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Human flesh search Record Events


									Human flesh search Record Events
?Human flesh search Record Events
Search engine is the tool through the keyword search page, but you know most of the
search engine is? Perhaps you will say Baidu, as well as Google, or you may ask is
Yahoo, MSN, the search, love to ask which of them found a dog? The answer is
actually not one of them, but should be - "human flesh search
engines!" Do not believe? ! Mother rescued from bondage events, network
child cat incident, to the explosive "copper to the door" network
scandal and the recent "Kung Fu Girl" pornographic photos,
most recently for rogue foreign teachers "network fatwa"
human flesh search engine always showing the interaction between users of this vast
war, magnificent, so powerful can not help but admire the power of human wave

Cat woman abuse incident

Cat abuse case in the background:

February 28, 2006, Internet users, "breaking blizzard child" in
the online published a set of cat abuse video capture. Soon, friends
"12ookie_hz" to the "foot cat" incident
site on the "Cat Fight" net users "dark
archon" in the "End of the World Community" cat
women posted pictures of their feet, made a "wanted the universe order
"to let users the world to report. Many users would like to donate hair cat
currency, the yuan reward for catching a murderer, even the cat will reward flapping
network official rose to 5,000 yuan from 1,000 yuan. At 10:20 on March 2, 2006,
friends, "I am not Desert Angel" in the cat pounced posted:
"This woman is a town in Heilongjiang ... ...", his message to
the event of a critical change. At 12 o'clock on the March 4, child cat
incident fundamental to determine the three suspects from the "ground
blizzard child" child cat Photos posted online 6 days, however, the
efficiency of the high rate may be as much as police work.

Copper to the door incident

April 13, 2006, "Cat Fight Network," subsidiary
"World of Warcraft in China," the theme forum, said the wife of
a man obsessed with posting "World of Warcraft" players
together in a network named after the occurrence of copper to the man one-night stand.
Sadness husband's post attracted sympathy and users of "third
party" and denounced their use of network tools to search for copper in the
real data. Post flutter in the Cat Network, a distant and so brought a strong response to
copper users have denounced the thread. April 15 to 17, users who search for copper
concentrate to the data. To the copper to be found in Hebei, the award-winning
experiences, that someone found his real name. Subsequently, the copper to be QQ
users has a personal space to find his nickname "thin
handsome." And found copper to be the photo. April 17, "World
of Warcraft scandal Actor information photographs of copper to be
exposed" to the data of copper concentrate to be announced. After the
copper to be the host school forum, online gaming guild forum is full of sound
crusade. At the same time, users have been investigating quiet child months (sad
husband wife) of information, have friends that found her age, name, and that
someone released the "You on child photos." Have
"demonstration" a player said: "The town was at
least 500 people online demonstrations. Because so many people online, the server
almost collapse."

Kung fu girls sex photos

August 2006 a group of young girls dressed in bikini porn martial arts pictures,
triggered the frenzy of Chinese users to trace. High-profile initiatives have friends:
"I hope again to see human flesh search engine, want to look like full
operation as in the cases of child cat ---- because human dignity is more important
than the cat!" Beginning of the operation, users on the translation out of the
translated as "Kung Fu Bikini Site" page of instructions, and
post recommended the issuance date of Jibei top administrator, users rapid response
breakthrough 1000 posts mark, BBS still rise to a number of posts and post about the
sisters. Subsequently, the users send 2 "warrant the universe",
and through a variety of Web search technology, within three days locked in a
"suspect schools." Also concluded that: Tai Chi Chuan
Association, a Florida Yen and the site's operators outside Yan is the same

Qian Jun beating incident

April 2007, Mr. Ouyang over sixty years away at the gates of the sidewalk, somehow
the car was hit by a fast reverse. He got up and the driver theory, the anti-money
forces vilify the driver of stolen vehicles, causing minor injuries and then beaten and
kicked. Killer in 20 minutes with slapping the face, chest and other means of kicking
the elderly raging, and eventually wrestled to the elderly, but also admitted he knelt
down in front "theft." Fortunately, the process is residential
video surveillance incident truthfully recorded. Until June 12, Shenzhen News Net
will be released this and the whole process of video recording on the Internet public, a
move immediately aroused the indignation of Internet users. In just a few days time,
money, troops and their spouses Yang, Yang's work unit, address, personal
identity, address and telephone number made public, and called on all of the money
crusade Army. The network, the money the military less than 10-year-old daughter
attended school in which his wife, the parents in the school as president of the
Information Commission has 11 exposure. "Scum, can only be sent into the
prison, to pray him out to be a truck and killed," similar to the frequency of
the current network of evil speech. Some users even shift blame to the police station
and called friends call the police station, questioned Why two months of the incident
are still not bring the perpetrators to justice. According to Qian Jun
daughter's teacher said, "The child was only the second year, is
a minor, should be protected by society, rather than hurt." Also so many
people to ask the child problems.

