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March 7, 2010

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001 ● 5 brothers, live with a different name, height missing. 【】 Finger mystery

002 ● a black child, never open, if open, off the tongue. 】 【Mystery seeds

003 ● people undress, it is to wear clothes, hats off people, it is a hat. 【Answers】
coat rack

004 ● square room, with doors without windows, heat drying outside, inside frost.
【】 Refrigerator mystery

005 ● 2 small pockets, carry with them every day, if a small one, took the bad
people laugh. 】 【Mystery socks

006 ● Brother 78, sitting around the pole, as long as a separate, tear clothes on. 【】
Garlic mystery

007 ● wooden tower alone, no no brick tile, walk in water, the water in the human
upper. 【】 Umbrella mystery

008 ● wearing a big fur coat, eat weeds s fill, and after a serious winter, gave a hair.
【】 Sheep mystery

009 ● a little girl, born in the central water, wearing a pink shirt, sitting on the green
board. 【】 Lotus mystery

010 ● color white as snow, body hard as iron, washed three times day, night cabinet
break. 】 【Mystery bowl

011 ● have no face mouth, no hands and feet, although four legs, he would not go.
【】 Tables mystery

012 ● soft white baby, blowing bubble bath, body wash small wash disappeared.
【】 Soap mystery

013 ● wearing green clothes, stomach watery, more children born child, all
black-faced. 【Answers watermelon

014 ● afraid of bacteria and small, can see that need it for testing, research essential.
【】 Microscope mystery

015 ● scorpions as only large, folded like a child, scratching intestines child,
singing a good song. Pipa】 【answers

016 ● the pen can not paint, and electricity is a must to know whether the power
can go to ask it. 【】 Test pencil puzzle

017 ● cylinder of white glue, sooner or later, an extrusion, brothers, 32, said good.
【】 Toothpaste answers

018 ● the fear of water, under the fear of fire; every household kitchen, there is a
(playing a live supplies). 【】 Pot mystery

019 ● an old man, do not run do not walk; asked him to sleep, he shook his head
(hit a thing). 【】 Tumbler puzzle

020 ● Big Sister do not line with a needle, sister lines without using needles, Third
Sister lamps do not work, Sister QUICKER not light up. (Playing of four animals) 【】
bee mystery

, Spiders, fireflies, Fang Zhiniang

021 ● hump father, mighty; what love pack busy (playing a thing). 【】 Bridge

022 ● wearing a red hat, wearing five Technicolor Dreamcoat, never singing, like
Diaosang Zi (playing an animal). 【】 Cock mystery

023 ● Pre-Cross Street, spent months in the repair station, body not moving,
automatic rations to (hit an animal). 【】 Spider mystery

024 ● has a head without neck, body cold, with wings can not fly, no foot can do (to
fight an animal). 】 【Mystery fish

025 ● wearing flower jacket, singing able in, the fields to catch insects, harvest
establish credit (hit an animal). 【】 Frog puzzle

026 ● Sister long beautiful, dressed in orange flower dress. 7 black stars above the
inlay, love to eat aphids full intestines. Er Mei favorite humming songs, 100 Garden

In Mangyou busy. Hind legs carry pollen baskets full of food, feed Kenjiro. Third
Sister wearing yellow clothes, small children to Tuier waist length. Flew to the field to
catch insects, the tail
Pakistan plug lethal knives and guns. (Play three beneficial insects). 【Answers】
ladybug, bees, wasps (wasp)

027 ● Small head with short neck long legs, hard shell inside the body shell security,
Do not look timid and afraid of something big to hold lots of life. (Hit an animal). 【】
Turtle mystery

028 ● A strange thing to long, long belly below the pockets of children eating and
sleeping bags, run slow dance fast. (Hit an animal). 【】 Kangaroo mystery

029 ● ears like Pu Shan, body like a hill, a long nose and long, to help people live
dry. (Hit an animal). 】 【Answers elephant

030 ● 8 feet, face lift drum, two scissors before drum dance, born rampage has
handed in his mouth often to spit bubble. (Hit an animal). 【Mystery crab

031 ● shake all feet flying mane, pull carts versatile pack goods, farmers boast that
it a good partner, cavalry love it as comrades in arms. (An animal). 【】 Horse

032 ● neck like goose head of sheep, not cattle and horses are not mules, the Gobi
Desert Miles, the ability to may be able to hungry thirsty. (An animal). 】 【Mystery

033 ● it like it is the tiger, money printed on yellow jacket on, stand on the
mountain roar soon as, scare away monkeys scare away the wolf. (An animal). 【】
Money mystery


034 ● wearing Pipao yellow to yellow, roar soon as beasts of panic, although no
shuaibing and will, majestic Shanda Wang. (An animal). 【】 Tiger mystery

035 ● dark forest small guard, his eyes like two lights at the limit, look at the West
looked east to seize the thief and unsparing. (An animal). 【】 Owl mystery

