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					Jack - Jack Canfield (JackCanfield)
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Jack - Jack Canfield (Jack Canfield)

Jack - Jack Canfield is a best-selling book "Chicken Soup"
series of planning one of the existing 105 volumes of the series, printed more than 100
million total, have been translated into 40 languages in the world issue. He is also the
"laws of success" and other bestsellers. 35 years, Jack was more
than 20 countries, companies, universities, nonprofit organizations and public life,
carried out the restructuring of the talks. He served as school teachers, university
lecturers, spiritual therapist and life science aspects of successful coaching. Jack?
Canfield is also more than 150 TV column and more than 600 radio programs and
share his groundbreaking ideas.

The first 30 years of life, I used to "develop the brain." In the
military to be a full 8 years, I studied four years at Harvard, and later the University of
Chicago to study for 2 years, these learning experiences made me a well-developed
intelligence, but the price is my physical, emotional and spiritual separation. The
training of all military and Harvard and the thinking and logic. My body is completely
head of the container and the athletic field beat opponents. Emotion, desire and
pleasure are the so-called full academic and sports achievements of the suppression.
Fatigue, pain, loneliness, fear and anger are all individuals must overcome.

Mid-70s until the 20th century, I became the campus of Massachusetts Amherst
doctoral education, I realized that my life actually lost a lot. Although I have been
very good, but not one thing worth showing off, I have been brooding. But I am rather
pleased that most of my courses are focused on strengthening the self-awareness, to
help find the lost self, and to explore more authentic way of life. In addition to
compulsory education professional history and philosophy, I could choose a number
such as "value orientation," "decisive force
training",         "communication           skills"       and
"gestalt" of the class curriculum. Over time, I rediscovered the
feeling of dust for years, learned how to listen to the voices from the spirit and nature
with others and establish a deep connection. I also participated in various self-help
and development of human potential of the team, and gradually learn to explore their
own emotional and spiritual.

Over the years, I have felt from the spirit of the self and religion. Mother had been
Catholic, but since his father after the divorce, will no longer go to church. As the
stepfather is a member of the Presbyterian Church, so I went with him to Presbyterian
churches. But in high school, I had an extremely unpleasant experience, would then
abandon all religious beliefs.
Every year, we live in the community will have a joint on the church to encourage
each church member to participate in this day of churches of different religious
ceremonies. When the priest asked what I would like to participate in a church
ceremony, I told his intention to attend Catholic mass. I have never done mass and
mother, it has been very curious about this, where the Latin hymns, incense, weekly
confession, as well as dialogue. Upon hearing this pastor is angry, he took me to the
office, began a period of 20-minute lobbying by Protestants than Catholics in general
is superior. Protestant than Catholic doctrine as superior to, God favored them more.
He even took out a map of Europe to compare various countries gross national
product and per capita income, and noted that the major faith Wei Protestant countries,
like Germany and the United Kingdom in both Fangmian to be much higher than
Spain and Italy Tianzhu Jiao countries. He concluded by stating: If I believe in the
Protestant, I would be more successful in life, he also suggested that I attend
Methodist or Lutheran.
   I remember leaving his office, he has thoroughly exposed the dirty tricks, stubborn
and arrogant tired. Since then, I do not believe Sunday sermon has always preached
love, tolerance, compassion and the like sermon. Completion of the history of religion
at Harvard, I am closer to an agnostic. I began to wonder whether God really exists. I
even think that Carl? Mayquez declared, "Religion is the opium of
paralysis," also makes sense: As long as people believe in God, and can
foresee a better life after death, they will bear any suffering of this life.

Looking back, I think the crux of the problem lies, and like most people, I accept the
religious education too dogmatic, but the existence of the spiritual world of how to
establish and maintain contacts silent. It is not difficult to explain why I have been in
a closed state of the spiritual world.

During this period, a mentor through the book to me, that is medical 博士雷蒙德?
Moody's (Raymond Moody) "life after life" (Life
After Life). He said he devoured the book, from his life is changed. I took the book
home, the evening began to read. Dr. Moody's book on the medical records
to "near-death experience" in the study. As a medical doctor,
Moody's in particular those who have been medically declared dead, but
revived after a few minutes and can remember the "death"
experience of the people interested.

Through interviews with these people, Moody identify a clear pattern of this
experience. Died and their bodies after separation, floating in the air and can see them
down "dead" body. After they pass through a long tunnel
(usually accompanied by high profile sound), the end of the tunnel there is an aura,
give them unconditional love. Many Christians believe that Emmanuel is Christ,
Buddhists believe that Buddha, while agnostics and atheists are just see it as an aura.
Next, the "dead" will be accompanied by Emmanuel, recalled
his own life, its purpose is to summarize experience and lessons learned during his
lifetime. Everyone inevitably be told that his body should be returned, so they come
alive, though a bit reluctantly.

