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					Quorum Overview

Annual General Meeting - June 22, 2007
Company Overview
Founded                                           Highlights
  Offices throughout US and Canada                    In Jan. 2006, selected as the new
  with 110 employees
                                                      technology choice under the GM
Our Focus                                             IDMS program in North America
 XSELLERATOR™ & XPRESS                                In Nov. 2006, selected as
  A dealership and customer                           Microsoft strategic partner for the
  management software that                            North American automotive market
  automates, integrates, and                          – the “recommended” system
  streamlines every department in a                   DCX Integration in Testing with
  dealership.                                         Pilot Dealer.
  The best Windows-based, fully-                      3rd largest supplier of Dealership
  integrated automotive dealership                    Management Systems to GM
  management software on the market                   dealerships in Canada (20%) –
  today.                                              200 installed Dealership rooftops
                                                      in N.A.
                                                      Product Value - $100 Million +

                                Quorum Confidential
23,000 new car dealers in North America
             GM – 8,000 dealerships                           Other OEMs
                           Independent –
                           8,000 GM
                           (many serving
                           multiple OEMs)

Quorum’s DMS Market-Entry Strategy…

Highly concentrated market - Reynolds & Reynolds (R&R) and ADP account for
roughly 80% of the N.A. automotive technology market.
R&R has recently been purchased by UCS (3rd player in U.S. 8%) in a $2.8 billion
(3X sales) all cash deal. UCS like R&R and ADP sell a 25 year old technology platform.

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One Integrated System


                       Vertical Integration

                 OEM Business Rules

               Single Customer and Vehicle Database

       Sales      Service                       Parts   Accounting

                      Horizontal Integration

                      CRM Process

                      Best Practices

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Bottom Line for a Dealer

XSELLERATOR Test Case – Brian Finch’s Dealership
  Earnings increased by over 130% over last 3 years
  (switched from R&R to XSELLERATOR in 2003)

  Some Documented Direct XSELLERATOR Benefits
     IT costs reduced by 50%             $ 45 K
     Staff 4 x 40 K                      $160 K
     Increased Customer Pay 10 %         $195 K
     “The efficiency of many managers and staff has been improved by
     an amount which cannot be measured, but has a value to the

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GM’s IDMS Solution – Benefits for Quorum

 Validates our product as the right choice for new technology in DMS

 Billing and contracting process through GM eliminates credit risk

 Assures a road map to cash positive operations

 Execute on IDMS integration plan to build multiple B2B Integration
 points with GM (Quorum paid to build Integration)

 Allows us to leverage GM Communications and Field Force to provides
 market presence and recognition (~ $20 million plus)

 GMAC provides special financing option for dealers to purchase

 Opens many other opportunities with other OEM’s (Chrysler, Ford,
 Imports) and other players in DMS

                              Quorum Confidential
Microsoft’s Strategic Relationship

 November 8, 2006 – Quorum and Microsoft announced an
 expanded strategic relationship with Microsoft’s dealership
 management solutions initiatives

 According to Mr. Reed, Director, Automotive Retail Solutions;

   “Quorum’s XSELLERATOR DMS solution already provides an innovative
        basis for dealership solutions and they are committed to providing
          improved value to dealerships by integrating existing and future
      Microsoft products into its DMS offering. Microsoft strongly supports
      Quorum in the marketplace and encourages dealers to move to this
                                                 progressive system now.”

                               Quorum Confidential
2006 Summary

  Implemented key process and strategic changes to meet
  IDMS contract requirements

  Sold 50 Rooftops – continue to sell to larger dealerships

  Installed 34 Rooftops – 175 total installed rooftops

  Two Versions
     SQL Server

                           Quorum Confidential
Other Market Opportunities

  Work with Integrators / VAR’s / Partners

  Other OEM’s
     Quorum continues to pursue other OEM’s as opportunities
     present themselves. Our value proposition is recognized by
     all OEM’s and we are in pursuing multiple discussions.

  Other Markets

                           Quorum Confidential
The Bottom Line
 GM IDMS provides corporate validation and provides forward looking integration

 Microsoft Strategic relationship provides technological validation and greater
 market presence and forward looking technology roadmap.

 Different approach to market with strong Strategic Partnerships with large
 organization to help move the market.

 GM IDMS provides road map to become one of the “Big Three”. Extrapolate our
 20% GM Canada Market-share as we move to other markets.

 Automotive retail software is a $3 billion industry with outdated solutions at the
 customer level. Change is being demanded by all stakeholders.

 Quorum has built leading-edge product (XSELLERATOR & XPRESS) and
 established a market with minimal investment to date.

 Quorum’s focus in 2007 is on getting to cash flow positive.

                                   Quorum Confidential
Quorum Confidential