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					Introduction Pokemon
Pokémon <Pokemon Port Translation, also known as Pokemon, Pokemon), on
behalf of the Japanese Game Freak Tajiri intellectual development in 1995,
Japan's Nintendo Co., Ltd. launched in 1996, a Game Boy (Nintendo has
launched a handheld console) games.
  Its name (Pokémon ポ ケ holds an ン) is derived from the Japanese abbreviation
of the word in Rome: "Pocket Monsters" (ポ ケ ッ Suites
holds an ン ス タ ー, Poketto Monsutā). Its unique game system was welcomed by
the general, nearly 10 million annual sales volume (red, green, two versions together.
The whole series has been broken for the current cumulative million). Nintendo to
take this momentum to launch a series of follow-up games, comics, books, play
against the card and peripheral products, has launched the Joint Japan TV Tokyo
television animation, as well as the annual Movie animated film and the success in
1998 into the United States, and expand to all over the world (except for a few local
factors such as religion). Currently "Pokémon" has been
successfully into dozens of countries around the world, a world-famous Japanese
cartoon characters and animated people. Related product sales of billions of dollars.
Because the growth of various parts of the current Pokemon related businesses into
one company has been independent-Pokemon Company (Corporation ポ ケ holds
an ン), for the Nintendo one of its subsidiaries.
  February 27, 2006, at the tenth anniversary of Pokemon celebration.
  Pokemon concept originated in a kind of Japanese popular entertainment - Insect
Collection (insect collecting), when the founder of Tajiri Pokemon Chilean small, he
liked this type of entertainment. In 1998 this concept was brought into the U.S.
market, this game allows players to capture, collect, train hundreds of creatures, also
known as the magic baby; with other Pokemon in order to increase combat power.
These Pokemon will evolve after more power, a more powerful Pokemon, learn new
and more powerful moves. Pokemon in battle will never bleed or die, only to faint
(the game known as "incapacitated"). This Tajiri Chi is a
sensitive topic, because he did not want the game world is full of more
"senseless violence" (pointless violence).
  Current Pokemon can be divided into games, animation, comic books, some of the
relevant products. Pokemon Pokemon is also made up the world of all species have
common names, while the current total of 493 kinds of Pokemon.
[Edit this section] Introduction
  1. "Pokemon" (Pocket Monsters) is divided into all areas
related quartz Union, the Orange Islands Orange Union, Union City, all three cities
are all areas which are Union City, also includes a short story contest vortex Islands.
In the Orange Islands, Xiaogang, including wood left Institute for Xiaojian and small
intellect, Xiaoxia travel together until all Union City only has the Xiaogang skillet.
  2. Many people mistakenly believe, "Pokemon" (Pocket
Monsters) Only 275 sets (in this chapter to the city by the quartz are articles General
TV version), in fact, Pokemon has 276 sets, 38 sets of Taiwan does not introduce a
"Computer Warrior 3D Dragon "because the first year of
broadcast in Japan (1997) of 16 December, many Japanese viewers had watched this
episode, Pokemon and collapsed taken to hospital, resulting in a while big sensation,
known to history as 3D Dragon event. The reason lies in that set of Pikachu from the
3D dragon come out of the oncoming missile resorted to shock trick, leading to a
strong missile explosion flash, red and blue light rapidly replaced, has been staring at
the screen to see if , they would trigger the so-called light allergy. The event for
Pokemon inactive for some time, but in Japan, an enthusiastic audience response and
support of the following year on April 16 last cropping, but the local TV ratings drop,
and animation production company also produced the rules re-discussed, to avoid the
occurrence of similar incidents. After this episode, which was the Japanese
government to freeze, but also lead to 3D dragon and its evolutionary series never to
appear in the animation on.
