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1, please introduce yourself yourself

Answered Tip: Most people answer this question too common, only that name, age,
hobbies, work experience, they have the resume, in fact, most companies want to
know is the job competency, including: the strongest skills, The most in-depth study
of knowledge, personality of the most active Bufen and done the most successful
things, the main Cheng Jiudeng, which can be and unrelated to learning, you can and
learn Youguan, Dan to Tuchu positive personality and the ability to do things To put it
reasonable business will believe. Enterprises attach great importance to a
person's manners, job seekers should respect the examiner, said in answer
to each question after the words "Thank you." Polite business
like job seekers.
2, do you think would your biggest strength?

Answered Tip: cool, calm and clear, stand firm, tenacious up.
Helpful and caring, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and friendliness. I
Beida after one to two years of training and project combat, plus internship, so I fit the
job. I believe I can succeed.
3, talk about your greatest weakness?

Reply Note: this question asked of the probability of large enterprises, usually do not
want to hear a direct answer to the shortcomings of what other, if the applicant says he
narrow-minded, jealous people, very lazy, big temper, low efficiency, enterprises will
certainly not work with you. Never try to be smart answer "My biggest
weakness is a perfectionist," some people think that answer would seem to
compare his own good, but in fact, he may risk the perilous RB. Enterprises like the
job from the start with their own advantages, the middle of some small drawbacks,
and finally the issue back to the advantages on the part of the outstanding advantages.
Enterprises like the smart job seekers.
4, the view you work overtime?

Reply Note: many companies actually ask this question, does not prove that we must
work overtime. Just want to test your willingness to sacrifice for the company.
Sample answer: If it is necessary I will be duty-bound to work overtime. I am single,
no family responsibilities, work can be fully involved. However, I will improve
efficiency, reduce unnecessary overtime
5, your salary requirements?

Answered Tip: If you pay demands are too low, it is clear to belittle their abilities; If
you pay demands are too high, it would appear you are too heavy weight, the
company can not afford good enough. Some employers are often seeking appointed
positions in advance of the budget set, and therefore the first time the price is often
the highest price they can give. They ask you just want to confirm whether the money
would be sufficient to catch your interest in this work.
A sample answer: "I pay no hard and fast requirement. I believe that your
company will deal with the issue of my friendly and reasonable. I pay attention to is
finding opportunities to work, so long as the conditions for fair, I do not mind too
Sample answer 2: I have received systematic training in software programming, does
not require extensive training. And I am also particularly interested in programming.
Therefore, I hope the company according to my situation and the level of market
standards, give me a reasonable salary.
Sample answer three: If you have to have specific number of their own, do not say
that a broad range, so you will only get a minimum figure. Best to give a specific
figure, so that you have made of today's job market surveys, that such
qualifications as their employees what kind of value.
6, in five years time, your career planning?

Reply Note: This will be a candidate do not want the question asked, but almost
everyone asked. The answer is more "managers." But in recent
years, many companies have set up a special technical means. The status of these
efforts     are    often    referred     to   as    "consultant",
"Services technician" or "senior software
engineer" and so on. Of course, say a number of other positions that
interest you is also possible, such as product marketing manager, production manager
and some have associated with your professional background work. You know, the
examiner always like to have aggressive candidates, this time to say "do
not know", maybe it will make you lose a good opportunity. The most
common answer should be "I am going to do something in the technology
field," or "I want to develop in accordance with the
company's management idea."
7, your friend's opinion of you?

Answer tips: want to find out from the side of your personality and get along with
Sample answer: "My friends say I am a trustworthy person. Because I once
promised to other people's things, they will do. If I can not, I would not
easily promise.
Sample answer: "I feel I was in a more easy-going person, with different
people can live in friendship. I get along with others, I always stand in someone
else's point of view problem"
8 Do you have any questions to ask?

Reply Note: This problem seems dispensable Enterprises, is very critical, enterprises
do not like to say "no problem", because its very emphasis on
individuality and creativity of employees. Enterprises do not like the job being asked
personal questions like, if someone asked: your new employees into the company
have any training program, I can attend? Or your company's promotion
system is what? Enterprises will be very welcome, because you reflect on the learning
enthusiasm and loyalty to the company and your ambition.
9, if the unit through this interview we hired you, but work for some time but find that
you are not fit for this position, how do you do?

Reply Note: for some time to find work is not for me, there are two situations:

1, if you really love this job, you must keep on learning, leadership and open-minded
colleagues to learn professional knowledge and experience of doing things, about the
spiritual content of this career and professional requirements, and strive to reduce

2, do you think this career is dispensable, it was as early as possible from another
career, to find suitable for you, you love the job, so you will be the development of
future large point of the units and individuals alike.
10, upon completion of a job, do you think the leaders of the way is not the best, he
still better way, how should you do?

Answer tips: ① . In principle I will respect and obey the leadership of the
organization of work; also find the opportunity to consult privately tone, melody to
express their own thoughts, to see whether the leader can change the idea;
② If the leaders do not take my advice, I would still seriously by the leadership
required to complete this work;
③. There is another situation, if contrary to the principles of leadership in the manner
required, I would strongly opposing views; such as leadership is still stubborn, I will
not hesitate to higher leadership reflected.
11, if your work mistakes, causing economic losses to the company, how do you think

Answer tips:
① I intended to work for the company, if the resulting economic losses, I think the
primary issue is to find ways to offset or recover economic losses. If I am incapable of
responsibility, hoping to help resolve the unit;
② the responsibility issue. Clearly define the responsibilities, duties, if it is my
responsibility, I pay a penalty; If it is a team I was responsible for the mistakes of
others, can not gloat, as a team, need guidance and help each other work together to
complete comfort and help colleagues colleagues find out the reasons sum up the
③ lessons learned, a person's l

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