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About KFC
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), is known from the U.S. fast-food restaurant chain,
the first Kentucky Fried Chicken by the Harland Sanders created in 1952. Sells fried
chicken and other food products, under Yum. KFC's business philosophy is
to constantly introduce new products, or to sell before repackaging for people to
become early adopters of mind, and thus profit.
KFC is Yum. Yum Group is the world's largest restaurant group, more than
100 countries around the world and has more than 33,000 stores and 840,000
employees. Owns KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and other well-known restaurant brands
in the world, respectively cooking chicken, pizza, Mexican style food and seafood
dining area ranked first in the world.
KFC entered into a strategic alliance with Pepsi-Cola, restaurant sales of Pepsi-Cola
company offers fixed-carbonated beverages (except in some countries such as Japan,
South Korea on the sale of Coca-Cola KFC).
KFC is the world's largest fast-food fried chicken chain, KFC KFC marks
in English Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the abbreviation, it has become
legendary in the worldwide famous brand.
In 1930, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harland. Sandoz in his home state of
Kentucky opened a restaurant. In the meantime, Sandoz painstaking research of new
methods of fried chicken, and finally succeeded in the invention are 11 kinds of spices
and unique synthesis of cooking the recipe, its unique taste deeply welcomed by
customers, the restaurant business and become prosperous, secret followed so far.
Kentucky In recognition of his contribution to his home, gave him the honorary title
of Colonel Sanders.
Colonel Sanders a suit, gray-haired and bearded image of the goat has become an
international brand KFC the best symbol.
Colonel Sanders's success began in his 40-year-old gas station in Corbin,
Kentucky when operating. In order to increase revenue, he began to produce their
own variety of snacks available to passing visitors, as he cooked food past reputation
to attract the tourists, business is slow steady growth since then. Growing in
reputation, while at the Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffon in 1935 awarded him the
KFC Colonel, in recognition of his contributions to Kentucky restaurant.
Colonel's most famous signature dish, is his invention of the fried chicken
and carefully. This is Kentucky's most popular product today, it is
experienced by the Colonel, after years of studying, with the harmonic magic out of
11 kinds of spices cooked recipes, it is taste that aftertaste after the suck.
Although the delicious fried chicken come here especially to attract many customers.
However, the traditional fried chicken method Queshi customer must wait 30 minutes
before food. To 1939, this problem shows in a pressure cooker when visiting Colonel
answered. Colonel buy a pressure cooker to go home, do all the cooking time,
pressure and fuel experiments, finally found a unique method of fried chicken. The
bomb under the pressure out of the fried chicken he had tasted the most delicious fried
chicken, KFC has maintained the use of a pressure cooker recipe.
Colonel's cause in the mid-1950s, faced with a crisis, he's
Sanders Cafe restaurant located next to the road was adopted by the new highway, so
he had to sell the restaurant. Colonel was already 66 years old, but he is still conscious
young and live without relying on social benefits, which has become a turning point
in his career.
Colonel produced in 1946 with his old Ford car, carrying his 11 kinds of spices recipe
and his right-hand man - pressure cooker start the road. He went to Indiana, Ohio and
Kentucky around the restaurant, the fried chicken recipe and method of sale to
interested restaurants. Established in 1952 in Salt Lake City is authorized to operate
the first KFC restaurant establishment. Surprisingly, in just five years, Colonel in the
United States and Canada have developed a 400 chain stores, which is joining the
world's food franchise start.
KFC fried chicken is the world's largest fast food chain in the world with
more than 11,000 restaurants in more than. These restaurants across 80 countries,
from the Great Wall of China, until the heart of downtown Paris, and picturesque
downtown Sofia sunny Puerto Rico, can be seen marked with KFC fast food
The world, more than 1,000 million customers every day in every KFC restaurant for
a half century by a Colonel Sanders before the opening of KFC chicken flavor, which
is bound by the 11 kinds of mysterious powder formula made cook. Customers can
also KFC restaurants around the world try to close more than 400 kinds of other foods,
such as Kuwait and Japan Silicon chicken pie fish sandwich.
KFC to meet consumer needs at different levels of customer service is also changing
the way, in addition to store dining, take-away, from Oakland to Albuquerque in the
United States has more than 300 more in other countries City Meals on Wheels
business has been carried out. and in some U.S. cities, KFC restaurants within the
group of sisters with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant, in cooperation busy street in
the same restaurant outlets also provide customers with meals. Now, from Puerto Rico
to California college students have been included in the daily diet of fast food KFC.