  3. Later, in response to video games to GBA version (ruby, sapphire version) of the
launch of Pokemon on November 21, 2002 broadcast "Super Pokemon
generation" (Pokémon Advanced Generation) series. After all alliances in
the city, Xiaoxia and Xiaogang something while because their intellectual isolation
and small, and little wisdom for a new start, so just go with Pikachu aromatic edge
region, where awareness of the new wife and children away and their training brother
small victory, then again adding more Xiaogang, so four people and start a new
  4. "Pokemon Super generations" (Pokémon Advanced
Generation) is divided into geographical regions Feng Feng Yuan Union and related
areas are two areas to open up play against, "ultra-generation
Pokémon" and the front is not the same story, the story becomes Two main
line, a small Chilean Union to participate in Feng Yuan, and strive to challenge Hall
Road, Feng Yuan Union after the challenge is to change all areas off the new home of
the Battle to open up areas and small remote Zeyi home for coordinating the training
effort, challenges Competition around the magnificent, winning ribbons, medals made
good in large-scale celebrations, both in order to achieve their objectives, together
with the Pokemon fight.
  5.2006 in the autumn, in line with NDS version game (diamond, pearl edition) stock,
simultaneously launched a new animated series "Pokemon Diamond
& Pearl" (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl). After the open
District play against articles, small remote areas to challenge the city was magnificent
race and leave little wisdom, Xiaogang has since Hall emergency and back Road,
Little by Little Mao Chi is the incentive, alone with Pikachu and sneak up the tail to
the new backhoe God Austrian regional areas. Small new heroine debut, the blueprint
from the NDS version of video game (Diamond, Pearl Edition) heroine. Also in 2007,
to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the broadcast TV version, broadcast on TV Tokyo
on several occasions one-hour specials (that is, broadcast two consecutive sets).
  6. In "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" (Pokémon
Diamond & Pearl), the new wife and children of light training in the
coordination of training to become the leading home, the town came from the two-leaf
sand in the real town of Yamanashi Institute of receiving Pokemon. While at the same
time, Chile has arrived in the small Austrian region of God, and to meet again there
and Xiaogang. In coincidence, the little light that saved the little wisdom of Pikachu,
then three and go hand in hand with travel, started in the Austrian region of
God's adventure. What's different is that little light of your role
will increase in the female lead in ages, is the first of a small sensible approach and
the role will be compared to. Currently, Japan has continued to broadcast in Central
Taiwan, as were broadcast.
[Edit this section] debut figures
  Main characters
  Main article: Little Chi
  Main Entry: Pikachu
  Main article: Xiaoxia
  Main article: Xiao-gang
  Main Entry: Xiaojian
  Main Entry: small distance
  Main Entry: small victory
  Main article: Small
  Main article: Musashi
  Main article: Kojiro
  Main article: meow
  Main article: Amado
  Main article: Kosaburo
  Is listed as the main rival of the criteria are as follows:
  1. Has been recognized as a fixed team (ex: small-mao, a small instantaneous and
Matsugu, etc.).
  2. Follow a debut in the magazine run Council.
  3. Union Contest (Orange Union), or gorgeous important rival competition.
  Main article: Little Mao
  Ah Hong (Hikaru ロ シ): Small wise friend and rival, the General Assembly had
played against in the quartz. The dress is very similar to small wisdom. In comparison,
the more calm personality, with high reasoning ability. Pokemon loving heart did not
lose little wisdom. In the "weekly run Office" series of special
programs in active.
  English Name: Richie
  Have: Fire Dinosaur (Jibo), Pikachu (Rennes), Pakistan large butterfly (Papillon),
Shakira (Cruz), proud and Yan (Rose).
  Nana (ナ ナ コ): Small wise rival, if it leaves the town of origin. Is a love of
baseball yellow Pokemon and blood girl, very supportive of shock animals baseball
  English Name: Casey
  Have: The chrysanthemum, small Lada, ball, large needle bee (small Chilean sent),
electric shock blame.
 Ye Yue (ハ ヅ キ): Small wise rival, the town of origin is not white, I played
against in silver when the General Assembly. Regardless of appearance or strength of
Pokémon Battle access should not be overlooked.
