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  IBM's business relationship with China has a long history. In 1934, IBM
Corporation for a Beijing Union Medical College Hospital installed the first
commercial processor. In 1979, nearly 30 years after breaking off contact, IBM along
with China's reform and opening up to China again. In the same year in
Shenyang Blower Factory installed after the founding of the PRC's first
medium-sized IBM computer.

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, IBM expanding
operations in China. The late 80s, IBM in Beijing, Shanghai opened an office. In
Beijing in 1992, IBM announced the creation of IBM China Company Limited, which
is IBM-owned enterprise in China. This will enable IBM in implementing its strategy
in China has taken a substantial step, opened a new chapter of business in China.
Followed in 1993, IBM China Company Limited has set up in Guangzhou and
Shanghai branch. So far, IBM offices in China and further extended to Harbin,
Shenyang, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Fuzhou,
Chongqing, Changsha, Kunming, Urumqi, Jinan, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Hefei,
Nanchang, Nanning , Ningbo, Shijiazhuang and other 24 cities, further expansion of
business coverage in China. Along with IBM in China, IBM China's
growing staff, currently has more than 8500 people. In addition, IBM has also set up
nine joint ventures and wholly-owned, were responsible for manufacturing, software
development, service and rental operations.

IBM is focused on R & D investment. In 1995, IBM set up in China, China
Research Center, IBM is one of the world's eight major research centers,
the existing more than 200 Chinese computer experts. Then in 1999 was the first in
China, set up a software development center, the existing 2,000 Chinese software
engineers specializing in integration middleware, database, Linux and other areas of
product development.

20 years, IBM's various information systems have become the financial,
telecommunications, metallurgy, petrochemical, transportation, commodity,
government and education, and many important business areas of the most reliable
means of information technology. IBM's customers in China's
economy on all fronts.

At the same time, IBM in a number of important areas occupy the leading market
share, including: servers, storage, services, software.

Taken from society to society, for the benefit of mankind, is the principle upheld by
IBM. IBM actively supports China's education and activities in the
community have an excellent performance.

IBM partnerships with universities can be traced back to the beginning of 1984, the
year IBM made a series of Chinese university computer equipment hardware and
software donations. March 1995, to IBM and the Chinese State Education
Commission (now Ministry) signed a memorandum of understanding to sign,
"IBM university cooperation projects in China," the official
launch, the long-term comprehensive cooperation between the basic objective is to
strengthen the Chinese universities in the information disciplines in science and
technology building and personnel training. 12 years, IBM university cooperation
projects in China continue to move toward a higher level, a deeper and broader areas
of development, China's university disciplines of information technology
related professional development and personnel training have played a positive role.
Since 1995, IBM has donated a Chinese university more than 1.5 billion yuan worth
of computer equipment, software and services. Cooperation projects in college, now
has more than 50 famous universities in China has established cooperative relations.
570,000 people participated in the IBM technology-related student learning and
training courses, 5.8 million students worldwide professional certification IBM, more
than 4,000 people participated in the IBM organization of teachers of different forms
of teacher training.

In addition to the education sector in the field of higher education cooperation with
China beyond, IBM will also actively expand the scope of cooperation to the field of
basic education. Following the 2001 IBM KidSmart "Little
Explorers" project in early childhood intellectual development since the
introduction of China, IBM has been in China for 6 years of the project. IBM has now
spread to all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the city's
nearly 68 430 preschool institutions to cooperate, donated 2,350 sets of KidSmart
children's computer learning center.

Since 2003, IBM further cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Beijing,
Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, carried out in 20 primary schools Reinventing
Education "Teaching Basic Education Innovation Project", to
take more and more valuable forms of support to foreign mature the experience and
resources into China, and the full light of China's current situation and
needs, better use of IT tools to help schools improve the teaching effect.

Through these two projects, a total of 10 000 more than the backbone of the field of
basic education teachers have received free training in IBM, 10 million children

In 2003, IBM TryScience Around the World "broad view of
science" young science project was officially launched in China. Through
this project, IBM donated to the China Science and Technology Museum computer
terminal, the terminal high-speed network and remote server and the server connected
to the rich content presented to Science Museum visitors. "Looking to see
science" covers the ecological archeology, space exploration, extreme
sports, and other marine life for young people open a contact with science knowledge
and understanding of scientific concepts of the new door. Currently, IBM has 11 cities
of the Science and Technology Museum donated 40 sets of IBM TryScience Kiosk
Multimedia Terminal. IBM in China for the excellent performance and outstanding
contributions to the media for the IBM is affirmed. IBM has been named
"China's          Most    Admired     Companies"        and
"China's most respected foreign-invested enterprises",
"China's most valuable brands", "Best
employers".        In    2004,    IBM     China     Company       was     the
"Fortune" magazine named the Chinese version of
"the most admired company" and ranked the first. In 2005,2006,
IBM twice by the Chinese Association of Social Work Committee of Corporate
Citizenship granted "good corporate citizen," title of honor.