In the history of the most poisonous stepmother

July 2007 appeared an article online called "the history of the most vicious
stepmother to his daughter play Kuangtu blood, live thousands of Ku Cheng
a" post, "What is justice?-Year-old girl was beaten in the
hospital mad stepmother hematemesis , flow over the ground, six broken vertebrae.
biological father but that is child fall, the families of police, the incident further
investigation, not arrested the suspect. "angry netizens have charged
that" this stepmother simply as an animal "," her
father was not a good class, "and so on, there are User arrest warrant issued
by the network to malicious stepmother wanted. Many users could not suppress his
anger, "wanted to send on-line order, so the stepmother can not go out!
Angrily cloves Xiaohui's stepmother is the most wicked stepmother history
of post endless. The press interview, Xiaohui's stepmother kneel to cry foul.
Since then, the government has also clarified: Xiaohui stepmother was not injured.
The final rule for this event is the exposure is not the onset of artificial speculation.

Hooligans outside the teaching plan

August 2007, an article entitled "Network chasing rogue foreigner
action" forum posts spread in major well-known that the
"fatwa" is the publisher of the Shanghai Academy of Social
Sciences Sociology Professor of Psychology Dr. Zhang Jiehai. It began from a
Shanghai foreign teachers in his blog, "an extremely obscene, dirty
language recorded his Chinese women in Shanghai, the process of playing, but most
of these Chinese women turned out to be his students; At the same time He also doing
all it can insult, slander, distort the Chinese go-vern-ment and the Chinese men.
" The action was a positive response from netizens. At the same time, the
foreign teachers have no weakness, began to fight back. This article is triggered kill
this network. A message saying "I have decided to refuse the British out of
China." The chase is: "a blog where people write a
pornographic story is psychological not normal people, is not suitable for educational
work. In particular, or his students. "david friends again after the public
announcement of the foreign teachers email, called the National Chiao Tung
University, Fudan University has taught.

South China Tiger event

October 3, 2007, Shaanxi farmer Zhou Zhenglong said the South China tiger photo
shoot in Bashan; with 12, Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province, South China
tiger photo exhibition held in conference. After several hours, questioned,
"according to Tiger," the authenticity of the messages that
appear in the color film loudly forum, since users in from the light, camera angles,
realistic paintings challenge the search angles. November 15, 2007, Internet users,
"Panzhihua xydz" said the tiger and the tiger according to their
own New Year is very similar to the hanging; the following days, Internet users
continue to be reported across the country found that "pictures of the
tiger", then led to genuine and fake tiger photos online discussion, that the
false voice gradually come to prevail. In "child cat incident" to
play an important role in the "Western undefeated," by Baidu,
"South China Tiger Bar" carefully distinguish between the
lower left corner of the trademarks of New Year pictures and tell a traditional
"Dragon" character. Paper is smoke there's fire in the
June 29, 2008, the so-called "South China tiger photos" has
finally been identified as false picture, "taking pictures of
people," Zhou Zhenglong was arrested on suspicion of fraud.

3377 Events

November 8, 2007, called "Amazon Mermaid," the users in the
End of the World Forum, entitled "My god this regularization of the
primary three Super Crazy ah!" (Primary Three to third parties for short)
posts, L described her friend with her ex-husband, "77" and the
ex wife "candy child" story: "77" in a
work machine understanding of the "candy children," after
"77" and L divorce, and with the "candy
children" quickly married. Divorce, L only left the house still needs
mortgage, deposit and return the car "77." This should stop after
the     original     story,   but     "candy       children"      to
"77" will leave the house first wife, while he himself will be in
a rented house, "keep true love," the state is extremely
dissatisfied, so from time to time in their blog, and send text messages abusive L.
November 10, 2007, users have found her and "77" true name
and identity card number and phone number, work unit, license plate number, etc., as
long as they can search the details in a day or two-round exposure in the network.
Events to expand, the "candy children" deleted a blog on all the
articles, but users have to use the network snapshot of the end of the article remain.
November 12, 2007, users spontaneously called the "77" is
located in Beijing "wide ×" company. Some netizens said,
adding denounce "candy children" because she broke the
woman's tolerance. "The anger is not the person her husband
wins, but wins were the husband together with their husbands after the
show's evil, mean, vain, vulgar, and with strong words against the moral
arrogance. How is this arrogance of the poor discipline also is the key. "

