009 For Solidwork 2009 1CD (special cam design)
Camtrax 2008 for Solidworks 2008 1CD
CamTrax 2007 for SolidWorks 2007 1CD
Camtrax for Solidworks v2006.144.531 1CD
CamTrax2005.132.369 for Solidworks 2005 1CD

eDrawing v2008 for SolidWorks 2008 1CD
eDrawing v2007 for SolidWorks 2007 1CD
eDrawings2006 for SolidWorks 2006 1CD
eDrawings 2006 sp4 1CD
eDrawings 2009 for SolidWorks 2009 1CD

GearTeq 2009.17.0.211 1CD (solid model of auto parts of senior Tool)
GearTrax 2009 For Solidwork 2009 1CD (special gear design)
Geartrax 2008 for Solidworks 2008 1CD
GearTrax 2007 for SolidWorks 2007 1CD
Geartrax2006 for SolidWorks 2006 1CD (in Chinese Chinese Version)
GearTrax for Solidworks v2006.144.534 1CD
Geartrax2005 for SolidWorks 2005.132.495 1CD
Geartrax2004.for.SolidWorks.v2004.131.474 1CD
GearTrax2003.for.SolidWorks.v2003.113.418 1CD

iMOLD v8 SP3 2008 for SolidWorks x86-ISO 1CD (plastic mold plug-in)
iMOLD v2006 SP0-ISO 1CD (plastic mold plug-in, Simplified Chinese version)
iMOLD v2005 SP0-ISO 1CD (plastic mold plug-in, Simplified Chinese Chinese
iMOLD v2003 Sp2 for Solidworks-ISO 1CD
iMOLD-ISO 1CD (mechanical design parts and exercises)

Logopress3 v2009 SP1.0 for Solidworks 2008 & 2009 1CD (Simplified
Chinese, sheet metal stamping dies plug; including Win32, Win64 version)
Logopress3 v2008 SP0.4.1 for Solidworks 2007 & 2008 1CD (Simplified
Chinese, sheet metal stamping dies plug; including Win32, Win64 version)

ShapeWorks v2.24 1CD (in Chinese Chinese Version)
ShapeWorks v2.2.2.4 for solidworks v2005 (English)

Toolbox2006 for SolidWorks v2006 1CD (fully integrated with SolidWorks
Intelligent standard parts library)
Toolbox for SolidWorks v2005 1CD (fully integrated with SolidWorks Intelligent
standard parts library)

BomWorks v2004 Sp2 1CD (full install version)
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Contact QQ: 1140988741 Contact QQ: 1140988741
Contact e-mail:
Phone tel: 18980583122 18980583122 (9am - 7 pm)
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CircuitWorks 9 For SolidWorks SP2.1 1CD
CircuitWorks 5.0 1CD (one for solidworks the PCB software)
CircuitWorks v7.0 Sp18 1CD

Dynamic Designer Motion Pro SolidWorks 2001 1CD
Dynamic Design Motion User's Guide (user manual, English version) 1CD

ElectrodeWorks 2008 SP0 for SolidWorks Win32 1CD
ElectrodeWorks 2008 SP0 for SolidWorks Win64 1CD
Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2003 1CD
Fastblank for SolidWorks 1CD
Gearbox v4.0 1CD (Gear Design System)
GeometryWorks 3D v3.0 For SolidWorks 1CD (Gold partner level surface modeling
expansion module)
GW3Dfeatures.For.SolidWorks.v5 1CD

MoldWorks 2008 SP1.0 for SolidWorks Win32 1CD (plug mold)
MoldWorks 2008 SP1.0 for SolidWorks Win64 1CD
MoldWorks.for.Solidworks.2007.SP0.0 1CD
MoldWorks.for Solidworks.2007.SP0.0 X64 1CD
MoldWorks v2004 SP1 for SolidWorks 2004 1CD

Mitcalc 2D & 3D v1.40 1CD
MoldOffice v2005 for SolidWorks 1CD
Motionworks v2001 1CD (kinematic analysis)
NextLimit.Maxwell.Render.v1.1.32.0001.Alpha.Incl.Plugins 1CD
Solidmech 3.2.0 for Solidworks 1CD (industry-standard fasteners, steel parts library)

SheetWorks v7.7 For SolidWorks 2005_2006 1CD
SPI SheetMetalWorks v2009 1CD
SplitWorks 2008 SP0 for SolidWorks Win32 1CD (plug mold)
SplitWorks 2008 SP0 for SolidWorks Win64 1CD
SplitWorks v2004 for SolidWorks 2004 1CD

SolidWorks Model Library
Involute gear SolidWorks drawing plug-in (English)
Long terms Solidworks Mold Library _moldbaes
SolidWorks fixture type of standard parts library 1CD
SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial (General Faith)
SolidWorks Piping Design & Piping Design Guide Multimedia Tutorial
Official Certified SolidWorks training course - Advanced Part and Surface Modeling
(Simplified Chinese)
SolidWorks 2003 CAMWorks the essence of practical skills (English)
SolidWorks 2003 Tutorial and examples based on secondary development

Liu Yi gear design Wheel v.01.03C 1CD
Lung Kee mold mold steel sheet and standard mold 1CD
Fnt3DTools Fa Ente 3D standard parts library v2.7 1CD
FNT3DWorks for SolidWorks v2.7 1CD
Fa Ente FNT3DCAPP For SolidWorks 2001plus 2.0 1CD (Solidworks plug-ins
developed by the domestic, process design and management systems)
"Solid Works advanced components and surface modeling,"
supporting CD 1CD

