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					Is a leader, not a hero!

Author: Chen Shengmin
Many leaders were described as heroes, some leaders think that they are heroes.
What is called "heroes" do? Jin Yong's martial arts
novels have many heroes, Guo Jing, Yang Guo, Wei Xiaobao not even martial arts,
can be called "heroes", not the hero of the novels we read do not
go to the story the hero is the climax of the role, usually gone through suffering and
trial, and eventually be able to turn things around, comeback man. However, even
without the comeback can be a hero, Sima Qian's assassins have these
heroes, great director Zhang Yimou has made a movie called
"Hero", the film's three assassins - Can Jian, snow,
the sky is a hero; By killing the three assassins, made king's trust, in turn, is
a hero to assassinate the King of Qin's unknown, although the failed
assassination (the audience know that he will fail), but they are still being called a
hero, a tragic hero . "Hero" is a film and an indispensable
element of the novel, but real life?
In the business world who are called heroes, usually the so-called successful people.
For example: a successful rescue operation of the enterprise crisis, to create a
successful business, successful establishment of a new business model. The first is
known as the corporate heroes who save the Crisler's Li. Iacocca
(LeeIacocca), in 1978 he was expelled from Ford Motor's Ford II, has
become another car company Chrysler's savior, he later wrote a book
"comeback" to describe his experience in Taiwan's
publishing company said that version 20 edition, greatly by the market. Since then, his
story has become a business model for the hero. In the 90's to turn around
IBM's Lou Gerstner, turn of the century the beginning of the crisis to save
Nissan, Ghosn is also similar to the bankruptcy of enterprises hero.
However, some heroes are controversial. For example: When will Apple founder
Steven. Jie Bosi (SteveJobs) ousted Sculley (JohnSculley), he took office to change
the business strategy, the elite use to change the image of Apple as a cheap drink
Pepsi (Pepsi's boss told me he was), once you have that is a hero, but Apple
lost the impetus for innovation, and general computer companies have become the
same as mediocrity, profits decline sharply, only then Jie Bosi, please come back, now
Jiebo Si contrary hero!
Another example: acquisition of Time Warner Inc. has been America Online (AOL)
for Steven. Case (SteveCase), then led the nation in this case the maximum amount of
the deal, known as the "Small eat whales," the hero, but in
January 2003 because of huge losses and quit the "AOL Time Warner,
"the chairman of Time Warner later also removed the" AOL
"in the company name, the last in November 2005, Case ┘ thoroughly
out of the board of Time Warner, Time Warner would also like to During the merger
of AOL Network users were false and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
to prosecute fraud penalty, Case will now shift the focus of management of medical
services network, will it be a new hero? We do not know.
In business to business or profit shares to the success of Heroes, the most common
approach is to judge sales heroes, such as: published monthly sales Heroes. But the
product sold well is a hero, sold poorly is the bear, apparently too real, and these
"market hero" is a true hero should do?
Chinese enterprises from the reform and opening up, creating a group of heroes
worthy of our admiration of the enterprise, such as: Legend of Liu, Ren Zhengfei,
Huawei, Haier's Zhang, Mengniu's Niu Gensheng so. However,
there are quite a number of "Yangtze River superseding the old, dead on
the beach before the waves," the day the hero, or copied shortcut to seek
accelerated, resulting in rapid destruction of, or unscrupulous, so totally discredited,
such as: the creation of the myth Delong Tang Wanxin Brothers, to create a bubble
Song Ruhua Top Software, Business Week has been hailed as
"China's software industry a decisive market power"
Clever's Song Zhaodi so.
So, what is the real business heroes? If we really needed to operate or two failures, it
may pull a long time to observe.
