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Kalahari Fox


									Kalahari Fox


This is not a novel, this is "National Geographic magazine,"
with cameras in hot dry Kalahari Desert of South Africa, recorded the bat ear fox, a
hard living experience.
Africa is a magical place, it has the world's hottest weather, the most arid
desert, the number of the most numerous of mammals, as well as the
world's top predators.
In addition, here are some amazing, endless struggle of living on the edge of the
?- Listen to the hot desert wind Yin
Africa's Kalahari is a huge area of 100 thousand square miles of desert, hot
and dry year round, only two months of rain a year. However, this piece is dry desert
on a variety of live exotic animals, some extremely fierce, a nd some whole body toxic,
bat ear fox is one of the most special one.
Bat ear fox fox is unique to Africa, such as civet cats size, a brown dense hair, black
onyx eyes like Smart, is so special about a pair of huge bat-like wings and ears. Too
small for body, doomed not by force hunting them to rely on keen hearing from the
cracks in the sand and stones to find insects to fill their stomachs. They live in Africa,
the bottom of the cruel food chain, no predators can become life-threatening their
natural enemies. But is such that they are able to rely on intelligence, diligence and
courage, in desperation to create a miracle of life.
November, Kalahari desert wide Nuosha River had dried up, the sun burning the earth,
loess wind filled the air, the dry tree debris in the river bottom and fell in disorder.
Many animals can not resist such a hot day, have to hide again. Bat ear fox mother
was out of the hiding hole Celine, shaking with huge bat ears, alert to small Scattered
along the riverbanks to go the distance. Secretion of milk to raise their children, she
wanted to look at the hot sand, insects fill his belly.
Soon Ah Jie father fox hole drilled from land out behind him also followed four furry
little meat ball. That was four lovely children.
Breastfeeding Celine often feeding a day, Ah Jie, suffer hunger, eat or drink at home
and care for children. Three-week-old cubs just walking, curiosity began to realize
they are out of the hole in the ground outside the New World. At the moment, their
small head no fear, totally do not know how soon face a dangerous and cruel world.

Only Xiaohu each has its own personality: "Venus" and the
biggest kid, courage is also large, is a natural risk-takers. Always liked moving around,
Ah Jie is always busy blocking it. "Kiki" is also a small public
fox, it seems not very good temper, often in front of flies hovering around them angry.
"Flash" is the only litter of pups in a small female fox, smart
and likes it from him first thing in the hole every day Ah Jie for its adhesion father
grooming. "Little Joe" is the smallest nest tall, action is also
very slow in the face of this strange world, it seemed very timid, shrinking the step
does not leave the cave.
River is a terrible place, dangerous at any time will come, but the clever fox bat ears,
but for themselves to find a group of good neighbors can help each other.
Ah Jie, a distance away from the bush who also lived rodent animals: Yellow
Mongoose. Fox with bat ears, as they live by feeding on insect life is also weak in the
desert race. The difference is that Yellow Mongoose rely on the strength of family life.
A family of about 2 30, have a detailed division of labor among members, to defend
against attacking enemies, there are 34 special special alert Yellow Mongoose act as
"sentinel" role. Standing all day, or mound the top bush
branches, Liang Zhao turning his head upright watching vigilance in all directions,
once the danger around them sound the alarm immediately.
Ah Jie just take the children out of its hole ventilation, suddenly, Yellow Mongoose,
"Sentinel," issued by the branches from the bush bursts of
ear-piercing scream. At the same time, Ah Jie is also a pair of big ears turn up.
Obviously, he had heard.
A jackal quietly near the riverbed. Jackal is a minimum figure wasteland wolf,
cunning greedy by nature, without much hunting ability, relying on picking up the rest
of carrion eating other predators live, and often eat other small animals, cub.
Jackal's body double than A Jie great, but seeing son's safety is
threatened, Ah Jie not hesitate to head-on attack. It arched back, covered with hair are
exploded, and had a large tail dragging behind him also turned up covered in the back,
and rushed towards the jackals, and shoots a burst issued harsh sounds.
Jackals suddenly stopped, it was Ah Jie overawed momentum, hesitated. Ah Jie has
not stopped the rush straight to it, show your teeth to make a full attack posture.
Jackal afraid it love to curl the tail, to give up the intention of eating a small fox,
turned and ran away.