Zhang Shu Where the incident

December 27, 2007, CCTV broadcast a news "network audio-visual
environment clean is urgent," reports that "Up to now,
China's audio-visual program services site has reached more than 60,000,
in the dissemination of ideology and culture, health Meanwhile, some vulgar also
spread unhealthy content. "" The main problems are: the
proliferation of pornographic programs; violent video growing; spoof spread, etc..
"here just interviewed the students in Beijing where Chang Shu Chang Shu
who said in the lens:" Last I checked the information, suddenly pop out a
window, very yellow, very violent, I quickly shut up. "is just a few seconds,
but photographed, Zhang special where he might not expect to cause an uproar. Upon
news broadcast, cats flapping site appears a number of posts to attack
"very yellow, very violent," the 5 words, there are parents who
Portrait Zhang Shu, as mentioned in the letter, produced a pornographic cartoon map
to insinuate Zhang Shu Van.

Death blog events

The first case the network of violence: death blog

January 9, 2008, End of the World Forum on a visit to Yan users in the MSN space, in
the End of the World gossip outrage post, titled "MM suicide see a blog
before as the small three ... she jumped up from 24th floor Hao Can ", post
the full text of the Yan Bowen before suicide. January 10 evening, a group calling
itself the friend of a friend Yan network of friends made, entitled "totally
disheartened, committed suicide by jumping from the 24th floor, MM diary last
BLOG, my friend of a friend" of the post. Post wrote, "However,
from the 3377 event Cheung, Zhang Bin Hu Ziwei end of the year event, to the
suicide of Yan, once a primary three topics appear in the field of vision. And we, in
addition to condemnation, other, no longer do anything. "08 years of the
first network storm began. After condemning the abusive users, using the so-called
"human flesh search." Faye Wong and third party published
detailed information on the Internet called for their expulsion in their industry, excited
parents, friends or even find the home of Faye Wong, in his door with paint and wrote
"death sentence for the good wife" and so forth. Many users
will be the matter was referred to his unit, Faye Wong was dismissed, therefore, other
units have also shied away from job at short Faye Wong. Faye Wong parents house
was repeatedly harassed, intimidated by the entrance was covered with framed posters.
Faye Wong requested the Court to award banner network, a distant communities,
migratory birds flying north against the three sites to stop their own reputation, to
eliminate adverse effects, public apology, and bear their lost wages, mental losses
totaled 135,000 yuan.

Barber astronomical events

In March 2008 of two 14-year-old girls, "Paul International"
haircut shop, she was asking 12,000 yuan, the two dozen students through a living
before hand in the money. April 1, follow-up report on this major national media.
News release on the network, users start the "human flesh
search" Paul announced the international registration information, fixed
telephone and mobile phone numbers, and vehicle licenses, and to develop together
for the entrance to the shop and play slogans. April 2 12 o'clock noon,
Zhengzhou Local Taxation Bureau Bureau of law enforcement officers to check Paul
International, according to the accounts of its operations temporarily detained. April 3,
Paul International has been ordered to suspend business for rectification, Zhengzhou

Network Red "Lan Dong"

Since April 2008, in the network, another fire in condemning the Reds up the network,
she is the sister Lan Dong. 70 claims worth billions of women after the show off their
wealth, they have Porsche, Chanel handbags, luxury villas, etc., TV drama disgusting
orchid fingers waving, and then cursed after 80 after 90. This person in the network
talked wildly, frenzied provocation after 80 people, and after the provocation of 90
sisters and brothers, but he forgot the network now has a new way --- human flesh
search engine search, the search for ways comparable to engines such as Google
Baidu, only a few days time, on the successful Lan Dong uncovered the true identity
of her sister, also found a large number of people who knew her. In fact it all, is just
speculation WOYO malicious website, they draw a while ago, after 80 and 90 cases
of successful speculation after, was created out of thin air after a 70-hyun rich woman,
with her shrew-like squalling nausea ability to succeed popular Lan Dong sister, also
led to a large number of users concerned about the woyo website. In a large number of
users have a strong human flesh search to find the next, and tap into a large number of
reliable evidence that the so-called Lan Dong sister woyo created a virtual identity, in
the already released video, Lan Dong sister where the background is an office, office
windows are showing, "Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji
University," the signs, coincidentally woyo office address is also opposite
the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University. Even more interesting is that
users also pulls out the "Lan Dong sister," I in real life video
photos, blog, etc..