60 years ago, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders invented cooking up
now is called: "Family Dinner alternative" - that is to provide a
complete meal for free time at home cooking, or the cooking of the family, he called:
"Sunday dinner seven days a week."
Today, the Colonel's spirit and heritage of the brand has become a symbol
of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders image design to the KFC logo has
become the world's best, most recognizable brands.
KFC company-owned restaurants in the world's largest group - the global
restaurant group Yum, the group includes a distribution in over 100 countries and
regions, nearly 30,000 KFC chain in the world-famous restaurants, Pizza Hut, Taco
Bell restaurants.
Kende 1987, entered on a long food culture ancient capital of Beijing, which started
her in the world most populous country's development.
November 12, 1987 the first KFC restaurant in China in Beijing, bustling area
officially opened the front door. As a starting point, KFC began to explore, to learn
the Chinese society and the market, and gradually build management with Chinese
characteristics. In 1992 a total of 10 national restaurant; to 1995, developed to 71.
June 25, 1996, 100 KFC stores in China in Beijing. This is a milestone, marking the
KFC in China has entered a more stable development stage.

Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan
We do the fried chicken is the best (We Do Chicken Right)
Kentucky's culture and management practice
Pursuit of excellence
Innovative, brave fight first, so that customer satisfaction has always been a goal
pursued by Yum.
Staff is the greatest wealth. We firmly believe that the training of talent is the
cornerstone of our success Yum.
Team work
We advocate a concerted team, internal as well as solidarity and cooperation with
partners is a group policy
A concrete manifestation of group power.
Kentucky real estate management strategy
Successful strategies of KFC in China
November 12, 1987, China's first KFC restaurant opened in Beijing on the
front door. Thus began her own world most populous in the country's
development. 10 1992 1996 100 2004 1000, 2007, 2000. As of February 4, 2009, the
number of KFC restaurants in China more than 2,500. According to company
executives to disclose, "15" period, KFC every year in China to
open 100 stores. We have to say, KFC in China has achieved great success.
Many people think that a business success depends largely on chance, or that lucky,
but why some companies are always with the chance to miss, but others can Faxian to
recognize opportunities Congerliyong chance of success? Indeed, affect business
performance is very close to many factors, but long-term perspective, the key to
business success lies in its ability to develop a suitable strategy for power and
environmental requirements, and effectively implemented. With the world economy,
the acceleration of globalization and integration process and with the pressures of
international competition intensifies, this feature has become increasingly evident. We
believe that the success of KFC in China is built on its expertise in strategic analysis,
scientific and effective strategic choices based on the implementation of the strategy.
One of the most important is they can not be overlooked points are:
First, the timing and location into the correctness of China
In late September 1986, Kentucky Fried Chicken company began to consider how to
break into the most populous of the Chinese market, to explore the huge market in the
tremendous potential. Although the outlook, but many problems also
Kentucky's policymakers feel a headache, hesitant. This world's
largest chicken restaurant company, before it is completely alien to the Chinese
market: KFC's pure Western style is acceptable for Chinese consumers?
Development of the Chinese market, not only requires technical resources, more
importantly, valuable management resources needed. In addition, China can not
export a lot of hard currency profits, even moderate levels of export is unlikely. The
most crucial thing is to enter the Chinese market must select a specific investment.
This, in turn with great uncertainty. When the situation is not clear, KFC decided to
conduct a more comprehensive China market more thorough investigation. Facing the
primary question is: should the first election where KFC shop? This decision will
have future earnings, in other parts of China to further open up and the management
of resources put into the determination of such a dramatic impact. Their
understanding of the four cities surveyed, analyzed and compared:
1, Tianjin
Advantages: KFC has been established with the Tianjin Municipal Government, a
very friendly relationship; other direct leadership of the Government of Tianjin is one
of the three municipalities (then three).
Weaknesses: First of all, the lack of supply in Tianjin to facilitate grain fed chicken;
Another problem is generally not frequented by Western tourists to the city, and
finally the most important is that the city does not have this ambitious project will
require the image and influence.
2, Shanghai
Advantage: China's largest market, the country's most
prosperous business center. Industrial output value accounting for 11% of the exports
accounting for 17%, which is one municipality; Shanghai exchange has a long history
with the West; Shanghai obvious advantage is readily available here, the chicken out
of the supply of adequate quality.
