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									Katie Miller
Office of the Federal Environmental Executive
April 3, 2008

What is the Electronics Reuse and Recycling Campaign?
Why should my facility register?

How does it work? How can my facility become involved?

Electronics Reuse and Recycling Campaign
The ERRC is a challenge to see which federal facilities can reuse and recycle the most excess or surplus electronics Sponsored by:

Recycling Electronics and Asset Disposition (READ) Services

ERRC Purpose
Demonstrate the federal government's commitment to electronics stewardship at end-of-life (EOL) Address problems associated with electronics recycling in the federal sector
Recognize agency efforts to reuse and recycle excess or surplus electronics

ERRC Assistance
Assists federal agencies and facilities in understanding the electronics disposition process at EOL
Helps federal agencies implement environmentally sound electronics management (EO 13423) Provides information on EOL requirements and the Computers for Learning (CFL) donation process

Extent of the Problem
Barely 1 in 10 computers gets reused or recycled… …but 94% of cars end up in scrap yards for part reclamation and recycling to create other products.

Federal Issue
Approximately 10,000 federally owned computers could be deemed excess or surplus each week
The Federal Government set Environmentally Sound Management guidelines for itself to ensure it is responsibly managing its electronic assets!

From This

To This

It’s Required!
EO 13423 Implementing Instructions Ensure that all non-usable electronic products are reused, donated, sold, or recycled using environmentally sound management practices at end of life. The ERRC helps you meet this requirement!

Eligible to win OFEE Award Show Leadership Reduce Liability Save Money
Protect the Environment

2006-2007 ERRC Results
740,426 lbs. reused 1,686,190 lbs. recycled Equivalent to…

GHG Savings: 6,430 Metric Tons Carbon Equivalent = Taking 5,102 vehicles off the road per year

Energy Savings: 81.9 Gigawatt Hours = Powering 7,221 households per year

Municipal Solid Waste Savings: 1,100 Metric Tons = Eliminating waste from 570 households per year

Energy Cost Savings: $7.1 million

2007-2008 ERRC
Runs from October 1, 2007 through September 30, 3008
Register facility at any point during the Campaign and report activities back to October 1, 2007

Four Campaign Regions
Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island US Virgin Islands Vermont Virginia West Virginia

Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi New Mexico North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Texas

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Ohio Wisconsin

Alaska American Samoa Arizona California Colorado Guam Hawaii Idaho Montana Nevada North Dakota Northern Mariana Islands Oregon South Dakota Utah Washington Wyoming

Six Campaign Categories
Within each Campaign Region:
Small Federal Facility (Civilian) Small Federal Facility (Military) Medium Federal Facility (Civilian) Medium Federal Facility (Military) Large Federal Facility (Civilian) Large Federal Facility (Military)

Small federal facilities: Less than 500 employees Medium federal facilities: 500 to 2,500 employees
Large federal facilities: More than 2,500 employees

Eligible Electronics
Personal computers (PCs) Laptop computers Printers Servers Monitors Keyboards Mice A/V Equipment Mainframes Copiers Fax Machines Scanners Multifunction imaging equipment Calculators Typewriters Cell Phones PDAs Power Supplies Telephone Systems

Unacceptable Materials
White Goods (Appliances) Large non-PC based mission specific equipment Equipment containing radioactive sources, chemicals, or requires decontamination PC based medical equipment that has not been decontaminated Light bulbs Lead acid batteries Hazardous waste

Reused and recycled electronics measured in pounds (lbs.)
Estimations available on ERRC website

6 Facility Awards within each region 1 Agency Award White House Ceremony

The 3 R’s of ERRC
1. Register 2. Reuse and Recycle 3. Report

It’s easy to register your facility for the ERRC!

Simply visit the ERRC Registration Page, complete the short form, and your facility is registered!

Reuse and Recycle
Internally Within Federal Community Computers for Learning

READ Services Contract UNICOR Other recycler that follows environmentally sound practices

Keep recycling and reuse documentation on file

Calculate recycling and reuse weights
Estimations available online

Report data on ERRC website
January 15 April 15: Coming soon! Be sure to report. July 15 September 30

Additional Information
For more information or to register for the ERRC, visit: http://www.federalelectronicschallenge .net/errc/

ERRC Contacts
Katie Miller OFEE 202.343.9841 katie.miller@ofee.gov Cate Berard EPA 202.564.8847 berard.cate@epa.gov Juan Lopez OFEE 202.343.9481 lopez.juan@ofee.gov

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