Ah Jie figured out clever jackal timid nature, have opted to take the initiative,
successfully defended the safety of their children. Yellow Mongoose is also a threat to
their safety off Jackal.
But things change, these useful good neighbor failed to last long. A few days later, a
pair of uninvited guests, suddenly appeared in the river bank. They are relative to
similar bat ear fox - cape fox, Ah Jie in their homes near the soil dug a hole ready to
offspring. Fox Grocery cloak and fierce temperament, they are the one to repeatedly
harass Yellow Mongoose. Weak Yellow Mongoose beat cape fox, with his wife Ah Jie
is also fiercely defend this on the helpless neighbor. In order to protect the young,
Yellow Mongoose had to give up the home, family leave bank.
Not the "Sentinel", which for Celine and A Boyce is a huge
blow. Bat ear fox head and short, while not climb trees, see the distance came the
jackals, care of Ah Jie cub become very passive. Have one or two, almost so jackals
attack succeed.
Two days later, Ah Jie Celine and not wait any longer, they moved with his family
started Chenzheyese.
Kalahari night was cool, for the first time to travel long distances to small foxes. But
the night is dark and terrifying, full of shadows in the eyes of hungry predators.
Moving the start is not particularly well, with four small foxes do not know how
dangerous moving around run around. Ah Jie and Celine side to side and also to
explore the way to protect children, go slowly. All the dark blurred, Celine stopped
from time to time, turning his head, big ears, using sensitive information to perceive
the dark.
Suddenly, the front came a unusual ring, something closer to here. Celine immediately
Arch Ziya put a warning gesture. Soon, a "thing" by slowly over.
Is another bat ear fox, it is wounded, crippled, body covered with blood.
Alone and a small bat ear fox curled up body, closer to Celine, and the single is like
begging for Celine to accept. Celine elongation of the head and sniffed the body of a
small bat ear fox, a sudden flurry of roaring, and with the body to break down the
small bat ear fox. Then, the couple quickly driven away with four children, the
wounded companion far behind.
Soon came the scream behind vague, mingled with flesh-eating beast of Growl. The
wounded Xiao Hu has become a predator in the belly of the meal. A bloody Xiaohu
like a magnet, it will close to all the predators are attracted, Ah Jie couples with
children must quickly leave this dangerous place.
However, it was too late. Inside Story in lights in front of a few small spots on Lv
Yingying is the jackal. Time has come to the end of the dry season, predators their
patience has to end hunger. Jackal has not given up, it back! And this time it brought
the others, and Ah Jie couple suddenly faced with an unprecedented impasse.
Ah Jie brave and rushed out again led the way, in the face several times stronger than
their enemies, he was almost crazy, weak body vapid risked toward the jackal, with a
biting, hit with a physical, hard stop Hu wolves attack, the time for the wives and
children running for their lives to win. For a dusty, very chaotic scene. Celine found
Xiaohu less one. The smallest Little Joe wandered off! Soon, Celine abnormal anxiety,
made two turns round spot, turned toward the direction of pursuit to the jackals away.
After a while, Celine quickly return back, her tail downcast ... ... Obviously, it would
only lose the child be dead.
When early in the morning, Ah Jie in the river downstream couple finally found a safe
shelter, there are old Yellow Mongoose, a group of intelligent and smart in the ground
squirrel. The circle of mutual re-established, Ah Jie family finally settled in the new
cave down. This morning, they appeared tense and anxious, immersed in the death of
a child's pain and unfamiliar environment of double suffering among the
three surviving Xiao Hu is also in shock, eyes widened in panic looked at the
unfamiliar environment.
Wind whipped up sand sky, dry shrubs and weeds roll into groups danced, thrown into
a bleak world in. Ah Jie couple with their bodies covered children, one in the dust into
a group hug. Life more difficult still waiting for them.
More severe droughts, and Kara all the predators are toward Harry bed together,
shriveled, a pregnancy awaits the arrival of the rainy season. Ah Jie's
family life is also increasingly difficult. During the day, cheetah calls son's
cries echoed around. Night, lions roaring in the ears competition for food haunt.
Celine and Ah Jie had to choose the most hot afternoon, taking advantage of large
predators, when to sleep replacing the hole feeding. Despite this, they still become
obvious to predators of the pawn.