Weaknesses: It's the noise and pollution has forced tourists frustrated.
3, Guangzhou
Advantage: the special economic zones, in approving foreign investment projects, tax
breaks and encouraging technology development to be given more autonomy;
frequented by Western businessmen, but also tourists from Hong Kong to start a good
place for day trips.
Weaknesses: far away from the mainland.
4, Beijing
Advantages: political and cultural center of China; Beijing's foreign
population, the large number of potential customer groups; Beijing or
China's education center, is the gathering place for institutions of higher
learning. All these factors led to the exodus and the people of intellectual
enlightenment, which is part of KFC sales of RMB is extremely important; a tourist
destination, there will be a stable foreign exchange earnings; if from Beijing, huh, no
doubt attract more people to the earth attention, and the implicit endorsement of the
attitude that people in power. This will help in the future to further development in
other cities;
Weaknesses: Select Beijing may choose several cities than the more adventurous. A
successful sale of the dramatic increase in the possibility of government intervention.
KFC reduce risk through the possibility and potential by investing the proceeds may
be to compare, and given that time no other competitors in China, the best time to
enter so, in balancing the possible risks and benefits and decided to temporarily set to
Beijing, as a starting point. KFC entered China to Beijing, as the preferred city for the
success of KFC in China has laid a solid foundation.
2, Western culture and Chinese characteristics to formulate a strategy to combine
In such a competitive fast-food service industry, why Kentucky can always maintain a
strong development momentum? In our view, is to enter the Chinese market in
different stages of development, developed consistent with organizational culture and
strategy consistent with the strategic logic.
First, enter the period, the main strategy for the introduction of Western-style fast food
service system and a new dining concept.
1, with its unified logo, uniform clothing, uniform way of a new distribution chain
business model, and ultimately depend on its quality products, fast friendly service,
clean dining environment to establish its position in the Chinese market.
2, has been insisting to achieve 100% localization of employees and continue to invest
in various aspects of human resources at all levels of training. From the restaurant
waiter, restaurant manager to the company's management functions,
companies are required according to the nature of their work, the organization of
scientific rigorous training program. To enable management staff to meet the
professional standards of the fast food management, Kentucky Fried Chicken
restaurant is also particularly applicable to the management of the establishment of
professional training base - Education Development Center.
3, Kentucky Fried Chicken "in order to speed-based" fast-food
industry, particularly its emphasis on entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, relying on
his team to achieve high efficiency, thus ensuring the correct operating peak period
service and prompt. To form a highly efficient and flexible, perfect advanced
management incentive scheme to its team spirit and excellent management is the
secret of Kentucky based on the market.
4, high-quality services in Kentucky, you get the service than the service that you
want to be more. KFC's mission is customer first, it is the aim to eat each
and every customer, whether adults or children, will have a home away from home.
Third, the maturity, developed a strategy of combining Chinese and Western
1, KFC employs more than 10 domestic experts as consultants, responsible for
improving, developing demand for Chinese fast food variety. KFC has been fried
chicken, vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, as the masters of variety, but for the
changing tastes of the Chinese diet, variety is too single negative outlook on
development. Americans in order to meet the tastes of the Chinese people have
launched the Chinese people welcomed the award-KFC "spicy chicken
wings," "chicken Castle", "Hibiscus fresh
vegetable soup" and other varieties, this has always been focused on the
Kentucky tradition and the old shop to a standardized that this is an unprecedented
2, KFC set up the Advisory Committee of China's health food, research and
development for a new generation of Chinese consumers, the food tastes new
products to further enlarge the market.
Fourth, the establishment of franchise mode
Operation with other regions, as on the KFC franchise expansion in China played an
important role.
The so-called franchise operations is that the operators by the concessionaire to pay a
transfer of the transfer fee were obtained the patents, trademarks, product formulation
or any other You Jiazhi 方法 the right to use Zhuanrang who does not control
strategies and production decisions, Yebucanyu Franchise distribution of those profits.
KFC management tools used in precisely this way of joining the franchise, KFC to
provide brand management and training, and centralized raw materials, service system,
using a unified brand partners, service management, and finally the two sides agreed
to share in accordance with commercial interests.
Because China had not yet opened, KFC in China's development of a
greater political risk, and separate the more serious the Chinese culture, so KFC
franchise to become the first choice to enter the Chinese market, mode of operation.
