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ID Card Reader ID Card Reader II


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									ID Card Reader ID Card Reader II
Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Sok main push of the ID card
identification device, identification device ID, ID card reader, ID card reading
function effectively identify and manage first-and second-generation ID cards.
Second Generation ID Card reader, ID card identification device, ID card readers, ID
cards, readers, Discriminator
(A) Product Overview
Joint model ID Card Reader is the second generation ID cards online using special
reading device, which uses the international advanced non-contact IC card reader
TypeB technology-specific identity through the built-in safety control module (SAM),
to wireless transmission and the second generation resident ID card for security ASIC
certification, within the chip to read out the personal information, this information is
uploaded to the computer. IDR200 joint model ID Card Reader offers USB interface
and USB interface to connect computers, but also through the computer's
USB interface to directly power, easy to use, the appearance of sophisticated, elegant
(B) Product
1. Fully in line with Ministry of Public Security "GA450-2003 Desktop ID
Card Reader" and "1GA450-2003 Desktop ID Card Reader
General technical requirements No. 1 amendments (draft) general technical
2. To provide a standard USB interface and computer data communications.
3. Computer USB communication interface directly to power supply.
4. Built-in safety control module.
5. On the ID card data transmission distance is less than 5cm.
6. Matching ID card reader to automatically look for cards and real-time display
function of the second generation card information.
7. Providing software development kit for system integrators for secondary
8. Complete multimedia CD-ROM tutorials and intelligent USB driver installation
wizard, as well as the content is very rich electronic help documentation.
9. A black import and alarm function.
10. With keyboard shortcut customization input.

(C) Features
1. Versatility: a standard computer communication interface, support WIN98/2000/XP
operating system.
2. Open well: to provide easy to use application program interface (API), the second
development for users in support of VC / VB / PB / DELPHI and other development
3. Easy to use: The USB interface, power supply, no external power supply.
4. Is simple: random read the software automatically set communication port and
communication parameters, automatically look for cards and reading.
5. Read distance, not less than 5cm, can quickly read the information in the ID card.
6. To support compliance ISO 14443 TYPE B standard contactless cards.
7. With built-in antenna, compact form novel.
8. Layout of flexible, horizontally on the desktop can also be wall mounted using the
(D) Equipment Information
1, device performance characteristics and the response of the procurement
Data on the identity card from not less than 5cm, MTBF is not less than 5,000 hours,
and other performance characteristics are in line with Ministry of Public Security on a
standard desktop reader. All equipment provided to meet these performance
2, equipment, technical data and details of the response of the procurement
Host Interface USB Interface
Input Voltage 5V ± 5%
Power consumption <1.5W
Read distance ≥ 5cm
Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 90%
Host size 158mm × 128mm × 34mm
Weight 480g ± 20g
Resonant frequency 13.56MHz
Modulator output bit rate 106Kbit / s
ASK modulation
Modulation factor of 8% ~ 14%
NRZ-L encoding
Antenna surface electromagnetic field (Hmax) ≤ 7.5A / m (rms)
Antenna surface normal direction 5cm, electromagnetic field strength (Hmin) ≥
1.5A / m (rms)
3, equipment manufacturing, installation and inspection standards
Equipment manufacturing production processes and strict quality control process to
complete; its installation is very easy, just use the USB data reader and the computer
USB interface can be; installed reader to read the disc through the matching process
ID cards can be quickly read the information and display on the computer.
Sok An Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong
Contact: Mr. Liu
Tel: 13422223452 (Guangzhou)
Tel: 15986800040 (Shenzhen)
Tel: 15899677755 (Dongguan)

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