Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy by RG

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									Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy
Wendy Wong Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency

11 Aug 06

Ever wonder what keeps the Earth warm?
Energy from the sun Greenhouse gases (GHGs)

Infrared radiation

GHGs traps outgoing heat

Global Warming
 Since Industrial Revolution,

fossil fuel has been extensively used to power our homes and cars
 Excess GHGs have therefore

been released
– More heat is being trapped, causing Earth’s surface to become warmer

Feeling hot?
 Global surface temperatures have increased

by about 0.6°C (± 0.2°C) since the late 19th century
 1998 and 2005 were the warmest years on


Why should we be concerned?
 As a relatively low-lying, small island state,

global warming can affect us:
– Increased frequency and intensity of rainfall and tropical storms – Flooding, land loss and coastal erosion – Loss of water resources or seawater intrusion into fresh water bodies – Resurgence of diseases – Hotter climate

Did you know?
 Energy used to power our homes and cars

comes from fossil fuel
– Burning of fossil fuel releases GHGs as well as harmful air pollutants
 To slow down climate change:

– Use energy efficiently – Use cleaner energy

What is Singapore doing about Climate Change?

 National Climate Change Committee

– Chaired by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources – Tackles climate change issues Visit for more details

Key Programmes

Electricity Generation
 Market competition to promote greater energy

– Gencos switching to NG and adopting combined cycle generation technologies (CCGT)
 Cogeneration – Production of electricity and heat using the same fuel

Electricity Generation
 Test-bedding and demonstration of innovative

clean energy technologies
– Solar photovoltaics (PV) – Hydrogen fuel cells

 Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance

Scheme (EASe)
– $10 million incentive scheme – Fund up to 50% of the cost of detailed energy audits
 Energy Audit Scheme – Encourage very large emitters of CO2 to improve their energy efficiency and energy management systems and practices  Accelerated Depreciation Allowance Scheme – Encourage companies to replace old, inefficient equipment and invest in energy-saving devices

 Curb growth of vehicle

population  Promote public transportation

Vehicle Quota System & Electronic Road Pricing

Park & Ride Scheme

 Green Vehicles

– Natural gas powered buses and taxis – Hybrid, fuel cell cars – Green Vehicle Rebates

Fuel Economy Labelling Scheme • Raise consumer awareness of fuel economy in cars • Currently, 113 car models registered

 Green Transport Week

– 20 – 27 Aug 06 – Raise awareness of fuel economy and encourage motorists to adopt climate-friendly habits

Eco Chase @ *scape
27 Aug 06 Take part in a race around Singapore using eco-friendly modes of transportation and completing eco-challenges Sign up at

 Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance

Scheme (EASe)  Energy conservation projects  Energy efficiency improvement of public sector buildings  Energy Smart Building Labelling
– Accord recognition to buildings with good energy performance, while maintaining a healthy and productive indoor environment

 Energy labelling of household appliances – Currently, 106 air-cons and 80 fridges

 Green Corners – To increase visibility of energy labelled products

 Climate Change Awareness Programme

– Raise awareness on climate change and inculcate climate-friendly habits in households and motorists –

Reduce your GHG contribution
Here’s how …

Play a part today!
Use an electric fan

The energy used to power 1 air-con is enough to power more than 30 fans

Play a part today!
Set your air-con’s thermostat at 25ºC or 1ºC higher

Setting your air-con at 25°C gives you the most comfort at the least cost

Play a part today!
Use energy-saving light bulbs and switch off when not in use

Energy-saving bulbs use about 80% less energy without comprising on light output

Play a part today!
Don’t standby. Turn off electrical appliances and equipment at the mains
Avoid switching off using the remote control

Appliances consume power in standby mode

Play a part today!
Take public transport

MRT and buses are more energy efficient than cars and taxis

Play a part today!
Walk or cycle for short distances and when it is safe to do so

Walking and cycling is environmentally friendly, free and healthier!

Play a part today!
Find out more at and

Thank You!

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