IBM's former CEO Mr. Guo Shina Speaking of IBM, when the Chinese
company had said with deep feeling: "IBM With the commitment of China,
for China to establish a world's leading information technology company.
It is located in China, China human services, day services for the world. IBM Chinese
companies will become the 'IBM China Company', became part
of the Chinese economy. "Recalling the history of IBM's growth
in China, from the initial strategy of trying to stage, to the medium-term strategy
investment phase, to fully integrate into the stage, IBM has always cherish deep
commitment to China.

Since 2004, after giving a new definition of innovation, in 2006, IBM further
extended to the innovative content of six levels of "product
innovation",         "service          innovation",
"Business Process Innovation", "business model
innovation",    "Management        and   cultural  creativity
"and" policy and social innovation. "

In the same year, IBM will "service innovation" concept into
China, has signed with the Ministry of Commerce help "thousands of 10
Project" to promote the development of China's modern service
industry and export-oriented industrial upgrading; and the Ministry of Education
signed the "direction of modern services science" research
memorandum of cooperation projects, will serve to introduce the Chinese institutions
of higher learning science courses; and the Ministry of Health to promote the
construction of Chinese medical information sharing platform and services to improve
the regional quality of medical services. In order to better implementation of the
strategy with the services IBM has the global procurement headquarters to Shenzhen,
China, and Lehman Brothers jointly launched a 180 million U.S. dollars of the
"China Investment Fund", and two of the world SOA solution
centers located in Beijing. IBM hopes that these initiatives, IBM has brought to China
in the global information technology services leader with regard to skills, to help
Chinese companies and government to innovate, so as to more effectively support
China's growing development needs of the service sector.

2007, IBM China will uphold the "customer success, innovation should,
integrity responsible for" core values, vision and layout of globalization,
the efforts to become the customer's innovation partner for the Chinese
building "innovative country" to make a cent effort.

The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) 2006 compiled by
the "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked No. 11 in the
"Barron" released 2006 Global 100 largest companies ranked by
the degree of respect tally ranked 49th.

[2] in 2008 to meet China's strategy of building an innovative country, as
China's market and human resources position in the global strategy to
further increase IBM, IBM's investment and development centers in China
have been constantly strengthened. From August 2008 to October, IBM in the
development center in Beijing and Shanghai have moved into new premises. The new
development center infrastructure investment and more relevant resources for the
development of CDL to open up new milestone.

October 15, 2008, in the IBM China Development Center, Office Building, IBM will
be hosting the grand "2008 IBM China Development Center Innovation
Open Day" that is "2008 IBM Innovation Forum and the IBM
China Development Center new location celebration". Relevant
departments of China will visit the guidance of the leadership, IBM software, to bring
the global leader Steve Mills IBM WebSphere, Tivoli's worldwide general
manager of two product lines, Mr. Tom Rosamilia, Al Zollar, Mr. and IBM GTS
MBPS Mr. John Lutz, general manager of worldwide activities visit site, the IBM
software development in China's development direction and strategy, and
domestic customers face to face communication. Representatives of domestic
customers to share experiences and feelings of technological innovation.
IBM has often been described as a sales center or a sales-dominated corporate culture.
Traditionally, many of its administrative staff and general managers will come from
its sales force. In addition, middle and senior management are usually sold to key
customers the process of direct support to sales staff. In the 20th century, most of the
time, a blue suit, white shirt, black tie is the uniform of IBM employees in public.
However, since the 90's, IBM relax these requirements; clothing and staff
with their counterparts in large technology companies are not significantly different
performance .

In 2003, IBM embarked on an ambitious plan to use the "Jam"
technology to rewrite company values - corporate intranet in a certain period of
time-based online discussions on key issues, involving more than 50,000 employees,
for a period three days. Jam technology, including text analysis software (eclassifier)
theme of my online comments, Jam has been at the IBM internal use of the 6. Since
2003, the Jam, the company value updated to reflect three modern business, markets,
and the views of employees : "dedicated to the success of each
customer,"       "our      company      and      the    world      of
Innovation,", "all relationships of trust and personal

A Jam in 2004, more than 52,000 employees with 72 hours of exchange of best
practices. The focus of activities is to identify the values of the complaint to support
the implementation of the previously determined values. Jam event of such a new
development, so that IBM members of the selection of important ideas to support the
values. (For further information see the Harvard Business Review, 2004, interview
SamPalmisanoIBM Chairman).

