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									Ombudsman Services
of Northern California

  Serving the Counties of Lassen, Modoc,
 Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Shasta, Sierra,
 Siskiyou, Solano, Sutter, Trinity, Yolo and
        Authorization & Funding
   The Ombudsman program is authorized &
    funded through the Federal Older Americans
    Act and the Older Californians Act. It is
    administered by the Administration on Aging
    and The California Department of Aging
    (CDA). Within the CDA, the Office of the State
    Long-Term Care Ombudsman provides policy
    direction and oversight.
               Resident’s Rights
   The Ombudsman program is mandated to identify,
    investigate and resolve complaints made by or on
    behalf of residents in long-term care facilities.

   Ombudsman representatives promote and protect the
    rights and the quality of life for long-term care
    residents, maintain a presence in long- term care
    facilities; identify and receive complaints; respond to
    the 24 hour Crisis-line; and, by working with state and
    local agencies seek improvements in long-term care
    practices, laws, regulations and policies.
       Resident’s Common Issues
   Loneliness, the need for someone to talk with
   Boredom: not enough social or personal activities
   Problem with roommate(s)
   Lack of privacy
   Poor food service or quality
   Inability to get services, care
   Inability to live independently coupled with a desire on resident’s
    part to leave facility
   Misuse of personal funds and personal possessions
   Limited opportunities to go outside the facility for community
   Physical and mental abuse
   Ombudsmen are mandated under State law to serve as
    witnesses for the execution of Advance Health Care
    Directives (AHCD) and Transfers of Property in long-
    term care health facilities. The purpose of the
    Ombudsman witness is two-fold:
   To be assured that the resident has the capacity to
    understand the contents of the document;
   To be assured that the resident is signing the document
    willingly and voluntarily.
OSNC offers In-Service Trainings
   To Facilities, Agencies and Community Groups
   Topics Include:
     Abuse Identification and Reporting, W&I 15630
     Resident’s Rights

     Resident Councils

     Family Councils

     Restraint Reduction

     Advance Health Care Directives
             What a Long Term Care
               Ombudsman does
   Mandated, under federal and state law, to identify, investigate
    and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents in
    Skilled Nursing Facilities, Transitional Care Units, Assisted
    Living facilities and Adult Residential Care Facilities
   Monitors assigned facilities on a regular basis, spending a
    minimum of 20 hours each month working on behalf of
   Strives to get to know the residents and staff
   Consults with residents and assists residents in getting resolution
    to their questions or concerns
   Attends monthly regional meetings
   Documents case investigations, monitor visits and activities
         Performance Measures
                During FY 07-08 OSNC
   Investigated 674 alleged abuse complaints
   Resolved 3,713 non-abuse complaints with a
    resident satisfaction rate of 95%.
   Made 8,100 facility monitor visits
   Provided monitor visits to more than 28,137
    residents residing in 1,578 facilities.
   Ombudsman investigative records are privileged and
    confidential under state and federal law. This law was
    upheld in OSNC v. Superior Court, No. C054737 (3rd
    Dist Court of Appeal September 5, 2007)
   “Preservation of the confidentiality of OSNC records
    in individual cases is absolutely critical to OSNC’s
    ability to fulfill its overarching mission to protect the
    rights of those vulnerable patients who live in long term
    care facilities.” Joan Parks, OSNC Program Manager
Ombudsman Services of Northern California
     3950 Industrial Blvd. Suite 500
      West Sacramento, CA. 95691
           Fax 916-376-8914

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