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					Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (IE) of the definition of

Industrial Engineering (Industrial Engineering referred to as IE), is the basis of
scientific management developed an application of engineering expertise. Because of
its comprehensive content emphasizes improved productivity, lower production costs,
ensure product quality, make the production system to be in the best run state of the
highest overall efficiency, so in recent decades has been the attention of States,
especially those experiencing Pi had or are experiencing changes in industrial
countries or regions such as the United States, Japan, and Thailand where the Four
Little Dragons, there will be seen as the main tool for economic development, while
relatively IE technology in this environment has been rapidly growth.

American Institute of Industrial Engineering (AIIE) the definition of industrial
engineering: "Supply of Industrial Engineering is the people, materials,
equipment, energy, and information composed of the overall system, design, Gaishan
and Shezhi a discipline, Ta Syndicated news Yun Yong mathematics, physics, and
social science expertise and technology, and engineering analysis and design
principles and methods, the results achieved in this system confirm the prediction and
assessment. "

From the above definition, a reader or learn about licensing. Generally speaking, all
human and non human involvement De activities, as long as movement occurs, can
the theories as applied industrial engineering, and industrial engineering a systematic
of Jishu, through the best way to Dadaomude. For example, the action of industrial
engineering analysis of coherence (operation sequence), because of human action has
any coherence, so the careful analysis of the action, divided into tiny units one by one,
delete unnecessary action, the merger can be connected action to achieve the
simplification of work, movement economy, the purpose of saving time workers.

Japan Industrial Engineering (IE) of the new definition

IE Association of Japan (JIIE) was established in 1959. IE at the time defined in the
United States AIIE in 1955, slightly modified on the basis of the definition drawn up.
Defined as follows:

"IE is the people, materials, equipment integrated system design, Gaishan
and 实施. In order to determine the system's Cheng Guo, prediction and
evaluation, Zai use Shuxue, Science, social sciences, the 专门 knowledge and
technology Tong Shi, also used in engineering analysis and design principles and
methods. "

Since then, according to AIIE amendments and supplements, but also in the
"human, material, equipment" be added to the information and

JIIE under IE long-term (especially Zhanhou) applications in Japan, the results
achieved and a wide range of applications, IE both in theory and methods have made
great development. JIIE am the definition of the past are not suitable for modern
requirements, it is on IE redefined. Defined as follows:

"IE is such an activity, it is the scientific method, effective use of human,
financial, material, information, and time management resources, high-quality, low
cost and timely delivery of marketable goods and services, look for ways to to engage
in such work brings satisfaction and happiness of the people. "

The definition of simple, popular, easy to understand, not only clear the IE nature,
purpose and methods, but also special care of the people also write the definition of
the concept of "people first" ideology. This is the IE and other
engineering disciplines is different. This definition of reference for our understanding
of IE.
Industrial Engineering (IE) of the origin and development of
Industrial Engineering (Industrial Engineering, referred to as IE) originated in the
early 20th century, the United States, it is the background of modern industrial
production, is widely used in developed countries. Modern Industrial Engineering is a
large-scale industrial production and socio-economic system as the research object, in
the manufacture of engineering. Management Science and Systems Engineering,
gradually formed the basis of such disciplines and developed a cross engineering
disciplines. It is the people, equipment, materials, information and environmental
factors to optimize the configuration of production systems, industrial and other
production processes for system planning and design, evaluation and innovation, to
improve industrial productivity and the social and economic benefits specialized and
integrated technology, and content more widely.

In human small-scale peasant and handicraft production in the era, people are relying
on their own experience to manage the production. To the early 20th century, industry
began to enter the "era of scientific management", American
engineers Taylor (FWTaylor) published "The Principles of Scientific
Management," a book of this era's classic masterpiece, and
industrial engineering. From 1910, the United States of Gilbreth couple (Frank.
&. L. Gilbreth) in action (method) to study and work process, but also set
the basic factors of 17 movements (dynamic factors, Threbligs). Taylor and Gilbreth
Industrial Engineering is the most famous founder.

University of Pennsylvania in 1908 opened the first industrial engineering courses,
and later established the Department of Industrial Engineering, established in 1917,
the United States Institute of Industrial Engineers. After some advocates were
engaged in action research, time and research to improve labor productivity of various
works, from the management Zhineng separated, by the know 工程 skilled personnel
Qu Jin Xing and gradually formed a group of Jiang engineering and management that
combines Industrial Project Engineer.

During and after World War II period of time, work study (including time and method
of research), quality control, personnel evaluation and selection, plant layout,
production planning, etc. have become industrial engineering content. As the
manufacturing industry, cost the Greek (J. Fish) created a research project economic
analysis; the needs of the war, operations research has been greatly developed. After
the war due to economic construction and development needs of industrial production,
industrial engineering and operations research makes the combination of industrial
engineering for a more scientific method provides the basis, the technical content of
industrial projects has been greatly enriched and developed. In 1948, the United States
established the Institute of Industrial Engineers. Fifties and sixties, many U.S.
universities have set up a Department of Industrial Engineering, 1975, the University
has set up 150 industrial engineering courses.