 English Name: Harrison
 Have: Black Ruga, flame chicken, accustomed to drawing, change hidden dragon, Ri
shot, big steel snake, large milk cans.
 Masamune (マ サ ム ネ): Little Chi's rival, the town of origin, shade,
color humor in the General Assembly had played against. Is a heroic character who,
and small intellectual duel, because for the first time and friends fight, can not let go
and attack, was later overcome.
 English Name: Morrison
 Owned: Metal strange, odd unicorn, giant marsh strange, large steel snake, Katie the
dog, Scorpio.
 Tetsuya (Te ツ ヤ): Little Chi's rival, was born CORYDALIS city, when
the General Assembly in color humor played against. And small distance Like the
food is very interested in, having a very serious, dressed in boots, meow.
 English Name: Tyson
 Owned by: meow, giant gold strange, lizard king, cunning Nintendogs, Super Power
King, Burton A.
 Small instantaneous (シ ュ ウ): small distance of the arena, came Larousse City. Is
giving the impression that a bit arrogant, but in fact it is a very caring, calm, calm boy.
 English Name: Drew
 Have: Luosi Lei flower, rain-winged moths, desert dragonflies, Abbondanza shuttle
Lu, Pakistan big butterfly.
 Harry (ハ ー リ ー): small distance of the rival, Kay origin that city. Is an old love
of using foul means, to seek a win at the Half, good use of evil magic baby
 English Name: Harley
 Have: Dream Songs Naiya, cursed doll, Aliduosi, octopus barrel, fat may be small.
 Saori (サ オ リ): small distance in the large-scale celebration of quartz known rival,
the experience of competition with many gorgeous, heard often in large-scale
celebration of the champion, also had a small instantaneous large-scale celebrations in
the magnificent defeat at the hands of her .
 English Name: Soledad
 Have: dragon, stay hippopotamus than carving large butterfly Pakistan.
 Matsugu (シ ン _ GUI): Little Chi's rival, was born curtain City. The
magic of their own baby very strict, the extent of their training and even
"cruel" in a recent interview described as important when it can
not play the standard will be discarded, a small flame is one case of monkey, the
monkey is a small fire has been little intellectual rein .
 English name: Paul
 Have: shock animals, circles Bear, Mary accustomed to pull, ravens, namely, the
earth station turtle, Impartial ninja, scorpion king, Ischaemum dragon.
 Left: fat Weng * 3, startled deer, Mary Lu Li, a small fire monkey (received after the
small Chilean).
  Little Greek ( ノ ゾ ミ ): small light rival, the sunglasses are boyish girls.
Recommended to use long tail of small cans and small Chilean optical switching
Beach Air Ferret.
  English Name: Zoey
  Have: charm meow, dream demon, no shell manatees, fluorescent fish.
  Jian Wu (ケ ン ゴ): small light arena, with small just childhood.
  English name: Kenny
  Have: wave prince, Hu, the hats mushrooms.
  Hisashi (-): He is a god with the beautiful Austrian League Championship game one
of them.
  English name:
  Have: Japanese flower strange, poison roses, insects musicians
  Ah Shun: Small wise rival, in the edge of the city and the small Chilean first met, he
challenged the road edge Hall
  English name:
  Have: the emperor penguin, head surprise Weng, Mask Rose
  Supporting role
  Hanako: Little Chi's mother, is very concerned about his son's
mother. Magic even has suction cup.
  Big Wood Dr.: is everywhere very famous Pokemon researcher, on the small
intellectual is to take care of, good at magic treasure Kaikawa Liu's
sentences, full name wooden snow into, the way, true in the new town mayor of a
large wooden really new (animation is not Log field) as its older brother.
  Miss Joy: Pokemon center around the female nurses, there are relatives, and
everyone looks very similar. Assistant more than happy for the lucky egg or eggs.
  Miss Sha Jun: policewoman around with Joey, as Shakespeare Jieyou relatives
around the monarch and looks similar. Assistant dogs are mostly Katie.
