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Ministry With Children Be still and know that I by dahntayjones


									  Ministry With Children                                                                                We gladly welcome the
                                                                                                        following new members to
“Be still and know that I am God” is a familiar verse to many                                           our church:
of us. Yet, we often are so busy that we forget to be still.                                            Christopher Thompson, 2508
Donʼt get me wrong, we think about God in our busy times                                                Laurelcherry St. (27612),
and see His presence, but it is when we stop and remove our                                             joined by letter on July 27.
thoughts and actions that we see God in a new way. As I                                                 Elizabeth Wicker, 4727
think about the past two weeks, Vacation Bible School and                                               Mifflin St. (27612), joined by
Arkansas, I havenʼt had much time to be still, but in those                                             letter on July 27.
moments when I have, Iʼve been reminded of God and His
presence in new and refreshing ways. Let me share with you
some of the things God has shown me in these last two weeks.                                            Getting to
                                                                                                        Know Your
                                                                                                        Hbbc Church
Our Beach Party began on July 13. As I watched teachers prepare their classrooms, I was amazed          Staff…
again at the church of Hayes Barton. Rooms were full, children, youth, and adults were learning,
new faces were everywhere, and the love of Christ was present. God truly blessed us during VBS.         Brenda Farrington-Popei
Several new faces that were present that week have continued to be seen. New and experienced            Brenda is the housekeeper
volunteers allowed God to use them. Families brought in food to help feed the hungry in our             here at HBBC; she also helps
community. Christʼs love was felt and shared in so many ways. I stand in awe of how well every-         Val Chavis in the Kitchen.
thing came together and testify that God moved in a mighty way. Thank you to everyone who               She comes from a family of
allowed God to use them to be His hands and feet to our community through Vacation Bible School.        13 children- never a dull
                                                                                                        moment for her growing up!
Then on Saturday, July 19, 26 of us from HBBC, headed out to Helena, Arkansas. I know that you          Her hobbies are reading
were praying because throughout the week I felt Godʼs presence fresh and anew. Through building         (anything but science fiction),
relationships with each other, the people of Helena, serving in the pool, construction site, library,   listening to music and the
park, or around town, lives were changed. I hadnʼt planned to go to Helena this year, but felt drawn    beach. She also loves
at the last minute. I was able to reconnect with people in the community and make some new              meatloaf and pineapple cake.
friends. Corey, Darla, and Woody have forever etched the presence of Christ in their lives on my
soul. Woody was a 62 year old woman that came to learn how to swim. We developed a sweet
relationship and she met her goal on Wednesday evening. She said if she didnʼt learn to do              Staff Anniversaries
anything else, she wanted to learn how to float. Well, she did, for a minute and 45 seconds to be
exact and we both gave God all the glory! Our ministry in Helena has been about building bridges.       We joyfully acknowledge the
On Thursday night at the celebration time, when the mayor announced the naming of the pool              milestones of service reached
pavilion (Womack Hall Pavilion) I gave thanks to God for the visible evidence that bridges have         by members of our staff, and
been built. Over these last few years, weʼve seen so many changes. Weʼve seen the people of             we want to express our deep
Helena getting involved in taking the life-saving power of Christ to their community. But when a        appreciation for their support.
pavilion will bear the name of the pool supervisor (Earnest Womack) who questioned our swim-              -Julia Ledford - 13 years
ming ministry six years ago and a woman from HBBC (Kate Hall) who continued to dream, you                 -William Crowder - 6 years
know God is at work! To Him be the Glory! Oh, the wonders God has shown me as I have taken                -Robert Lahr - 2 years
time to be still! What wonders has He shown you this summer? I would love to hear about them
. . . Kristen

  Extended Group Sessions
  August 10:
          Melissa Walker - Assistant; Kathy Teague, Katherine & Steven Meyer, Nancy Stainback and Wanda Williams - Infants;
          Allison & Bob March - Young Ones; Elizabeth Turlington (we still need another volunteer) 1-year-olds; Heather & Mike
          Warren - 2-year-olds; Susan & Mory Read and Angel Smallman - 3-year-olds; Becky Lytle and Dan Boyce - 4-year-olds;
          Cindy & Ralph Tuttle - 5-year-olds.
  August 17:
          Laura & James Vann - Assistant; Debra DeCamillis, Jennifer Queen, Karen Chance, Peggy Murray, and Stephanie
          Buckner - Infants; Elizabeth Turlington and Cathy Howard - Young Ones; Stacy Holland and Jennie Hull - 1-year-olds;
          Ann Gaskins and Julia & Joe Ledford - 2-year-olds; Greg Walker, Joe Pittman and Susanna Hailey - 3-year-olds;
          Ed Gaskins, David Chance and Emily Patton - 4-year-olds; Angie Blake and Julie Brooks - 5-year-olds.

                                        November 19, 2007           Volume 45        Number 22

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