Compared with developed countries in China started late 20th century, the early
'80s, the industrial sector began to be aware of industrial engineering, and
gradually extended in 1991 to convene the first national academic conference.

Application of Industrial Engineering in China a bright future. 80. Japan Management
Association on the development of hi by the three experts commissioned by the
Government of Japan, in China Beijing, Dalian, and promote the use of industrial
engineering technology, he believes that many Chinese enterprises do not need to
increase the number of investments in hardware, as long as the management, staff
quality and industry projects such as efforts to improve production efficiency can be
increased 2 to 3 times, or even 5 to 10 times. Domestic application of industrial
engineering technology typical companies: Beijing Apparatus Factory, FAW Group,
Anshan Iron and Steel Company, have made remarkable economic benefits.

Current development of industrial engineering is an important work is to cultivate
talent, the earliest in 1993, industrial engineering undergraduate enrollment, more
than 70 institutions have already set up industrial engineering departments. Since
1994, graduate students enrolled at present China has 70 institutions offering
industrial engineering.

Industrial Engineering in foreign and domestic development and application of the
practice shows that this combination of engineering and management portal integrated
technology to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency and effectiveness of
integrated production systems, improve the overall quality system, to enhance the
economic conditions in the open international market competitiveness and the
knowledge economy in the integrated innovation, winning the kind of production
system, management system and socio-economic system of high-quality, sustainable
development, has an irreplaceable role.

China's enterprise-based and subject to industry and industrial and
economic system faces low as resource Li Yong, quality 和 returns high, the product
structure is irrational, comprehensive, environmental adaptability poor international
competitiveness and Chuangxinnengli urgently strengthen, and Zhan Lue weakening
of management and internal management, technical and management out of line,
characteristic lack of product, market, technology and other aspects of uneven
development, enterprise and markets and the relationship between the government
and other enterprises and lack of standardized, instability and many problems and
difficulties. Modern Industrial Engineering is a business and the economic plight of
the industry, an effective weapon to gain competitive advantage.
Industrial Engineering (IE) the status, role, characteristics and scope of
Industrial Engineering (IE) the status of

Industrial Engineering (IE), together with the process of industrialization of human
society, has gone through 100 years of history, human society, particularly the
West's economic and social development of a huge boost. The world, many
industrialized countries, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom,
its economic development with a strong industrial and industrial engineering (IE) is
closely related to the strength. In the United States, Industrial Engineering (IE) and
mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, chemical
engineering, computer, aeronautical engineering, together known as the seven major
works, showing its uniqueness and importance.

Industrial Engineering (IE) in these industrialized countries were affected by the
industrial sector of the universal attention, Qi reason Jiushiyinwei Industrial
Engineering (IE) Zhijie for enterprise production Yunzuoguocheng; Ta and Shu Xue,
human factors, economic management, wide range of engineers closely related to
systems engineering to philosophy, operations research and other mathematical
methods to the theoretical basis of modern information technology as a tool for
quantitative analysis using engineering methods, including manufacturing, service
industries, including the people, materials, equipment , energy, information and other
factors, the composition of the complex system of enterprises or organizations in the
practical engineering and management of quantitative, systematic analysis, design and
optimization, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the system.
Industrial Engineering (IE) is the only one to system efficiency and effectiveness as
the goal of engineering technology, can not be substituted into other works, while
highly complementary to other projects of a comprehensive interdisciplinary.

Industrial Engineering (IE) the role of
First of all, IE is the standard time set for operating the tools. If there is no standard
time to set this work, then not only the production plans of factories can not develop,
even if there is spare capacity, or capacity planning are unknown. Therefore, setting
the standard operating time is an indispensable modern business things.

Second, IE is the improvement of engineering analysis tools. IE is to plant the
previous segmentation, and then gradually improved. But now this method only for a
partial improvement, and business interests because it is not directly linked, so
gradually the overall analysis to be carried out, and then improve it.

Industrial Engineering (IE) characteristics

1.IE based engineering technology, with scientific management techniques to find the
problem / solution / prevention issues;

2.IE ultimate aim of the operation by the management, so that enterprises can gain the
most of Li Yi, so the costs or the economic benefits, including institutional,
Zuoyefangfa, Ji Qi, dies, fixtures are to be improved should be Zhangwo Bing;

3.IE is an applied science, its theory of operation have to be able to meet the actual
needs of the actual occurrence of IE practicing engineers should have the ability, Er
Shi theory and practice complement each other to ensure effective management;

4.IE is the use of key management skills in facing the issue into a key breakthrough.

Industrial Engineering (IE) of the main areas

At this stage of the IE (Industrial Engineering) in major areas of work are generally:
engineering analysis, work standards, motion study, time study, time standards, time
value, value analysis (VA), plant layout, handling design.
Industrial Engineering (IE) of the representative results and trends
Industrial Engineering (IE) representation of the results

If any one engineering technology, industrial engineering (IE) has its representative
results, such as: the production system in the field of industrial development has led a
"production model." Industrial Engineering (IE) the results of
the earliest is the "Ford Production", which is a large-scale
water production to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, the production mode
dominated for half a century of industrial processes. As the market and technology
development, as people's long-term practice of industrial development,
awareness and research for nearly three decades, a variety of advanced production
model after another, such as the Japanese auto industry up all over the world have an
important manufacturing impact on time production (Just In Time-JIT), Lean
Production (Lean Production), with U.S. production characteristics of the information
age agile manufacturing methods (Agile Manufacturing), and now people talk about a
lot of Mass Customization ( Mass Customization). That each mode of production,
have greatly affected the operation of the entire enterprise by improving business
process, change and development mode of operation of enterprises, thus promoting
the rapid development of all mankind nearly half a century.

