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									I guess I guess I guess
  I guess I guess I guess
Close to the people side of performance management leadership
Prior crew (to eat) fresh seafood in the choice of a class of five, each group served as
a role duo, A projection angle of the face, see projection in turn cast the word, then
action or verbal prompts angle B, B Kok projection angle of his back standing under
the A prompt to guess the word, A word in the prompt corner and the word can not
contain any word in the word are sound, or fail to change the word count, B Kok, at
the appointed time to guess who won more than words. A specified time 2 minutes
Game Time: 20-25 minutes
Award winning two, while the failure of eight or six people will enter the auction was
Auction was listed by the host sequence has white, black, red, green, four-color liquid
and liquid prices announced by the taste of a variety of colors, by the failure of team
members participate in the auction, called the price of 50 yuan each time, high prices
set too, and then two on the spot by the group drinking the liquid, the color is no
longer involved in the following auction, the last remaining group of no choice, you
must buy green liquid out of the reserve price. Auction prize for the award program
Vocabulary (about 300 words or so) PPT, projector, computer,
250ml white liquid: Mineral water + Double pot (water more? Pot head more?) Price:
250ml black liquid: Coke + vinegar (more than Coke? Vinegar and more?) Price: 200
250ml red liquid: tomato juice + chili oil price: 300 yuan
250ml green liquid: kiwifruit juice + mustard price: 400 yuan
Vocabulary words are five categories (each category of the 60 words):

1. Eat (food nutrition class)
Lai urinary shrimp, monosodium glutamate, pine nuts, hard tack, cafes, lunch
Red Bull, grape, mutton string, cappuccino, olive dishes, Bai Jinwei
Fruit, bean curd, add steamed meat, hibiscus cakes, noodles, sushi
Egg Fried Rice, frozen tofu, vitamins, instant noodles, fish balls, Jin Long Yue
Knuckle of pork, cake, like Stubbs, Shanghai Green, siu mai, sticky rice
Lion head, peanut, sesame, shrimp flavor, soy beans, red jujube
Barbecued pork bun, coriander, Kao Hongshu, tiger skin peppers, watercress, protein
Water spinach, Han Banquet, green onions, Sprite, yellow bean sprouts, water pigs
Morning tea, squirrel fish, duck, fish porridge, kung fu tea, quail
Fried fritters, soup, mustard, burgers, duck pot, tofu wire
2. Health (daily category):
Swivel chair, decoration, make-up, mop, water heater, sofa
Elevators, bicycles, mahjong, curtains, bathroom, nursery
Supermarkets, washing machines, refrigerators, raise flowers, the floor, towels
Post office, taxi, glasses, pen, sing K, the meeting
Bus, soap, schools, convenience stores, public transportation, rental
Combs, telephone, building blocks, novel, news, antenna
Broadcasting, brokerage, banking, dating, cell phone, fishing
Sweater, watching DVDs, fire extinguishers, wipes, peanut oil
Matches, Notepad, bed sheets, ceiling, glue, calendars
Kitchen, write, shoes, wardrobe, tape, security

3. Meng (Sports): Need to add money for Zheng
Football, karate, world champion, championship, NBA, ball extraordinary
Figure skating, racing, golf, shooting, dribbling, smash
Martial arts, Liu Xiang, rafting, chess, high jump, track and field
AC Milan, Jordan, breaking off a hand bowls, walking, dragon boat racing, Nie
Weightlifting, diving, fencing, Yan Shiduo, parachuting, Darts
Third, stimulants, yellow, mixed men and women play, restricted 3-point shot
Long range, restricted area, javelin, change of service, Kournikova, butterfly
Penalties, discus, gymnastics, pre-peak, table tennis, Laura Davies
Referees, free kick, hat trick, corner kick, ball rate, outlet
Bronze, foul, goalkeeper, triple jump, scoring, technical difficulty
4. Recently several large areas of the sea with sea-related entertainment
("Pirates       of     the    Caribbean",       "sea    war
peak") (Entertainment)
Halipote, sex scandal, four kings, box office, director, Oscar
Paparazzi, Wu, break of, ugly stars, comedy, pop star
Speculation, Zhang Yimou, beauty pageant, the audience, concert, moderator
Lingerie, Red Sorghum, photo albums, Korean, parties, premieres
Surreal, Asian sister, production, advertising, Han Hong, emptied of
Actress, Phoenix Satellite TV, supporting actor, comedy, a record
Writer, comic dialogues, opera, bel canto, friendship performances, entertainment
Carnival, the performance, popular songs, popular, art, Ge You
Drama, documentary, Mickey Mouse, press conferences, CCTV drama, turned out
A World Without Thieves, Opera, spokesperson, an underground, headed niche,
5. Fresh Science is fresh (tech)
3G, Bluetooth, solar energy, Internet, PDA, MMS
IBM, server, database, LAN, satellite, interoperability
Operating system, Godson, digital cameras, ADSL, Centrino, artificial intelligence
LCD TV, Ding Lei, mobile QQ, BBS, ORACLE, cordless phone
Human cloning, Shenzhou 5, Yang, ERP, options, electron flow
Anti-virus software, EMAIL, space station, expansion, MP3, hacker
Monternet, firewall, video chat, CDMA, virtual reality, auto-reply
Plasma, lithium batteries, millions of pixels, Tencent, dual-mode mobile phones,
search engine
NASDAQ, flash, domain names, an integrated camp, online trading, MSN
PHS, set-top boxes, ring tones, Microsoft, traffic accounting, value-added services

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