Another advantage is that franchise companies can ensure that investment in
Kentucky a few cases, to ensure a steady income, it will produce the current state of
business leverage. Those who can easily avoid deviation from Kentucky Fried
Chicken franchise business company where rules of behavior, this is a very attractive
It is because of the development the right strategy to enter the China market, KFC
Corporation from 1986 to China from the U.S. introduction since the hula Rights
blossom everywhere in China has.

KFC "does not start from scratch" Franchise
Kentucky Fried Chicken to "franchise" as an effective way to
expand their business in the world in 1993 started trying to franchise in China, after a
silence, after a period of time, since 2000, Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in China,
only to take, "not from zero start "a form of"
franchise "is a successful brand strategy KFC representative first strategy,
with" Chinese characteristics. "
First, do not start from scratch
The so-called "non-zero" means: KFC will be a mature,
profitable restaurant are assigned to the franchisee. Franchisees do not need to
conduct their own site, shop, recruiting and training their employees a lot of hard
preparatory work, these are readily available. "Among them, the site is
often the key to success, but KFC has to help you do it well."
"This is the current Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in China to carry out
a best way," which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and other well-known brands of
Yum Restaurants China, Su, president of Greater China, said, "will be a
KFC restaurant is profitable to the franchisees, who joined the business risks will be
greatly reduced, the maintenance alone can be successful. "
KFC said "at this stage the Chinese market," meaning: on the
one hand, some Chinese companies are forming a certain economy of scale and
improved management systems, chain management is rapidly developing and
increasingly standardized; the other hand, a variety of economic sectors development,
fragmentation is a major feature. No one in China under the regional characteristics of
the formulation of such special business rules, only one pilot, "Measures
for the Administration of Commercial Franchise" provisions simply can
not afford the franchise brought regulation of regional economic cooperation,
business assets and business operations the functions of capital expansion and other
In such circumstances, KFC's caution is justified. KFC in China since 1998,
joined the open market since the franchise application requirements, KFC China
headquarters almost every day receives hundreds of telephone inquiries and requests
to join in the letter, but KFC's audit requirements for joining are very strict,
to join who in addition to 100 million or 8 million yuan for joining and store fixtures,
equipment and other import costs, also must have a business catering and service and
tourist industry background and practical experience. Taking into account the large
cities is fierce competition in food industry, the current KFC restaurant can be
transferred are distributed in small cities with higher consumption levels.
Since August 2000 from China's first "non-zero" of
the KFC franchise in Liyang, Changzhou has been authorized to transmit, in January
2004 that the restaurant has 11 authorized to join. Currently 1,000 KFC stores in
China, 95% of the restaurant is Direct, 5% franchise.
Second, "do not start from scratch" franchise content
First, in the beginning of a franchise to pay 37,600 dollars in the initial franchise fee,
this fee is a one-time, and then the price index according to the U.S. to make some
adjustments at the same time, each franchisee in developing a new store, the have to
pay for the cost.
Second, the transfer fee for each restaurant at 800 million yuan (second and third tier
cities as low as 2 million yuan). Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant business area
ranging from 350 to 400 square meters, the 800 million is based on some index set to
buy a KFC restaurant reference price, the actual purchase cost will depend on the
restaurant's sales and profit target conditions. Franchisee to pay this fee,
you can take over a company that is operating the KFC restaurant, including all the
decoration inside the restaurant, equipment, facilities and trained restaurant staff, and
in the operation of future cash flow generated in the process and profits. But does not
include real estate lease costs.
Third, the cost of continuing operations, including accounting for 6% of sales,
franchise royalties and sales accounted for 5% of the advertising cost-sharing. These
rates and fees are based on the existing development, in the decade after signing the
franchise contract remain unchanged.
Location: At present, mainly in the domestic medium and small cities,
non-agricultural population of more than 150 000 less than 40 million, and each year
more than 6000 yuan per capita consumption of KFC restaurants have opened in some
areas the opportunity to join. KFC stores are now allowed to open their own stores,
only transfer is already being operated KFC restaurants.
Time: from start to switch to store the time for about 6 months; joined the
Management Agreement for the first time for at least 10 years, the future of our
members have voluntarily joined the business in Kentucky more than 10 years,
preferably 20 years.