Recent IBM's culture by the open source movement. The
company's Linux-based IBM Linux Technology Center invested billions of
dollars in software and services. Including the core staff of more than 300 Linux
developers. IBM's open source is not never met to trouble.

[Edit] Difference and labor issues
IBM efforts to promote equality of opportunity and diversity of labor can be traced
back at least World War I, when the company hired disabled veterans. IBM is ranked
in Working Mother magazine in 2004 only ten years ago, technology companies and
also in 2005 one of the two companies (the other is a Hewlett-Packard).

The company has a traditional trade unions, although some U.S. workers to challenge
IBM. In the 90's, two major pension program changes, including cash
balance plans, leading to an employee claiming age discrimination class action. IBM
employees won the lawsuit and reached a partial solution, but it is still under appeal.

IBM long-term large-scale layoffs, with some touch of history to generate a good
reputation. Emerged in recent years some large cuts staff situation, IBM tried to adapt
to changing market conditions and basis for the profit decline. Zhihou of results as
expected, the first quarter of 2005, IBM is mainly in Europe, canceled 14 500 posts.
2005.6 8, IBM Canada Ltd. eliminated 700. Are IBM and others in China, India, the
Philippines, Costa Rica, IBM offices have emerged a steady growth in jobs.

October 10, 2005, IBM became the world's first formal commitment not to
use genetic information in the employment decisions of major companies. This is
IBM announcing support for the U.S. National Geographic's genographic
project within a few months after another statement.

IBM Corporation in China around 500 employees, while maintaining long internship
in the size of 500, has an internal reliable sources said the chances regularized
practice about 20%
Software products including DB2, Lotus, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere family of five.

DB2: database management systems, content management, business intelligence, data
warehousing, data mining.

Lotus: Desktop office, collaboration and portals.

Rational: Software engineering, software life cycle management, enterprise portfolio
management, application development.
Tivoli: Systems management, performance monitoring, tuning, grid computing and so

WebSphere: Application Server, information integration, application development.

Server products including: Intel-based servers xSeries, AMD-based server
architecture, BladeCenter blade servers, UNIX server pSeries, mid-level server iSeries,
mainframe zSeries.

Professional graphics workstation: A Pro Series, M Pro Series, Z pro series, T221
ultra-high resolution flat panel displays.

Grid Computing

Storage technology: disk storage systems, tape storage, network storage, storage

Retail Terminal: business cash registers, POS software

Other products: ACS advanced wiring systems, IBM Power Solutions product catalog,
Cisco products and services

With Microsoft on the impact of the computer industry has been hampered by the
promotion into, IBM became the company's hope for the defeat, IBM
support of all freedom-loving computer users.

In the past 80 years, the world economy growing, ever-changing modern science,
IBM has always been to advance technology, excellent management and unique
products that lead the development of information industry, to ensure the world
almost all users of the information processing industry the full range of needs. As we
all know, as early as 1969, the Apollo spacecraft carrying three astronauts, responsible
for human mission to the moon for the first time; 1981, the space shuttle Columbia
has successfully flew up into the sky. These two historic space flight are embodied
IBM unparalleled wisdom. IBM's business is always the same as spacecraft
continue to forge ahead towards a higher goal, for the benefit of mankind.

IBM: Interview Daquan
IBM, a key factor in success
Foresee the great achievements of the great enterprise

IBM founder of the glorious process of growth from Watson's
extraordinary ability to foresee. National Cash Register Company resolutely down
Watson became president of CTR, because he clearly saw Hough machines in the
computer in the process of the invention and application of special status.

1914, great changes have taken place in the United States, the level of human
technology has increased significantly. Commercial activities in the great period of
development, he recognized that the coming era of highly dependent on the computer.
Watson confidence in their predictions, and try to practice. Watson's
prediction proved correct unparalleled. IBM punch card machine is in development
based on a series of new products for the United States and the progress of all
mankind made a great contribution.

Two heads are better

IBM and the U.S. financial sector on Wall Street's relationship dates back
to 1914. Watson was recently appointed the company's total planted, faced
with the complete failure of the operating situation: The company established the 10
million U.S. dollars issued shares worth 300 million dollars; to 4 million U.S. dollars
in scale of operation is carrying over 600 million in long-term liabilities . The
company has reached a decisive period of survival, the greatest difficulty is whether
to raise a certain amount of money to maintain the normal operation of the company.
The status of the company was not willing to take the risk of a bank loan. But when
Randy Watson can go house Morgan Trust Bank Shique successfully obtained a loan
application. Morgan said: "This financing not for your company, but to be
honest that the personality you are." To 60 years, while under the
command of Morgan Ke Randy have two electronics companies: one is IBM, General
Electric, another is Company (GE), two companies highly competitive. Later, GE
defeat in the competition, IBM has become the only Morgan in the electronics
industry darling, lent every means love.

