Hum by fdjerue7eeu



On the environment determine, after careful thought, I made the decision to put itself
withdraw out, baby, tell you, the boss in my house Tai received the items, also have
side inquire into me want to go, hey this really is complex, go home very happy so
close, but not on the good and see you a few months, do not go how to do landlord
have to give Diema it, but I do not want to meet parents and teachers alone, you know
his mouth, Zhi Buding what they say to, hum, I hope that the project opened late
~~~~~~~~~ But if you have time to come Taian, I just take you home to meet my
father Mom ~ ~ ~ Oh, I know that is unlikely. . . . . .
Today wondering how to coordinate the task themselves be abused and lead them, he
suddenly felt a kind of CEO do, strategic coordination. . . Really do not know the
CEO is Gesha feel Oh, ah, later made to recall a recent next Oh ~~~~~~ I have been
watching the former president of IBM's autobiography, "Who
Says Elephants Can not Dance", he would die once The IBM
"saved", but in fact not so exaggerated, in fact, through his
observations, research, analysis, visit the technical, management, visit key customers,
competitors, find out the company's market conditions in the new position,
then take a series of measures, such as control of liquidity, adjusting the loss of
competitiveness in the computer hardware prices, increased prices of complementary
software products, while doing the most important decisions, to IBM, from a
production, selling computers in the company, into an integrated hardware, software
resources, complex technology to the business activities, providing business solutions
company. Completion of the program through solid, IBM, is today's IBM,
the world's largest information technology and enterprise solutions
company, the world's largest computer company does not make computers,
hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. . . Days, then, I actually remember
the IBM so much. . . Precise, I actually remember that Gerstner is the quickest and
most positive understanding of how to solve company problems, I like to read this
book, I hate to see theory, I like to know more and more practice operating skills, I
think read this book, I can get more, we can see, I am not a research person. . .
Pregnant pig that I give her child to marry me, Well, you know that pigs get me happy,
huh ~ ~

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