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Join the perfect voice-Dahis WOM

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					Join the perfect voice-Dahis WOM
?Last year when I take a break from WoW, I do not want my role in this virtual world
from disappeared. Up in the network name already difficult, want to maintain the
"Ming" the gold standard, then how can you lend the game a
test server people fight the best record, the strongest player integrated better way to
do ? In all of the video production who, Dahis is my favorite objects. His performance
on the test server also demonstrated that he is the best I could find a successor.
Unfortunately, that department did not play the video and his full potential. As the
production cycle too long (2.0 times the 1.12 release 90% of the video seems out of
date) and equipment failure caused by material losses, making this video may not call
it bad, but let down "by most thieves operate The most famous game
characters "propaganda. In Dahis after practicing a warrior, I tried to draw
him to the Lightning Blade server, but the power of the dark side of my lower back,
and he was unwilling to associate with evil villain in WoW. Ultimately, the critically
acclaimed series of Nerf-Sap, crude and refined the Happyminti won his heart.
WOM site and opening up, Dahis once again caught my eye. I immediately sent him
to invite cooperation, and provided him with my Adsense account and complete trust.
His aptitude for sharp business sense, attention to detail and, more importantly, he is a
handsome white man, as the site of the face, which undoubtedly has a higher market
value. From Yahoo to Youtube, the success of each of Asians in the United States have
a white partner,           Eminem's         song called         "White
America" is not without reason - of course, if Dahis did not have the
strength to show for me certainly would not be so highly of him. Finished in my
Adsense account after, Dahis chosen and I set up with the largest competitors Minti
Shadow-Gaming. Although they do not want to show the SG WOM competitive
attitude, but this competition is inevitable, and in the WOM under pressure, he
(especially Minti) felt the obvious setbacks.
"Your strength is so weak, why do not you stronger? Because of the lack of
hate." - Ferret
Since Minti and a retired and living with WoW in the MM after, Dahis once again
become a free man. I have the Great Wall as thick skinned, so no matter how many
times rejected, I always have an incentive to get back to what I really want. Logically,
I should his recruitment to Gameriot, but that does not like to imagine that simple.
First of all, SG flow really well, but not enough to attract Gameriot olive branch to
him immediately. They just hope he can simply draw in, I think Dahis not agree.
It can be said that without economic compensation, the network also played a big
reputation and then not play any role. I have had several of friendship to help the blog,
but none of them can share some of my real pressure. I work full time during the day
is high noon, and still thriving, Gameriot / WOM in the next few months, also be of
great action, including video blog and in culture. Written seven articles per week (my
contract called for four articles per week during non-game, but I know that to fully
develop, there must be new stock every day shelves), or at least seven interesting
articles to meet the most basic needs, such as Gostop workload as life siphon energy
consumed me. I need someone to help me get a few nights a week of rest to complete
my statement and India, the liberation of the next phase of the chakras.
This is why I am willing to pay for their employment Dahis why. Kevin Garnett in
order to build a stronger team, willing to cut their income, for the same goal, so I do
not mind. Dahis is trustworthy and has perseverance of the writer, he can
single-handedly put the site Alexa ranking washed 100-200K; his writing style and I
am completely different, which means that our cooperation will be able to attract a
wider Readers; In addition, because the extra few nights a week break, the quality of
the article should be able to get a substantial increase, after all, sometimes there is
nothing really interesting topic to write about. For these reasons, I believe that our
concerted efforts, it is certain that WOM and Gameriot into a new height, I have
always wanted us to cut the cake bigger, not just satisfied with the existing cake more
were large. As for the other blog authors, and reliable enough for me, only Radikal,
but he can be regarded as WoW community ferret, a little shabby so I do not want to
use to fool his reward.
Welcome to the tone and forbearance Village, Dahis, let us work together to create a
better future.

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