  Cherry, Cang Pu, Peony: Xiaoxia three sisters, three are very lively character,
careless, Randall Museum for the Chinese training home. Due to travel out by
Xiaoxia in charge of Road Museum.
  Road House Museum Training: Small Chi Union for participation in competition
must challenge opponents from all over the Road, Museum Road Museum in an
assembly of eight badges, then participate in Union General Assembly.
  4 King & Champion Wang: Provisional driving strength training at home
in Hall Road on the train home, a small Chilean, who had met several times in various
  Rockets: evil secret organization, attempting to conquer the world using Pokemon.
  Sakaki: The Rockets founder of the museum's Hall Tokiwa main market
(have left), there are many other's company, playgrounds and so on.
  Amado & Small Saburo: The Rockets players, the two partners together to
snatch their contribution to the Houston Rockets Pokemon, but often because of
Musashi, who failed to disturb.
  Lei Wang Taishu: Walk around the magic of special money making baby hawkers,
the Rockets two groups was a cat he deceived many times.
  Dr within Wooden: Orange Islands Pokemon researcher, once eager to study
anything else matter. GS ball finder.
  Dr. empty timber: the name of the city are areas researchers, is what once began to
study all the people who matter.
  Archer: who and small intelligence, who travel with young talented photographers,
after the Union had in the city was frozen to shoot birds, and small intelligence, who
  Sakura: Chile and other small areas in the city are experiencing round Chu City, girl,
Ibrahimovic five youngest sister, with the sun wizard. And Xiaoxia's sister
the same name, and very friendly relations with Xiaoxia.
  Dama Lan The President: Pokemon League president, is standing for the elderly.
  Dr. Oda Volume: Feng edge of the name of the researcher, like in the field for field
  Trinidad & Mitsuko: small remote and small victories of parents,
thousands of miles to Orange City Orange China Pavilion Road Pavilion Hua Road
train home.
  Fire & Water Fleet, rock team: "Super Pokemon
generation" of evil, attempts to use the power of super-ancient Pokemon to
achieve their ideal world, two for the hostile relations, has dissolved.
  Vivian: Feng Yuan gorgeous place contest host, will liven up the atmosphere is
known as this century's most dynamic female host, characterized by a mole
under his left eye. And General Assembly Affairs Secretary Kangkensitan, Pokemon
club to Kisa President, and often worked around the Miss Joy.
  Lillian: Race relations are gorgeous local host, known as the Action Group of the
century hostess. Vivian's sister, is characterized by a mole under his right
  Mr. Ya Xida: Battle of people to open up areas are established to encourage the
intellectual challenge to play against a small open area.
  Open up the brain: in charge of the various facilities play against the heads of open
area, a total of seven facilities.
  Ayako: Small mother. Coordination of previously owned homes Pokémon first glory,
is now a homemaker. Competition often older Pokemon identity to the gorgeous little
light many of the recommendations. Charismatic meow.
  Dr. Yamanashi: Olympic place in the God of Pokemon evolution is the large wooden
Dr University seniors. Nausea is a good face, like Pokemon from the heart of the
grandfather. God places the new Olympic training home for Chu made, they must
come and get his first Pokemon.
  100 Ann: God gorgeous Olympic competition where the host pretty energetic style,
known as the century's most beautiful hostess. And the relationship
between Vivian and Lillian currently unknown.
  Galaxy: "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" of the evil
organization, attempting to use the power of super-ancient Pokemon.
  Hunter J: "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" in the
magical treasure hunters, and the number of illegal hunting group composed of men,
by the illegal capture Pokemon, the general will conduct transactions or use for
personal collection.
  Mimami Dr.: He is to help Amado & Kosaburo weapons, for the first time
to help him grasp the mysterious magical treasure Beiluoqiya mother's plan,
but eventually ended up in failure, the second in the Pokemon Diamond &
Pearl once again arrested Hippo animal carries it to the sand to do research, ultimately
ended in failure after disappearing in front of everybody up.
  Special animated version of the role of crystal
  Kenta: "Thunder and The Legend of Thunder," the actor, born
in the town if the juvenile leaves, and partner Pokemon grow, become strong is the
goal of his travels.
