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					                                        UK Masquerade
                                     Kindred Character Sheet
Player Name:                                                            Clan:                                                          Generation:
Home Domain:                                                            Clan Advantage:                                                Blood Pool:
Membership Number (date):                                               Clan Disadvantage:                                             Willpower Points:
Character Name:                                                         Haven:                                                         Concept:
Sire:                                                                   Feeding Area:                                                  Nature:
Embrace Date:                                                           Kindred Title:                                                 Demeanour:
Mentor:                                                                 How Contacted (IC):                                            Total XP to date:
Mentoring Start Date:                                                   Date Joined Fief:                                              XP unspent:
You must note which attributes are primary, secondary, and tertiary. You may never have more traits in a lower attribute than a higher one. Attribute maximum are dictated by your generation.
            PHYSICAL TRAITS (P)                               MENTAL TRAITS (S)                                 SOCIAL TRAITS (T)                                STATUS / PRESTIGE

            NEGATIVE PHYSICAL                                 NEGATIVE MENTAL                                   NEGATIVE SOCIAL                                  DERANGEMENT(S)

            DISCIPLINES                         DISCIPLINES                                INFLUENCES                                ABILITIES                             ABILITIES

 #                                       FRENZY TRIGGERS (Beast Traits)                                                              FRENZY TYPES (Beast Trait Responses)

The favour system is the normal form of currency between Kindred - and is never bucked. Boons increase in value from 1 to 5: Trivial (little effort), Minor (some effort), Major (much effort),
Blood (great effort and/or risk), Life (great effort and risk). Large Boons can be paid off by multiple small ones. Boons owed also count as extra traits in appropriate Social challenge draws.
                                   Boons Owed To Other Kindred                                                                       Boons Owed By Other Kindred
              To Whom (Size 1-5)                                   To Whom (Size 1-5)                               By Whom (Size 1-5)                               By Whom (Size 1-5)

          Health Levels                                                                                       Effect
            Healthy            Normal State
 Mettle (Fortitude Discipline) You gain an extra Healthy level, but you must still show you are affected by the blow - it does not simply bounce off you.
           Bruised             You must risk an extra trait in all challenges, stating that you are Bruised
           Wounded             You are usually bleeding. You may not initiate challenges. If you are challenged, you must risk an extra trait as above. If you win the challenge, your total traits
                               are compared. If your opponent has more traits, they gets a free Retest.
          Incapacitated        You are unconscious for ten minutes and can only be healed by someone with the Medicine ability during this time.
      Torpor (Kindred only)    You enter a ‘coma’ for ‘X’ months (see Humanity). You can also be revived instantly by the Blood of a Kindred three generations lower than yourself.
              Dead             Kindred must receive Aggravated damage to suffer Final Death.

 XP      Where & When          Purchased         XP     Where & when           Purchased          XP    Where & When            Purchased         XP        Where & When          Purchased
                      EXPENDING BLOOD TRAITS (This must be announced as it is done)                                                           EXPENDING WILLPOWER (This must be announced as it is done)
One blood is spent when rising from sleep first thing in the evening. You are assumed to have fed before an event unless            Willpower is your inner strength, and builds as your generation lowers.
told otherwise. Various Disciplines employ Blood.                                                                                   Expending a WP is necessary to heal an Aggravated wound.
Healing wounds (instant): Aggravated - 3 Blood & 1 Willpower. Normal - 1 Blood                                                      Expending a WP allows you to restore all traits in one attribute category.
With Medicine Ability you can heal the normal wound of an incapacitated and unconscious Kindred; or, if all the wounds              Expending a WP can prevent or stop Frenzy (see rules below)
are aggravated, one blood will bring the recipient back to consciousness.                                                           Expending a WP allows you to ignore the effects of wounds up to, and including Incapacitation, for
Blood can provide extra physical traits, one for one - these must be announced BEFORE the Test. These apply to both initial         one combat.
bids and to totals in the case of a draw. These traits are active for up to five minutes after the end of the last challenge in a   Expending a WP allows you to negate the effects of any one lost Social or Mental challenge Your
conflict.                                                                                                                           opponent has not lost the challenge.

