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As the economy heats up is your organization prepared to deal with the tighter labor market
ahead as employers face the most severe shortage of skilled talent in history? As we shift to a
sellers’ market along with the unprecedented churning in the marketplace, finding replacement
workers will be almost as difficult as finding people to fill newly created positions. Companies
will find it increasingly competitive to attract “A” players as they focus on building a workforce
that will enable them to compete very effectively in an ever-changing global marketplace – for
people, for other resources, for customers and for profit.

To ensure their recruitment efforts provide the talent necessary for them to reta in a significant
advantage over their competitors, companies are turning to the recruitment professionals at
Compass Career Management Solutions.

Why Utilize Compass Career Management Solutions?

          Locating the right person consumes valuable internal resource.
           Most busy managers cannot expend the time necessary to sort through stacks of
           unqualified resumes when key, day-to-day priorities compete for attention.
          We understand the importance of strategic staffing and building workforce excellence
           through customized human capital solutions.
          Working with your hiring managers we create recruitment strategies based on your
           individual workforce needs to provide a diverse set of candidates to meet your
           organizations specific cultural and strategic requirements.
          All our efforts are intended to ensure your company is perceived as an “employer of
           choice” in a very competitive and tight labor market.
          We know where to look for candidates and how to find them quickly.
          Over 90 years of combined experience –15 years of executive recruiting experience
           and our business principals have over 75 years of diverse human resource experience.

As a result, companies seeking qualified talent continue to benefit from a partnering and
collaborative relationship with Compass professionals.

No company will succeed in the future if it depends on what it learned – and how it operated - in
the past. It may not make sense to try to accomplish tomorrow’s objectives with yesterday’s
talent. Success will come from being nimble, agile, creative and responsive. Plan deliberately
how to move your staffing strength from where you are now to where you must be in the future.

Be ready to achieve your future objectives. There is no way to avoid the competitive labor
shortage, but with good planning along with proactive and effective recruitment you can position
yourself to come out on top while your competitors become extinct.

For a confidential evaluation of current and/or projected staffing needs, contact Compass Career
Management Solutions today:

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