Training the ICNA Recruiters by gsr11269


									Training the ICNA Recruiters

  In Preparation for the Membership
  Presented by ICNA – West Region
•   To enumerate ways / means of recruitment
•   To introduce tools of activism
•   To teach some psychological aspects
•   To explore reasons why people join ICNA
•   To learn how to increase retention rate
•   To learn special ways for special sectors
     What to do ONE year before ?
•   Bring ICNA into positive lime-light
•   Repair any negative feelings in existing cadre
•   Purge inactive members / bad apples
•   Build a good resume for ICNA
•   Maintain solid bridges and alliances with the
    greater community in the area
   What to do 6 months before ?
• Before 6 months of a membership drive,
  make verbal or written peace treaties with
  muslim groups
• Not to use mouth or pen against them
• Not to steal members from them.
• Identify focus groups / segments for
          Why do people join any
             Organization ?
• Friendship, Socialization, Camaraderie
• Sense of Identity and belonging
• Fulfilling of some needs – could be material, social,
  psychological, legal, matrimonial etc.
• Representation – organization is the mouth-piece.
• Status symbol if it is a prestigious org. with hard to
  get membership
• To get something – training, books, entry
  somewhere etc.
    Why did people join ICNA ?
• Allow enumeration by the participants here
• Presenters : plz. Don’t stifle debate – let there
  be a healthy dis-agreement, jokes, puns etc.
      Why did people join ICNA ?
•   To spread Islam in the USA
•   To consolidate, to maintain identity
•   To be in a Pakistani social club
•   To get approved for loan by MSI
•   To get discount at convention
•   Friends asked them to….. (Smile !)
    Why did members become MGA’s ?
• Wanted to serve Islam more functionally
• Finished the syllabus and demonstrated competency
• Vision / Mission of ICNA appealed to them
• Ready to give Zakat to the Baitul Maal
• Tried other options/ groups and those failed to meet
  the criteria (they had miserable experiences)
• Friends in high places promoted them
 What do you think helps retention of
          new members ?
• This is an inter-active part
• Write comments of the recruiters on the flip-
• Tear the flip-chart and paste with scotch-tape
  to a well-lighted wall on one side of the room
• Come back to that at the end of the workshop
    What are the divisions of ICNA ?
•   Baitul Maal, ICNA Relief, Helping Hand
•   Sisters’ Wing
•   YM – Boys and YM – girls
•   Muslim Children of North America
•   Sound Vision / MSI (Historical perspective)
•   WhyIslam
•   Civil Advocacy thru’ agreement with CAIR
•   The Message Magazine
       So, let us list them in order of
       popularity with newbies …. !
•   This is a practical exercise.
•   Allow people to argue about the list-order
•   Encourage debate about rank-1st,2nd,3rd etc.
•   Write on flip-chart legibly.
•   Keep aside on the opposite wall for future use
    How to get ready for a membership
                  drive ?
•   Membership forms (extremely professional)
•   Sign-in sheets for information @ every event
•   Delineate eligibility, requirements etc.
•   Identify avenues, methods, approaches
•   Train the recruiters and empower them.
•   Budget time, resources, money, talent.
•   Have a second line of volunteers to sustain the drive
•   Schedule a large event at the end of the week to
    invite all the newcomers to.
         Avenues / Modalities
• Internet Campaign, Mass e-mails, Form
• Table at Jummah prayers for 4 Fridays of the
  alloted month for the membership drive
• Table / Booth at mega-events of muslims
• Invitations for NNet, Programs, Fund-raisers
• Newspaper ads- continuous and ongoing
    Target Populations of Muslims
•   Masjid-going people, Imams, Namazis
•   Tableeghi Jama’at (need specific tips)
•   Disenfranchised youth, Ir-religious muslims
•   Minorities in the USA – Bosnian, Somalian,
    Filipino, Indonesian, Guyana (West Indies)
•   Secular muslims – meaning consciously secular.
•   Muslims in smaller towns of the USA
•   2nd or 3rd generation of immigrant muslims
•   Converts / Reverts – Caucasian, African, Latino,
    Russian, Ex-convicts
           Sample Exercise # 1
• Divide into groups of 3; Put new people together /
  Learn teamwork – Time limit – 5 minutes only
• Select a target sub-sector of the muslims
• Write an e-mail form letter to mass-mail on the
  Yahoo-groups that you have joined. Eg:
  Bangladeshis in Seattle, Muslims in Idaho, Pakis-in-
  Denver, Salafidoctors-in-USA.
• Complete, sign your names, and hand-over to the
  Workshop Facilitator.
• Give 3 T-shirts to the best letter-writing team
              Sample Exercise # 2
•   Shuffle the groups; mix and match.
•   You are at a big muslim “EID CARNIVAL”
•   You have an ICNA booth, selling books and CD’s
•   You are also recruiting- Pretend to be a gentleman eg:
    Tableeghi, Bosnian, Somali, Arab, Latino Convert,
    Caucasian Convert etc.
•   Sisters – pretend to be a sister of some sub-sector
•   Practice talking and pitching an invitation to join ICNA – 3
    minutes only.
•   Switch roles, stop after 3 more minutes.
•   Elaborate the difficulties
  Approaching the Masjid People
• Highlight the aims / objectives of ICNA
• Advantages of a national organization
• Explain concept of Jamat, Shoora, Iqamat
  Deen, Muslim Identity, Collective Society
• Only way to fulfill various responsibilities
• Makes living here easier, not harder
     Inviting the Ulema / Imams
• Gives them a legitimate platform for preaching
• Most of them – good for talks; lack in organizing
  and mobilizing skills
• Quote the ayaat and hadeeth that form the basis of
• Show them the peculiarities of ICNA
• Give them names of other Imams who joined
• Systematically, break-down resistance and answer
  their questions
    Special attention to Tableeghis
• Extremely fertile ground for new members
• They have a spirit of sacrifice and activism
• Explain that Deen is more than worship
• Quote ayaat that encourage participation of the
  muslims in the public square of US
• Explain that Fiqah of Deoband not completely
  applicable to USA at this time
• Explain difference between external sunnah and
  internal sunnah
More conversation with Joula people
• Explain Islamic revolution not just of long
  beards, high pajamas, niqaabs, tasbeehs
• Explain about their promotion / advancement
  into 100 % Deen (not just ibadaat)
• Reading Quran with translation and tafseer
• Using pamphlets, TV programs or Dawah
  booths is NOT a bid’ah.
What else can you talk to them about?
• Allow active discussion among participants
• Allow debate, dis-agreements, rebuttals.
• Bring it all together
    Disenfranchised youth, Ir-religious
• Non-practicing muslims need love and Mercy
• Have raham for them; Be polite.
• Do not condemn or scold; don’t loose your cool !
• Empower them with Islam, stories of Sahaba.
• Remind them of their convenants
• Offer them recognition, friendship, camaraderie, a
  Social club, place to hang-out !
• Concept of Deen and Duniya (Bird with 2 wings)
• Integration / Acculturation in the US, but with
  Islamic Identity
   Muslim Minorities in the USA
• As opposed to Indian-Pakistani or Arabs
• Need an ICNA fellow from their ethnicity to
  approach them eg: Bangladeshis, Bosnian,
  Somalian, Filipino, Indonesian, Guyana (West
• May need a separate NNet before integration
• Be acutely aware of past baggage, hostilities, mass
• Need to prime / prepare our own members to be
  accepting of new people who are different
       Secular muslims – meaning
          consciously secular.
• Explain Allama Iqbal’s journey
• Explain the secularism of the Bosnians’ did not save
  them when the holocaust came.
• Call them towards Civil Advocacy, social services,
  building bridges with other faith communities,
  INTERFAITH, anti-war movements etc.
• Explain what ICNA has to offer to them
Muslims in smaller towns of the USA

