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Huawei: rapid development behind an by fdjerue7eeu


									Huawei: rapid development behind an
Huawei said, people will think of his advocacy of the Wolf and culture, militarization
of the management and investment on a large number of autonomous technology and
R & D, but in fact the whole set of Huawei professional management
systems and processes to ensure that the column Huawei Express high-speed
operation while, and will not off track.
Text / QIE Yongzhong
"Management is Huawei's core competitiveness. Huawei get
past a critical success factor, in addition to technology, personnel, capital, more
administration and services." Huawei Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei summed
up the experience of managing. Huawei's comprehensive review of the
management system and the upgrading p rocess of Westernization, is from the R
& D, supply chain start with back-end business processes, such as for
Human Resources Management Zhu Jian Fu Zhu 单元, ultimately, organizational
structure and marketing front-end of market business in the process of integration
with international .
As early as 1997, Huawei began with the Hay Group (Hay Group) co-transformation
of human resource management. Since then, Huawei Youyi 50 million U.S. dollars of
the price to hire a consultant in IBM product development consulting. Financial and
quality control Huawei hired a consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and the FhG,
2005, Huawei has with the Hay and cooperation, and leadership development,
leadership development and quality model for Global Development-Oriented Training
Dilution "Wolf Culture"
Ren Zhengfei has been promoting the early years, "Wolf
Culture": sharp, combative, selfless, team spirit. Within the enterprise, Ren
Zhengfei militarization "iron fist" to corporate governance,
including the super labor- intensive, rigorous management system, within the survival
of the fittest and so ruthless. With the domestic telecommunications market saturation,
Huawei has grown and international, Huawei to implement "the wolf
cultural" environment has changed. Enterprise development to a certain
scale, in particular, a more open mind when the international market, but will hinder
the cohesion of excessive international implementation. Huawei's corporate
culture has long been, in the promotion of Huawei's rapid development, in
turn, hindered the development of the company. In order to truly become an
international big companies, the first big companies to have an inclusive culture that
is       different        from        the     "coyotes"          and
"elephant" culture.
Cultural transformation is actually done is to introd uce scientific and standardized
management processes and systems. Huawei implementation of the IPD, ISC, and
financial information on the company's business processes such as norms,
to improve management.
Overall introduction of IPD
In 1997, Huawei between strategic management and project management of
contradictions. Huawei's products developed in a considerable portion is
extremely large and complex product systems, such as C & C08 switches,
GSM, data communication, WCDMA, etc., software size are more than 10 million
lines of code, the distribution in different fields of thousands of developers took 2 to 3
years to complete. To manage and coordinate such a large development team to ensure
the 10 million lines of code without errors, not only superhuman wisdom and an
effective management strategy. 90 early 20th century, Gerstner surgeon to technology
but lack the organization of writing powerful, IBM entered IPD (Integrated Product
Development) of the management culture, successfully promoted the transformation
of IBM technologies to market commercial path, so that all aspects of an organic
enterprise whole. IBM IPD in the body of this giant commercial success of the
experiment to Zhengfei eyebrows. A year later, Huawei of "照葫芦画瓢
" hard- line approach in implementing IPD. "First rigid, the n
cured, and then optimize." Ren Zhengfei said.
In early 1998, Huawei began to find their own way to design and implement IPD, but
IPD program due consideration of their own design deficiencies in the actual
operation process has many unreasonable and failed. Ren Zhengfei recognize Huawei
can no longer behind closed doors. Thus, Huawei became the first domestic company
to introduce and implement the West IPD.
Early 1999 by IBM as a Consultant IPD design change was officially launched in
Huawei. IPD is about product development (arising from product concept to product
release of the whole process) of a concept and method, which emphasizes the market
and customer demand as the driving force of product development, product design to
build in quality, cost, manufacturing and serviceability, and other areas. More
importantly, IPD product development as an investment to manage. In every stage of
product development, both from a business perspective rather than from the
perspective of technology assessment to ensure the realization of product returns or
minimize losses caused by failed investments.
IPD is summed up by IBM last 5 years of a management model, its main advantage is
that changes in mode of product development and shorten time to market, reduce
costs, improve product quality, and ultimately improve product profitability. However,
due to IPD are involved in very extensive, Huawei large scale, product line width, and
complex systems, high technology, IPD is very difficult in the implementation of
Huawei. However, the implementation of Ren Zhengfei iron hand, the implementation
of IPD will rise to the survival level, Huawei: "IPD related to the
company's future survival and development. At all levels of organization,
at all levels must fully recognize its importance. By 'procrustean'
to put on ' U.S. shoe 'pain, in return for the joy of the system
running smoothly. "Huawei Ren Zhengfei is hoped to quickly put onto
IBM's shoes international management track.
According to IBM Consulting's approach, Huawei IPD project into focus,
invention and implementation of three phases. In the interest stage, a lot of
"ripper", and that is the basis of diagnosis in research carried
out repeated training, discussions and communication between relevant departments
and staff truly understand the ideas and methods of IPD. The main tasks of the
invention stage of program design and selection of three pilot projects. Promotion
stage is step by step, the first 50% of the project, promotion, and then expanded to
80% of the project, and finally extended to all projects.
One from a technical point of view, IPD for Huawei shift from technology-driven
market-driven, which ultimately changed people's way of doing things
Huawei. In the IPD process, people involved in the management of other non-entity
development process TDT (Technology Development Team) - Technology
Development team, each TDT staff from different departments, from marketing to
finance, from R & D to support services, Only a goal-oriented: to meet
market demand and quick profits.
Generally speaking, a TDT or PDT's operational processes, marketing,
engineering obtained from the market demand - Marketing Department, a systems
engineer assigned to the decomposition needs - needs analysis into the formation of
the corresponding products sector program - the highest organizations into IPD IRB
( Investment Review Board) - Investment Policy Committee to examine the
department ITMT (Integrated Technology Management Team, the integration of
technology and management team) and IPMT (Integrated Portfolio Management
Team, which integrates portfolio management team) - project to determine the target
value - return to Development .
In accordance with the Huawei says that the "project team is equivalent to
a small management team." In the report, while TPMT and ITMT, the
project must submit a complete budget, and therefore there is a market sector in the
project team who have the supply chain and technical support people, as well as
financial officers and general manager, head is a small .
Huawei IPD concept has been integrated into people's blood.
"For example, we should note that products come from a maintainability,
technical support staff at any time with." Said a Huawei R & D
personnel, changes everywhere. "In the past we are not technical support,
R & D write some random data, now have dedicated staff to give us
information on the development of new products, information equipment, did not do,
we complained." He said, IPD emphasize product development the first
day of everyone involved to ensure that product features, quality, and long-term
maintainability - to the market as technology indicators.
This change gave birth to a new department - Marketing Department, and also to the
level of Huawei started research and development in line with international

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