That day, Ah Jie finished eating out, seeing we must return to the cave, and suddenly a
loitering spot hyena came far. Spotted hyena is the leading killer of African desert,
flocks of hyenas can kill antelope and wildebeest. They can reach running speeds of
50 km, powerful bite force of any animal can easily chew bones, run into it, Ah
Jie's life immediately becomes extremely dangerous.
But Ah Jie is not only not running fast, but more action to slow, one leg has become a
limping as if injured. Ah Jie spotted hyena immediately became interested, it began to
come toward the Arab-Israeli Jie trot. Ah Jie was also quick to turn around, limp and
very difficult to make very rapid run slowly looked up. Spotted hyena getting closer,
appeared to be at the Ah Jie thrust, and suddenly, Ah Jie at once to speed up the pace
up, not limp little legs, and spotted hyena is a sudden change in Alley's
surprised a moment, anti-God had to acceleration time has left behind catch up the
next big cut, Ah Jie stormed into a cluster of unkempt bushes, and then disappeared.
Spotted hyena angry that turn around the bush for quite a few times, but could not
find Ah Jie is the sign of the end, it had to give up, discouraged and left.
After a long time, Ah Jie's head out from the ground exploration, it looked
carefully around, spotted hyenas really confirmed left. Before passing drill body out
of the original, familiar with the terrain it hid in a hole in an abandoned earth. Ah Jie
to escape a dangerous direction to the direction of just spotted hyena has two times
the calls short. Soon, Celine drilled the holes with the kids. Ah Jie just a disguise, all
spotted hyena found his wife and children to prevent cave hideout. Ah Jie and Celine
have a busy, the couple prepared to once again move.
Late rainy season has finally arrived, heavy rain the up for two months. Flood swept
over the bed, Nuosha River once again filling up, the two sides are also thirsty sand
out of the lush grass breeding. Kalahari short happy time began. Flocks of gazelle,
wildebeest, zebra, and other herbivores have Ruqierzhi. Large prey predator predators
are busy, Ah Jie was a temporary security.
But their life is not easy but more hard work, and children have gradually grown up,
no longer needed the cover of the cave. They moved to a bank's height,
habitat trees in a huge Bo Babu.
This time, they change the new neighbors.
Bo Babu tree looks like a huge umbrella only as established in the plains, the shade of
a large cast. Attracted to the huge shade shade preferences of animals: African
elephants. African elephant is the world's largest body of land creatures,
they are only in the rainy season when the river will be gathered near the side of the
river with the cool side of bath to enjoy the grass and shrub buds. Great shape they are
not hastily made all the predators around this piece of shade.
With such a powerful neighbor, Ah Jie and Celine do not have to charge the children
of the care effort. Every day, they travel back and forth in the territory where, for the
children brought back to live geckos and scorpions and other insects, so they practice
uniforms insects.
Xiao Hu had used more than six months to enjoy their parents or care, but they also
must begin to learn to face the harsh world. Flash is the one most well-behaved, it
must be unshakeable in the morning lying in her father's lap, enjoying the
happiness of grooming time, when the father threw it fresh bounce in the gecko when
it gets on the ground body to roll coquetry, an attempt to eat the food you do
effortlessly. But Ah Jie at most would gecko bite dying, and then forced her own
"their words." On the way, flash in his father's
teachings, it is not only learned to kill the gecko, or even a great company commander
with the scorpion tail and can be lethal against a single one. With age, the distance to
explore Venus also growing. Radius of almost two square miles of land covered by its
footprint. Kiki has become more and more like his father, brave, courageous.
Happy time is always short- lived, with the end of the rainy season, the temperature
starts to cool, to enter the winter, the Kalahari. Nine months the little bat ears, a plush
fox had faded, replaced with the parents the same drab color dense hair, which is
about to enter mature and move toward independence. However, before that, they also
need further study and independent living skills. Ah Jie Celine and the kids began to
lead the prey at night.
Kalahari night is dominated by large predators, the weak will be devoid of life at any
time in the Danxizhijian. Ah Jie couple kept their heads hanging down straight to the
ground, turning the ears of the general radar, to teach the children to rely on a keen
sense of hearing found the objective. Bat ear fox all the information from the ears,
Xiao Hu wants independence, we must learn to listen, perhaps insects in the gravel
under the activities of micro-ring, or the footsteps of distant predators.
