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					Effects of Global Warming on Small Island Nations
A Special Emphasis on Fiji Islands

What is Global Warming ? A gradual warming of Earth’s atmosphere reportedly caused by the burning of fossils fuels and industrial pollutant.  It is caused by gaseous that trap suns heat in Earth’s atmosphere. Primarily carbon dioxide and CFC gaseous are to blame.

So Are We Really Warming Up?

Yes !!! We Are. Oceans and Atmosphere are getting WARMER. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.


Slice of Fiji

Some Background Information About Fiji
• Its an archipelago of over 300 islands located in the heart of the

• • •

• • •

South Pacific Ocean. Approximately 0.9 Million People. Fiji greets the world’s new day first; International Date Line crosses the island of Taveuni. Most culturally diverse island in the South Pacific region. Fijians and Indians dominate the population, respectively. Reasonably under developed country. But in general people have fairly good quality of life and receive good education. Tourism and Sugar industry are the backbone of Fiji’s economy. Many people still rely heavily on the natural resources to provide for themselves. Fishing and small scale farming are still the major source of income for thousands of people. Less than 0.1% Annual Emission of Carbon dioxide.

Adverse Effects of Global Warming on Fiji

Slight Increase in Sea Levels Increases the Temperature of Sea Blamed for Severe Climatic Change



Increase in Sea Levels

• • • •

Incursion of seawater inland. Threatens the villages around the coasts. Enormous soil erosion near coastal areas. Ruined agricultural land. Intruding seawater has changed the pH of farming lands and orchards; hence lowered the productivity. • Threatens the fresh water supply of low lying islands on the west coasts.

Sea Water Incursion

Sea Temperature Increases
  


Increases the rate of coral bleaching. Corals are not able to regenerate. Directly impacts the marine ecosystem. Indirectly hurts the people who are dependent on tourism industry. And all those who make a living from the sea. Higher temperatures coupled with Crown of Thorns Starfish means disaster for coral reefs.


Climatic Changes
 Fiji is continuously hammered by severe climate changes. Mostly El Nino is to be blamed.  Although science has not establish any direct correlation between El Nino and Global Warming, experts of climate science like Dr. Kevin Trenberth believe that Global Warming might have increased both the intensity and frequency of El Nino.  The extreme climatic conditions have devastated many poor farming communities.

Weird Climatic Patterns




Formation of number of depression/cyclones have increased per year. As well as the intensity. The average rainfall over the last decade has increased from 2500mm to 3200mm. Heavy rainfall and cyclones has been witnessed during the dry season over the past 5 years. Flash flooding and heavy rainfall on the west coast has increased in frequency over the last decade. El Nino is blamed for the first ever drought in Fiji (1997). This caused over $50m FJD loss in the sugar industry.

Extreme Weather

Secondary Effects of Global Warming

     

Poor farmers suffer. Sugar industry was at brink of closure. Interest in agriculture is declining. Tourism industry is affected. Loss of specialized jobs. Internal migration to cities. Increased problems in the cities.

So What Can We Do To Help ?.

   

We should become more responsible. Use more energy friendly products Get educated. Invest in alternative energy. Become involved in environmental awareness.


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