Liaoning girl incident

Shenyang Zhang Ya-boyfriend was posted singled out someone else's
network violence May 21, 2008, the largest overseas network of YouTube video
appeared on a long four minutes and 40 seconds of video, the video in which a
woman living in Internet cafes, contemptuous tone with very large On the refugee
affected areas in Sichuan earthquake and the view of them intense and full of dirty
words. She felt the earthquake that has gloat. Site no color, full of disaster coverage
on TV, not a day of mourning for her to play the game became her reason for
complaint. Less than one hour later, the video was linked to the End of the World of
Chinese Internet users, and other major domestic cats flutter Forum, netizens began to
anger. A "call for 1.3 billion people to find out her hands
together" and "search warrant" was launched,
"Liaoning Women" and "Liaoning abusive
women" became the code name of the woman, quickly occupy the
site's news page, as the highest click rate of users, comment back up to the
event. QQ users password is compromised, less than half an hour, with users posting
anonymous, said that details of the woman, her ID number, family members, the
specific address, workplace, or even call parents and brother have all been "
dig "out. At 13 o'clock on the on the 21st, Shenyang Public
Security Bureau of Sujiatun District Branch of experts provided under the on-line
information of the woman in an Internet cafe and arrested him, after his detention.
Police said the woman stopped the game for entertainment on the Internet cafes were
dissatisfied with the video recording of the abuse. She has expressed remorse for their
comments and apology.
Chia-Hsiang Lin molested girls

October 31, Shenzhen, a middle-aged man in a restaurant by the 11-year-old girls ask
for the machine, be forcibly dragged into the toilet indecency. When the girls parents
and then go to the unreasonable man, the man was actually shouting "I am
sent by the Ministry of Communications, level and as high as your mayor, I would
dare fight, you people count ass ah!." Restaurants, the camera recorded this
scene. This event by the users search for human flesh, and finally the
"Beijing officials" to find out. "Said the 58-year-old,
Shandong Yantai who transferred from Hainan, Shenzhen,"
"Chia-Hsiang Lin, secretary of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety
Administration Office Tel (0755) 8379 --- Come on, you can call to say
hello," "Police have no video recording with perfunctory people,
strong demand severe punishment pervert!! "final Chia-Hsiang
Lin's resignation.

East Building Kappa Women

November 14 these days, a woman in Shanghai's 12-minute sex video
video spread quickly on the Web. User comments on this big time, but also launched a
"human flesh search", has found the woman's name,
place of work in the city and the QQ number. Some users of curiosity to find the
woman the workplace, and women named "East Building Kappa
women." "As long as the fame, and consequently hard to
say." Bloggers since then began to plan "for the profit of
fame" in publishing the blog, said to be "news buy,"
"If your house of money and buy my exclusive website news, it means the
site the fire flew up! I can provide my exclusive news, photos, ensure that your site
traffic rose. "The woman worked in this commercial, commercial general
office, according to relevant staff confirms that the Women have been removed.

Nanchang University, 50 beauty case

November 17, titled "Beauty of Nanchang University, QQ 50
Filmography" Cat Fight Forum posts show up, the post lists 50 of
Nanchang University, female students at the school the true information, which does
not just only the QQ, also include your name, 50 beautiful pictures, phone number,
major, class, bedroom numbers, etc. All full exposure. According to the landlord
posted the readme, he posted the original intention is to make people understand about
the beauties of Nanchang University. Can be reproduced after several days after, it is

Have users that posted those sinister, does not rule out deliberately to vent their anger,
the purpose of disclosure of the privacy of others. Post two days after the issue of
domestic Web sites, began reproduced, and some sites even beautiful girls on the 50
so-called "star ratings." It is reported that exposure of the
beauties of these recent days either phone off the hook, or received text messages
from strangers.

