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									James Monroe
5th U.S. President (presidential term: March 4, 1817 - March 4, 1821 March 4, 1821 -
March 4, 1825)
Name: James Monroe
Born: April 28, 1758 Westmoreland County, Virginia
Died: July 4, 1831 New York, NY
Political party: the Democratic Republican Party
First Lady: Elizabeth Cortright Monro
Vice President: Daniel D · Tompkins
   Monroe is the founding President of the United States, the last one, Monroe 48
years of political ups and downs, Xianhoudangguo lawyers, members, diplomatic
envoys, the governor, secretary of state, army and state ministers and the president
and chairman of the Constituent Assembly.

April 28, 1758, Monroe was born in the West Virginia Monroe County Magnolia
shore. Monroe's father was a planter. Monroe hour marquis in his home
school, 16 years into the Williamsburg, Virginia, William - Mary High School to
Monroe live in an age, it is the British rule in North America in the precarious times.
Virginia is the center of the storm. North America, people struggle against British
colonial rule deeply affected youth of Monroe. 1776 Monroe abandoned document
enlist and participate in the first line of anti-British struggle.
Joined the army after the Battle of Monroe experienced a number of, and fail to
establish military exploits, are appreciated in Washington. Washington praised him as
"in all cases, both to maintain a brave, active and intelligent
officer's reputation." 1880 Thomas Jefferson appointed him as
Virginia's military correspondent, is the rank of lieutenant colonel. At that
time, he began to follow the subsequent impact on his great Jefferson. 1782, only
24-year-old Monroe was elected Virginia's House of Representatives, and
is also a member of the state Executive Council to participate in the major affairs of
state decision-making.
From 1783 to 1786, Monroe was elected to the U.S. Confederation Congress, took
part in the Fourth Continental Meeting of ﹑ fifth and sixth, to the General Assembly
to promote the importance of U.S. economic development proposals, politics became
an active figure. From 1786 to 1790 five members elected to the Senate, he in Virginia,
Fort Frederick, a lawyer. Just then he became principal deputy Jefferson. French
Revolution, the French-American relations were tense, Washington sent Monroe to
improve relations between the two countries as ambassador to France. After Monroe
to France by the French National Association for the warm reception, but the
dissatisfaction caused by domestic federal faction. In 1797 he was transferred back to
China. Monroe Federal School debate on U.S. foreign policy, won fame from this
earthquake. 1799, he was elected governor of Virginia. Quell a slave revolt, and to
promote the development of education. In the 1800 presidential campaign Monroe to
Jefferson's election upcoming economies. Jefferson was elected U.S.
president, Monroe was appointed special envoy, Minister to France to assist in law
apply to France to buy Louisiana. Subsequently, Monroe has been appointed Minister
in London.
In 1810, he was again elected as Virginia Executive. Soon, he was appointed by
President Madison as secretary of state. Anglo-American war broke out in 1812,
known to history as the second war of independence. 1814, Monroe was appointed
Secretary of the Army, responsible for British operations. Monroe's efforts
in the United States effectively against the British violations. Monroe's
political reputation was greatly enhanced, in 1816, he was elected U.S. president. In
1821 he was again elected President. After leaving office, Monroe returned home. In
1826, he and Jefferson and Madison was elected the Council of the University of
Virginia. July 4, 1831, he died in New York.
Monroe's administration, the U.S. peace and stability, prosperity, territory
expansion, which won the "harmonious era" name. At the same
time, James Monroe was also a distinguished diplomat, a diplomatic career of the
United States of America is mainly embodied in his "inaugural
speech" and "Monroe Declaration." As a disciple of
Jefferson, who inherit and develop their predecessors mainly Jefferson's
thinking on diplomatic history of the formation of a U.S. diplomatic famous
"Monroe Doctrine."
"Monroe Doctrine" proposed a "monarchy of the Old
World" and "republic of the New World" are two
concepts that are different both in substance, the Holy Alliance to extend the old
world monarchy to America is " our peace and security threat. "
James Monroe seems republic is the essence of American prosperity, is the best in
human history, the most advanced social system. "No beginning of the next
government takes over this year to come as this, nor what form the next government
in the early days to enjoy this so brilliant. Throughout world history, whether ancient
or modern, there is no rapid development of state like the United States, not a nation
so rich as the American people, joy. Looking to the future, every citizen will feel
sincere joy, because our state system has improved steadily, without major reform. the
great task of our future system to defend our country, the basic principles and main
features. " "In our countries and continents throughout the polity,
we have all been ruled out damage to the core and the republican system of the
shortcomings." "In our great country and the people are
sovereign only as the representative of the improvements, and for free, open and
effective government for all of the necessary maximum extent, people's
right to move to elected representatives groups, and representatives of the hands, and
the sovereignty of the people intact. the entire system of government is an elected,
sovereign control in the hands of the people completely, and every government
officials from each of the people get power, their behavior should be for the people
responsible. "" We have every reason to believe that our system
will soon reach the degree of perfection, the functioning of various departments will
also exhibit a high degree of order and harmony, thus won the admiration and respect
of the civilized world. "
James Monroe for the love of republican system of government and worship, led him
to strive to maintain their free and democratic republic. Therefore, Monroe declared
the Americas to this new world of independent countries of the old political system
and the European countries in the world is fundamentally different, it is two different
regions, so each side should not be to their own political system and impose its own
will to the other, each party should exercise restraint, refrain from interfering in
other's internal affairs. "Holy Alliance national political
system ... ... with the American political system is very different. ... ... We believe that
aspects of the European powers to extend their political system to attempt in any
Western Hemisphere for our peace and security are all at risk . "

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