• Extremely under-looked and sidelined
• Highly talented and potential workers
• Usually, fertile ground without other groups
• Will get immediate empowerment on joining
  a national movement
• Will get lots of advantages, structure,
  literature, recognition when they join ICNA
    2nd or 3rd generation of immigrant
• Sometimes lost in the crowd
• Sense of superiority complex over the “FOBs”
• Maybe approached using YM- girls or boys
• Different directory of words, grammar, accent
• Very responsive, eager, hard-working once they join
• May result in older members needing to change
• May need to make meetings all English, not Urdu
• May need to change food from Biryani to American
  Converts / Reverts – Caucasian
• White males harder to find in reverts than
• Tend to be suspicious of groups / cults
• Immense amount of talent.
    Converts / Reverts – African
• Regaining their moral compass of hallaal and
• History of African Muslims in this country
  before Christopher Columbus
• Many slaves were muslim princes that knew
  to read and write
     Converts / Reverts – Latino
• Special affinity groups
• Most active on the list-serve
• Spirit of dawah is the highest in this group
    Schedule a large event at the end of the
     week to invite all the newcomers to.
•   Gives you an opening line to approach people
•   Enables you to solidify and consolidate
•   Explain the aims and objectives of ICNA further
•   Showcase past successful projects on poster-boards
•   Include pictures in the powerpoints
•   Include endorsements from Ulema and public
    figures, muslim sportsmen etc.
      Hurdles, Barriers, Excuses
• Enumerate the hurdles
• Verbalize the excuses
• Elaborate on the barriers
• Discuss if the barriers are perceptions or
• Are there any fallacies of thought ?
“I am too busy; No time for this!”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
“ICNA can be labelled terrorist org.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
     “I am a moderate muslim.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
“It is hard to be a father and do this.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
 “ICNA is not on the sunnat tareeqa.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
  “ICNA peoples beards are not long
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
 “I don’t want to join a Desi group.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
 “I don’t need what you are selling.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
       “You are misogynists !”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
  “In Rome, do as Romans do !”
• We need to be American here, not muslim.
“I am a convert; What can ICNA offer
• Very valid question
• Our leaders need to answer this – because
  there are serious differences in perception,
  our advertisement and our reality
  “Forming a group is a bida’ah.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
“You all compromise on the principles
             of Islam.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
         “It is too far for me.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
   “This is a new organization.”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
“I don’t know who your Ulema are!”
• Give me some ideas on how to rebut / explain
  this excuse !
    After the membership drive……
•   Consolidation and solidifying
•   Inviting and keeping track.
•   2 phone-calls and personal visits for 2 months
•   Repeated e-mails and reminders
•   Make some activities, dawah booths, picnics,
    potlucks etc. just for the new members
Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback ?

   Questions and Critique, please ?
Thankyou for your patient listening
    and active participation !
  May Allah bless you and protect you
  from the Shaitaan who is our Open
          Enemy ! Ameen !
            Recruiters Tool-Box
•   ICNA Pamphlets, Aims and Objectives
•   Charter and By-Laws
•   Membership Forms, Sign-in Sheets
•   FREE pens, T-shirts, Key-chains, Labels
•   FREE Stickers, Mugs, Mouse-pads, CD’s
•   Small anouncement sheet about big EVENT
•   Professional Business Cards with contact info.
Thankyou for your patient listening !

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