  English Name: Jimmy
  Have: hot beast, a large pin bee.
  Marina: "The Legend of Thunder Thunder," the actress,
coordination of training magic baby home, aims to become a popular idol training
home of the guy wearing a cape no resistance. (41 in DP if present)
  English Name: Marina
  Have: the dream demon (small dream), fat D (small pink), blue crocodile (crocodile
  Junichi: Kin Wo Marina's childhood, action expressions are exaggerated
and delight the young, like Marina. (In the General Assembly and the small Silver Chi
  English Name: Vincent
  Have: The chrysanthemum, Mary Lu Li, triple magnetic strange (different colors),
mosquito coils frog
  Bachelard: Rockets agents working under the Ministry, is sternest people, to do
anything very seriously.
  Have: large steel snake.
  Posen: Rockets agents working under the Department of personality rude.
  Have: armor birds, Stinking mud.
  Kudo: Dr. empty wooden friend, came to help Kenta a pedestrian.
  South Wood / South his / Mina Jun: City are regional legends Pokémon researcher,
to pursue the goal of water-jun. (Who and small circle Zhu Chi, a pedestrian city in
the meet)
  Have: Hu ground.
[Edit this section] Animation
  Pokémon from Pokémon games, from April 1, 1997 broadcast starting in Tokyo.
  (1) <Pocket Monsters> Series
  Main article: The return of super-dream
  Main article: Pikachu's happy holidays
  Main article: Dream Pokemon Luoqi Ya Birthday Explosion
  Main article: Pikachu's Adventure Team
  Main article: Imperial crystal tower
  Main Entry: Piciu and Pikachu
  Main article: Space shuttle encounter snow Rabbi
  Main article: Pikachu's heartbeat hide and seek
  Main article: Water is the patron saint of Aspen and La La Imperial Emperor os
  Main article: pica pica's Star Camp
  Main Entry: seven-night prayer Wishing Star Kira
  Main article: Dancing Pokemon Secret Base
  Main Entry: split air visitors on behalf of the Ouqixisi
  Main article: Dream and waveguide brave Lukaliou
  Main article: Pokémon conservation at home and Aomi Prince Manna Fei
  (2) <Pocket Monsters Diamond&Pearl> Series
  Main article: Dead Space Tower Royal Dental Luca VS Paluqiya VS Dakelaiyi
  Main article: Pluto Long bouquet of snow and ice air meter (tentative translation)
  Apart from the normal TV animated version and the film version, Pokémon /
programs, but also divided into the following categories:
  TV specials
  ? Special articles 1 - 39 Set "Pikachu's Forest"
(Pokemon cropping special animation)
  ? Special chapter 2 - the day King Hippo (Hippo Island, King described Ya Xiya day
  ? Special chapter 3 - The return of super-dream - full version (over the birth of a
dream / small intellectual journey)
  ? Special chapter 4 - Super Dream reproduce revival! (TV special length animation,
The return of super-dream sequel)
  ? Special chapter 5 - The Legend of Crystal version of Thunder and Thunder (TV
long special animation, Crystal Edition Series)
  ? Special chapter 6 - Snow rabbis met to travel through time - Special articles (Dr.
Wood is the major advantage of snow into evidence)
  ? Special chapter 7 - Half-Life of the Mirage Pokemon (TV long special animation,
premiered by the United States. Tenth anniversary of Pokemon animation)
  ? Special chapter 8 - Pokemon incredible maze before the fresh team out to
(temporarily) (TV Special Animation / 10 anniversary animation, premiered by the
United States. Incredible maze rescue team game series. In Japan, is that few inside
the CD A television show does not work, but above Yahoo KIDS Online Play)
  ? Special chapter 9 - Pokemon incredible expedition to the dark labyrinth of the time
the expedition (TV Special Animation / tenth anniversary of the animation, from the
acclaimed video game series is made in the "Pokémon Sunday"
  Short OVA
  ? Pikachu's Happy Christmas 99 - the end of the story to pass the
background of your "game" Christmas "play in the
snow to" two short story.
