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Wednesday, February 25, 2009                                                   

         University of Saskatchewan Northern Administration Students
                        Association Celebrate Ratification
On Tuesday, February 24th the Northern Administration Students Association (NASA) celebrated their
ratification by the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) at the Faculty Lounge, University
of Saskatchewan campus. Guests at the event included faculty, staff and students from the University of
Saskatchewan, industry representatives, Northern Administration District school division representatives,
potential U of S students and friends.

John Desjarlais, 3rd year mechanical engineering student and NASA President, said “NASA is an
opportunity for students from Northern Saskatchewan to establish and build the close relationships that
make the post secondary journey successful. It is our goal to facilitate the transition from small northern
town isolation into the urban post secondary setting, providing the services and fellowship that is required
along that journey. Ratification for NASA has provided the necessary structure to empower the
membership and the footing to offer credible programs and services to students who would benefit from

Special guests in attendance included the Honourable Senator Lillian Dyck; Dr. Malcolm Reeves,
Associate Dean, College of Engineering; Darwin Roy, Northern Affairs, Cameco Corporation; and Joan
Greyeyes, Special Advisor on Aboriginal Initiatives, University of Saskatchewan.

To be recognized as an association NASA was required to develop a constitution, state a clearly defined
purpose and have a minimum of 20 student members. NASA provides support services to students from
the Northern Administration District of Saskatchewan for their successful integration into a post
secondary setting.

                                                   Pictured are Senator Lillian Dyck (left)
                                                   and NASA President John Desjarlais at a
                                                   celebration of the Northern
                                                   Administration Students Association’s
                                                   ratification by the University of
                                                   Saskatchewan on February 24, 2009.

                                                   Photo credit: Outreach and Transition
                                                   Programs, College of Engineering.

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