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I soon graduated from the University of by fdjerue7eeu


									I soon graduated from the University of
   I do not know since when I found the end of my college life, she looks forward to
graduating into the ranks of those who would. I still remember freshman year when
the school reported the scene as if it were yesterday.
   A few months before graduation, and college life to the rush of the development
today, really is fast! I learned in the university what? Courses to learn is not very good,
but it has never been linked to subjects, looked very very ordinary, I personally think
that my life would be extraordinary, but so far past two decades, I always, always
been very ordinary, not made What is a matter of pride, not to sit out what the things
that matter. But that is past, I will not lose the last fight, my thoughts will always be
positive, negative and not give yourself any good, positive always stronger than the
   It is the 21st century, now, college students and community connections are tight
both a word. Graduate students work hard to find the mind of college students are
Zhidao of a phenomenon, although a small number of students say was able to find a
job, but most of the realities faced by graduates and Li Xiang is still a big difference
Name section. Economic development is the consumer, want to improve the consumer
have to solve the employment problem, a harmonious society must work for
There are now some very exciting after about 80 words, such as reading useless,
graduation is equivalent to the unemployed, etc., the reality is like that, from the State
University in 1995, enrollment began to gradually reduce the gold content of college
students, and the saying goes, things to Greek to you. I remember the civil service
examination in 2009, Hefei, Hefei, recruiting more than 700 positions throughout, but
there are 20,000 people registered for, you see how intense this competition, some of
which are exams a good relationship with the family, for those who virtually general
candidates at a disadvantage.
   This period was the information age, the development of every age will have his
reasons, but also a lot of things to adapt to it, on such employment. What kind of
society that the university graduates to find a good job? I think there are three
possibilities, first of all that is good family relationships or family, and her strength,
and students, so the students can graduate to his home in the company to work
Huozhe introduced by the relationship to good corporate work, as their starting point
is high; Furthermore, knowledge is a very tough school graduates, their expertise, are
able to work some of the things related to the professional can easily solve them, is
much room for their development, the company will need these people, companies
willing to develop these personnel; last experience in social practice than graduates,
and I remember from 2008 after the financial crisis, particularly as large as the
demand for qualified personnel in Dongguan on the work experience to very fancy,
including in the central city is the same, as long as you rich social experience, you can
find a job. I feel the back of an ordinary college students tend to both points,
especially as junior college students last point seems to be appropriate, it can be said
is the only breach it!
   I am saying to themselves, though after entering university had some part-time, like
any marketing, recruitment, distribution of leaflets, but I found I was not very suitable
for the implementation of decisions, but also the executor of decision-making
responsibility is very small, Unlike the leaders need to consider and take a lot of
things. But then you want a leader you have to start from the first step, especially as
the common people, you only do what the lowest you can go one step up. Only
practical you can stand, or else you will fall and miserable, I would also like lots of
practice to all walks of life, experience something more to improve the useful
experience of my life, only to understand more things, you just might to be a strategist,
or else are unrealistic.
   Life is good, we like the morning sun just rising from the east, all these are
regarded as just the beginning, we have the capital, as long as you have enough
confidence in you can see the beautiful rainbow, thinking of everything, with a good,
positive thoughts you will have an extraordinary life, I believe that ordinary people I
have an unusual life.

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