 ? Pikachu's Happy Christmas 2000 - in the city was beginning as the story
background of your "Skating to" "Christmas
Eve," two short story.
 ? Pikachu's Happy Christmas 2001 - in the city was in the mid-story
background of your "Messenger Bird's gift,"
"White Story" 2 story.
 ? We are Piciu brothers - divided into "wind boat disturbances
articles" and "party disturbance chapter."
"The         wind       boat    disturbances    articles"         and
"Christmas 2001" with your "Pikachu happy big
name", "Party Fury chapter" is another of Japan was
 ? Pikachu's Summer Festival-ANA aircraft ceiling projection, and the film
version of "piercing the sky and visitors," released the same
 ? Pikachu's Ghost Carnival-ANA aircraft ceiling projection, and the film
version of "Dream and Bird's Heroes" launched the
same year.
 ? naughty Pikachu's Island (temporary)-ANA screening machine limit,
and the film version of "Pokemon Prince of conservation home with
Aomi," launched the same year.
 ? Pikachu Adventure Club (tentative)-ANA aircraft ceiling projection, and the film
version of "battle space of the tower (Royal Dental Luca VS Paluqiya VS
Dakelaiyi)" released the same year.
 ? Pikachu Adventure-ANA ice cap show the plane, and the film version of
"riding on the tensile Dina empty bouquet with ice," released
the same year.
  Broadcasting Board Pokemon weekly
  Main Entry: Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Bureau
  (Pokémon Hoso, Europe and America called Pokémon Chronicles) when
ultra-generation air launched (2002/10/15 ~ 2004/9/28), the contents of the main line
to a non-Pokemon animation, variety shows, and review of the main photo album.
  Pokémon Sunday
  (Pokémon Sunday)
 ? Following the Council magazine Broadcasting to launch, content to variety shows,
Pokemon and review photo album, and the search for life in all curious difficulties.
  Total episodes
  Recalling the previous animation clips album
 ? Pokemon fall specials (1997/10/7)
 ? New Year! Pokemon Special articles (1999/1/1)
 ? Small Chi and small remote! Blood fighting in the aromatic edge! ! (2005/3/24
celebration in front of a large series)
 ? Small Chi and small light! Move towards a new adventure! ! (2007/9/27 gorgeous
pre-competition series)
  3D movies
  ? 2005 - Find dream! (Japan Poké Park soon)
  ? 2006 - Pikachu's undersea adventure (Japanese cinema)
  Astronomy Videos
  ? Japan in 2003 with the upcoming film version of ultra-generation
"seven nights Wishing Star", released by the planetarium
astronomical Pokemon movie "the challenge from the sky."
  Pokemon cartoons are a lot of this, such as Pokemon (cartoon the same name, the
protagonist is Reiter and leather), I love pipipi (Pikachu, leather, fat D), color
mapping Edition, Movie, special articles, gold. Gold Silver Juvenile, electric shocks
Pikachu, Pokemon grabbed, Pokemon Collection (first generation), a four-frame
  Among the most popular in this particular article should be, is still serialized in
pre-1-10 drawn by real struggle, because the hand after the illness, transferred to the
mountains of the Chilean draw. Because also in gold and silver articles, and the style
is not accepted by many people. Gold and silver articles until the end, turn stones
article IV, when Yamamoto was pulling out her own intellectual style. Now out to 28,
comic books were still three years of primary health, primary four students, primary
school students serialized in five years. A total of 21 listed in mainland China (2006?
Month), listed a total of 23 Taiwan (March 2008), Hong Kong-listed 22 (April 2008),
the above published article rests with youth. Japan is now serialized to the pearl.
Diamond articles, serialized in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the red. Leaf green papers.
  Main article: Pokémon Special Posts
  There are also different styles of magic funny cartoon baby the same name, the
author points Kosaku Okubo, now replaced by Pokemon articles to serial RS.

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