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JPMorgan Chase


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									JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase

Modern American financial industry, "The Godfather":
JPMorgan Chase (Jpmorgan)
JP Morgan official website:
1 JP Morgan Chase Company
2 Morgan Chase History
3 JP Morgan China Strategy
3.1 into China
3.2 Asia-Pacific investment banking to enter top three
3.3 to attract top talent

JP Morgan Chase Company
JPMorgan Chase is headquartered in New York, which has more than 3,000 million
consumer and corporate, institutional and government clients. The company has 793
billion U.S. dollars of assets, operating in 50 countries, is the investment banking,
financial services, financial transaction processing, investment management, private
banking and private equity investment leader.
JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan Chase & Co) is the world's oldest
and largest financial services groups, from Chase Manhattan Bank, JP Morgan and
Fleming Group to complete the merger in 2000.
* Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1799 by the Manhattan New York City water
supply company established in 1922 to become the leading commercial and industrial
loans were, and in six years to become among the nation's largest bank.
* JP Morgan earlier as a British merchant banks by the father of John Pierpont
Morgan established in London in the late 19th century early 20th century, including
the United States steel companies, General Electric and AT & T and some
other well-known enterprises to establish the initial structure and financing play a
major role.
* Fleming Group is a London-based global investment banking group in the name of
its Asian operations are the operation of the Jardine Fleming, Jardine Fleming
Securities which is in 1970 by Jardine Fleming and co-established in Hong Kong The
region's first investment banking group.
Morgan Chase after the merger mainly in two major areas of Nei operation: First,
under the name of JP Morgan's corporate, institutional and wealth of
individuals Tigong global financial wholesale business; 2 is in the United States Yi,
"Chase Yin Xing" brand to 3 10 million Kehu to provide retail
banking services. The financial services including stock issue, mergers and
acquisitions advice, securities, private banking, asset management, risk management,
private equity, funds management.
JP Morgan is one of the world's most profitable bank, with more than 700
billion U.S. dollars of assets, management of funds more than 630 billion U.S. dollars.
A company with 772 sales staff, covering nearly 5,000 institutional investor clients;
equity research covering 5238 listed companies, including the 3175 Asian companies.
Since 1998, the JP Morgan Chase as the main underwriters of the shares outstanding
after the listing of stock prices, after a week the average price rose 17%, up 27% on
average within one month, three months, up 37% on average. The company employs
more than 90,000 worldwide in all major financial centers. JP Morgan Asia Pacific
headquarters in Hong Kong, 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region's 23
cities with 8,500 employees. JP Morgan ranked since 1993, Asian equity and
equity-linked issues in the first place, since 1993, the company principal underwriters
for the Asia 88 times stock, which raised a total of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars of
JPMorgan Chase History
J · P · Morgan is December 20, 1968 to establish the entire equity interest held by JP
Morgan bank holding company.
Morgan Morgan Guarantee Trust Company formerly known as New York, is April 20,
1959 by the merger of the two commercial banks, one also known as J · P · Morgan, a
security trust company in New York.
Morgan Guarantee Trust Company of New York composed of J · P · Morgan was built
in 1860 to J · Pierpont Morgan named. Founded, the company is a personal business
offices, the trading of foreign exchange. Later, growing business. More Mingdabuni
1864 Morgan, 1871 renamed Drexel Morgan, 1895 to J · P · Morgan. The company
from the early beginning, it happened with the U.S. financial sector is closely related
to historical events. During World War I, the company swept the United States to
Western Europe's financial business, large fortunes. Banking Act of 1933,
JP Morgan into commercial banks, the investment banking business had delivered to
Morgan Stanley. After 1940, Morgan turned into a limited company by the partners
and began to operate trust business.
Guarantee Trust Company in New York was built in 1864, 1896, changed its name to
guarantee a trust company in New York. 1910 merger of Morton Trust Company and
the Fifth Avenue Trust Company, 1912 merger of Standard Trust Company,
Commercial Bank merged in 1929.
After World War II, the United States increasingly competitive banking sector. New
York, Morgan Guarantee Trust Company merged with Morgan Guarantee Trust
Company of New York to strengthen the capabilities to compete more effectively. The
late 60's, New York, Morgan Guarantee Trust Company, as the Morgan
bank's holding company - J · P · Morgan established, the business has
expanded. To meet the domestic and foreign financial market changes, the company
has established a number of new subsidiary bodies, including the 1971 establishment
of 23 - six companies (in 1976 the company changed its name to Morgan and social
development) in 1981 to establish the Mogen Futures Inc., 1986 established in the
J · P · Morgan Securities Company.
Into the 90's has been accompanied by a wave of information, to further
expand the company's business scope, such as the introduction of online
banking and more convenient for the user to provide credit card services.
Bank's business has spread all over the world, further expanding the
company's scale, but the company still has in good faith, impartiality and
fairness of the principle, for the tens of thousands of customers worldwide to provide
quality services.
JP Morgan Chase in Hong Kong for 30 years, has been awarded, the best and most