Training: Training is essential when adding the content of KFC, the success of the
restaurant business before the candidates were asked to participate in an extensive
12-week training program, 12 weeks of training to join a restaurant keep track of
operating a successful restaurant needs understanding of the duty management,
leadership courses and restaurants, including workstations, such as burgers, fries
workstation learning the various workstations. Franchisee to take over a restaurant,
but also arrange a 5 - 6 months of restaurant management internships. In the course of
training, future franchisees will bear their own costs (transportation costs, living
It can be seen in the franchise's stringent requirements Behind KFC
headquarters and franchisees common interests. KFC's success depends on
the success of each franchisee. Franchise authorized by Xu people must be given
sufficient support, and only when each one is making money by the promise, and the
entire franchise system can become more powerful. These training courses help to
improve the candidate's ability to work, suitable for the KFC trained
management personnel; on the other hand to allow candidates to agree KFC corporate
culture, with a strong service concept, in order to achieve KFC headquarters and grow
a franchise.
Third, the end result is a win-win
As an advanced business model, franchising does have its advantages. Who is being
licensed, you can now get a sophisticated profit model, thus greatly reducing the
investment risk. Can be used by the Hui people in addition to the
franchisor's trademarks, trade names, it can also use have been proven
successful branch based management mode and method, the headquarters of a full
range of guidance and support. Headquarters brands, trade names and products of the
franchise business has basic protection; headquarters of a unified distribution system
so that production costs are highly competitive; with headquarters in advertising
resource sharing; joining a good franchise system, also themselves with the
procurement, financing and so the bargaining chips. Therefore, some entrepreneurs to
franchise as the most convenient form of investment, is "standing on the
shoulders of giant peaches", you can quickly realize the dream boss.
As a franchise owner, will join the absorption of investors to benefit: those who joined
when the franchisee to the franchisor to pay off the franchise fee; by a certain
percentage or a fixed franchise stores from the extracted sales royalties; to be licensed
who sell their own products (equipment) of the profits; of the franchise stores to
distribution, training time charges. There is also a very important advantage: You can
not achieve their investment is the expansion of the brand and market to suppress
For KFC, each transfer of a store, the initial franchise fee will be 37,600 U.S. dollars,
and one-time transfer fee of 8 million yuan, annual sales have accounted for 6%
franchise royalties and sales accounted for 5% advertising cost-sharing, and all
transfers of stores, mostly C tier cities, these cities are relatively the Fazhanqianli,
Jing Zheng less pressure, there Liyutouzi Ren good returns but also has Ji Kentucky
Jianshaoguanli cost He Jing Ying risk. Through the transfer of the funds, can continue
to shop, for KFC it is a risk-free high-speed expansion path.
For people affected by Xu, joined Kentucky, through training, you can master the
advanced enterprise management, management of KFC personally, more often than
hire a professional manager to be more carefully, after the transfer of stores, the
proceeds will more than before, This is why KFC is subject to
management's reasons for Hsu personally, and at the same time it also
eliminates the need for a lot of money to KFC management fees. By Xu stood on the
shoulders of Kentucky, through their own hard business, but also bring considerable
benefits for themselves.
This new way of franchising is Kentucky known as the "Chinese
characteristics", and its essence, that the strict rules of franchising behind
KFC headquarters and franchisees is a common interest. KFC's success
depends on the success of each franchisee. This initial fee charged for the domestic
number of investors do not manage, no training, compared with the main chain, KFC
strong brand awareness is another guarantee of its success.
In China, hundreds of franchise brands, KFC's "not from
scratch," the franchise is probably the most robust, the overall effect is the
best. This approach has been pursued to ensure a win-win Kentucky - almost no risk
to investors made money, no risk KFC to expand the brand's market share.
KFC Harland Sanders who create the history of life in the year of several key

  1980s of Harlan Sanders 1890s was seven years old Harland Sanders more than a
dozen villages have been well-known recipe.
1930s roadside restaurant in his small kitchen, Harland Sanders KFC successfully
developed a mysterious formula.
Restaurant business is becoming more prosperous 1939s, Harland Sanders of
workmanship and reputation attract a large number of customers. In recognition of his
contribution to cooking industry, Harland Sanders was named Kentucky Colonel.
1950s, Colonel Harland Sanders started in the United States authorized to operate
within. With strict requirements for quality, Colonel personally authorized franchisee
1960s throughout the United States, people enjoy KFC chicken sucking that brought
delicious flavor. Gradually integrated into the company to people's lives.
1980s Colonel died, his home state to give their life-long honor.
Kentucky Open
Breakfast is served

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