President of the United States Government at Columbia University, Eisenhower
situation is in the process of U.S. presidential elections, IBM initiative to provide
campaign funds and other co-operation with the Rockefeller family. Eisenhower won
the election, IBM is one of the great hero. IBM boss and successive governments have
maintained close relations basically. It is made with the marriage of the strength of
IBM was unparalleled.

The interests of consumers first IBM back in the early 20th century made it clear that
under the seller and conscientiously implement the operating criteria for the interests
of consumers first. In 1914, Watson was transferred to IBM's former
president after the implementation of CTR must be dedicated to customer service
business idea. CTR at the same time all the directors are shareholders, they always
emphasized the priority the interests of shareholders. Therefore, shareholders are
actually self-operation to maintain high dividends, without taking into account the
company's long-term interests and the interests of consumers. His extreme
isolation, the country ranked the views are, the board insisted on the need to put the
interests of consumers first. This, the company emphasized that the results of each
development, whether small or large development projects development project, users
must first be assessed and to listen to advice, allowed practical.

"Local ism" great success

Multinational companies in expanding overseas business process, in particular to note
is the question of how to get the local government and people support, the availability
of support is the key to career success. In France, IBM adhere to the "local
doctrine" strategy which was a great success, the U.S. General Electric
company is not careful to respect the national feelings of the local people resulted in a
complete failure. IBM companies in France to take "local
doctrine" strategy are: a possible employment of local staff, if possible,
will all have to local people; Second careful to respect the French national character
and traditional values; third is to implement the interests of the equitably; Fourth,
separate the part of the shares to local people; 5 is close to the social elite, to support
and assist the local government's policies. IBM's slogan is: to
contribute to world economic development, committed to world peace. This slogan
throughout Western Europe have won the favor.

Extraordinary research and development work

Computer, there are known lead times, the computer company, all their future at stake,
is committed to research and development, for which research and development to
become the focus of competition. IBM research and development company, as always
our top priority, and the number of profit for research and development, and to
establish the basis for the pursuit of all possible sectors.

IBM wages and benefits system

IBM, wages and benefits in cash from the numerous combination of wages and
welfare, and through systematic design, with a variety of management systems within
the company, and the company offers a variety of career plans to attract more
outstanding and retention of talent to reduce turnover, and encourage more potential
employees for companies and individuals make more contributions to the
development of purpose.

IBM's wages and benefits projects:

─ ─ the basic monthly salary is the basic value of staff, performance and
contribution to the recognition

─ ─ comprehensive subsidy to employees living in cash to support basic needs

Chinese New Year before the Lunar New Year bonus ─ ─ paid, the employees had
a prosperous New Year

─ ─ leave allowance reimbursement for staff costs during the leave

─ ─ variable bonus when the company completed the effectiveness of objectives
established to issue, to encourage the contribution of staff

Sales Incentive ─ ─ sales and technical support staff in the sales incentive mission

Award ─ ─ staff due to work or when the reward outstanding contributions

─ ─ housing scheme promoted a certain amount of company employees into
personal accounts, to fund staff to purchase a house so that employees can in the
shortest possible time, with their ability to solve housing problems

─ ─ employees medical insurance plan medical care and the cost of annual
physical examination by the company to resolve

─ ─ pension scheme co-ordinated plan to actively participate in the social pension,
old age security for staff

─ ─ other insurance, including life assurance, personal accident, travel accident
insurance, and other projects concerned with the safety of employees at all times

─ ─ encourage employees to leave the system in the spare time to fully rest on a
statutory holiday, there are paid annual leave, home leave, marriage leave,
bereavement leave and so on.

─ ─ company employees staff the club organizes group activities to enhance
teamwork, improve morale, create a family atmosphere, including entertainment,
sports events, large parties, mass tourism.

IBM's wage system:

Complete job evaluation system, and work within the different types and different
systems of classification and level, due to different levels of pay within the different
levels, to fully reflect the contribution of remunerated according to the spirit.

Rigorous performance evaluation system, the executives and staff to complete the
annual work plan development, and performance evaluation process, good or bad
performance is closely related with the pay and promotion, so that "the
contribution of remunerated in accordance with" the purpose of .