In many interviews objects Moody, one of them said something, let me feel the most.
He said Emmanuel Recalling a lifetime of his asked him two questions. The first
question is: "In your lifetime, you get what kind of wisdom?"
The second question is: "What you cultivate the power of love?"
These two issues other than the contents of the book to my shock more intense. I have
recently re-read the book, was surprised to find that these two issues is the original
book, only two sentences of a paragraph, I always thought they were before the
book's theme. However, they are not works of Dr. Moody's
theme, but 30 years I have been to heart, because they are a beacon of my life.

Read this part of Moody's work, I have come to a conclusion: Each of us
who are actually formed by the spirit, the spirit beyond the physical; In fact, after the
death of life on Earth will have 新 life; we shall So living in this planet, the main
purpose is to deepen our wisdom, to develop our capacity to love.

That night, I began wrestling with the past life and found I did not strive to become
more wise, more amiable and respectful. Prior to this, if only all my life, and not
accumulated wisdom, caring for others. As the field of education, no one can
"teach to test", almost no school or university had set up a
"learn from your experience, wisdom," or "how
selfless love" of the class curriculum. On the contrary, I learned most of
history, geography, mathematics and biology, although very useful, but with love, joy
and peace of mind has nothing to do, which had distanced themselves from me.
Although the church exhort us to be caring, kind, tolerant, compassionate, but they
lack an effective curriculum to teach how we can achieve this state.

When savoring of "life after life," a peek into the thoughts, I
really feel the spirit deep inside there, it is what we usually call
"God." The existence of God not to punish mankind, but to
educate the public sympathetic to the heart of love toward others. On this level, we
are in a university in the world, learned through our experience of these reasons. Dr.
Moody's research (and, later, Kenneth? Ryan and Dr. Elizabeth? Kübler -
Ross on near-death experience in medical research) and the saints for the mysterious
phenomenon of issues brought to us to provide a physical basis.

This is indeed far-reaching book changed my life path. That night, I began to deeply
infatuated with meditation, prayer, reading, practicing the spirit of service to others. I
dedicated my life to learn the great cause of love and wisdom, but also education, so
do others. At first, I passed the start-up the dignity of the law of human relations and
successful seminar to help others. Later, I began to collect those who love and
wisdom Hui Yunyi implication of the story, through their encouragement and
inspiration to others. The stories I was writing for "Jack" basis.

At the seminar, I often refer to reading "Life after life"
experiences that have meaning change, and I get the feeling from this book. One night,
I just finished a speech at a church, a man in the audience came up and told me that
he's near-death experience after a car accident. He said that before in that
car accident, although he was a Christian, and attended the ceremony every week, but
never felt close to God and church ties. As a real estate agent, all his life is the pursuit
of commercial success. Ever since that near-death experience, and despite the job has
not changed, but he began to customer service as their object, not as original as them
as their cash cow.

Subsequently, he and I share some very idea of enlightenment. "You
see," he said, "Although I am a Christian, but I really do not
know when the existence of the church sermon described heaven or hell. I went to the
church of the time too short, they can not know. But I can tell you what I think of hell
look like. hell is standing on the side of Jesus Christ, who will accompany you review
your life experience, you can see every time you refused to impose life love scenes.
Whenever refused to give love and compassion to others, you should really feel the
pain, including your own pain, of course, including those who rejected your pain.

When I was in the audience after the lecture and to share this story, a man who
graduated from the University of Southern California came up. He told me tearfully
that he had warned his daughter, if you must marry her boyfriend, then she will be
deprived of their inheritance. Her boyfriend was studying at the University of
California, Los Angeles, this school is the University of Southern
California's "enemies." Men also admitted that he did
not have more than a year and her daughter speak. These stories are clear: If the return
of our love and tolerance, we will give ourselves and each other how much
unnecessary damage.

Now, as "life after life" and give it to my experience, I have
always tried to help people make real their own, believe their faith, and with their own
unique way to pursue happiness. This alone is enough to eliminate many of the
pressures in my life. In addition, I also own family and friends, the heart full of love.
Although far from perfect, but I will always think of the University of Massachusetts
Amherst campus in a dark apartment through the night, remember that night I learned
two questions: "Under existing conditions, how can I better care for others?
"and" I learn from this experience what kind of wisdom?
"ask ourselves these questions, and made to answer these questions the
tireless efforts of all to make my life's journey than Xiang Xiang more