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									Saving Energy and Water
Gregg Lawless Customer Assistance Manager

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Current energy efficiency programs

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Low Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE) Residential Incentives (RIP) Multi-family rebates (MF) Upstream lighting Various programs targeting businesses (Express/Super Saver) Third-party programs Partnerships


Current measures also providing water savings

• Rebates or replacement offered for the
following: • Clothes washers (SDCWA, RIP and Express) • Dishwashers (RIP and MF) • Faucet aerators (LIEE and MF) • Low-flow showerheads (LIEE and MF) • Storage water heaters (RIP, MF, and Express) • Instantaneous water heater (Express) • Coin-operated clothes washer (MF) • Pre-rinse spray valves (Express, Partnerships) • Steamers for commercial food kitchen (Express) • Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers (SPC)

Coordinated efforts

• Partnership with San Diego County Water Authority
(SDCWA) • Offering rebates for high-efficiency clothes washers

• Toilet replacement

• Proposal in under development for income-qualified multifamily complexes To be offered in conjunction with existing LIEE Program

• Partnership with California Urban Water
Conservation Council (CUWCC), City of San Diego & City of Chula Vista • Install pre-rinse spray valves

Measuring effectiveness

• Customer participation • Cost effectiveness • Surveys


Program Funding

• Public Goods Charge • Co-funding from partnerships


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