If you have to hunt to obtain more blood, you must tell a referee. Each victim can provide 1-3 traits of blood, but if you take more than 1 trait you harm the victim. You risk breaching the Masquerade and gaining Beast
Traits. Hunting takes 30 minutes per victim. Ventrue take 1 hour to find a victim. Toreador take 15 minutes to find a victim, less 5 minutes for each Performance ability they expend to a minimum of 5 minutes. If you are on
zero Blood you are desperate for blood, although this is controlled. However if there is loose blood around (e.g. someone is bleeding) you enter BLOODLUST FRENZY, attacking the nearest available source of vitae to feed
from (see below).

Starting Frenzy:                                                         Preventing Frenzy once Triggered:                                            Stopping a Frenzy:
Either Beast Trigger is present, or appears to be present as a result of Expend one Willpower trait. This will stave off the Frenzy for about 10 There are four methods, three for yourself, one for other people.
Beast Within, or is as a result of Blood Frenzy as above.                minutes, during which the character should try to get away from the Trigger.
                                                                         Willpower will negate Beast Within.

Method 1)                                                                      Method 2)                                                                    Method 3)
Expend a Willpower and succeed in a Static Mental Challenge vs 3 times If the Frenzy is about to make you do something that is completely against your The Frenzy burns itself out 10 mins after the Trigger goes away.
your number of Beast Traits.                                                   true Nature, you may try once to end the Frenzy as left without spending WP.
Method 4)You can be talked out of Frenzy by someone else: They must first make an extended role-playing attempt to do so, before engaging in a Static Social Challenge against you, against three times the number of Beast
Traits you have. If they fail, your attention (almost certainly hostile), will be drawn to them. You may not be talked out of Frenzy by someone if you know that they were involved in provoking your Frenzy.

A character in Frenzy may ignore the effects of all wounds until put into Torpor, but may not heal himself while Frenzying.
A character in Frenzy is neither affected by, nor can he initiate, Social Challenges . i.e. he is immune to Entrancement, but cannot attempt to use Dread Gaze.
Majesty is an effective defence against a frenzying vampire unless the person knows the Majestic person provoked the Frenzy, or the Majestic person is the only possible target.

HUMANITY - if you commit evil acts, you will increasingly succumb to the Beast. Every time you commit a crime that is higher than your current humanity rating you collect thirds of a Beast
equal to the difference in humanity rating, eventually resulting in your character receiving additional Beast Traits. Report your ‘sins’ to a referee and amend your character sheet. Once you have
reached four Beast Traits report to your Storyteller - your character will be monitored, and only a conscious effort will prevent you earning your fifth Beast trait (even without committing
diablerie). Various other problems result by having multiple Beast Traits e.g. the length of time spent in involuntary Torpor is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 months respectively. The middle column gives
examples of humanity crimes, the right indicates possible behavioural changes to be role played.
  1 Being a vampire, feeding from an unwilling victim, bruising a You are a vampire: your soul is all but forfeit - you are now one of the Damned. Outwardly you may delight at your new
      mortal                                                            powers, but within the horror is all too real. You know that if you fail to preserve your humanity you know you will be
                                                                        forever lost. i.e. regardless of your human background, you know you a have a new moral code of behaviour.
  2 Causing aggravated damage, incapacitating or staking a The Beast is growing within you, and o c c a s i o n a l l y it will surface. Your closest friends may notice a slight change in
      vampire, wounding a mortal, creating a willing childe.            your normal behaviour and outlook. What might have disturbed you before, now is ignored.
  3 Torporising a vampire, incapacitating a mortal, taking 2 blood The Beast is winning the fight for your remaining humanity. You are unconsciously callous (i.e. different from the
      from a mortal                                                     Negative Trait) as you now rarely find pain and suffering distressing, and often enjoyable.
  4 Conducting prolonged torture, murder of a mortal or vampire The Beast has all but taken over. It is evident to all but the foolhardy. You can still control it when you have to - but often
      (includes unrecoverable Torpor)                                   you simply won’t bother, and enjoy riding the waves of Frenzy that boil within you.
  5 Diablerising a vampire, creating an unwilling childe                You have completely succumbed to the Beast. See a Storyteller - your PC will be retired or become an NPC.

Information on other kindred: Negative Traits, Derangement’s, Frenzy Triggers and Responses etc.
          Whom                                         Details                                                                      Whom                                                     Details

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