One night, when the couple was busy teaching a child, a lioness Chenzhaoyese Ah Jie,
a quiet trend. The onset of winter makes the most of the herbivores left Nuosha River,
lions began to go hungry, hungry for the lioness even dismissive of the bat to the
weekday start with the fox ears.
Lioness did not walk a little voice, when Ah Jie found that when it's too
late, it was too late even uttered a warning cry. Lioness sleeping in the blood,
Williams goes on at the moment caught up in the big mouth, succeeded the lioness
dangling Williams nonchalantly strides away. Watched the second son, also left. Ah
Jie suddenly screams issued Heartbreakers, bare the teeth, such as cosine dashed
arrows only a lioness, frantically rushed 10 times greater than themselves, the enemy.
Ah Jie seeing the back legs would saved a lioness, lioness lightning turned around,
palm strike in the past, Ah Jie is like a bunch of wind blowing the grass was the same
as rolling a ball to fly much better, and finally lay on the ground motionless. Flash is a
sudden drastic change froze scared, even though Celine uttered a sound shrill warning,
little fearful of forgetting to escape.
Also a female lion in the dark, the lioness is usually 32 cooperative group hunting, the
other lion must be nearby. Face only to be scared of a little fox motionless, just like
fellow second only lioness, like jaws a fury. However, between calcium carbide in the
fire, a figure suddenly pounced forward, stand in front of the flash.
Yes, Celine. In case there is no way, Celine block with their bodies in front of her.
Lioness a bite of Celine, sharp teeth at once through a Celine lion's body.
However, even a little struggle Celine did not, it abandoned the resistance and give up
the survival, life and replace their daughter.
Succeed the lioness soon disappeared in the dark into.
Moment, lying on the ground Ah Jie moved his gradually struggled to get up and
leave the direction of looking at the lioness, the strange sounds issuing waves of bitter.
Nest Xiao Hu left the two, after sorrow, A Boyce went on to teach their children from
the work of restoration. Soon, with the depth of winter, Xiao Hu have also grown up
and mature.
Flash gets a bit restless, it is no longer required daily grooming coquetry, but
everywhere, walking around with a urine frequently manufacturer tag. Flash is about
to become a mature female fox, and it is in all directions, young love, the signal sent
vos attract them to come to apply.
At the same time, Ah Jie quietly followed her daughter, her daughter made under the
sign on the pee everywhere, trying to cover his daughter for matrimony tag. Perhaps it
was reluctant to leave early to flash themselves alone stir up the burdens of life.
Ah Jie even do flash for matrimony or attracted a young and beautiful small vos. Vos
a small flash up on the balls around parades around, they smell they smell, lick bite
hospitality for flash hair, no secret to express their love. Flash look s like this little
public fox, but could not take his offensive moves.
Ah Jie increasingly agitated, could see that he is extremely dissatisfied with this
matter, it came to territory in a small company the day after Fox, Ah Jie, could not
they catch small vos another bite down and flash body roll is spoiled is to pray for his
father agreed to her "marriage." Ah Jie would not budge,
however, Fox has finally driven out of the small public domain. Flash had depressed
the return to her parents.

One morning, Kiki seems to be some kind of call, he's left home without
looking back, the little company like Fox, he has the heart to pursue his love. Ah Jie
did not stop his son, it stood quietly under a tree, watched Kiki's figure
disappeared into the morning fog.
The Na Zhi Jie expelled by A Small Fox in fact has not gone public. He seemed bent,
Ah Jie in the territory of living down the edge, predator insects are busy every day to
increase their weight, perhaps waiting for the next test opportunity.
Soon after, a small fox once again entered the public domain. This is a bit different,
small companies do not wait to rush fox flash, but first, his head down, humbly under
the ear to the Ah Jie fold greeting, carefully hang the tail to accept the Arab Jie look
and smell. After a visit from head to toe, the A Jie finally opened the body, allowing
Fox to small public and his daughter.
Finally, flash happily with his beloved other half left the shelter of the trees, leaving
the care her parents for a whole year.
This husband and wife to river upstream, there is Xiaohu were born. Since then Flash
will be like her mother, to assume the responsibility to bear children. Ah
Jie's future generations who will thus continue, continue to shape them, the
miracle of life.

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