Industrial Engineering (IE) trends

Recent development of IE is the Origin of management orientation. Previous IE
problem to be solved is to have designed a good product in the production process to
improve the problem. Maximum efficiency in the production sector of poor design of
the production design department and then its back to make improvements. However,
in the current era of hyper competition, more importantly, how in product
development designed in accordance with the principles of the efficiency of IE a
better product. The principle design department will be incorporated into the design of
IE, the feasibility of the production sector to grasp and guide and improve the time
has come. With the technology of digital simulation technology, the development of
IT, which have become feasible.

IE for research purposes

IE is the center for the production operations carried out on site

(1) systems analysis: as the current system should achieve results, the actual does not
meet expected results, to identify problems and carry out control and management of

(2) to improve the system: the results of the current system to the inadequate and
inconvenient for the need to improve the operating part of the time, to study ways to

(3) Design: occurrence of new conditions which now makes the system difficult to
achieve adequate results, look needs to study the design of the new system.

Classification of IE

IE IE and application of basic

(1) are classic IE IE, is the method (ME: METHOD ENGINEERING) and work
measurement (WM: WORK MEASUREMENT).

(2) application of the basic IE IE is based on the production activities targeting all
elements of IE, including a QC, VE, OR and so on.
Study and Work Measurement

(1) Basic IE large area is divided into study and work measurement methods.

(2) method aims to design and improve the operating system, the operator of the
motion analysis, operations and equipment, operational analysis, process analysis of
the scene belong method. Homework system through the method of re-design,
business design, operation time shortened, so that it can develop the ideal system.

(3) work measurement is to analyze the efficiency of the technology, including
development of standard time and improve the target time of the formulation,
determination of operating efficiency. Although the focus on work-site determination
of the production, but should improve the system to expand its field of production,
management measuring productivity.

IE analysis system

? IE 的 analysis system, each operating through methodological research and
analysis, and systematic operations, stressing the desirability of the scheme is realized
by operating Ceding the analysis and determination of unit operations operating
Zhuang Tai Shi Jian, set the standard time and the amount of assignments.

? Study and work through the basis of determination and the best way and time to set
the combination, designed to maintain the best operating system.

IE research areas:


The engineering design of facilities integrated application of the feeling, perception,
intelligence, and spiritual movement of knowledge, to improve the level of operation
and workers, the quality of work.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering:

Demand planning, analysis and manufacturing process design, process and integrated
system includes equipment, control, service, management and new technologies such
as computer: computer-aided design / computer-aided design and manufacturing
(CAD / CAM), automation, robotics, and computer control.

Operations Research:

Using statistics, stochastic processes, mathematical modeling, computer science, and
optimization theory and methods to research and development of numerical
assessment, certification, analysis, organization, and integrated physical design and
operation of the system of representation of the law and technology.

Production Management:

Analysis, design, installation, and maintenance of a production and distribution
includes the production of goods and services, methods or management systems and
theories. Its mission is planning, scheduling, configuration, and control the production
process and the effective use of funds, manpower and resources.

Industrial Engineering

Business training objectives:

Business Training Objectives: The professional training with the modern industrial
engineering and systems management, knowledge, quality and capacity, and
commercial enterprises engaged in production, management and services such as
management system of planning, design, evaluation and innovation Gongzuo senior
specialized talents.

Business Training requirements: The key learning industrial engineering students the
basic theory and basic knowledge, by the application of industrial engineering theory
and methods for analyzing and solving practical problems of basic training, practice
management system with the initial development and design capabilities.

Graduates should be given the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Industrial engineering disciplines to master the basic theory, basic knowledge;

2. Management control systems analysis and management techniques;

3. With an engineering disciplines (such as mechanical engineering) of the basic

4. Familiar with the economic development and business management guidelines,
policies and regulations;

5. Theoretical understanding of modern industrial engineering front, prospects and

6. Master the literature search, data query, the basic method of scientific research and
practical work with the initial capacity.

Main Courses:
Main subjects: management, mechanical engineering (or Electronic Science and
Technology, etc.)

Main courses: Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical design (or electronic,
metallurgy engineering design of a class) based on operations research, systems
engineering introduction, management, marketing, accounting and financial
management, management information systems.

Main Practical Teaching: include metalworking, electronics technology practice,
production practice, graduation practice, are generally arranged 32 weeks.

Duration: four years

Degree: Bachelor of Management or Engineering

Similar Major: Management Science Information Management and Information
System Industrial Engineering Project Management Project Cost assessment of the
sports industry assets under management, industrial engineering