TransMagic products:
Transmagic.Expert.v7.0.SP2-ISO 1CD (3D CAD multi-format conversion software)

SKF product:
SKFIEC v3.0-ISO 1CD (bearing software)

Yu, Wuhan days:
Tin Yu InteCAPP (040320) 1CD
Tin Yu InteCAD2005 (051205) 1CD
Tin Yu IntePDM v3.1 1CD
Kai Figure CADTool2001 (days Yu CAD) 1CD
Kai Figure CADTool2000 (days Yu CAD) 1CD

Open Head Series Software:
Yao Chong CAD2009 Professional Edition 1CD
Open project CAD3.81 1CD (full Jiemi Ban)
Open project CAPP 2004 Sp7 1CD (full install version + training materials + open
project open project CAPP manual)
Open project CAPP 6.0 full Jiemi Ban 1CD
Open project BOM 4.8.20 1CD
Open project three-dimensional CAD
Open project CAD Demo Tutorial 1CD
CAPP series of training tutorials open project
Open project CAPP training materials
INUS products:
Rapidform.XOR2-ISO 1DVD (reverse design tools)

PICAD products:
PiCAD 2008 1CD (parametric, integrated computer-aided design system)

Anova products:
Anova.Ambiente.v4.8.6.Multi-ISO 1CD (design software, 3D design sketches module
and housing design, and can design different shadow of the sun)

PLASSOTECH products:
Plassotech.3G.Author.2005.R1-ISO 1CD (package provides a powerful, easy to use,
the value of the tool suite for design analysis,
                         ?Identify and design optimization for mainstream CAD
applications. Provides a mainstream CAD program
                         ?Interface, these CAD programs, including Autodesk Inventor,
Solid Edge, Pro / E
Widlfire, SolidWorks, Catia, XXen and other programs)

Home Design Software:
2020 Kitchen.v6.1-ISO 1CD (accounting for 97% of the U.S. market, Guardian
cabinet design software)
Adasoft Room Arranger v4.0 1CD (Housing layout design tools, 3D simulation can be
achieved, including 35 languages, with English)
ADLforms.v6.8.5.WinALL 1CD (efficient and easy to use form to create printing
ArtiCAD.Pro.v14.0-ISO 1DVD (the world's most sophisticated kitchens,
bedrooms, bathrooms, study, professional computer-aided design and pricing
AtLast.SketchUp.v5.0.232 1CD (strong architectural sketch design tool)
BestCut.v1.52 1CD (Integrated Software for the furniture manufacturing industry. It
helps reduce the monotony of the sheet cutting operation, to calculate the cost of
materials and manufacturing)
Better.Homes.and.Gardens.Interior.Designer.v7.05-ISO 1CD
Broderbund 3D Home Design Deluxe v6.0-ISO 1CD (easy to use home design
software, build the wall. Tiananmen. Fenestration. Shop floor,
                                Just drag the mouse, double-click, you can input data)
Chief.Architect.Picture.Painter.v1.0-ISO 1CD (home design drawings)
Chief.ArChitect.v10.Retail-ISO 3CD (Architectural Design)
Chief Architect X1 v11.5.4.17 Update Only 1CD
Compass Staircase v9.0-ISO 1CD
Compusoft.Winner.v7.5a.Multilang 1CD (bathroom and kitchen design software, you
can quickly make a result map)
Cadwork v14-ISO 1CD
Cabinet Vision Solid v4.0-ISO 1CD (furniture design software. Cupboard design
software based on windows, for the small space or
                        Were medium-sized space design, custom cabinets in the
three-dimensional effect of the layout, design,
                        Materials, cost estimates and other supporting design,
calculation software)
Fast.Plans.v10.1.WinALL 1CD (interior design software)
FloorPlan.3D.v12.2.60 1CD (the housing design throughout the design from concept
to completion of the necessary tools and comparative advantages)
Focus.Multimedia.Your.3D.Home.Designer.v2006.Deluxe.Edition                   (home
improvement software)
HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite v12.01-ISO 2CD
Home.Architect.Design.Suite.Deluxe.v8.0-ISO 1CD (Interior Design Master)
Home Plan Pro v5.1.81.1 1CD (very good for building interior design tool, can easily
design your home like furnishings and equipment
IMSI.FloorPlan.3D.Design.Suite.v10.1 1CD (powerful design software house)
Instant Kitchen Design v2 1CD (kitchen design CAD software)
KitchenDraw.v4.53e.Multilanguage.WinALL 1CD (cabinet design software)
KitchenDraw.v4.52 Demo Tutorial (. Swf format, 35M)
Minutes.Matter.Studio.v2.3.3 1CD (form design software)
Planit.Solid.v4.1-ISO 1CD (kitchen design)
StairCon v3.40 SP3 1CD
StairDesigner.v6.04.Multilangual 1CD (stair design system)
TurboCAD Furniture Maker v4.0 1CD
Virtual.Worlds.v5.5.10.432 1CD (3D simulation of interactive virtual interior design
Creative home design software to v7.0 1CD
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Contact QQ: 1140988741 Contact QQ: 1140988741
Contact e-mail:
Phone tel: 18980583122 18980583122 (9am - 7 pm)
There are more good software, please visit the software industry, network:
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