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					Kaiyuan usury - Kaiyuan usury company - Kaiyuan personal loans
Kaiyuan usury - Kaiyuan usury company - Kaiyuan personal loans
Hello Dear Customer: Hongxin Financial Investment Development Co., Ltd.: mainly
for the region, small businesses and individuals engaged in credit financing and
Management consultancy services, companies and major banks (ICBC, Agricultural
Bank of China, Construction Bank) internal through the green tunnel Zhang Qi
friends close joint venture, and the establishment of a solid intimate relationship, the
two sides of the business through continuous, forming a good reputation based on .
If you are desperately short of funds can not be solved by other means is that our
company will sincerely enthusiastic, customer orientated service as soon as possible
for you to handle. (
Contact Phone :150-8363-3222. Huang Jingli, 8:00 am ---- 5:30 pm).
  To address the shortage of urban and rural financial needs, financial investment
Hongxin Development Co., Ltd. adhere to the policy of the party once again open to
the community expansion capital loans.
Lending area: the scope of loans 【individuals, businesses】 day loans (mortgage-free,
non-guaranteed, convenient, fast, secure good)
1: personal loans (fast loans), lending limit (10 000 -20 million), loan region
(province), duration of 1-3 years lending rates: ((quarter percent interest rate (4%)
Annual interest rate percentage (10%)). Requirements: (A) must provide valid travel
documents (such as ID card, household) copy, and home address details, home fixed
Requirements: (B) The company also required to submit relevant information on the
materials submitted to the verification and approval shall, within half an hour the next
2: Corporate Loans: lending limit (100 000 -50 million), loan region (province),
period (1-3 years) loan interest rate: ((quarter percent interest rate (4%) Facilitation
Rate percentage (10%)). Requirements: (A) Enterprise business license, tax
registration certificate, organization code certificate and the legal representative of a
copy of ID card.
Requirements: (B) The company also required to submit relevant information on the
materials submitted to the verification and approval shall, within 1-2 days following
paragraph in the fastest
3: self-employed loans: lending limit (100 000 -30 million), loan region (province),
period (1-3 years) loan interest rate: ((quarter percent interest rate (4%) years
Interest rate percentage (10%)). Requirements: (A) business license, tax registration
certificate, and copy of ID card.
Requirements: (B) The company also required to submit relevant information to
verify the author's material after 1 hour to give a definite answer whether
to grant customers
Paragraph, the fastest 2 hours entertain.
1, repayment optimization (also quarterly interest, due repayment of principal);
2, borrowing limitation (can be used as corporate cash flow, houses, cars, decoration,
travel, education, etc.
3, a large credit line, entertain and faster time, shorter processes;
4, can be early repayment without penalty;
5, long term loans, procedure fast and simple;
6, convenient and reputation first.
------" On request by the Customer to verify the submission
------" the company will lay the loan application form ------"
company signed the contract withdrawal ------" ------" large
amount of loans customers can apply for a free escort from the security company or a
bank transfer card, to ensure the safety of our customers.
Fourth, the company aims: Integrity is extremely heavy treat professional life,
strength, efficiency based on the market. With the service, and convenient for you to
win the urgent word of mouth, put your thinking to every need of help in times of
hardship provide help.
?(Advisory Tel :150-8363-3222 (Huangjing Li)
                                 Financial Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
Hongxin contract
Lenders :________________
Address :________________
Zip Code :------ Phone :_______________ borrower: Bank account
number :______________________________
Address :______________________________
Zip :______________ Phone :______________________
According to "The People's Republic of China Contract
Law," by lenders, borrowers, secured party consensus, sign this contract,
the common honor.
The first types of loans :____________________________________
The second loan amount (capital ):_____________________________________
Article borrowing :________________________________________
Article lending rate: interest income on a quarterly basis, with the clear advantage.
Article loan period:
Borrowing in the period from ____ ____ ____ months from the date to ____ years
____ months ____ date. Borrowing limit to the actual issuance and receipt for
payment and sub-1
Recovery. IOU should be used as annex to the contract, the contract with the same
legal effect.
Article Source of repayment and the repayment method:
1. :______________________________________________ Repayment sources
2. Repayment :______________________________________________
Breach of Article VII:
1. Sign this contract, the lender should the borrower made IOU a day (extended
holiday) will be released loans, into account the borrower or the lender (bank) to open
a bank draft payable to the borrower. If the lender fails to grant loans (draft), breach of
contract should be extended the number of days the amount and 5% interest on loans
to borrowers to pay liquidated damages.
2. The borrower if not used for the purposes specified in the contract the borrower, the
lender may recover part or all of the loans, for breach of contract to use part of,
according to bank regulator
Be subject to penalty. If the borrower use the loan for the backlog or loss caused by
waste material or illegal, without any liability on loans, and the right regulations are
subject to penalty by banks or from the borrower the loan principal and interest
account. If the borrower intends to use the funds transfer and breach of contract, the
lender may ask other opening line of business, took the charge settlement.
3. The borrower shall repay the time stipulated in the contract. If the borrower needs
to borrow an extension, should the borrower prior to maturity on the 5th application to
lenders, there are
Ensure that parties should be signed by the guarantor agreed to extend the guarantee
period for review by the lenders agree to be renewed after the procedure. If the
borrower does not repay loans on time, lenders have the right to limit recovery of
loans, according to Bank of overdue interest and penalty provisions of income. Such
as the occurrence of losses or poor business of Profits and Losses, endangering the
safety of loan, the lender may recover the loans ahead of schedule.
Article VIII of changing or canceling the contract: In addition to "contract
law" provisions which allow the situation to change or cancel the contract,
no party may change or cancel the contract. A party based on "contract
law" to alter or cancel the contract, they shall inform the other party in
And reached a written agreement, the contract changed or terminated, the borrowers
take up the loan and the interest payable, the provisions of this Contract pay.
Article means to resolve contract disputes, the implementation of this contract dispute.
By the two parties through consultation. Consultation fails, both sides agreed to ()
Entry processing.
(1) by the arbitration committee for arbitration.
(2) to the people's court.

Article commencement of this contract signed by both parties.
Lenders :______________________ borrowers :_______
Guarantor of signature :_____________________
____ Years ____ months ____ days
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
History gives us the glorious duty is to Hongxin Development Co., Ltd. financial
investment to advance the cause, to provide customers with quality service, to
promote the development of China's financial reforms to make greater
contributions. Face new opportunities and challenges, financial and investment
Hongxin Development Co., Ltd. will be "Three Represents" as
guidance, adhere to the scientific concept of development, advance with the times, the
sound operation, standardized management, firm to take the high road of development,
efforts to build adequate capital, strict internal control, safe operations, good service
and efficiency of modern financial enterprise, I believe that Chinese
people's wisdom and hard work will create a better life for your future!
Note: Do not believe the related comments! Otherwise, the consequences of remorse!

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