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									Is the most successful gamblers bet their
   Helen Keller said: "The life of either adventure or nothing."

  While gambling is not a virtue, but a lot of people because of over-cautious, as
there is no life. For entrepreneurs, the betting is the most basic quality of the root from
the English speaking, the entrepreneur is the risk of meaning, of the super giant, the
adventure even more attractive than the profits, more like a game.

    IBM founder Thomas Watson is a naughty nature. He has brought the family trip to
Europe, warned his son not to play a hotel gambling machines, also pretend to
repeatedly stresses the downside of gambling, but many years later, Watson revealed
little, said: "But we walked away, he poured himself play up.
"Watson generous life, is gambling, such as gambling Roosevelt, all of the
tax on the rich hate the President, but Watson and he was wearing a pair of pants.

  Born in Macao, Guangdong Jiangmen drug Yip Hon gambling with your life. Han
Ye gambling childhood, youth tube gambling, gambling prime of life, old age gamble.
"I bet this person covered all bacteria, no gambling would not be
happy." Lose up to a 300 million U.S. dollars, up to a win more than 200
million. "Although I specialize in Du Shu, but the calculation of life, just a
draw, was a play on words." Yip Hon later years converted to Buddhism,
the Buddha was more advanced games, a lot of people can not afford that.

   Epic than the drug lords play well. Stanley Ho is not gambling, never on tables,
often in the river walk, is not wet feet. Open a restaurant like a casino, like he is just a
business. Come Lisboa Casino, really believe that Liu Xiahui Zuohuaibuluan story.
Regardless of the roulette Shuiyingshuishu, the last win is Stanley Ho. 1000 gambling
gambling million, or Stanley Ho would bet, so kings.

   Bet, only the odds, Machiavelli said: "rapid than cautious, because the
fate of God is a woman, you want to overwhelm her, it must beat her, shock
her." This is the gambler's motto.

  "Wall Street, an attached Creek, an attached grave."

   There is a saying in the United States: "Wall Street an attached Creek, an
attached grave." Many people read these words, the rapid rise. And
co-founder of CNN, Turner Field this Lisisheen know first, when he started high
school football lottery business, accept a bet. His great poker hand, win friends, old
money, a lot of losers older than he. Time on the Harvard University Business School,
won by a lot of money in this specialty, eventually to be expelled because of
   People to class together, and his partner, Turner also bet that he can even bet on his
head. CNN in the organization of the time due to lack of money, Turner always with a
pistol pointed at his head, in his opinion, may lend money to him, said:
"There is going to die, you do not lend money to me, I shoot.
"Sure enough it worked, really do not know how America Turner heart.
Events due to gambling were made and Fujisawa, Soichiro Honda, Honda two

   Honda and Fujisawa know soon, Fujisawa asked: "Do you like to bet on
it?" Fujisawa said: "Life is the largest gambling, playing cards,
throwing bones too small." Soichiro Honda have no interest in small
gambling, do things as put their bets: "No more bets than this
was." Great minds think alike. They are all good life partner, a focus on
engaging in technology development, and the other engaged in business, the seamless.

  Greater fame, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, when the two played golf together,
they bet, the first hit par to win one dollar. If you do not hit the ninth hole with a par,
then the low scores that win. Result, they only hit the first hole, when Warren gently
push on the ball in the hole, exactly par. Gates then said: "The race is

  Two of the world's richest people bet, bet only a dollar, the next Jack
Welch shocked speechless. They all train a pool of, but after fame very close, such as
any of the other directors to make their own money to charitable funds, the other can
be described as achieving the same.

  "A successful person should not give up any opportunities."

  Gambling business entrepreneurs can temper intuition, a little gambling game more
mature people. Richard Branson and four-year-old aunt when the bet, holidays,
gambling 10 shillings, to see if he could learn to swim within two weeks. However,
Branson spent several hours a day soak in cold water, the last day of the former still
can not swim, can only tap water, a headlong into the sea, could not wait to head out,
so as not to choke the sea.

   On the way home, there is a river, Branson insisted on stopping to swim. But screw
him, a man standing on the shore to see him swim. He jumped into the choke a few
saliva, random tread surface spaces in it. For 10 shillings, Branson insisted, and he
slowly kick, arms, and finally found himself floating, although when the float Shen. A
man applaud him, he swam to the river in between, swim back to shore.

  Aunt has been ready to 10 shillings, that is a big ticket: "I've
never took so much money, it looks like a huge amount of wealth." At this
time, Dad came over to embrace him, and he realized that father wet, Dad just had to
prevent accidents, but also launched the.

   Gambling is courage, IP will have pride, to stimulate the human potential. Carnegie
said: "The establishment of self-confidence is to do what you fear to do
and to succeed." McDonald's founder Ray Kroc always love to
gamble, with deep feeling: "A successful person should not give up any
opportunity . "He was one of a company's star salesman, selling
longs blenders but found more exciting, to put on the whole-hearted:" I did
it, this is a substantial return on gamble, I like it. "Later, he found a
McDonald's , when he had come to retirement age, but he refuses to accept
the old, another body gamble, renowned in one fell swoop.

  "Curious to find opportunities, take risks to take advantage of

  John Rockefeller appreciate the words of a gambler: "Curious to find
opportunities, take risks to take advantage of opportunities." He concluded
that the gamblers to join the business if the sea would be a good businessman.
Rockefeller is a person at risk. At first, in order to buy partner's stake,
desperate in his auction. From 500 yuan to 72,500 yuan and the last he bought:
"feeling like in the casino, as soul-stirring. It was a gamble, and I bet to the
money, gambling is out of life."

   Gerstner re IBM, risking to go to is reputation, reputation is gambling come. Even
in the specific work, the Gerstner also to point stimulation. IBM and Siebel Systems
to cooperate, but the company's CEO Tom Muxibeier on the efficiency of
no confidence in IBM, worried that the plan can not sign the relevant agreement. He
and Gerstner made a bet, bet a bottle of wine, if he signed an agreement within the
timetable, he will drink a bottle of wine; if companies can not integrate the two
cultures as a result of the agreement abortion, IBM He would have lost a bottle of

  Results after 5 days, Siebel drank a whole bottle Chardonnay wine, because the
agreement signed on time. After two years, more than 180 companies signed the
agreement. People or those people, places, or those places, just different CEO, Siebel
was on the immediate, IBM really like this dance the first. Turned small victories,
Gerstner became a gamble winner.

  Journal of American high-tech "industry standard" the Son as
the cover, the title is the gambling house. Son is home wind investment, bet all his
own to the Internet, have called him the godfather for the IT. Investment bankers not
only that, other entrepreneurs, too, have 67 minutes to grasp on to do, otherwise no
chance, and they are doing in the process of gradual improvement. Some masters have
nothing, you dare to take a large list, the last time, quality and delivery, fast fish eat
slow fish.

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