Strict salary survey methodology, pay close attention to changes in the industry wage,
salary structure adjustments to ensure that wages and benefits in the industry to
remain competitive.
Equal opportunity pay and promotion prospects:

Performance and professional skills are in the process of upgrading and salary
considerations first. IBM's wage system and management system to ensure
the promotion and salary increase for each employee equal opportunities. As long as
the positive development of career goals, and continuously update professional skills,
proactive, and constantly expand the scope and influence, improve leadership skills,
your career and IBM will pay you every success followed.

IBM wage Revealed

IBM's wages are so few parts of the (non-ISSC):

12 months of the basic salary (Monthly Basic Salary).

China New Year and spring bonus (2 months MBS).

performance bonus (0.8 months of wages), the world will not be issued to a few
people, is basically a lie.

Monthly subsidy, 700 or 800.

For people who do sales, if the sales mission (commission) for 12 months you get
141% MBS, and other job does not.

housing fund in addition to housing funds outside the company to 15%.

Come to talk about IBM's classification. IBM to staff grading from band1
to band10, band10 highest. From band1 to band5 (contract) there is overtime, starting
from band6 to band10 (regular), there is no overtime, and overtime is also white dry.

Graduates go after is rated band90 (not band1 to band10, is the trial period, no
overtime), band90 basic salary before tax, graduate students usually 6500 (before tax,
including subsidies, the same below), undergraduate Health is about 5500, band90 the
basic wage and band4 is the same, but band4 overtime pay. For sales of band90 it,
band90 not commission this year's.

band90 will last a year, and then turn into band6, band6 the basic wage is 9000.

band6 stay at least 2-4 years to rise to band7. band7 basic salary is 13,000.

band7 stay at least 3-7 years to rise to band8. band8 basic salary is 23,000.

band8 will stay for many years is hard to say, it took 15 years have seen a rise on the
band9's. In general, band10 the end of the mainland people, band10 is the
excutive level above, and more than band10 the mainland seems to very few. China,
Hong Kong and Taiwan were the top have been dominated by the region's
top lot of the Japanese. [Hide] [/ hide]
IBM's written examination, a trainee candidate review process
Written test was divided into three, each time, not so, according to Questions in the
decision, I took part of that field is a set of matrix problems, a number of series title,
two sets of mathematical reasoning problems. Need a total of 47 minutes, the longest
of the type.

Each group must be completed within a certain time, the first is a matrix question, 13
minutes, a total of 15.

A total of three 5 * 5 matrix, each matrix 5, trivial, in the impression, probably have

Replace all of the W 2, Y replaced all 6, all of X replaced by 4, which line and which
column and is equal to 18?

The fourth column inversion, the first two rows and replace the second column, third
column fourth following figure that?

The number 2 most frequently appeared in the line of the letter appears only deleted
from the matrix, it appears to other places in the matrix minus 3 times the number of
occurrences and the number of occurrences by one 4 the number?

To each number 2 and 3 in the left all the letters exchanged figures with their right,
most of which appear in the column number two letters?

Is this type of problem, in exchange for going, is very difficult, I did not finish, just do
11 questions, in front can not guarantee that all right. But the big question wrong
answers because of the points, the last time I think of that put back four empty are
filled with the B, look at luck.

The second part is the digital sequence of questions, 4 minutes, 20 questions, simple
questions were terrible, the whole is a pattern: successive numbers, a jump, then
continue for several numbers, jump ... ... a few examples:






20 questions are all the type, super simple.

Third and fourth part of mathematical reasoning problems, in fact, I think the call
might be more appropriate calculation problems quickly, are some very simple math
word problems, mostly related with the ratio is like a test to quickly understand and
fast computing power Bale , 15 minutes, 15 questions, a total of two. Also a few
A B copier copiers copies a day is 2.5 times that they were a total of 1,200 copies and
asked that a copy copy much, how many?

A group of machines there 5cluster, each cluster of 50 machines, the first day of the
135 employees use the station the next day using 86 sets of 75 on the third day, fourth
day of the 105 units, asking what is the usage of these machines ?

60% and 10% alcohol, and now needs 13 liters of 30% ethanol, 60% of need how
many liters of alcohol?

These three topics are the subject of a representative, and other are all like this.
Calculation of a wild pass, eventually are completed ahead of schedule and should go
wrong. Well are multiple choice.

In addition to questions after finished outside the Matrix feel good, then ask the
students feel also similar, some students do is two sequences of numbers problem, not
the two groups of mathematical reasoning problems was that she was lucky, because
this simple. Later, they heard repeated in a group is a group of points, all of this.

General feeling of view, is not difficult, IBM is mainly wanted to test reading ability,
quick response and computing power.

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