Jim. Collins (JimCollins) has led a team made a five-year study, from 30 years of
Fortune 500 list in 1435 selected the so-called good company, then based on some
long-term financial performance criteria selected 11 The so-called excellent
companies, he found that these firms are not singular, IBM such well-known
companies, leaders do not like Jack. Welch, or Bill. Gates such a business hero, but
the so-called "fifth-class leader." He results of the study, wrote a
book called "From A to A +" (translated from good to great
continent), these excellent companies rarely use airborne troops, most of all from the
enterprise, executive director of internal promotion, if The CEO referred to as
"heroes", people may be disappointed, because they are low key,
Collins called the "fifth-class leader."
"Fifth- level leaders," What style? They never call themselves
heroes, and those hard-edged, the media darling of the corporate hero is completely
different, Collins said: they are closer to Lincoln and Socrates, and not Caesar or
Barton. The "fifth- level leaders of the" good company after he
took office and that the leaders of the biggest difference is: they are busy finding the
right people on the bus, please any person who does not get off, and put the right
people on the right position, and then o nly to clarify the direction of the car which
bound - This is usually the best corporate leaders often do, took office on the renewal
of vision and new direction.
Collins also said: virtually any organization can substantially improve performance, a
great company. They found that as long as they know how to apply the conclusions -
that is, people who know how to fit in the appropriate position. In fact, Collins
concluded that the description of the company's long-term performance not
by a hero, but by team leaders the responsibility of the Use of Personnel.
Recently, I read series, "Golden Years" and describes the Tang
Empire Tang Taizong Li Shimin from the establishment to the story of his death, Li
Shimin very highly in the Chinese history, not only because of his exploits or launch
Xuanwu Gate Incident energy off, More importantly, he Use of Personnel. In his later
years to the founding of the 24 hero 11 drawings, on display at the Ling House for its
cherish the memory of smoke, which although related to Prince Edward Hou Junji
mutiny Wenzhan; Xiao Yu is the younger brother of former Empress of Emperor, as
the Housing Mystery age, Du dark sub-repeated exclusion, but does not change
Zhijian character; Wei Zheng especially once offended by Zhijian Li Shimin two
hundred times, but not the cancellation of Li Shimin their heroic status. Secondly, Li
Shimin understand employment, but also listen to the recommendations of
subordinates, so fewer mistakes.
In today's business leaders have access Use of Personnel Evaluation
modest indeed. I know Acer's Stan Shih, founder can be one, he has never
been a strong leader in the development process of Acer, Stan Shih that he committed
a lot of mistakes, but one thing is "out of Sang Yu received the east corner,
"he provides a personnel mistake to allow space for growth, so from the
Acer Group in the birth of many generals before, in nine ○'s Acer has
been a call for" rudderless "program, known to train 100
general manager in the IT industry today, and indeed there are many well-known
entrepreneurs graduated from the "Acer University", such as: JT
Wang, Acer, BenQ's KY Lee, Asus Johnny Shih, Wistron's
Linxian Ming, from the Wong Siu-wah, etc. Acer retirement. In fact many of
Taiwan's IT industry leaders are quite low-key leadership style, sound, for
example: Quanta Barry so-called "turtle philosophy", ASUS
Johnny Shih's "Horse Heart", Mr. Stan
Shih's "second philosophy" and so on from these
terms can be seen that they do not operate in his early strong character, and therefore
will train a number of industry leaders who can guide and support each other.
Some people think that companies still need heroes, because heroes are our learning
model, this banner by heroes, we have a way forward. The problem is, some operators
only allow companies to be "a person's heroes", not a
"hero of the team", so, indirectly encouraged the enterprise
culture of infighting, the so-called "One will get off the ground million
marrow," was who will beat out a separate hill and continue to wrangle. Do
we want to encourage this kind of "hero culture" it?
So, I think that leadership is not a hero, need not be a hero. He should
"look to the as if, that is, the temperature also" have a natural
leadership style, to let others close to him willing to follow him, he would gather
around a group of professionals for its use. He will be the legacy of this culture of
leadership style, the company's core values of continuing to flourish.
Inventec Group's Vice Chairman, Mr. Wen Shiren though dead, but his
ideals, "Town and Talent" or who continue to uphold the
practice of going in, I think this is a typical example.
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