036 ● wearing a big red flower, wearing assorted clothing, like when the family
members, urging them, beginning early in the morning. (An animal). 【】 Cock

037 ● mouth like a small shovel, feet like a small fan, walk around pendulum,
rowing child. (An animal). 【】 Duck mystery
038 ● body fat, big head, face up against the rectangular wide-mouth, called Ma
Que Mei Mao, often in the water degree of career. (An animal). 【】 Hippo mystery

039 ● a thing as people also like dogs, pole tree climbing expert, good at imitating
human movement, at home no mountains there. (An animal). 【】 Monkey puzzle

040 ● body like a little comma, shook a little tail, small will eat mosquito larvae
grow up eating insects called the wah-wah. (An animal). 【】 Tadpole mystery

041 ● Little girl covered with black, fall to go to Jason Jiang, determined except
small insects, flying body with scissors. (An animal). 【】 Swallow mystery

042 ● no mouth to sing, sound is really crisp, sharp-tongued as the root cone,
special suction branch water. (An animal). 【】 Cicada puzzle

043 ● carrying a burden would not go soft inside surface of a strong, slow is not
drag, get stuck on her head. (An animal). 【】 Screw mystery

044 ● A cow, really powerful, wild animals see it away, it's thick skin
hair sparse, angular to grow as medicine. (An animal). 【】 Rhino mystery

045 ● Little Shining, do not knows the weight, carrying a needle full of office
channeling. (An animal). 【】 Hedgehog mystery

046 ● small aircraft, gauze wings, flying pest control busy, low-showers, fly eyes,
weather experts forecast it. (An animal). 【】 Dragonfly mystery

047 ● small beard on both sides of Alice, the opening is always meow meow, night
patrol eyes like lights, barn kitchen that sentry. (An animal). 【】 Cat mystery

048 ● short arms legs, eyebrows, eyes covered, it was Bu Zhisheng, no love called
upon. (An animal). 【Answers】 Grasshopper

049 ● wearing brightly colored flowers, clothing, love playing lightly in the hills,
the situation a little bit tight, despite the end of only his head. (An animal). 【】 Duck

050 ● small flying insects, BA Ming Mei, night shining like a lamp, the ancient
people had to use, hard to study when the light. (An animal). Firefly】 【answers

051 ● a transparent parachute, drift floating sea, tentacle poisonous stings hurt him
shrimp when the eyes. (An animal). 】 【Answers jellyfish

052 ● pointed mouth, thin legs, a large tail dragging the cunning suspicious. (An
animal). 【Mystery fox

053 ● child wearing a white robe, wearing a red hat, like a son to walk, talk the
high voice. (An animal). 【】 Goose mystery

054 ● clothes off every few days, no claws go urgently, climbing trees and more
light, smooth surface step can not. (An animal) 【】 snake mystery

055 ● looks handsome, loving dance love dancing, dancing flowers, Happy Happy.
(An animal) butterfly 056 ●】 【answers sharp teeth, large pan of mouth, just Tuier
long tail, capturing food tears, and everyone knows it horn. (An animal) Crocodile】

057 ● temper the water for like a duck, looks like a bird flying through the sky, rest
play dual right, loving husband and never left. (An animal) 【】 mandarin mystery

058 ● can not put a gun, there feet can not row, every day bent over, the total in the
water. (An animal)】 【answers shrimp

059 ● not emptied jump, noisy, eating insects to eat well, power greater than small.
(An animal) 【】 sparrow mystery

060 ● like bands, a dish, under the water, run fast. (An animal) 【】 hairtail mystery

061 ● back gray belly spots, breeding habits is very rare, produced in neighboring
nest egg was able, on behalf of its incubation from the entertainment. (Hit an animal)】
【answers Rhododendron

062 ● HY-cap wearing, wearing a green gown Luo, back health wings, love dirty
hairy legs. (Hit an animal) 【】 flies mystery

063 ● thick head and long body angle, adults and children love it, it gives milk
feeding, was covered in the net is treasure. (Hit an animal) 【】 cow mystery

064 ● marsh habitat and Agrocybe, go north and south with the seasons, adult shape
queue scheduling discipline consciously to comply. (Hit an animal)】【answers Dayan

065 ● hot day climbing trees, love to yell, obviously 啥 also do not understand, to
know that side said. (Hit an animal)】 【answers cicada (Cicada)

066 ● looks like a crane tower, body covered with flowers, Pao Lu fast,
unfortunately it was dumb. (Hit an animal) 【】 giraffe puzzle

067 ● live in Castle Peak top, wearing broken I am similar, often in the days ahead,
eat rabbits and chickens. (Hit an animal)】 【riddle eagle

068 ● HY-cap wearing, wearing a green shirt, crisp sound words, always able in.
(Hit an animal)】 【answers parrot

069 ● gray color white again, after domestication and very s