influential investment banks, listed in the implementation of the complex issue of
Hong Kong has extensive experience. November 1999, JP Morgan Chase as the Joint
Global Coordinators, the successful issue of the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong. JP
Morgan Chase in the amount of 4.3 billion transaction has the important role
institutional demand was received by the head of syndicate, representing institutional
investors, 32% of the total orders, retail orders of 6.4%. JP Morgan Chase since 1987,
began to invest in China and the launch of investment banking, underwriting of many
state-owned distribution main projects, including the numerous re-H shares listed on
the project: Huaneng Power, Anhui Conch, Chengdu-Chongqing expressway, B
shares are Inner Mongolia Yitai coal mines, and N shares: Huaneng Power
International. In May this year, JP Morgan Treasury one billion U.S. dollars in China,
10-year bond to act as joint lead-line and book line. Prior to that, also 100 million U.S.
dollars for the Treasury bonds and 500 million U.S. dollars century 7-year global
bond served as the main underwriters. JP Morgan Chase in 2000 for the acquisition of
Shandong Huaneng Huaneng Power International as a financial advisor.
June 14, 2004, the Fed issued a statement, approved by the United States JP Morgan
Chase merger with First Bank of the program. The new JP Morgan Chase after the
merger of bank assets totaled 1.12 trillion U.S. dollars, in one fell swoop more than
Bank of America, with 1.19 trillion U.S. dollars of assets Citigroup's
largest bank one step, but businesses will also extend to the entire central and western
New York to become the second after following the United States truly regional bank.
JP Morgan China Strategy
Into China
JP Morgan Chase's long history in China dating back to the early 20th
century. 1909, JP Morgan served as Huguang rail bond underwriters. 1920, Chase
Bank opened offices in Shanghai and Tianjin, as local and foreign institutions
providing financial services.
JP Morgan Chase and the new relationship with China began in 1973, then-Chase
Manhattan Bank Chairman David Rockefeller led the first U.S. business delegation to
visit China. Chase Bank of China that year became the first U.S. correspondent
banking, and in 1982 became the first to open an office in Beijing, one U.S. bank.
October 2003, JP Morgan Chase by China Securities Regulatory Commission
approved the QFII qualification obtained. This is JP Morgan Chase to enter the
Chinese financial market is another important step.
JP Morgan's fund company JPMorgan signed an agreement with Shanghai
International Trust and Investment, a joint venture fund company. JP Morgan Chase
made as a commercial bank to conduct RMB business and foreign exchange licenses,
which launched in China, including its investment banking business including the
business provides a good foundation.
JP Morgan Chase Chairman Harrison said that JP Morgan international financial
institutions to use their valuable experience to help China build a dynamic, active and
innovative financial services sector. This process required them to master the various
tools, such as risk management knowledge and experience to global capital markets,
extensive contacts Chuangzaofensan risk and pro-competition Xinxingjinrong market
first-hand information. Harrison said that he would share the wealth of China and
these tools in China.
Asia-Pacific investment banking to enter top three
For some time now, JP Morgan is not popular in China, Guan Zhu, either commercial
banking or investment banking business, even though it is the second largest financial
institutions, integrated financial services group in the model. Why?
JP Morgan Chase's commercial banking business is mainly wholesale
banking, retail banking rarely do. Because their business philosophy, do more
conducive to managing the wholesale business. JP Morgan Chase in China adhere to
this principle and, therefore, not subject to public attention. From the investment
banking business, the September 2000 merger of the former JP Morgan and Chase
Manhattan are commercial banks, although JP Morgan has received special approval
from the SEC, may engage in securities business. JP Morgan Chase after the merger
of investment banking business almost from scratch, especially in China.
After three years of efforts, JPMorgan Chase's investment banking has
achieved good results, in the global investment banking, equity financing and debt
financing transactions have made the top five results in the Asia Pacific region is
entering the top three, in South Korea and China Taiwan region has come out on top.
In October alone, JP Morgan made in the Chinese mainland market six businesses:
Overseas Chinese government issued in total national debt of 1.5 billion, JP Morgan is
one of the world's joint bookrunner;
China Telecom in the nearly 80 billion yuan from the parent network of acquisition of
the assets of six project provinces, JPMorgan Chase is an independent financial
CNOOC signed the acquisition of Australia's Gorgon project, estimated to
amount 300 million U.S. dollars. JP Morgan is the financial adviser;
CITIC International Financial issued 180 million U.S. dollars convertible project,
JPMorgan Chase is an independent bookrunner and global co-coordinator;
China Travel International Investment 150 million U.S. dollars issued convertible
bonds program, JPMorgan Chase is an independent bookrunner and global
coordinator of the independent;
In the Motorola chip factory on the ZTE deal, Motorola, JP Morgan served as
financial advisor.
Recruit top talent
JP Morgan to the Chinese market for the strategic development priorities, more than 1
/ 3 of the Asia-deployment of staff in the Greater China region. JP Morgan increased
the strength of China, from other agencies hired several influential in the investment
banking industry professionals.
  JP Morgan inherits the global strategy of a chess game using a comprehensive
financial holding the advantage in every parts of the world all-round business.
ound business.

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