Guixue Yu apologize for the incident

November 28, 2008, two Chinese female fans to South Korea to see
TVXQ's performances, one of whom was pregnant, show after two female
fans chartered following the combination, then the combination of members of the
Shen Chang-Min and the other members of the gold in progress the Ladies (since
broken the men's room), two fans to follow in, then, Shen Chang-Min
inexplicable smashed two cameras and the hands of Chinese fans. Shortly after the
incident broke, the forum has users that China TVXQ fans to the official web site
published a letter of apology to the effect that "I think the fans stand aside,
as the Chinese should apologize ... ... Chinese fans, brought a letter of apology
network a large-scale war of words. Guixue Yu was flesh search engine, Baidu Post
Bar, Southwest University, also suffered a massive explosion it. Guixue Yu personal
information is then burst out, "I apologize to you on behalf of the people in
Heilongjiang! us black land actually

However, raising such a thing out!!! "And other abuses continue. Guixue
Yu wrote" there are users in the online search out my photo and address,
and now I'm almost collapsed. Students are also talking about me -

Premier Zhou Li Ming Jia insulting incident

Since the "TVXQ" playing pregnant women in China were
spread online video since China and South Korea on the matter of jihad events
constantly. November 29, 2008, Jinan University, Li Ming Jia, was that after the bar
in Sin abuse in the words of Premier Zhou, and Gui Xueyu happened as tragically
human flesh search, Jinan University burst it. Many paste it in launching the
"set of 10 000 Chinese citizens 'Get out of China, Li Ming Jia
to'" activities, "traitors" and other protests
continued. The end result is that, after careful investigation, confirmed that there is no
abuse of its Premier Zhou Enlai, but as a member of The Fairy Queen, lack a deep
understanding of the event, speech radical. At 3 o'clock on the December 3,
2008 or so, large-scale basic end groups BAOBA and onlookers. Meanwhile, there are
users for the mistake, "Li Moumou" insulting Premier Zhou
event open posted an apology. December 3, 2008, heard about the follow-up jihad.
Becoming a large-scale interest groups BAOBA.

Baby girl child event

Child baby girl, Domain Name Murong small Q, whose real name is Yin Yu Qi, is
Jiujiang Medical School 2006, a 18-year-old nursing school girl, who lives in Jiujiang
City, single-parent families, mother of ordinary workers. She was a child and abuse of
babies hate her blog to record in detail his abuse and psychological changes after
infants. May 2009, that someone saw these articles, forwarded to the watercress line,
led users to "baby girl child," the human flesh search.

Airsick Nu

"Airsick women", whose real name Zhang Mengyuan, net
names shirley, after a 90 girl. She wrote the watercress, a web page entitled
"Oh! Really need a private jet, "the log, the log said that he just
got off the plane, dizziness, and then fell asleep at the Hong Kong airport, and said
really to buy aircraft. Did not expect to be friends and forwarded to the forum. In
short, there are tens of thousands of users influx "shirley"
personal home page on his blog accusing her own photo to attract PS eye, leaving a
lot of offensive language, calling it "Female airsick . "

April 24, 2009, called "shirley" 90 Nvwang You suddenly
became popular after the network, and her QQ space, personal blog, school ID,
Facebook's ID, Space's ID, and MSN users, etc. are published in
the watercress's "tour group." In short time, tens of
thousands of users have the influx of "shirley" the
user's personal home page. Then there are friends to
"shirley" more blogs and photos forwarded to the End of the
World Forum. In just three days, in the End of the World's article entitled
"tenrai the loading force F! Call The skilled identification photos! Oh,
really need a private jet! "Posts, the more attracted millions of users of
the" tourist ", nearly 8,000 people in the thread discussion.

The beginning, only users in the forum to discuss "shirley" how
ridiculous, as well as photos of her online identify true and false. But with friends
in-depth     "crowd",         more      and     more     on     the
"shirley"        The     network      people     are    considered
"mine" thing posted on the Internet for users to denounce. Many
friends influx flesh out "shirley" blog and photo album on his
blog accusing her vision PS in order to attract their own photos.

Jia Junpeng

July 16, 2009, Baidu World of Warcraft, it issued a titled "comes in
different forms your mother calling you home for dinner," the post just 56
hours were 390 617 users browsing, attracted more than 17,000 responses, and the
next day has attracted 7.1 million hits and 300,000 back, was friends known as the
"network miracle."

An unknown tens of thousands of users are referred to as "comes in
different forms" of users, the network suddenly became popular in just a
few hours. Many users know that in Baidu, Sina and reward to find love have asked
the question, "comes in different forms," Why do people, many
of friends to join spoof queue formed mammoth "comes in different forms

Many users of the post in reference to "comes in different
forms" had a strong curiosity. Originally posted by users who have the IP
address launched the "comes in different forms" of human flesh
search. Search found that, in line with the identity of the network has two, one selling
books now in the Beijing Haidian, the other one in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Construction
Engineering Group, but are not sure.

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